Medical Complications from TBI

Center on Brain Injury Research and Training
Medical Complications from TBI

There is a tendency when working with students who have had a brain injury to believe the early rapid physical healing indicates cognitive recovery will be equally rapid and complete.

Unfortunately, physical recovery is not an indication that long-term recovery will continue rapidly or be complete.

Two years after a brain injury, the following problems continued in two separate studies:

  • Memory problems (74%)
  • Fatigue (72%)
  • Word-finding difficulties (67%)
  • Irritability (67%)
  • Impaired speed of thinking (64%)
  • Impaired concentration (62%)
  • Depressed mood (40–50%)
Posted on BrainLine June 18, 2010.

Sources: Ponsford, J. Sloan, S. & Snow P. (1995). Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation for Everyday Adaptive Living, 1995. Hove, U.K.: Lawrence Erlbaum.

From the Center on Brain Injury Research and Training. Reprinted with permission.