Is It True That You Should Keep Someone Awake Who Has Sustained a TBI?

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What about dizziness?

Have to agree it is terrible idea keeping someone awake with brain injuries. For some one with brain injury it's not only should they go to bed early but also only watch 3 hours of tv a day. If you go against it it can make the person with brain injury very craby and tiered next day or even worse by having an over load witch is like a adrenaline shot.

Yes. Anyone who has had a tbi should go the the emergency room right away

In your article you said anyone getting very sleepy within six hours of a brain injury should be brought to the hospital for a CAT scan immediately. Maybe I don't understand the term brain injury. How would I determine the person had a brain injury? Shouldn't anyone sustaining a hard blow to the head be checked at a hospital?

Checking dilation of their pupils is how you can tell if they’ve suffered from traumatic brain injuries. Simply turn off the lights, lift a flashlight near their eyes. If their pupils dilate, they’re ok. If they don’t, that’s when they should be checked out at the ER.