Brain Injury: When to Go to the Hospital

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I fell on my face Monday. I went to the ER and had X-rays and CT scans. No brain bleed and broken bones in head or face. Broken wrist and nerve damage. Diagnosed with a concussion. Vomiting and nausea, pressure and migraine day 2 and 3. Should I go back to the hospital?


My friend sasha has a bad migraine and she noticed bumps on her head and she was bleeding. What do me and sasha do to stop the pain?

I fell down my balcony and hit my head below on concrete. I didnt wake up until the next morning. Was taken to a hospital where I was diagosned with 2 brain bleeds. I still have trouble walking . This happened on May 31, 2018. I had Guillian Barre Syndrome starting in December 2016 which I got from a flu shot. I couldnt walk properly for 7 months when I had GBS and Im wondering if I have a recurrence of GBS now. Is it normal not to be able to walk properly after 2 brain bleeds.

About an hour ago I rolled down 7 stairs hitting the top of my head straight into the wall. I have a big bump, but did not loose consciousness or feel dizzy. I just ake all over my body and where the bump is. I have an ice pack now. Should I worry?

It would still be a good idea to go get that checked out! You never know how serious it could be.

I have the same problem

I have a history of concussions, yesterday my 2 yr old daughter head butted me right on the corner of my eyebrow. It felt as though someone had dribbled my brain like a basketball and I felt really off for a minute, but I had only a little pain afterwards and didnt feel any sort of headache until about 24 hours later. I currently have had a bad pressure headache in that exact spot for about 2 hrs now. Should I worry?

I have had epilepsy all my life due to my mother for drinking while pregnant with me. Years later I have had one too many blows on my head that so much so, that I am now dealing with 4-8 seizures every night. And now I’m wondering if I should go to the er because earlier today, I hit the top of my head with the corner of the bathroom door, I simply thought to myself to just brush it off and just proceeded to go to the grocery store. But what I thought was an aura, because of the sudden blurry vision and the warnings I’ve had before with auras, I had to call my boyfriend up to let him know that I was having an aura, and I was about to have a seizure. The last one I had before this one, I was able to get up and walk away shortly after leaving the hospital. But I had a much harder time being able to do that this time around, and my head felt like it was on fire and my rt side of my neck hurt when I am trying to get up or move it to the right. So now I’m wondering if I should still go to the hospital or not??!! What do you think I should do?

Hello I was running in the rain to get into my suv while trying to keep my glasses from getting wet and tried to jump in really quick and hit the top of my head on the inside of the door frame since I jumped up to get in and didn’t see it since I had my hand over the top of my glasses to keep them from getting wet I heard a crack and only the top of my head hurt really bad that day but now almost a month later my neck and spine still hurt and get stiff from time to time especially when I’m driving or sleeping and I get headaches but not sure if it’s more than usual and I find myself forgetting something while telling someone something a few times in a conversation

Over 5 months ago I hit my head and it swelled to the size of a large grapefruit! I'm still having headaches and my neck hurts bad. I use ice on the back of my neck/skull to lessen the headaches every day and night! 2 weeks ago I hit the other side of my head. Now sharp pains shoot straight to the back and top of my eyeballs. Memory is bad and I forget what I'm saying mid-sentence and I feel woozy.

I'm no doctor when in doubt go to the hospital. Sounds like you might have blood building inside causing pressure when this happens you will get back and spine pain from the pressure. You need to go NOW.

On Tuesday I fell backwards while playing Pickle Ball hitting the back of my head on the concrete. I heard a crack sound when my head hit but do not think I passed out; other players were right there helping me get up.

I had no symptoms anywhere on my body including my head. On Thursday, I played Pickle Ball again. A nurse was present and said keep a eye out for headaches, dizziness etc due to my being 72 years old.

On Friday afternoon I noticed a very slight pressure feel in my head and called my doctor's office. They said not to worry unless symptoms are severe. Is this okay? I cannot tell if I am worrying too much or not!

What did u reply?

Last night I tripped and fell in the dark and my head bounced off the floor, laid there for a few moments dazed and confused. Has I was trying to get up I managed to pull a 6lb jewelry box off the dresser onto my head. After 20 minutes of laying in the floor I was able to get up but was super dizzy nauseous and my vision was blurry on the side I hit. Both times I was hit just so happens to be the right side of my head. All this happened at 8:30-9 at night and my blurred vision has continued over to this morning. Any ideas what I should do

Me and some mates were jumping round across benches, the gap was large but we made it fine. When it was my turn I jumped, landed on one foot and then as if it were a cartoon character falling over a banana, I fell backwards (luckily my body shifted enough for me to land on the bench and not the concrete floor) and whacked my joints, legs, etc. and then the back of my head smacked the bench as if someone fell backwards off a scooter going down a slant. I was fine for a few hours, my body ached a bit but now my body aches even more and now I have a painful headache. Not fun.

