Why Does Everything Hurt So Much After Brain Injury?

Why Does Everything Hurt So Much After Brain Injury?

No one talks about how people who have a brain injury also have pain everywhere. I mean, after a TBI, everything hurts. And when you ask doctors about it, they say it’s psychological. But it sure doesn’t feel that way. Why is this happening, and what can I do?


Studies show that more than 50 percent of people suffer from chronic pain disorders in the years following a brain injury. Headaches and neuropathic (nerve-related) pain is most commonly from injury to the head and neck. Other common sources of pain include spasticity (increased muscle tension from brain injury), heterotopic ossification (bone forming outside the skeleton), deep venous thrombosis, genitourinary and gastrointestinal disorders, and orthopedic trauma (ie, fractures and other muscle and bone injuries). The head is the most common location of pain. Interestingly, people with milder brain injury have higher rates of complaints of headaches when compared to those with moderate and severe brain injury. The reason for the higher rates of headaches with milder severity brain injury is not well understood.

Doctors can effectively treat pain by identifying it, quantifying it, reviewing the history of the person’s pain, and understanding how it limits function. Memory and language problems may limit effective communication for some people with TBI, increasing the complexity of evaluation of where the pain is coming from. A careful evaluation including discussion with other treating clinicians and family members may be required is some cases for effective evaluation.

Treatment of pain is a balancing act when considering medications since many medications to treat pain can worsen memory and cause sleepiness, especially in the opioid and antidepressant classes. Patients with TBI may be even more vulnerable than other patients to the cognitive side effects of certain pain medications. Because of this, the use of non-sedating analgesics (eg, acetaminophen, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and transdermal lidocaine patches) should be a first line in treating pain in patients with TBI. Mood disturbance can be caused by chronic pain or worsen chronic pain and needs to be addressed as part of treatment.

Please refer to this comprehensive article regarding the treatment of headaches.

More on TBI-related headaches.

Spasticity is another cause of pain more commonly seen after moderate to severe brain injury.

Watch this video with Dr. Greenwald about TBI-related spasticity.

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I have got out of the hospital the next day after 17 had abrasions I guess a concussions the boy beat my eyes shut with a pistol that's my ribs up my hip up and busted my head everywhere I left because no insurance they barely gave me medication and now that I'm home it takes me to 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning to go to sleep and my head when it gets hot it just feels like you know it's not like your eyes real heavy and it's just you know you're sleeping I guess but I hurt so bad in my lower stomach and I'll get a headache but the headaches ain't real bad I can feel it in my neck more than anything since I've got out and I was just wondering every time I go to pee I can barely pay and then when I do drink something I can piss like a racehorse I have to be next to a bathroom excuse my French I can't say so I don't have her talk text but what could you know what could cause such a you know uncomfortable now I can't take pain pills I get very very sick and I'll take ibuprofen 800 but they don't seem to be helping me very much and in the evenings is when it gets really really aggressive bad in my lower back you know in my stomach and my head just feels weird you know as long as I keep it levitate you know what about you I don't get hurt it's just my eyes feel real heavy shot but I noticed I'm having a little pain in my neck at night and I will not go to sleep before 5:00 and then I'm up an hour later hurting bad soon as I can get up in the Sun comes out I can move a little bit once my son comes and gets me out of bed cuz of my hip but then by 5:00 or 4:30 I am hurting so bad I can't sleep. You up hugging a hater hoping the pain will stop

this makes sense,no other diagnosis,except chronic pain,i dont need a psychologist,i needed a diagnosis ,that was ignored when mentioning injury and left hip out of joint ,had chiropractor fix it,they said i was going to die, let me hop home,i almost did,who can i see about this in twin falls ,id

I had a pretty bad incident about 5 years ago when I slipped on a towel in the bathroom & hit my head on the toilet ring- I waited about 10 days to get an MRI because I was on vacation out of the country & again another MRI about 1 & half yrs ago both came out fine thankfully but I get random aches in the back of head (base of skull) is this normal & what else do you think could be affected IF anything & is this something to worry about?

I suffered a severe trumatic brain injury following a fall down stairs which we believe was caused by delayed concussion from a boxing match the previous week, my medical team have been chopping and changing my medication to balance my brain in terms of anger issues, change of personality and just recently severe joint pain, my STBI was almost 4 years ago and every day is a struggle.

