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Hi Greg,

I was on the Reaction Force for the C W Abrams Complex and V Corps Headquarters. I was in the Frankfurt PX parking lot when the car bomb detonated. I had been in the Army for 6 months, then.

I know how you feel. I am a 100% disabled veteran, today, rated for PTSD. I have sleep issues nightmares and multiple other issues, too. I live on my very remote farm and keep to myself, mostly.

The VA is little help. Just want to put you on a bunch of drugs. I have no use for that. I got jerked around for years by the VA with low ball ratings until I hired a VA law attorney. I got 100% in 4 months after turning him loose on the VA. The VA is a corrupt and lawless entity and a lawyer can roll their goat smelling asses up, most rickety tick.

My symptoms got gradually worse as I got older. This is common. We do better when we are younger. I started getting fired from jobs in my mid-40's. I don't play well with pencil necks and others who practice stupidity. I drank heavily from 1985 until last year. Drunk was the only time that I could laugh. I got lucky in 2010. My uncle retired from the VA after 30 years and got me started in the right direction. I went through good therapy for about 18 months at a small VA hospital as an outpatient for PTSD evaluation. The big city VA hospitals are veteran meat grinders, where I am from.

If you don't have VA access, file a disability claim for tinnitus (ringing in the ears). They will approve that without issue. My uncle put me onto that. I was rated at 10% disabled with approval of my claim. Once rated, you are in the system. You can use veteran service organizations like the American Legion, VFW or a county Veteran rep to file simple claims, like for hearing. Do not waste your time using them for anything other than very simple claims.

The VA practices chaos and insanity, by the minute, and their rules and regulations defy logic. They will roll up and blow away a veteran service rep and don't give a tinker's damn if he likes it or not. They will give up and go away whereas a lawyer will dig in, get mad and rip ass. You do not have to pay the attorney in advance. He gets a very fair percentage of the back pay award once he wins your claim. No win- no pay.

With VA and Social Security Disability, you can make $4,600.00 a month at the 100% rating. Will money cure PTSD? No, but it doesn't hurt. In my case, it has greatly started me on the path to better mental health. I no longer have the stress of worrying about money, or dealing with the suck holes from the bank trying to take my home and farm or appeasing a college punk at a job, that walked in and got the boss job with no industry experience. I spent a year on my farm and began to decompress.

I have had horrible anxiety attacks since my time in the Army. I started with one or two a year in my younger days and progressed to upwards of four per month in my latter years. I get true spinning with profuse vomiting and am incapacitated for 48 hours during an attack. These have greatly reduced with my having the ability to stay on my farm and have control of all of my time, when I need to, without fear of loosing a job and all of the stress that goes with that.

I am beginning to get a handle on my issues, on my own. I am slowly developing my own coping mechanisms. I have stopped the 8 to 10 beers a day habit for starters. I started going to American Legion meetings and hanging out with other guys like me. I am not much for crowds but this crowd is a barrel of squirrels like me. I look forward to the meetings. It is good to be around guys that have been there.

Luckily, I had role models growing up who had been there. One was my Uncle Woodrow. Woodrow had severe PTSD but was able to function. He retired early while still young, was very financially stable and stayed home, when he needed to, as long as he needed, and would get back out when he felt better. Woodrow was a Marine Infantryman from 1940 to 1946. He fought at Guadalcanal, Okinawa, and Iwo Jima. He was in a Special Weapons Group and was deployed, every time, prior to the initial landings. He was 92 when he died. I never saw him loose control until the very end. I asked him how he did it. He said, "I have come aparts, but I do it at home where nobody but my wife sees and I stay home, to myself, until I am better".

The basic secrets to success: full control of your time, financially stable, and a safe place to be at until you are better. Are these the answers to everything ? No, but its a damn good start G.I.

I hope this helps Brother. Shout out at me on this forum if I can help answer any questions.

Helping others like us get better helps me get better. I want you to know that I won my case against the VA under very poor and daunting odds. When I ETS'ed, the Army no longer sent our medical records to the NPRC in St. Louis. They were sent directly to the VA. I had one record as proof of being at the Frankfurt PX during the bombing. I was denied on claims over and over and had to learn by trial and error. Their basis for every claim denial: NO HISTORIC MEDICAL RECORDS FROM THE PERIOD OF SERVICE. My response: WTF? I sent them a demand for copies of all of my medical records. They produced a half-dozen battalion aid station medical records and one minor hospital record from 1985 to 1987 from Germany. I sent a second demand letter. Where are my hospital, troop medical clinic and dental records covering 15 years in service? Poof, sorry! They could not be produced! Ain't that special. Lost my records and then rolled a grenade under my lawn chair.

Turns out, all the records from before about 2000 are still in paper form and the VA uses a highly complex filing system to store them. They take big stacks of paper, your medical records, and put a big red rubber band around them and put them in big piles, with other's medical records, that are stacked from floor to ceiling against the wall and from the wall to several feet out from the wall, and this has all been accomplished in a very long storage room. This, boys and girls, is known as the VA Grabasstic Table of Disorganization. Picture this: Low-level FNG VA bureaucrat gets sent down to the paper pits of Hell and realizes that he has to dig through 65 tons of old stinky paper in an effort to locate veteran Joe Sh--bird's records. Well, after 10 minutes and sweating his $95.00 silk shirt through, he pulls an old Spec 4 Mafia trick, and goes and hides in some office under the AC for two hours. Upon returning, he announces that he cannot locate any records for that POS veteran and asks who has the big red CLAIM DENIED stamp. Dry your tears boys and girls, like my lawyer says, "There's an APP for that". "Cover me boys, I'm going in HOT!" When the smoke and fire clears, you will be victorious, cause showing the VA a lawyer is like showing Dracula the Cross.

