Finding Respite Care

Ask the Expert: Finding Respite Care

Do you know of any affordable respite care for fulltime caregivers caring for a loved one with TBI?


It's a fact — families need all the help they can get when caring for a loved one with a brain injury. Unfortunately, respite care services are either expensive or simply not available in many areas.

Some states, however, provide access to respite care services through a variety of different programs. I suggest you start by contacting your State Head Injury Administrator and asking that person if your state has any resources for the respite care of a person with a brain injury.

If you have trouble finding a respite care service, try contacting a nearby nursing facility — preferably one that has experience in caring for people with brain injuries. You may be able to negotiate a suitable rate based on your loved one's particular needs.

And finally, if you are a member of a family or caregiver support group, ask the other group members. They may have some inspired ideas.


Posted on BrainLine February 25, 2009.

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