A year ago, I sustained a TBI on my job. I was a custodian at a local school. I was doing my job, when I came up and drilled my head into a metal dispenser. Left me a concussion, and I'm still experiencing severe pains at the hit site, and of course workman's comp doesn't want to give me any medical help. Not proper care anyway. A neurologist has done examined me and told me that I had post concussion, damage to my cspine and blood pooling under my scalp. And they still refuse to do treatments and continue to pro long this. Otc drugs don't really help, and of course ,I can't sleep. My head is still too tender. Noone has closely examined me. Or given me any medications to help. I currently have a attorney that's helping me get somewhere with this. All in the meantime, I'm suffering. I'm at my wits end.

Problem with TBI is they treat the brain but do not consider the whole body and neglect to address we might have injured other parts of our body. Chiropractor has identified whiplash as well and at 72 my whole body has been affected. Our brain injury causes our brain to not reconize other injured parts until much later sometimes.

I had a snowboarding accident in 2015. I suffered a severe TBI and was in the hospital and rehab for months. I’m still weak, mostly numb, and parasthesias on the right side. My right side always aches, burns, etc. Even something in my shoe will send me to the ceiling! It hurts! I used to work in a neuro ICU. I don’t think/remember anything they can give for this “neuro pain”. I’m sorry all of you have to go through this but it comforts me a little that I’m not alone.

I had a TBI among other things from a snowboarding accident in 2015. I have residual right sided weakness, spasticity and throbbing, burning “neuro pain”. Hurts all the time except when I’m sleeping. Working in healthcare/neuro ICU I don’t think there’s anything to relieve it. My Docs are not able to resolve it. The only consolation I’ve found is reading about others experiences with this. I’m not alone

morning, why does my neck hurt on the left side, years after my TBI.?

I had a severe TBI 12 yrs ago. Was in a coma for months. I remember shortly after telling my neurologist I hurt all over she told me. To get a new bed.
The pain never went away. I told my primary careDr. She said it’s because I’m getting old I was 37 at the time. I eat healthy exercise the best I can I look great. But I spend ever waking hour in pain
One Dr put me on Antidepressants. Yes I’m depressed because no one is listening. The antidepressant did nothing but make me sleepy. Have no motivation.

Magnesium is a common deficiency and especially in relation to stress. Helps, or rather, is necessary for muscles to relax. Get educataded or ask a professional befors taking. Might need calcium to balance. Recomend nutritional help. DONT give up!

I suffered a severe TBI in 2010. I was in a car pileup. I asked my Dr. at Barrows in PHX what was wrong a year later. Dr Kelley told me to change my mattress.
I asked my Primary Care Dr. she told me I’m just getting old 40? Old. I eat healthy exercise daily. So they DX me on my physical appearance.
I cry almost everyday because it hurts so bad. I live alone. I’m disgusted by the medical community. Who judge patients by their Physical Appearance. Not the symptoms.

Hey how r you doing now

I suffered a TBI from a random fainting spell and fell back onto concrete which fractured my skull, caused a subdural hematoma and contusions. This happened 3 months ago. Cognitively I feel like I’ve improved greatly and my neuropsych feedback was all positive. I am still having to remain on fluid restriction of 1.5 liter a day and 2 g of sodium chloride but even with that I have persistent sodium issues which has been diagnosed as SAIDH and has led to 2 more hospitalizations since the accident for hyponatremia. I suffer from limb weakness, dizziness, fatigue and chest pain. The doctors are saying it will go away in time but it seems to feel worse lately. Is there something else that should be tested for and will my sodium levels ever stabilize on their own.

I had a subdural hematoma and anacaroid something but i was never told a thing about sodium or really anything. I feel worse every day. Back pain. Neck and now hip pain. It just seems to get worse over time which causes depression. I also have problems with my vision. When im looking at phone screen my eyes will shift back and forth. Quickly from time to time. Thats just the tip of the iceburg. I was assulted with a brick. Hit repeatedly.