FACT: 85% percent of VA claims adjudicators and raters are not qualified to access ANY claims. Veteran claims lawyers know this and rip ass in review hearings.

My advice Brother Greg, go for it and get yourself some peace! Please excuse my drill sergeant flashback and the ramblings of a politically incorrect old grunt. I won for the same incident and you can too. You deserve it!

My husband retired with 32 years of service and has PTSD. He does well for a while but suddenly he snapps, and starts to hide through the house. Can you help me understand why is this happening?

Faith, your husband's behavior is consistant with brain injuries from blast or blunt force head injury. Did he suffer any of these? If so, he needs to be evaluated by a qualified Nuerologist. The evaluation should include an EEG, CT Scan, MRI and behavioral symptoms and evaluation by the Nuerologist. Many times, the scans may not show results. Brain injuries are tricky. In my case, an EEG showed indications of seizure activity consistant with blast TBI. Do not let the VA or Tri-Care pukes blow you off on these tests. There are over 90,000 of us walking around, right now, with untreated Traumatic Brain Injuries. I was wounded in two IED attacks in 1985. I was 22 years old. My symptoms did not manifest until in my late 40's and got much worse in my early 50's. I had multiple concussions in service from the IED's, two armored vehicle crashes and shooting missles. Am now a 100% Disabled Veteran. I take medication to help with symptoms. Before taking any medication from the VA, I see my civilian doctor for a referal to a specialist for a second opinion on the VA's prescription. I have to pay for these doctor visits but it is well worth it. In a couple of cases, my civilian doctor told me not to take what the VA had prescribed. They don't call it "Candy Land" for nothing. Manifestation of symptoms, older in life, is very common. I am not a doctor but I have a vast ammount of experience with PTSD and TBI. I live in a town with the most prolifically deployed National Guard Brigade Combat Team in America. It has been continueously deployed since 2003. There are hordes of disabled veterans here.
Talk to your husband during his calm periods and form a plan to see a Nuerologist or your primary care doctor. I did not seek help on my own. Luckily I had an uncle that had retired from the VA. After talking, he stated "Boy, you have PTSD". I went to the VA and started to get treatment. Group PTSD counseling is good for me. Do not get into a group with a bunch of guys telling horror stories. I got into one of those. I left immediately. I got my own horror stories and don't need to hear others. Where group is beneficial is when we can share methods as to how we cope with issues and symptoms. Over time, we figure out our own paths to coping. Input from others like us can help us to figure out our own path. Another uncle was a Marine from 1940 until 1946 in the Pacific War. He had the same symptoms as your husband. They first manifested when he was in his 60's. He did short stays in the hospital and was good to go after a few days.


All I can say is ditto ditto ditto PTSD TBI SUICIDAL ARMY 911 Kuwait Iraq Migraines etc. blackouts and now a head on collision last Thursday following a blackout. Ready for all this to END! 7 broken vertebrae extenders 5 broken ribs, punctured lung, broken sternum and all. PAIN PAIN PAIN mental and physical... just saying. If I say how I feel I'll just end back up in a psych ward where vets should not be without shoelaces 502INF vet.

Hi bud,
Please hang in there. I was dignosed with PTSD from Dessert Storm but the VA won't recognized that. It had been 3 years and 2 months now. So I hired me a lawyer and finally everything is moving rather quickly. Actually too quick. If you need someone to talk to please e-mail at I will try my very best to help each one of us.

Brother, I also was part of the W.S.R.P. and was sent forward to the 7th corp and then to the 3rd AD they had the job to spearhead for the 7th under Gen Franks. We also got the old Green Weenie because once we got back to our home units, that stayed behind and I even caught two NCOs, staff sergeants, E-6 rank, trying to convince the new 1st sergeant to let them stay behind. I made sure that everyone within ear shot and beyond knew what cowards they were. To add insult to injury non of the officers would help us when we got back. It seems that you and I have walked on and down the same roads. Please don't give up, I to fell that all the shi# gets handed to me. Once on guard duty we watch while some young people, our same ages they probably grow up to be some of those left wing liberals we all love so much, were out having some fun. He looked at me and said don't you sometimes fell like that little Dutch boy, the only one working and looking out for everyone else while they all partied. PS. God help the less than 10% of the nation that choice to serve.

Anonymous, hiding behind no name, your political accusation about left wing liberals is misguided and out of place on this forum. There are many "left wing liberal" veterans suffering from PTSD, and for you to discount them is cowardly and a dis-service to their service. Shame on you for being so ignorant and narrow minded.

" left wing liberal" female ptsd vet here! I love all my fellow vets regardless of our political differences.

Hey weapon system replacement soldier in the 3rd ID. Desert Strom. I to was called up. Sent to the 7th corp and assigned to the 3AD to help spear head against the republican guard. Like you when it was over we were sent back to our units without orders for CIBS and our home unit could give we'll you know what. I got out about 2 years later. Came home and got married shortly afterwards my PTSD showed its ugly head. My wife held on for a while then we finally went our separate ways 10 years later we meet again and rekindle the fire I was so happy. But then she started to tell me about her relationships with other men in detail, I lost it. I did not want to hear these things about the woman that I had once put on a pedestal because of the things she led me to believe about herself and her family. Last seven years before we remarried I was doing great. Off the drugs working part time at a lawn service making ends meet and feeling good: now that I've been with her for 2 years my PTSD is back with vengeance and I'm now taking three different kinds of medication that I wasn't taking before we got back together please help me. Was I wrong in not wanting to hear about her relationships in detail or should I have let her talk no matter how much it hurt me inside. She said she told me these things because she wanted me to know in case I found out later and ran, but the one thing she did not tell me about was more than likely the most important. She gave me an STD that cannot be wash away and she did not tell me for roughly 3 months. A veteran lost in my mind. Please tell me was I wrong and not wanting to hear her stories or should I let her tell me about no matter how much it hurts me inside. Looking for an answer should I stay married or should I leave and try to find the happiness I had before alone although all this is happened to me I would gladly serve again anytime if I could. PS I also served in Iraqi freedom.

