What Exactly Does the "Mild" in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Mean?

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I disagree that the symptoms always clear up after a short time. I have been diagnosed with TBI and my symptoms have continued long after the auto accident I was in six years ago. The symptoms never really go away and sometimes subside for awhile but always return. Since I never had any of these symptoms before the accident I attribute them to the damage incurred to my brain at the time of the accident. You are misleading people who have TBI with your analysis.
For Mild TBI survivors - there is nothing mild about the long term effects of a concussion, including dealing with doctors, other providers and government officials that just do not understand. The thinking and approach to TBI -- be it mTBI, TBI or CTE has to change. TBI survivors need to work together to bring about change to ensure that all persons that have suffered a TBI are treated with fairness, consideration and respect! This is a human and civil rights issue! Period!