April 4 2020 I was in a bad motorcycle accident.. severe TBI and in a coma for 8 days. I don't remember the accident or the entire month of April. I'm numb 24/7 on the left side and right side weakness. My knee hurts and now my hips. I went almost an entire year with back pain but all of a sudden I have knee/hip pain and neck pain on the left. My vision WAS perfect but now everything 30ft or farther is double (objects seem to bounce) I can't drive or work, I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy

Also has major motorcycle accident lots of pain in my feet what can i do

Honestly, Educate yourself and Push the Drs... None listened to me n it's over 4 years

Hi , I recently had an episode where my legs failed me and I had trouble controlling my limbs . Ended up in emergency to find out I had a mass on the top of my brain . I had it removed and came home fairly quickly . I'm recovering well but I have musc lo e aches like crazy now and all sound ( wind ) ( fans ) hurts my head . Is this normal ? I see my surgeon in a few days but its concerning . I'm hoping this isn't permanent . I have pain everywhere , it's crazy.

Hi couple months ago i had urine infection and 1 month after that are girl punch me in the middle of my forehead over jelesey because she like this guy so guy slept with me and month after that i got invited to house party and i didn't no she will be there. And i was drinking wine at the time and i had smoke it was strong and i felt realy i didn't no what i was doing and had couple more glass wine white and i put the bottle in fridge outside and i sat in side on the lounge and my head got zapping pains badly and electricity shocks badly and pain in my belly very bad so I had to drink 4 litres of bottles of water to get read of pain so I had go to hospital and they said to me we will do urine sample and they said that all you got and didn't do any blood test or nothing. And I said there is something wrong here and they said to me go home.

I am still here trying to make it.
My pain has gotten worst. I can't tell my family . People who cares about u can't help and that hurts them.
The Doctors have tried everything but the pain continues.
1985 I am a soldier in the 82nd Airborne fighting for our freedom central and south america keeping Americans safe. As they slept , we were taking out the bad guys.
1986 I was jumping at 700 feet and had a malfunction my chute failed to open, I woke up at Army Womack hospital 12 hrs later. Later Walter Reed for 3 months. 1987 the pain in the back and groin and testicles got worst then the headaches Doctors said they could fix me.
They cut nerves out of my back,groin,legs.
The pain got worst!
They tried this was 1987,88,89.
Then they said I was a risk so they medically discharged me.
Now at VA and 16 surgeries later I hurt more than ever.
A family doctor notice I have never seen a brain doctor.
He sent me and the brain doctor did alot of test and written test and found i hurt my brain in simple terms i was told at this time nothing can be done. The doctor noted oxycodone work to help alittle,the doctor told me for now i will have to take this to have some sort of life. I did what they told me.
Now with opioid scare things have gone bad. I have the same doctor for the past 15 years,but with dea cdc my doctor has to defend me. I thank this Doctor for giving me years I would not have,but I am too tired to go on.
I love my God ,my family, my country,but it's too hard to keep going.
I am sorry for the enemy's lives I have taken. I did my job, I did my duty but this soldier can't stand no more.
I will see my Doctor once more
I love all of you.

To brother in ARMS I feel your pain and frustration.. Sounds like your ready to call it quits.. And I stand by you and any decisions that you make...It's not for me to judge you.. I love brother. I Truly believe that GOD Loves you so go in peace knowing all will be good and NO MORE FING PAIN WITH LOVE MIKE

Please don't give up. You need to see a Neurologist that cares - I don't know where you live, but I am going thru the same pain, it is unbearable but Please keep trying. I know no one understands, it's an invisible wound that never lets up. There's got to be one doctor out there that gives a darn. If you need pain meds, take them! Ask for them, get fresh MRI's, you're worth it! Deep brain stimulation might work, too. Good luck to you.

You are a brave and beautiful soul. Thank you for your service and patriotism. Chronic pain is debilitating and others don’t understand who’ve never experienced it. I have pray that they find something that gives you a life without the pain. However you decide to proceed, I hope you find peace and tranquility. You deserve everything good life has to offer.

Bless you sir for your service. I understand TBI as i have it myself from a blow by my ex, a 30' fall and another 6' fall which finished me off . I have not been right since the first
and people keep telling me I look good Sick of hearing it, I always say "Step inside"
I am going insane from the pain and loss of everything, I cant do nothing anymore.
Becoming manic as the pain never stops and nobody gets it. Looks are everything. If
I could have visible damage it would be taken care of, not TBI. I pray we can all find help.