Went to the gulf war with 3rd infantry division, stayed in bio hazard suit for days, had to take the pills and got a bio hazard shot, and was caught in a friendly fire incident when a private discharged his weapon in the Bradley fighting vehicle right next to me. Then he pulled the pin on a grenade playing with it. Talk about stressful. I got into Kuwait and saw all the burned bodies in vehicles I ever want to see. I was out on perimeter security for so long in the pitch black I started imagining things that weren't there. I got home and became physically ill. And the nightmares started, insomnia, anger, anxiety and depression. I did not trust anyone. My family suffered because I didn't know how to relate how I was feeling. Some days I could not go out to go to work. After over 20 years my wife gave me a choice: get help or else. She was the only one working and that made life hard on her. I did get diagnosed with ptsd, went to Texas rep to apply for compensation and he told me "yes, you went to war but you did not get a combat infantry badge, so sorry about your luck but it is not going to happen." Wow, I wish I would have been killed over there, Is this how America treats the Combat vets? On the other hand I should have went AWOL. Life for me and my family has been horrible. Maybe I will get lucky and die and the nightmares of the hell we have been through will be over!! Thanks for nothing America. I am no better off than I was before I asked for help: broke, hungry and unemployable. CG X-Sgt/E-5 name is Judy..first of all..I want to Thank You Sir for your service and for protecting us from harm Sir. Wow! Sounds like you need to just find a nice beautiful warm place to live away from all worries and stress. I hate that you guys have to go through this crap. Please be good to yourself. Ask God to guide you and protect you..and he will. I know things are hard but if I were in your shoes I would move where there is nature or move where there is ocean and beauty.

amen to that - deserves an oasis <3

Well I believe I've had anxiety PTSD since 1966 when I was going to school when I was in the Marines at Camp Pendleton that was my first anxiety attack had no idea why or what it was. Went to Vietnam October 1967 while I was over there in January of 68 I got knocked out for one more round I assumed it was a concussion one person died head blown off the other person eardrums gone and I got thrown into a B-52 crater. Had a headache for over a month all the corpsman would do for me was give me Darvin. For my headache since I was in combat after that till I left in 68 October off and on I would have startle response heart palpitations didn't know what it was when I was getting my physical to get out I told the physician I was giving me my out physical about how I felt what was going on and you wanted to keep me in the Marine Corps until they figured it out I begged him know please let me get out and he agreed. Put on my medical records palpitations and see the VA if it continues so I got out a temper was pretty bad my marriage wasn't working out too good never hit my wife or anything and I have one daughter. So after 6 months could get a job I decided to go into the army went to Germany I was still having the anxiety which I didn't know that's what it was called and palpitation rapid heartbeat startle response and very anxious at times. The stupid thing I did I decided to go back to Vietnam and I did not combat really there anymore I was in 1st Cav 3rd Brigade. Just a lot of heroin addicts and drunks that was about it 10 months later I came home stay in the Army for 2 more years got out but all the time while I was in the army every once in awhile I would get these really bad panic attack which they said was anxiety and I was scared a lot don't know why. At the time. Then I got out of the military got a job with the Marine Corps at MCRD San Diego and things were gradually getting worse as far as my panic attacks uncontrolled anxiety and I didn't know what to do the first doctor I saw about it said I would have the Vietnam syndrome I told him he was full of shit I didn't care about Vietnam and had to be something else. He told me to go to the VA and seek treatment I refused and got another doctor this was Kaiser Hospital and he told me the same thing all they asked me was have you been to Vietnam yes but that is not the problem. So I finally got another doctor and they started treating me of course they're giving me every drug in the world so I could psychotropic which made it even worse eventually I had to retire for a short. Time couple of years and I finally took it anxiety and what they now call PTSD I still for 20 years refuse to believe that's what it was PTSD even though it cost me my marriage few of them never reverted alcohol or drugs illegal drugs just was completely confused and hurting bad format anxiety Then I had returned to work felt a lot better for a while got married again this was my third marriage and my wife at the time showing the Navy she was a nurse and we had a daughter I had 30 years I was 47 and I retired all this time I'm still having problems my ex-wife got station in Washington I was seeing a Navy social worker retired corpsman hand Vietnam veteran he read my medical records and said I should go to the VA but go to the DAV first and have them give me some doctor appointment at the VA so I guess then they saw me 1 Hart Dr and a psychiatrist all the sudden 8 months later they said they were going to give me 40% I swear to God I did not care about the money but they were willing to treat so I let them treat me I quit seeing the Navy about it and I believe that was part of my downfall for all the medication they were giving me except I needed something they wanted to give me electric shock therapy which I would let them do I was in the hospital for about two-and-a-half months under all kinds of medications they were trying the head psychiatrist of that department said I had the worst case she has ever seen with PTSD that didn't make me feel too good for saying that. So they sent me home finally which didn't help my marriage out much now remember I never used illegal drugs and I did not drink I'm still that way I don't drink I've never used illegal drugs even marijuana. But my problem never left me I try to deal with it I wanted to kill myself few times I really wish I had because it drives me crazy every day I have to take a little Valium and few other medications not bad though. Well years of gone by now I've been divorced again I'm friends with my ex wives believe it or not and I love all my kids I have 5 my daughter is a first lieutenant in the Marines I don't know why she joined. And my other two sons are professionals police officer and fireman. I'm going through something now it's kind of strange. I'm sure some people have been treated the VA will understand this. With all my trouble have anxiety PTSD whatever you want to call it and I also have a social worker my son called me up in November of 2014 to help him on the roof of the house for splicing a cable in I went over there I did it and I fell 10 feet thought I was ok but decided to go to the VA and have them look at me they did and get over this and not go into detail about the whole thing they said I had two cracked ribs actually I had 12 broken scapula Nemo hemothorax and I was dying this was 10 days later after they said there was nothing wrong with me I was putting on my daughter's rank in Quantico and I felt like I was dying went to the hospital I said I was but they wouldn't let that happen and they cut me open and drain my lungs out 3000 cc's of blood and then I had all these tubes coming out of me and I had to come home back to California from Virginia. So I got a lawyer if I filed a claim and they sell it in the hospital while I was there I was having flashbacks which I didn't have for a long time I've ever really bad might have been the morphine I don't know. Anyways Got Back i7 with the VA 135000 then they did it to me again gave me the wrong medication didn't matter to me and I crashed into 7 cars all due to the medication they gave me all they say is I'm sorry and I'm going to file another claim against them but I'm not going to go there anymore I'll be really stupid to do that. But the whole reason I'm writing this out is they took my driver's license away which is understandable the police didn't know if I had a stroke or anything like that but when I was in Vietnam on my first part of this message I'm writing I told you I had a concussion up sometime well now they give me an MRI because of the accident because my doctor was not going to sign off on me until I had an MRI and a few other test to see if I was alright. Turned out no surprise to me that I had really bad frontal lobe damage do that concussion and they weren't going to give me my license back because of that so all those years later they find out I have frontal lobe do or what they call now TBI so finally they did give me my license back the neurologist said we'll keep an eye on you to see how you're doing and that's where I stand right now I still have the anxiety everyday now I know the traumatic brain injury didn't help me out and that's probably what caused a lot of my trouble even though being in Vietnam and seeing all that death and causing all that death didn't help me either I like I said I didn't drink I didn't use drugs and I did work and I did try to raise my kids the best I could even though I got divorced so here I sit again hopefully I won't think about killing myself but I just get so tired of it been a long time no hear I remember my first anxiety attack was not in Vietnam was at Camp Pendleton don't know why thank you I don't know if this will go through don't even know who's going to read it if I even got it all right spelling it I'm talking into my phone trying to correct it as I go thank you

