Can We Find One Hundred Ways to Beat Stress?

Can We Find One Hundred Ways to Beat Stress?

Dear Wonderful Readers:

I’ve been writing my caregiving blog for over a year now, more than 60 posts, and I want to thank you for reading them! I learn so much from your comments and stories, and I feel a kinship with each and every one of you and an enormous amount of respect for what you do everyday.

April is National Stress Awareness Month, so let’s bring it on and band together to help each other better manage our stress.

Caregiving is stress personified. It’s anticipatory stress, stress in the moment, and stress that feels never-ending. What’s going to happen next? How can I handle this? When will I get some answers? I could add about 1,000 more questions to this list and I’m sure you could too because, as we all know, stress is relentless.

So instead of letting the mountain of stress that faces us everyday keep us in the shadows, let’s brainstorm a bit.

Here are a few ways I’ve learned to manage my stress. I’ll start the list, but I hope you will comment below so we can all learn from each other. In fact, let’s aim for 100 ways to reduce stress on this list so we can discover as many ways of managing our stress as we have things to stress about!

Don’t be shy. Please comment below, and add your stress-busting tips.

Here are 10 from me to start:

  1. Hug someone — hugging releases our “feel good” hormones.
  2. Open your mouth wide three or four times in a silent scream! The “alligator face” loosens the tension in our jaw. And since the scream is silent, you can scream anything you wish, just don’t let it slip out or you may be in trouble!
  3. Do a few neck rolls to release tension in your neck and shoulders.
  4. Oldie but goodie — take three or four slow deep breaths and imagine your tension blowing out on your exhale.
  5. Sing along with the radio or a CD in the car. Loudly. Let it all out. Pick a good venting song!
  6. Go for a walk and try to listen to the sounds outside instead of the nagging thoughts in your head.
  7. Try yoga.
  8. Call a friend or and ask how they are doing to take your mind off things.
  9. Write a letter that starts, Dear Me. Why am I stressed? Can I turn my worries into manageable problems? Let’s make a plan?
  10. Ask a loved one to give you a massage or a foot rub.

These are a few of my go-to strategies. I can’t wait to hear yours. Go!

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I am a Christian so the best stress relief for me is to get alone with God and tell him everthing about how I'm feeling. He already knows anyway so I don't have to hold anything back. It helps relieve my stress and God gives me peace that surpasses all understanding.
DANCE -when alone put on your favorite dance music and let your hair down.
I find working in yard or Garden helps Lot's doing something an see results
Take a scented bath. Our tub is big enough I can float in the water.
Five minutes laying down with legs on the wall. A great position to meditate in!
Write a list of the things we are grateful for.
Stop for a bit and do something you love! (for me, it is refinishing a piece of furniture). If you immerse yourself in something you love, even if its for a short period of time, you will give your mind a little respite from worry, ruminating and stress.
Pick only 5 things to do on a given day. Five simple things. One doctor appointment is really like five things (getting dressed, driving, registering, talking, going to pharmacy...) One thing is answer a phone call. Pay a bill. Make a grocery list.
I go for a hard workout with friends so all I can think about is keeping up with them
Well, it would have to be talking and laughing with you on the phone! Beats stress every time!
For me it is talking and sharing with a great friend while walking! Walking anywhere, on the beach is my favorite!
Walking or running on trails, muddy or not, in the woods (without bugs) is my church. I have a heightened awareness of all of my senses and the closeness to earth and nature are how I commune with my spirituality. With others, it's pure fun; alone, I experience freedom, peacefulness, and the sheer joy of exploration and discovery.

Chocolate Chip Cookie! My rule is I have to bike to buy a cookie, so at least I am getting some exercise.

Thanks for your writings,

Bob a bicycle TBI survivor.

For me, yoga, a good workout or yard work. My most recent hobby is woodworking, so that too!
Doing something for yourself and not feeling guilty about it. Also, if people offer to help, accept the offer, don't feel like you have to be superman/woman and do everything yourself. People genuinely love to help, it's a win/win situation.