I passed out and hit my head on the hard concrete floor. It’s been three months. I still get dizzy and my head hurts where I hit it. I pray and I know Jesus is healing me.

God bless you. I have injuries too. I'm from a military family. I will pray for you with my family as well. I pray you're doing better.

1st thank you for serving, I do understand your patriotism alongside the sadness about your assignment. I am so sorry you are in constant pain. Godspeed and forgiveness for any way you decide to cope with it. It's your decision, you beautiful person

You are a hero to this country. Let us help you now.

Thank u for your service. I feel your pain. I was assulted with a brick and had brain surgery and everyday gets worse

I'm so sorry that you're going through this and that you don't feel understood. You may think no one has ever experienced what you’re going through and that no one can help you. I'm here to say that you can get through this.

Have you expressed what you’re struggling with to your family or to a friend? If you’re not comfortable talking with them or feel they're unable to understand, please consider reaching out to one of these confidential resources:

National Suicide Crisis Line (24/7)

When you call you will hear a message that you’ve reached the crisis line, there will be brief hold music while you’re connected. Then a skilled, trained crisis worker who works at the Lifeline network crisis center will answer the phone. This person will listen to you, understand how your problem is affecting you, provide support, and share any resources that may be helpful.

Crisis Text Line (NAMI)

Text HOME to 741-741 to connect with a trained crisis counselor to talk via text message.

When you text HOME to 741-741 the first two responses are automated. They tell you that you're being connected with a Crisis Counselor, and invite you to share a bit more. It usually takes less than five minutes to connect you with a Crisis Counselor. When you’ve reached a Crisis Counselor, they’ll introduce themselves, reflect on what you’ve said, and invite you to share at your own pace. You’ll then text back and forth with the Crisis Counselor. You never have to share anything you don’t want to.

Hi, in February of 2007 I suffered a TBI with brain stem involvement at 21 years old and spent 2 weeks in a coma. Several years of Congnitive, Physical, Vestibular, etc therapies and I was doing much better.
Over the last few years I've been having pain in limbs and loss of strength and my PT believes it is due to nerve damage.
After some research I'm showing that symptoms of MS are pretty much line for line with TBI symptoms.
My question is will nerve damage begin to show 10 years after the TBI or is this likely due to some other underlying illness?

Any help would be appreciated.


I am sorry for all the pain I read about. I hope that one day we will be all pain free.
Doctors who care will do their best to try to help but their hands are tied.
I have tried everything .
The brain doctor notice when they put a tens unit on me it made it worse.
She said we really don't know much about the brain.
And brain and pain we don't know anything .
She said for years doctors would not treat chronic pain because it was easy to blame the patient and tell them it was a mental problem so the patient left them killed themselves. Now they are doing it again. i can't take this anymore i am tired

I recently had a tbi and the nerve pain was unbearable. So at the hospital they put me on Gabapentin 300mg three times a day and a 400 at night before bed along with a muscle relaxer for spacicity. Within a couple weeks. It made a huge improvement in pain and made life bearable again.

I feel your pain brother...literally. I dislike going to the doctor because of its frustrating nature. There are so many underlying problems that they always
Fall back on the Brain surgery I had. Pains that don’t feel neuropic that I want answers for, blood flow problems to extremities, I’m finding out if you had a TBI it is even more difficult to get diagnosed with anything else. I have a friend who has been diagnosed with MS and we literally go through the same misery, although she has a few more distinctive things then I have. I think it takes a little luck to get the care we need. Good luck to you...your not alone.

I’ve only had one honest doctor. Right before my brain aneurysm blew, I asked my primary care doctor why am I having all this pain in my head. He said I’ve done everything your disability healthcare will let me. Then it blew. I’m still here!!!