To the October, 2016 writer. I had similar thing happen to me in same area of country. I'm sorry the police sided with the abuser in your case and hope you have no contact with the abuser at all.

The best solution for PTSD I have ever found is a service dog that also provides protection.  Once I had my protection dog in the house I could actually sleep better and that has helped me think more clearly each day and learn new techniques for managing PTSD.

Get a protection dog, he always has your back!

I was beaten, kicked in my forehead, kicked in my ribs and finally he tried grabbing me off the ground by my head, shaking it to the point i felt my brain move. The saddest part is the San Diego Police sided with my abuser which only added to the pain. I was never offered medical attention even though the police were told of the beating i endured. Its been over 2 years but I only seem to be getting worse. I wake up and wish i was somewhere else or times i try and pretend im in a safer time in life. Having traumatic brain injury is hard enough but the unique situation I went through with the police has made me cringe when i see them now. The thing no one understands is THEY did that to me by the way they mishandled it yet im wrong for feeling how I do. I also suffer from flashbacks in the shower as the same guy assaulted me there. PTSD is so hard to have but im so grateful for articles etc so I can learn about what im going through. God bless us all....

Hi. My daughter has PTSD after being repeatedly sexually assaulted by another girl (twice her age) over at least a 7 month period. She was 7 years old. Your comments about the police ring true with me. We went to the police and they did NOTHING. No one wanted to prosecute a 14-year-old girl. To make matters worse, her grandmother (my in-law) sided with the other girl and continued a relationship with her, meaning she couldn't really have a relationship with her own granddaughter.

My daughter was diagnosed with PTSD almost immediately and it's still struggle for her now at 16. She has trouble focusing in schools whenever there is a stressor like a fire drill or worse, the lock down drills for school shootings. She's had to change teachers when one liked to slam a golf club on his desk to wake the students up. It just makes her cry. Anyway, she feels like you do, that had the police done more, had someone proved they would protect her and punish the bad guy, then it would have been easier. That the comfort of knowing the system worked would have helped.

I wish I had more words of comfort or support. My daughter has been in and out of therapy for years. It does help some, but some things like the nightmares, fear of the dark, and overactive startle response just don't go away. She hangs in there and I hope you will too.

My 30 yr brother served 8 yrs and has been out for 4 yrs. He was diagnosed with PTSD at the lowest percentage. He told me the counselor was even hesitant on diagnosing him with PTSD. He is married with children and holds down a full time job. I do believe in PTSD, but not sure how much I should allow him to act out towards us. He and his wife attack my mom verbally if she doesn't send them money. So he gets angry and will ignore her calls, and then he and his wife blamed it on his PTSD. He recently verbally attacked my 19 yr old daughter saying she needs to tell him to his face if she doesn't want to speak to him and his wife. She doesn't want to speak to him because he had an outburst about her not having time between college and work to drop off a car seat to his wife. Once again he and his wife said it was due to PTSD. I have now offered to help them in anyway I can. I'll meet with his counselor if he has one, anything. His response it's to late he doesn't need our family's help. His wife's, she has her vet wives support and doesn't need his family to help. I'd like to hear from those who have dealt with PTSD. Should I walk away or force help. Is it wrong for me to feel he and his wife use PTSD to act out. If I'm wrong I'm will to take the backlash. I just want to do what's right for my brother.

