Nicole Bingaman

Dear Traumatic Brain Injury...

"Every time I think of it, I don't have to work hard to imagine what the fall looked like. Taylor weighed close to two hundred pounds, and fell and crashed in just the wrong way. There was nothing right about the way Taylor fell. The force of the brutal blows met my strong, six feet tall, brave, beautiful, and sweet son with undeniable power. He had tumbled down thirteen stairs, each one delivering some type of blow or beating to his head. For some reason, Taylor's head was the object that seemed to guide the fall. It was as if his head had protected the other parts of his body. No other part of his body was hurt, but the part that was injured would affect his entire being. These things were not noticeable right away to the human eye, but within a few hours, the initial force of the impact would be revealed."
— excerpt from Nicole's book, Falling Away From You: One Family's Journey Through Traumatic Brain Injury