I fell 700 feet with my chute in a spiral twist 27 years ago. I woke up 12 hrs later in the Army hospital. I told doc my right was moving side to side, back hurt, legs, ankles, feet. My head was killing me. He said that would go away. The pain got worse. It felt like I got kicked in the nuts. This was at ft. Bragg (I am airborne). The docs gave me valium for my back and 800mg motrin 2 tabs 4 x day. It did not work.
They sent me to Berlin. While there I was taken to hospital because I could not stand. The surgeon said he found a large growth in my left groin area he took it out now I am in worste pain. They medevac me to Walter Reed for 3 months. Docs said 2 options: put you on pain meds (oxycodone) the rest of my life or cut nerves out of the back to lower extremities (no nerves no pain). This was during 1985 to 1989. Army put me out. Went to the VA and they kept cutting nerves and the pain got worse.
Then I met a Doctor yes a real Doctor. He said it's in my head. He said I will send you to a doctor who teaches about TBI. She said the reason for pain is your brain is caught in a loop from your jump injury. Now when you have surgery or get hurt your brain goes into loop. So after 16 surgeries and hundreds of spinal injections, I have an answer.
My Doctor prescribed oxycodone 10 mg 4 a day and time relief morphine 15 mg. For years I have been ok, then I told Doc let's refuse the morphine from 3 to 2 if ok 1 then to none. I was doing ok but the pain never stops but I don't fall down from the 10 plus pain.
Now I've moved to AZ so my wife could help her mother. I was scared. My Doctor told me not to worry that everything is in my records and he gave me 3 months of meds until I find a doctor. My psychiatrist and pain doctor told me to try cannabis while there in AZ.
I told my doc at VA what they said he said he was ok with it . Then VA brought me in for drug testing, then doc told me he couldn't give me any more pain meds because I have cannabis in my system. This was before Christmas. Well, I called him I told him you said it was ok to try cannabis I told him if you said no I would not have tried it so he said wait 7 days and test again if neg I will get meds for you. I did not eat anymore. I was neg. But now he said I can't do 4 a day only 3.
I am now going thru pain that puts me on the ground. I can't go thru this again. Doctors back home went through years to get me on the lowest to have some sort of life.
And when I tried cannabis my nightmares were gone and I slept the whole night.
I am a soldier I have been thru combat where I had 17 comrades die all around me. I had to kill to survive. Now with PTSD, TBI, chronic pain I have come to the end. I love my Country. I would do it again. I am a special operations soldier.

While my fellow Americans slept I was out there protecting you.

I am now asking one last time

Help me .

I don't think anyone understands pain.

No one knows how painful a brain injurie is but someone who has had it. Most doctors don't know anything we must educate are selfs and tell the doctors what to look for. That's just how the world is now. Most doctors I went to have no clue how to help me sad.

John, please stay strong, don't give up, I understand where you are coming from with the pain, believe me. You are a fighter, I am a Christian and I believe God will help you, I will say a prayer for you. Even tho it's 2 years since your post I pray you have not given up, you are so brave, there is an answer out there. I know my faith and natural therapies help me, trust me John, ask God to help you and he will.

I am still here. Thank you for your prayers and all the info all of you have given me.
My Doctor is letting me use hemp it's delta 8 and delta 10 and pain meds. I am in a group for PTSD. THEY are trying to reduce the nite mares. They,(psych), said to talk about it so I hope I don't get people upset.
We were on mission in central america when we got hit. We were 25 strong but they had over 200. Not good odds. It seem like hours as we engaged the enemy. While regrouping I watched 17 men get cut down. We kept firing. I could not see well,I at my arms and hands covered in blood and other things. I wiped my face and had skin in my hands but,it wasn't mine. I got hit I went down I could not breath. I was good my steel plate stopped the bullets. RPG hit near us. WE CALLED FOR air strike but it never came. We were down to 8 men bleeding and could hardly walk. We had to pull back ammo was almost out. I could hear men turn into boys crying for their mommas.
We need to stop wars stop fighting. I see soldiers in the VA hurting and it is a shams

I had a tbi and suffered from such terrible nerve pain thought I was going to die. They put me on gabapentin 300mg 3times a day. And 400 at night before bed along with baclofen a muscle relaxer severeral times a day. It has been a miracle for pain. They tried giving me Oxycodone which didn’t even help with pain the way this has. Neither of these meds are considered opioids so there should be no problem getting them to prescribe them to you. Thank you for your service and sacrifices. I really believe this can help you.

I can't imagine the pain you have endured all these years. I've suffered with headaches from an accident the past 4 years. I finally got them under control with acutherapy about 6 months ago. Now another accident has me with a concussion and back in pain. My new doctor, for the past year, is sending me for neurofeedback, it's supposed to retrain the brain. I don't have my first session until July 8 so can not tell you more. My acutherapist recommended it too. It may be something to look into. Good luck with your pain management.

