Inside the Military Mind: Service Members and Mental Health - Who Might Be Overlooked?

Veteran PTSD - Retired U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Clifton Flint, formerly 48th Security Forces Squadron base defense operations center controller, poses for a photo to represent posttraumatic stress disorder (USAF photo by SSgt Micaiah Anthony)


Duane France has a conversation with Layla Hernandez, Behavioral Health Manager for Silver Key Senior Services.

In the Insight segment, he looks at former service members who might be overlooked when it comes to mental health.

In the Resource of the Week segment, Duane highlights the Resource Exchange.

Inside the Military Mind is presented by Family Care Center.

Originally Aired 5/15/21

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Thank you for the wonderful information. Yes I do agree that we need more in home visitation for veterans to just check up on them and be there for them for companionship. I can relate to being the one who understands them more and are able to make that connection with them by simply having a conversation and knowing what trauma feels like and the effects it has on your body through the years.