Sougandhi “Samantha” Backhaus, PhD

Samantha Backhaus headshot
Clinical Neuropsychologist

Sougandhi “Samantha” Backhaus is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and Associate Director of the Outpatient Brain Injury Neuropsychology Services at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana (RHI). Her roles include providing clinical services to persons with brain injury and their family, as well as developing new programs to enhance patient outcomes. Specifically, she conducts neuropsychological examinations, leads the outpatient brain injury treatment team in facilitating rehabilitation care and treatment planning, and provides individual, couples, and group therapies. She has developed evidenced-based treatments to help improve the long-term functioning of individuals with brain injuries and family members. Amongst these programs, she co-developed a 16 week, evidenced-based coping skills group intervention to improve self-efficacy, neurobehavioral, and psychological functions after BI.  She also co-developed a couples program to help improve satisfaction, quality, and marital adjustment after brain injury. Dr. Backhaus also works with an interdisciplinary treatment team in developing new programs utilizing evidence-based research models, including a Cognitive and Life Skills Training Intervention based on evidenced-based treatment models recommended by the American Congress of Rehabilitation, as well as Post-Traumatic Confusion Treatment program called ASE (Assessment, Support, and Education for persons in PTC).