Thank you for your service and the sacrifice you have made.
I have had 4 TBI in the course of 5 years. I was in insane levels of pain. I took no narcotics because I am a single mom to an amazing child. I was considered non compliant because I refused meds. I knew the risks associated with them. Two things that literally saved me from constant torture...
Eliminating all nightshade veggies (tomatoes, potatoes, all peppers, paprika, eggplant). It was a hard thing to do, but my head and body hurt so much after my TBIs that I was willing to try anything. (Nightshade plants are the most inflammatory foods)
Within a week my pain levels went down so much I actually felt somewhat normal. It's been a year since I cut them out and I haven't even had a single headache. Who would think something as simple as that (non lethal and totally legal) could be such a benefit. I also started doing EMDR for ptsd. Because of the multiple head injuries, I started with 30 seconds and worked up to 30 minutes. People with ptsd but without TBI usually do it for 60-90 a session. I will not try that long. I don't need to. Doing it in shorter increments have been beneficial so there's no point...

Even if you don't try these suggestions, I wish you the best in your recovery.

First off ... thank you for your service!!! It doesn’t get said enough, but thank you!

I was a driver in a absolute HORRIFIC car wreck. I hit a tree head-on at over 60mph. I flatlined several times, fractured my skull, busted my spine up, fractured several vertebrae’s, and tons more broken and fractured bones. I don’t remember a lot about it. I am in constant pain. I have practically begged docs in my area to do more tests. Things aren’t right ... I was released way to soon from the hospital, I wasn’t even able to walk on my own when I was released. I was using a walker, barely even able to get around even with that. I’ve been told I have a severe brain injury. Docs say it’s just the “aftermath” of the concussion. Balance issues and memory issues are common. Docs gave me fentanyl, OxyContin and some other pain meds while I was in the NICU unit.

When I was released, they prescribed Ibprofin which has cause bleeding in my stomach and intestines so I don’t take that any longer. They say things will get better in time. They won’t give me anything for the pain ... which is hard. I’m expected to do things I honestly can’t do. People don’t understand the pain is soo bad.

I finally broke down and went to the eye doc cause I’m actually losing sight I. One of my eyes. The eye doc immediately sent me to another one, who in turn said I needed to have an MRI done ASAP. Said that whatever’s going on with the vision is behind my eyes. It’s definitely scary.

She actually gave me a “recipe” with essential oils for the pain. Weird ... but it helps some. Some relief is way better than none.

I was wondering if you or anybody else might have any suggestions or anything for I guess more relief of some sort. Anything ... hope to hear from someone soon.

I dont have answers but im having vision problems and hearing due to a severe head injury. I guess all we can do is pray for each other. I wish the best for u

This is one of the most heartbreaking situations. I am so sorry your going through this. The fact that they are refusing your pain meds due to cannabis is absolutely ridiculous. Cannabis is safe and can be used with opiods in severe cases.

I hope this information helps you: first make sure to have vitamin c, b12, zinc and magnesium on hand (i know this sounds strange, but stay with me). know that the PTSD and TBI are connected to depression, which also makes your symptoms worse - so make sure your working with a therapist. Get 3 months worth of pain killers. Dont worry, i am not going to recommend you stay on pain killers, they will cause addiction and you may never find real relief, and they are toxic. OK (here is the kicker, but it is worth a try, so dont reject this right away) - try full spectrum CBD oil. It HAS to have a low level of THC .3% in it which will make you test dirty (go off of the CBD during testing time, its so minimal it comes out of your system right away).

I know MJ works for the nightmares and sleep, but CBD is what gets rid of the pain and inflammation. There is a TON of information regarding the safety and research of CBD. Full spectrum CBD extract is a non-psychoactive blend healing compounds, like cannabinoids, omega oils, and essential fatty acids, lipids, and terpenes. CBD extract with super low THC will not get you high. ... It should have no more than.3% THC. I have used a brand called "deep relief 1500 MG " (and no i dont work for them) but I gave it to my son who also has TBI and Fibromyalgia and it helps significantly. He still has to take the other vitamins listed above and we are trying him on saw palmetto (reduces inflammation which causes pain) and French grape seed extract. Not sure if those will also help. I know its a hard transition, but i with all my heart recommend using the deep relief or an equivalent CBD oil. I am not a Dr. I am a mother, a friend and a sister who has sent this to my loved ones and everyone came back with less pain. I hope this helps. Thank you, by the way, for serving our country. I am really sorry that your going through this, its not fair, but your not alone. :-) Prayers of a pain free life coming your way sir.