My brother has been out of the marines going on four years after serving 4 years. He was diagnosed with a low percentage of PTSD about a year ago. He told me they were even hesitant on even diagnosing him with PTSD. He has a wife, children, and holds down a full time job. Honestly, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this whole thing, and would like some input. Even if it is just backlash. My brother and his wife tend to get mad at us for not always doing what they want. If my mother won't send them money he lashes out and they both blame it on PTSD. He has recently verbally attacked my daughter for not finding time between college and work to drop a carseat to his wife. Now I did jump in on that one and asked why his wife couldn't pick it up. Again, we weren't being sensitive to his PTSD. I have now reached out and said I'll help him. I said I'll visit with his counselor if he has one. I'll do anything. His response is he doesn't need my help. His wife's, she has her vet wives and doesn't need help from his family. I would like to hear from those who has dealt with people with low percentage PTSD. Should I walk away or force help. Am I wrong in feeling he and his wife are using PTSD to act out. I'm opening to any comments even the backlash, lol.

I served in Vietnam 68, 69 and 70. I cannot recollect any of the bases I was at. I had to contact a friend and he sent me an email of bases on my tours of Southeast Asia. The only memory that haunts me day and night is incoming 122mm rockets. One was so close it knocked me out. When I woke up I visualize a duce and a half truck on fire and flight line something on fire. My post was a bunker, sandbags surrounding me were thrown out. My m-16 and m-60 were not in my bunker. Lucky yes, all I remember was the impact of the rocket. There was never a report, never went to infirmary, never got checked out. Day and night I constantly hear the impact of 122mm rocket. I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD yet no disability. Tinnitus disability, otisis externa fungus was told by infirmary, but no record on that available. My records from1971 to 1999 lost, told they were retired.

I enlisted, no questions when it came for duties in the United States, no questions asked when it came time to do my job or duties in Vietnam. I signed an oath, but an oath to be treated this way? My country ordered me to perform my duties, and now I have asked for my questions to be answered. What went wrong? For one who has been in Vietnam in a combat zone and in combat it never leaves. Why would I lie? How can I make up such a story? Where is the help from Veterans Affairs? If this veteran has turned every possible of evidence why don't they believe me? I will stop fighting for my disability, this disability I didn’t cause. I did not cause actions in Vietnam .And here I am the VETERAN, VICTIM, with absolutely no defense that I can prove how I feel. My body is mine my brain sends messages and that is how I know something is wrong with me. I was once owned by the military and was called a soldier, but now I am called by last four of my social security number or my claim number. I ask how could VETERANS AFFAIRS FORGET WHO WE WERE, LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND IN WAR OR CONFLICT. No, Veterans Affairs has not kept their promises for x soldiers as I.

I'm 25 years old I have night terrors as early as I can remember. I wake up every day burning with rage and I feel like I want to cry. my father abused me my mother and my sister. My mother was (still is) a drunk, my sister a drug addict who's been playing with death for years now. I've watched my friends be gunned down. I've lost family and friends due to a very cold world. I was neglected and abused and left to fend for myself. as early as 12 I was kicked out of my home or running away I went to prison at 17 for a fight at school the kid was hitting his girlfriend and I just snapped in that instant I just remember My dad hurting my mom and I lost it...I have 2 little girls now and I don't know what to do..there always asking me why I'm so mad but I just can't answer that. I get mad when there nothing to get mad about. I feel like there nothing I can do and I cant control my could be something as little as not eating her diner and I snap...I see people bullying others i snap...I'll wake and go to the bathroom and I see myself in the mirror and I'm filled with rage. this is my cry for help and I feel like it's getting worse and worse. Please all I want is to go through life and enjoy it. I want my girls to understand life doesn't have to be bad.

At age 33 I feel like I'm 50, the 14 years served were filed with continuous preparation and serving in war time conflicts; these have made my life extremely difficult. I live life day by day and most are difficult. I take over 6 medications per day and sleep an average of 12 hours per week, which has completely inhabited my ability to keep meaningful relationships with both friends and family. Most days include nightmares, frequent migraines, and fatigue, which have made simple daily tasks extremely difficult to accomplish. I love serving my country, but have also realized that they do not serve me in return. Unfortunately, I have been medically retired after 14 years of active service due to medical conditions aggravated by service. I can not receive my retirement pay while receiving VA disability compensation, this not only makes my life more difficult, but poses a problem with the future recruitment of willing Americans to serve our country, if our country does not appropriately accommodate military veterans who were willing to sacrifice their lives in order to support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic, why would they gave up their lives for this country. Why give non American citizen benefits? Why give everyone an education? Why give food stamps or additional aid, but take benefits from those who have given their lives or sanity for the sake of defending our country? Everyone should serve 2 years in the military to get a better understanding of our nations true values of honor, courage, and commitment. A higher education should be earned, so why do poverty level citizens have the means to attend higher education for free, while I risk my life to earn mine? Cutting funding should not start nor end with the compensation of our protectors, this should be a non negotiable item. Have you walked in the shoes of a service member? Have you taken a life to save a buddy or get to the next mission? Have you went without a shower for 6 months and came back home after war and felt that you no longer fit in? The reality is that I left to serve my county and never fully came back. I haven't been the same! The negative side effects of war aren't going away, but I would not change a thing. I am a patriot! A true American! The greater good is worth my sacrifice! America (the free world) continues to exist, because of our service members; without them it will not continue. I have been blown up, shot, and have lost meaningful relationships. I have received many honors to include a purple heart and a bronze star for my actions. I would do it again if asked without question! I only ask for our government to back the people who have given up the things that they have in order to protect our great country; rich, middle, and upper classes Americans. Without us you would no longer exist!

