How Many Service Members Have Sustained a TBI?

U.S. Department of Defense
Department of Defense: Military TBI Numbers 2000-2017

Below is data provided by the Department of Defense on the number of service members with a first-time TBI diagnosis since 2000:

Service members can sustain a TBI during day-to-day activities, military training and military deployment. The majority of traumatic brain injuries sustained by members of the U.S. Armed Forces are classified as mild TBI/concussion. This report is also available for download here.

Military Brain Injury Statistics

TBI Diagnoses

TBI Severity

TBI Incidence by Armed Forces Branch

TBI Data by Armed Forces Branch


Service Component Severity Diagnosed
Army Active Pentrating 2,512
Severe 1,795
Moderate 14,962
Mild 135,494
Not Classifiable 12,007
Guard Pentrating 484
Severe 349
Moderate 2919
Mild 28,532
Not Classifiable 2,282
Reserve Pentrating 165
Severe 174
Moderate 1,408
Mild 13,062
Not Classifiable 1,149

2000-2017 (Q1-Q2) as of August 10, 2017


Service Component Severity Diagnosed
Navy Active Pentrating 579
Severe 445
Moderate 5,020
Mild 38,147
Not Classifiable 2,291
Reserve Pentrating 45
Severe 29
Moderate 369
Mild 3,193
Not Classifiable 170

2000-2017 (Q1-Q2) as of August 10, 2017

Air Force

Service Component Severity Diagnosed
Air Force Active Pentrating 489
Severe 397
Moderate 3,930
Mild 36,590
Not Classifiable 1,341
Guard Pentrating 51
Severe 35
Moderate 438
Mild 4,141
Not Classifiable 153
Reserve Pentrating 29
Severe 26
Moderate 263
Mild 2,414
Not Classifiable 94

2000-2017 (Q1-Q2) as of August 10, 2017


Service Component Severity Diagnosed
Marines Active Pentrating 712
Severe 593
Moderate 5,195
Mild 40,057
Not Classifiable 1,911
Reserve Pentrating 65
Severe 52
Moderate 422
Mild 3,510
Not Classifiable 198

2000-2017 (Q1-Q2) as of August 10, 2017

Posted on BrainLine October 26, 2017.
Source: Defense Medical Surveillance System (DMSS) and Theater Medical Data Store (TMDS) provided by the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Branch (AFHSB). Prepared by the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC). DVBIC is the Defense Department’s office of responsibility for tracking traumatic brain injury (TBI) data in the U.S. military.