Hello ... I just read your comment. Where can I get this? I am in soo much pain and docs in my area won’t prescribe pain meds. I hit a tree head on at over 60mph ... I have a TBI ... I struggle everyday. Fractured my skull, spine, broke my elbow, wrist, hand, arm, leg and ankle. As well as I had a broken eye socket and broke my nose. I’m in constant pain, I can’t sleep (get approx 2hrs a night) j have nightmares of things that happened before I wrecked.

I know opioids are addictive. I honestly just really want natural relief so to speak. Hope to hear from you soon ...:

Try EMDR therapy. Worth a shot. Good luck.

Hi all, my first TBI I suffered around 17 yrs. Ago after being run over while skiing "the wall" in California by another skier. Prior to that, I was very athletic as well as active.
Along with it came grand mal seizures, and a laundry list of other ailments.
I am having a big problem that began a few years ago when I had almost a year where my seizures were out of control causing, you guessed it, more brain injures and more injures in general. Included was a broken neck to 3rd and 4th degree burns over a good part of my body and around 8 month's in the hospital and rehab hospital.
My foot, legs, back, head and neck are fairly messed up and the pain is unbearable much of the time rendering me an in pain - unable to function - couch potato with a lot of clothes that need washing in addition to other thing's.
My main problem here and trying to find an answer to is why, after being taken to the local (and really bad) ER room due to my seizures, was I diagnosed with overdosing? This has happened 3 time's. 2 times, in the last month and a half and once 2 yrs. Ago. The crazy thing about this is that the first time it happened, I was being given a particular medication by an RN every day. I didn't even own any or have any in my possession. During that time too, my seizures were out of control and I couldn't hold anything for long without it flying out of my hands up to 20 ft. Away. What I'm trying to say is for a good week before this happened to me 2 yrs. Ago, I never even got all the medication in my mouth the RN handed me to take this not getting the full doses! Yet during this time I experienced my usual grand mal seizures, was taken to the local (very bad) hospital and diagnosed as having overdosed on the medication I was being given by the nurse - as she had for the 2 previous year's. My caregiver, friend's, the nurse and myself haven't been able to figure this out. Which brings me to the past 2 month's in which it happened twice only I was diagnosed with over dosing on different, but prescribed medications. One of the two times happened 2 day's before my refills were due and didn't have enough medication to overdose on! I should add too that When I broke my neck, I also ended up with a pace maker because my heart would stop every so often and I haven't had it checked since it was put in. (Yes, I do have an appt. Coming up hahaha) I got so tired of doctor's, I kind of took a little vacation from them. I can't remember if I had it when the first overdose was diagnosed. I may have. I didn't have anything in my system I wasn't supposed to have at any time and these happened after I had a grand mal seizure every time. My problem now Is that these overdosing diagnosis are in my records in the national records databases. No doctor can treat me for my pain management. My recent doctor told me he'd be happy to see me again AFTER I fix my record's. So, that is a huge problem for many reasons in addition to it'd probably behoove me to find out why this is happening to me. I'm not nor have entertained the idea of overdosing and dying but have come real close because of whatever it is that's causing my respiratory system to shut down. I don't know why the hospital diagnosed me as an overdose just because their tox screen showed certain medications or, IF (and, I don't know this to be true or not) the screening showed the levels of the medications, how come they would have read higher than they were? I took these medications with the same doses and exactly the prescribed way for year's. How do I find out what's causing this, what kind of doctor can help me or, will know why this happens, how do I prevent it from happening again, how do I "FIX" my medical record's, how can I get a doctor to treat me now for my pain management.... I'm lost, I'm in pain and don't know what to do. I'd even be willing to take a polygraph test to prove I didn't cause my "overdosing" 3 time's. Does anyone have any idea's at all ?? I will be eternally grateful for any advice or help!! God Bless and try to enjoy every minute of every day!! Thank you! Shari G.