Hi all I have written a booklet to try and reach out and share my experience regarding being married to an ex soldier with PTSD it is on Amazon titled Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Married to a soldier by R L Nicholson please have a read as it may be helpful. Take care R L Nicholson

I am the wife of an afghan vet who I met post service and married and we have two beautiful children. My husband is crippled with this illness and I completely understand were you are at. My best advice is to hang in there. It is hard I know but appreciate the time you have and understand if he didn't help others he may suffer more and then you may have more time with him but you would really be losing him mentally. I hope my message is clear it is hard when typing. Please continue to love and respect your honorable man for the duty he continues to do. If you were not strong enough to pick up the rest of the things that need to be done you would not be in his life or him in yours. Be thankful he is an upstanding man and be proud to be strong enough to be the one he counts on because whether he says it or not you would be his rock! I wrote a booklet about my experience and published it on amazon it is called Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disprder Married to a Soldier by R L Nicholson. Please feel free to check it out and I hope maybe some of my words have encouraged you Take care my thoughts and wishes are with you both

I don't have ptsd but my husband who is a marine veteran is darkened by this horrible nightmare daily. Overall he has handled it well in comparison to other individuals/stories I have read and studied. I've only known him after the duty he the beginning of our relationship it was like a secret he didn't want to share...I'm assuming b/c it was so fresh. Little things gradually surfaced that I admit were too big for me to accept and understand so I suggested(begged) him to try other avenues/outlets to release this info that I could not understand. HE DID IT!!! He dove into the local Vfw and now is the Commander and also started a VA club at our local community college. Hes also paid it forward numerous times helping other veterans secure benefits because it's so hard to accomplish but also because of his superior writing skills he knows what to write to get attention. However- I need help now because I feel like I've lost my true love because I sent him in a direction that I couldn't handle and now he's so busy helping others that he's lost focus to help me/us. Any suggestions or words of wisdom????

I only found out in 2005 that we were allowed to claim disabilities, went though "Comp & Pen" with all the tests. They said I had Bi-polar 1, PTSD, hearing lose and tintannitus. For the next eight years I was told to be happy with what I got or I might lose it all, I didn't think it right they notice my Bi-polar 1 but not my PTSD. Now all vets I meet tell me to try to get it raised so I can get employability up to 100%. I remembered yesterday that the VA had me seeing a Psychiatrist in the 80's because I slept with my pistol under my pillow and a machete beside the bed, my ex-wife thought it funny one night as I slept to tie my hands together with the sash on her nightgown. I immediately started dreaming I was captured and woke up tearing off her gown off. Scared her so much she didn't sleep with me for two weeks. Can that be brought up and filed on for back pay? They still wasn't labeling it PTSD and it was the first time I found I could get a little bit of assistance from the VA...don't think anyone was filing for VA disability to get any kind of Compensation for PTSD then. I haven't been able to hold down a job for the last ten years either. Any help/ assistance would be greatly appreciated. James C.

I have PTSD from combat in Vietnam. I rode an M48A3 for approx. 16 months. My tank commander was KIA by an RPG, and my other 2 crew mates have since passed. After 46 yrs. of marriage, the love of my life wants a divorce. Why? Since returning from Vietnam and after discharge, I faced quite a bit of rejection from my peers and society in general. Consequently, I practiced avoidance and isolation for decades...that's the reason for the divorce. Although the VA provided me a 30% disability rating, I want a re-appraisal. I'm losing all I worked for during the last 46 yrs.

i have a co worker who served in the Coast Guard. He says many things that I'm not sure if I believe. He says he has PTSD and that the VA told him he can't work. Not shouldn't work, but can't work. Is this something that the VA would say?


I am wondering if it is common for soldiers diagnosed w/PTSD to lash out (in various ways), at those who love them most. I have a nephew who just retired after 20 yrs. in the military who has done this very thing to me & our family. I have bent over backwards to help him any way I could throughout his whole life, I love him dearly as I consider him to be 'my first child.' Recently, he has taken to posting some very vile & hurtful things on a social network that he knows darn good & well would deeply upset me & my family. And, it's not just a few things here & there, it's as though he 'locks in' & does this non-stop. After deleting him so I no longer have to see it, he has now accused me of being "disloyal" & "traitorous." I can't even begin to explain how hurtful it was hearing those words from him. We are currently not speaking because I just can't take his vitriol anymore. Can this behavior be attributed to PTSD? I'm at my wits end & don't know how to deal with him any longer, needless to say, I am completely broken-hearted that he would think such a thing much less say it. Don't know what to do or how to handle this.

