Can a Hit to the Jaw Cause TBI?


Why does a blow to the jaw cause head injury?

While the symptom threshold has improved over the four years (i.e., I can do more activity before symptoms appear), it is still a problem and a normal level of physical activity is beyond me (i.e., sailing for 30 minutes in moderate winds results in a return of symptoms). I would like to know if this is a common problem, why this might be happening, and if there is anything I can be doing to improve my exercise tolerance.


The blow to the jaw might move the skull with enough force that the brain “bounces” off the walls inside the skull. This creates injuries on the outer surface of the brains where the brain has hit against the skull, but also injuries deeper in the brain tissue because of “pulling and pushing” of the long nerves inside the brain.

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A heavy blow to the Jaw can cause a Concussion/being "Knocked Out". I experienced this, when in a collision with a car, I was Knocked off my motorbike and landed in such an awkward way and with such force my helmet was completely knocked off my
head, the resulting force being transferred to my Jaw/lower base of my skull. The force of this caused immediate Brain Trauma and i was Knocked Out for around 40 minutes so this was a serious head injury requiring immediate hospitalisation.
My friend on the back of my bike, who was also injured in the accident but remained conscious, told me later on after i had regained consciousness in hospital, what had happened.
The large concussion force transmitted to my brain in this instance definitely caused brain injury (TBI).

Hopefully you are able to recover my grandpa was unconscious for a few seconds and was completely ok almost immediately so hopefully you are able to heal quick.

what had happend?

I fell on my buttocks 3 days ago from missing a seat when I tried to sit on it, there goes my behind on a concrete floor - but as I fall, I felt a pain that hot up to my neck, the base of my skull, the occiput then all to my head !! I was fine the rest of the night but when I got up the next morning I have this excruciating pains from the base of my skull all to my head !!! what could have happened !!! Flexeril isn'r helping , Fioricet do but I am scadred to be dependent on medicines !!!