My ex beat me pretty bad in late March. I had a knot above my temple. Was dizzy, nauseous n couldn't get myself together for over a week. Now today I'm so dizzy I am walking like a drunk. Could it be as a result of my beating

Go to the hospital and press charges while you’re at it.

I was playing on the floor with my grandsons yesterday. I was laying on my stomach, and the 2 1/2 year old climbed on my back and was standing. Next thing I know, he jumped up then landed on his butt... on the back of my head / neck. I heard a "crack", and my face hit the floor (with glasses on). I screamed. Took me a minute to get up. I was pretty sure the rest of the night. Woke up this morning with the pain in the back of my head being worse... don't know if I need to go see a dr or not?? Or just wait it out.

Hi, I fell and banged my head on wall 5 days ago. I didn't know I did it until I woke up the next day. My head was bruised and small cut. I bathed and it's ok but have a minor headache and bruising. Is this normal after 5 days to still have a headache?

So back in 2011 I remember being in the Marines and getting drunk one night. I woke up with the worse headache ever and I thought it was a hangover because I've never gotten one I thought it had finally happened.

My buddies tell me that I slammed my head against the metal door in our room because I was too drunk and opened it way to hard and fast. Now I don't remember any of it or even when we started drinking.

But I remember the day after I had the worst headache, I was dizzy, and felt nauseous all day. I'm wondering would that have any long lasting effect? Because I never went to see a medic and within 2 days I finally felt better.

A thing I've noticed though is I have random times of slurred speach and can't for the life of me remember people's names. But I can't tell where my PTSD begins and the brain damage ends.

Should I still get a CAT scan from the VA or is the damage done and I missed my opportunity?

What is it called when hit head twice. 1st in front & then back

Whip lash ? Forward and backwards movement of the head . Like when your in a car accident or for small children "shaken baby syndrome"

I was going out to my car last Friday. I fell in the parking lot and landed on pavement on the left side of my head. I was unconscious for 2-3 mins. They said when I came too the were trying to get me in the car to take me home. I got very combative and vomited. I’ve never been combative. They took me home my roommate who has known me for years said I had garbled speech. My boyfriend who took me home and was mad at me. Thought I was drunk and acting this way. My roommate then said I started walking down the the middle of the street. He came up asked me where I was going. Well, he also thought I was just drunk. He took me home I slept until Sunday. Got up head hurt really bad and I had a huge knot on the left side of my head. Finally my head hurt so bad on that side, my vision was blurry, I couldn’t find words when trying to talk. When I went to the ER I’m black behind my ear all the way up the almost the top of my head and it’s huge. The nurse and Dr was lifting my hair up to see how big the black area was. They sent me to a CT stat. They came back to tell me I had 2 blood vessels that slow leaked luckily sealed and I had a lot of blood on that side. Told me that I had moderate Traumatic Brain Injury with hemorrhaging and a concussion. Told me that I was lucky to still be alive. Since then I have done nothing but sleep. My boyfriend of 9 1/2 months broke up with me and was listening to all the people saying I was crazy because I was so combative. I let him know about what the Er said. But, he just said he did know what too say but he was done with this. I didn’t even doing anything. But, my question with a head injury like I have was I combative because of the injury when I came too? I can’t remember anything

I had a small head injury and as well as injury on my forehead and got unconscious. It was due to a motorcycle accident. After the incident I had severe head aches for 3 days now from the time the accident happen and also scenarios of vomiting. What should I do?

Hi, I fell backwards while trying to get in the backseat of our rental car. My foot got nammed and I went down hard and hit the back of my head on the pavement. Got a large lump, applied ice and went to ER in the morning. Had CT scan, said no bleeding but why a week later not getting better. Really hurts and having bad migraines?

Just takes time to heal. Give it a few more days and if it's still not getting any better then I would go see my primary care doctor.

I was hit in the head by a candle weighing about 3 pounds, which fell off the cabinet, I am now experiencing headache, ear ringing and blurred vision I also have a knot the size of a silver dollar. Should I go to the doctor?

Yes you definitely should.

Yes you for sure should get seen.

Thank you for this very important information. I fell off a chair today and hit my head. I went to the hospital immediately after reading this. Fortunately I only required two stitches, and the CT scan was clear. I will be monitored over the next two days by the doctor, and I will have the staples removed in 7 to 10 days.

