What Happens When a Brain Bleeds?

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My uncle was rushed to a hospital yesterday for an intracranial hemorrhage. He had bilateral pulmonary emboli so was put on coumadin and they said one of the clots broke loose and traveled to his brain causing it to bleed. His heart is beating, he is breathing on his own, but outlook doesnt look good. is this something that happens often? i am guessing there was so much bleeding because of being on the coumadin and blood thinners.
why does,nt neuron regenerate
I MEt with accident on Apr 2006 after that I have been taking Valporic Acid Tablets when in between I stopped tablets I Fainted and once it was just like epileptic attack but then I Recovered MRI,Brain analysis (Psylogical tests)were normal but for how long I have be on these medicines (Encorate Chrono). Please reply on akash_ds@hotmail.com , I am looking for case studies and not any medical advice
I sustained a brain injury from a assault. Why was blood coming out of my left ear and nose? Does that mean my brain was bleeding?
Thank you for the great explanation. Ahhh, my poor brain. It bled with no place to go...

I have a TBI now this is how I got it.I fell down are stairs at home that go down into the basement.My wife called ambulance.I woke back up in march it happened in January I was in a coma for a month half last Trac of time they asked me what month it was I replied January doctor said no it's march.To tell you when your dealing with having a TBI it's very confussing your. balance is way off I'm sure that tbil. ?are different it's really frustrating if you never had one it's not easy explaining it

My husband had a subdural hemotoma and while he wad in the ER he was giving a sedative which he shouldn't had. Sedative causes danger and complications.