I thought no one else experienced this. I have no advice but I know that it helped me to know that it's not just me. Love to you

Call this # 8773414754 x 7023. ALPHA VETERANS DISABILITY ADVOCACY (SHELTON, CT) They work hard for the VET.
I'm also a Vietnam combat Vet, served 1967 thru 1968 Nam unit A Troop 1st. Squadron 10th Cav. 4th Infantry Div, one platoon search and destroy missions in the Central Highlands and 6 man recon. I was in plenty of fire fights and death was all around me. While I was in Nam we never showerd ate sea rations everyday, stayed in the jungle for months unless medivac out by gun ship. Sleep was so precious because breaking jungle all day and set up clay moore mines and trip flares every night. The constant death I lost myself I didn't care if I was killed because my best buddy was killed and I became angry and full of rage at the enemy VC or NVA. I no longer had the fear when like I had when I first arrived in country. Came home to and got married that didn't last I had no sensitivity or feeling of love just anger and sleepless nights, did take shit from anyone. My marriages didn't last, relationships came and left I felt numb inside no feeling just the rage and jobs came and left due to my violence behavior. In 2008 I filed a claim for PTSD, malaria, hearing loss, skin rash my claim was denied stating my records were in a fire denied. I feel sorry for the families who have to deal with a Vet with PTSD our government estimates 22 Vet's a day are committing suicide. It's crazy but when we come forward someone will say that's what combats about, they don't understand because they have never experienced it. After twice being denied and seeking one on one counseling and filing again after the session with the Doctor I was granted 30% servicce connected. I've destroyed so many lives because of the anger, rage, and detached emotionally to my own brothers and sisters and Dad and Mom, I just felt this was not my home and everything about me changed. I attend meeting every week with other vets and sometimes it helps but it will never go away. After all said and done I wish I would have never came home, I'm not afraid of death and living is difficult with the horrors we go through. For anyone who dealing with a Vet I can only say get help from someone who has been through it, so you also can understand what we go through. Manuel Jacques

By posting this you already helped so many. I was a kid when you were in Vietnam, but have suffered a lot of long term abuse. I love deeply but can't feel it anymore. It hurts to not feel. It makes me mad at myself for lashing out at people when they probably don't deserve it. I don't fear death. I will live but living this way sucks. I expect better from myself. Today, you helped me because you understand.

Try again. Please, if you are still alive, try again. There have been some recent reforms in the VA and many groups have formed around getting specifically nam vets their claims done regardless of what bullshit you were told before.

From a fellow vet, go do it again, I can guarantee it'll work this time.

My husband hasn't been diagnosed with PTSD, however I do believe he may suffer from this. He served in the military for 7 years and spent a few years of that time in Iraq in active combat. He suffers from nightmares and nights sweats not always about war in general but most of the time it is. And like he has to sleep with one eye open. He always has severe mood swings. He can be so up and happy and the next moment he has complete rage is his eyes like he could kill.... Then he like snaps out of it and will began to cry and weep and fall to his knees and say "I don't understand what's wrong with me". He always complains of useless and helpless and like his world is falling down around him. He states he always feels like he a gloom around him and is doomed? I didn't know him prior to the war, but he tells me he never was like this or felt this way before he went over there. It has been several years since he has returned. He had always thought of seeking help but never has. And it is only progressing as the years go on...
It's happening again, it's the anniversary of my Father's death and the same day I was raped 4 years later. I can't sleep, I begin to barricade myself in my apartment, I don't want to be alone, but I won't go anywhere to be around people, how messed up is that? I told my Dr today that I can't sleep and she prescribes me sleeping pills, fortunately they won't be in until tomorrow, because today I really want to sleep for along long time. I call my boyfriend that tells me he understands, but if he did he would be here at my side. I don't trust anyone right now. And I can't stop crying, even though there are no tears. And then I get a knock on the door from a young boy at my Church, who I happen to know has PTSD too, inviting me to movie night. I told him I needed rest, but also told him I would go. I find this site and read the words of my heart that others have written and realize... The PTSD is no longer just about me, there is a little boy at Church waiting to see my face, perhaps he needs a word of encouragement of how special he is, and that if it weren't for him, I wouldn't be going to Church tonight late for movie night. Instead I would be hopelessly barricading myself in my apartment. Bottom line we are all important to someone, even if we can't feel or see it at the time and all need each other and are interconnected in humanity as a Whole and now ask myself, how would I feel if that little boy just wanted to sleep tonight for a long, long time.

I am grateful for what you said. I find myself doing the same thing. I don't even know how to deal with it. I try to stay positive and do the right things but I find myself in the same spot. At least you told the truth. That, in itself, helps not only you but many others.

I have never served in the military. I have had 4 deaths in my family of very close family members in a short period of time. I have been a part of actions that severely hurt others. I am not that person anymore, but I have terrible nightmares and don't like to go to sleep because of this. I have at times, and they are becoming much more frequent, what I call mental breaks. What can start out as the smallest of annoyances, turn into the likes of an atom bomb explosion. I feel like I'm outside of my body without any control over it. I black out and become a very very dangerous person, with no regard for human life.I don't want to be like this and I', afraid of what I will do. I don't know what to do about it, and it just seems to be getting worse. Any comments or ideas for help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
Neurofeeback is very effective for PTSD. That is brain wave biofeedback. Very relaxing for the central nervous system. Results last. I will see veterans for free. You can find a free provider of neurofeedback near your at: Gary Ames 610.668-3223
It would be nice to see a big section on what a spouse, child, family member has night terrors and has tried to bash my head in and last night had a death clench on my are, screaming, I got hurt. So why is this all about the Night terrorist and nothing to help those of us that get ambushed when we are asleep. The Vet Center could not understand why I don't want guns or baseball bats by his side of the bed, you know, "put yourself in his shoes". I have such bad secondary PTSD, father Pearl and a Purple Heart, husband Vietnam Medic and then a total of 40years as Paramedic/chief/ and son twice deployed and then they messed with him for a year, arrested him and took over a year to get his Honorable Discharge and his dd214. I have be through the ringer, am very physically sick with pancreatic disease and now am very afraid to sleep. This has damaged my family - you know the one we are fighting for - and you never mention help for the family that has been through sometimes years of abuse. We desperately need help with this also. The Military tends to forget all the "families who give so much" and that PTSD is spread thickly over WHOLE families. I am terrorized by war now, just like the Vets who have care and we are left to fend or not for ourselves. If a 16 year old can't access help for their father or brother, where do you think they should get help? Thanks for what work you have done. Sorry if you don't like my email, but let's tell the whole truth please.