Today at school i was hit with a basketball pretty hard then my head started to hurt really bad and i dont know if i should go to the hospital and right now it kind of hurts.Also i got hit on the side of my HARD

1yr old son fell backwards and hit head on tile floor. Vomited 2x before bed. Brought to ER for CT scan. All clear. Came home with high fever of 101.4-103.1 every 4hrs. ER said they did a temporal thermometer check and it was 99.5. I did rectal thermometer check and it was 101.4-103.1... Child continues to vommit every time awake after nursing. Son very lethargic and not usual self. What to look out for? What is happening if CT scan says all clear.

Go to another doctor if you have not already! You know your child best.

I really hope you got a second opinion. Dizziness in toddlers and/or vomiting, something isn’t right. Him being Lethargic isn’t good either

Hi I husband rolled his tractor feb 14, 2013. It’s been 5 years 7 months and I don’t know what is wrong with him. He’s not his self this all started in the last year and getting worse. He won’t help with anything around our house I have to pay someone to come help me. Yesturday was our 28th anniversary and he never said anything to me and he knew it was. I set and cry a lot because I don’t know what to do to help him.

It sounds as if your husband is suffering from a severe case of depression. This may not even be related to the tractor accident. Regardless of why its happening, he needs to see a doctor, and you need to go with him to describe his abnormal behavior to the doctor. Depression can be deadly. Please take it seriously.

When i was in school my friend pulled my chair out from under me when i tried to sit on it and i hit the back of my head hard on the table behind me. As soon as i hit my head everything went black and i couldnt remeber falling just what happened before i hit my head and for the rest of the lesson i felt weird like a mix between sick and confused. This happened a few months ago what should i do?

i wouldn't even consider him as a friend. geez

My friend shoved me and I fell back and hit the top left side of my forehead on the door. I don’t feel dizzy or have a headache I just have a bump on the side of my head

I know someone that was it in the hit from a basketball and suffered from a concussion, and after that cleared up she is now complaining of vertigo and dizziness. Is the vertigo real? Can you be suffering from Post-concussion syndrome? None of the search state that vertigo was a result of a concussion, unless it was preexisting and the basketball just dislodged the crystals in the inner ear? As you can tell I have a few theories. What's your take on this?

My husband had way too much to drink in our above ground pool 3 days ago. I was called back to the pool by a friend of ours who found him briefly floating face down in the pool. He is 6.5 tall and 111kilos. We managed to eventually get him over the side, when he first hit his head. After he came around we managed to get him up and start walking to the house. He then feel back pulling me with him, which in turn made our heads hit. Since then he has had trouble sleeping, constant ringing in his head and just a general feeling of unwell. Should I be considered or make him go to hospital?

I had a seizure about 4 days ago and was brought to the hospital, they did a CAT scan and a X ray to make sure everything was fine as I fell face first on my right side. Now when I wake up in the morning the right side of my head feels a very light pain, is this something I should get re checked or is this normal?

I had a craniotomy 3 weeks ago. My stitches are removed and it’s about a 4 inch long incision from the base of my scalp toward the middle, top section. Overall doing good except for pain, headaches, and light headedness here and there. I haven’t been taking pain killers because I can tolerate it for the most part. The issue is, I hit the back of my head pretty hard today. I hit it right above my incision where I’m missing part of my sub-occipital. It feels bruised and tender. I didn’t loose consciousness. I was out of it for a bit but fine after 5 min. I hit it inside the car where the passenger window and actual door meet by the seat belt. No bleeding but I have been feeling dizzy with major headaches. It was okay when it happened but after about 7 hours, it’s becoming very bad. Like I can’t focus on typing because it hurts my head more. Still monitoring it but not sure if I should go I’m or not.

My husband fell in the hospital when brought to the rest room. He had an O2 sat of 83 and they walked him to the rest room. After hitting his head they had to do a sternum rub to wake him. Brought back to the ER room and developed a huge hematoma on his cheek and a black bruise on the inside of his ear. They did a CT scan without contrast and it showed nothing. The next day he had a seizure and died. Is it true that a CT scan could have missed a slow bleeding vein?

That's awful i'm sorry to hear that happened. If I was you I would talk to a malpractice lawyer and have them get there doctors to look at the ct scan results. They would know best on how to assist you.

You need to seek an attorney ASAP! This is a classic case of negligence and medical malpractice. Make sure you get an attorney that specializes in medical malpractice.

I hit my head pretty hard 2 years ago I hit the back of my head and became blind for a few seconds I didnt tell anybody because I was working and I realized I couldn't concentrate or remember new information and I cant think clearly should I go to the hospital or is it to late?

GO TO THE HOSPITAL! They can still see what's going on and try to help