Urinary Difficulties After a Brain Injury

Urinary Difficulties After a Brain Injury

Seven months ago, I suffered a traumatic brain injury and haven't been able to pee normally by myself since the accident. I was just curious if there is any medication I could take or exercises to do to help this. Or, does it just take time?


Urinary difficulties after traumatic brain injury require a comprehensive evaluation. There are a number of common medications that can cause urinary retention including Benadryl and opiate pain medications. Depending on your age or gender, your risk for this could be higher or lower.

Consult your doctor; he should consider the implications of direct trauma to the bladder or urethra from your injury when giving you a full evaluation. Catheters are commonly placed in the bladder when people are admitted to the hospital and this can cause trauma to the urethra and lead to urethral strictures (narrowing of the tube leading out of bladder).

If your symptoms continue, get an evaluation by a urologist. From there, you will know if you can consider any medication or exercises.


Posted on BrainLine March 18, 2011.

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I had a T.B.I. 10 years ago and still have to pee 10-15 times per night, and I even quit drinking water by 5pm.I am on here trying to find solutions without taking pills. Was practicing "hold and let go's" while peeing and haven't really noticed much.

My brother has a tbi as a result of a gunshot to the head 11 years ago. A couple of years ago he stopped using a toilet and urinates on the floor - he may be evicted. We have found no solution for this situation- please advise. Thanks. V

I had a TBI 3 years ago. My major permanent side effect is neurogenic bladder. I have to wear adult diapers (aka briefs) 24 hours a day and i take Flomax to help my bladder empty more completely. I have both an urgency and retention problem that will not heal itself.

I had urodynamic testing last year which confirmed the diagnosis. While unpleasant at least I know the damage is permanent and I have had to train myself to use the toilet more often than I used to do.

If you or a loved one has a similar situation, see a urologist.

It could be worse, but it is not pleasant.

I to had a head injury coming on for three years ago and wear adult pull up nappy’s 24/7. Though it was just me