Recovering from Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

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my boyfriend was a passenger of a terrible motorbike accident one year ago. he suffered multiple injuries including a broken back and was in a coma for some time, although he had a good physical recovery i noticed he was coping well in certain situations concerning hes cognitive thinking. i thought i was going mad, but then i heard about tbi and found this site. weve seen a doctor and he is now having to have more ct scans. thankyou
I cried when I found this sight and began to read it. You see, I had a whiplash 2 years ago. I was sent for physical therapy, chiropractor, massage therapy, optometrist and now am left with profuse ringing in my ears, pain in the back of my head, with weird lacy light sensitivity. NO one ever told me I had a brain injury. It saddens my heart that I had to find this out on my own. My doctor told me it is a chronic soft tissue injury.
to the july 27th post about noise sensitivity, try earplugs or get special ear filters. I have been dealing with the same for almost 10 yrs and they help take some of the edge off sounds. They are not as sharp and jarring. I wear in public places - especially crowded store. Otherwise I still get dizzy and sick to my stomach. Also sleep as you can and rest frequently in quiet settings even for just a few minutes helps
i suffered a TBI in 2002 when i went thru a windshield in a head on collission, i had to learn how to talk right and think straight, i have short term memory loss and repeat things all the time,i have lost more friends because people can get annoyed with me, in november of 2012 i fell down the stairs and hit the back of my head and neck, that day i suffered a seizure in a grocery store and have never been the same, my left ear buzzes all the time and i can barely walk a straight line, i cant focus my eyes on anything and going to the grocery store is almost impossible, i get dizzy just reading the words i am typing and my vision is blurred terribly, i have had more tests then i count and seen so many doctors and noone knows what is wrong other then i have a massive brain injury from 11 years ago and i reaggrevated it recently, my hearing is fine, too good in my left ear, everything seems amplfied and the last time i went into a resturant it sounded like everyone was banging their silverware aganist glassware it was horrible, i am giving up hope to ever live normally again :(
I was in a car accident and got a concussion, I've been dealing w/severe sensitivity to sounds. . My MRI and ENT test were good- I am so angry, I can't do anything it seems. I was just prescribed risperidone- which I briefly read it was for antipsychotic! Ugh! I'm not losing my mind I'm just so angry that I can't tolerate sound. Has anyone been prescribed something that can help?
My TBI in2005 ruined so many things mainly because of loss of energy which makes me mad and depressed. I galloped race horses for a living. It was my job, my pleasure and my life! When I have energy, I can deal with my problems and my meds help a lot...but not enough! Energy loss has ruined my life and my daughter's also...she just turned 10 one week before my accident. This article is the first I have seen about energy post TBI. THX
healing wishes
May you heal I sustained a MTBI after slipping off the edge of my bathtub, hitting my head twice on the bowl...The tub is about 12, 13 or 14 inches above the floor. I stood on the edge like a fool while showering to fix a shower caddie that I nudged out of place...I had two bumps above my ear, meaning I hit my head twice..I only remember the second one. My husband and friends say I hit my head twice, since there were two separate bumps but I do not remember the first hit, nor how I got a very large bruise/hematoma on my left arm... This article is the most detailed description of all I have been experiencing for the past 3 and 1/2 months. Thank you so much.
amazing reading