Truth. Yes. What hurts the most and causes ongoing pain is that it seems that this is never permissable.

I see several spouses feeling like they are alone with their spouse who suffers from PTSD. Please know that you are NOT alone!!! If you are on facebook, I have created a facebook page called I am the wife of a Veteran with PTSD. We are there to support one another and help each other through the ups and downs of PTSD. Also veterans are welcome as well...
Can someone please give me any advise? My husband was diagnosed with ptsd back in 07. He got out of the Army in 10 and had been deployed to Iraq twice. We were separated for a little while 2 years ago because of his ptsd he refused to get any help well he ended up going to counseling for like 2 months and stopped. Well things are back to bad again or worse then before. He will snap at the smallest things even the kids giggling too loud. He is constantly yelling at the kids and using the F word while yelling at them. Tonight it was over our oldest whining about doing dishes and then of course we got into it and our oldest started crying and saying he didn't want to be here anymore. I made my husband go outside and talk with me, he says he is too broke and is unfixable. and that we would be better off without him and he isn't afraid to die. I really don't know what to do. I am going to call around tomorrow and hope to find a ptsd specialist. I told him i he wants our family to work he has to go no butts about it. please email me at if you have any advise. Thanks
My exhusband and I divorced in 2011, but remained close and worked together everyday. We basically raised our kids together and have a 6 year old we share. He went thru atleast 4 deployments in our marriage and then some. He retired after 21 years in service. We divorced due to his anger issues and he refused to seek help. After the divorce he started counseling and was diagnosed with PTSD. He only went to a few sessions (while lying to me that he was still going). He recently moved in with a lady and after drinking and arguing he took his life. PTSD is real, no amount of alcohol or drugs can fix it and bringing new people in your life and them not knowing what to expect is wrong. I am left in shock because he appeared to be happier than ever and even in a better place, but that is when we should be more concerned! I honestly believe that our service members should be required to more counseling and family counseling so that family members can make it known. I regret not calling someone to let them know when I noticed signs at first. Don't make the same mistake.
I have a question; My brother is homeless and has never been in the military. He thinks he has PTSD, how can he get help if he has no income to pay for treatment?
Hello, I am veteran of the Iraq war. I suffer from PTSD as well as my family. Remember it affects everyone. I remember joining the service. You put that uniform on, wear it so proudly. YOU are a professional, that's your business suit. People look at you with a sense of awe and wonder how they do it. You load up on the plane leaving everything behind. Soldiers are herded and rushed to the unknown, but one thing is a constant in every war or conflict...some are goining to make the ultimate sacrafice for all of us. Then guys come home, dazed and confused, lost, depressed and enraged. They have been rode hard and put away wet. The military is not for the weak. You run missions throughout the night, sometimes for days straight. There isn't overtime with pay in the service. You endure the roughest conditions. Places so hot or cold most would not go. You battle the rain, duststorms and yes fatigue. You can't call in sick. After what they've seen, done or experience... they often wonder " why do people fear death?", is it that they feel death will be unkind. "How do people love and cherish life?". "Why does someone come home only to feel an emptiness that they can't fill?". It's sad not because I served, but for all that have. If a vet stood up in a crowd and put a gun to his head, how many would come to his/her rescue. Would you reassure that person that its okay and you are not alone. They are this way because they leaped so proudly into the service to serve you. The only way to cure PTSD is for the world to change, I feel. Its okay to talk about a back injury or cancer but somehow not mental illness. People tend to avoid you, why is that? Why not listen and help someone break those shackles and chains that hold them captive. Are we that immature and selfish? Maybe we're not the one's in need after all. Cherish and honor your vets, the life you live is because of them. One thing I learned is that any day can be Veteran's day. For those who are suffering from PTSD, you are not the only one's that need change. They say you are afraid but what are they soooo afraid of perhaps. Hmmmm...there's a thought. We need to help the ones that are afraid to come forward. Sorry guys I know that this isn't a vent blot but it needed to be said. Thanks to all soldiers and vets, be safe and Godspeed.
After 44 years of putting off going for help, I finally got into the VA healtchare system and was just diagnosed with PTSD from service in Vietnam in 1967. I suffer from anxiety attacks, sweats, nightmares, heightened vigilance, anger, distrust. I was in 3 hospitals while in the Marines and nearly died from medication in Guam. PTSD is real. Please if you have any of these symptoms or know of someone who does, get them to the nearest VA center for help. Thank you to all who served in our military and welcome home Nam vets...
PTSD is real..i was diagnosid in 2008 my wife and kids and family brought it to my attention,,they said i was not the same after IRAQ. i have been hospitalized and sent to a treatment center..the meds and counslers and physcologist's is what helps me maintain. but i still have very bad days,sleep walk,nightmares and outburst of anger. but it would be alot worse if my family and friends had not talked me into seeking help...if you know ANTONE you think might have PTSD talk them into getting help and understand them when wierd things happen..mostly be there for them...