Headaches After Head Injuries — Post-Traumatic Headaches

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Have you tried using medical marijuana? This helps tame mine down. TBI back 2014 with loss of consciousness greater than 24hrs

I fell down flight of steps 7 years ago and hit my right side of my head.
At the time no one seamed concerned about my head. I broke my arm and elbow.
I have had MRI a few of them all negative.
I have suffered they say post concussuin neuralgia.
When the weather changes i feel stinging. Wetness pain last for days.
This still causes me anxiety about it.
Wonder if anyone has experienced the same.

a 15 ft pole from a tent hit my head a few months ago. Everyday I have a symptom or more of headache, migraines, nausea, blurry vision, intermittent pain on the surface of my skull, intermittent pain inside my brain, around my eye socket, shuttering, upper neck pain radiant neck throb, inner shoulder pain, I too get pain that is worse if it's wet out. Aches that are stronger if wet outside. Pain around and behind my right ear. Sometimes the skin where I was hit feels like I was hit yesterday again, extreme tiredness. my pains are always on the right side same as my hit.

I'm 16, 2 months post injury. It feels like I have been through everything to help manage my pain, including; seeing a concussion specialist, chiropractor, neuropsychologist, psychiatrist, homeopathic chiropractor, seeing a CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), having an MRI, and CT scan, I've also had other testing. I've changed how I eat, how I sleep, I'm exercising more,and meditating/doing yoga. I also ended up in an inpatient psychiatric unit for a week after severely spiraling into a deep depression and it was obvious that my anti-depressents needed to be changed. I have a headache from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep. It increases and sometimes decreases throughout the day. Soon I will be going to a headache clinic. My injury has tuned my world upside down. I went from being a social butterfly, who excelled in school, and was into sports. Now I have very minimal energy, I have difficulties in school, and I'm not allowed to do my favorite sport, gymnastics. Medications don't work, some even make my head worse. I want to try CBD (since I've read about how it's helped a lot of people), but unfortunately I would have to have my parents approve. I'm so sorry for y'all who have been struggling way longer than I have. Bless your hearts.

If nothing can be done ,how about Ayurvedic treatment, like oiling the hair. Sri Lanka has very good Ayurvedic doctors. Or may be acupuncture. Good luck to you. Hope everything will be fine soon.

I'm Isaac. I'm 18. I got in a severe motorcycle wreck sometime around my 17th birthday. Since then I have had persistent headaches from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. The wreck was bad enough that I have these clear fluids that drain from my ears and discharges into my throat from my nasal passageway. The doctor said it's gonna drain however long it takes to heal. It has also turned my life upside down.

The big thing tho is I found a good girl after my 18 birthday. A year later she knows all my problems. I laid them all out there, and she still loves me for me. That is the best medicine I could ask for

I had a fall at work 21 years ago while attempting to stand on a chair. During the attempt the chair tipped toward me and I went up and over hitting the floor head first. The impact was shared between my chin and right shin. I thought I came out unscathed. The physical therapist who witnessed the fall was amazed I was still breathing on my own. But I was able to jump up and walk away from it. A few weeks later I began having headaches but immediately at the time of the fall I noticed word-finding problems. It is now now years, decades, since that fall. I have had to go on disability and attempts to re-educate myself to go back to work have failed because of memory problems. I replied to your post because CBD oil did nothing for me.

What is CBD oil ? Is it useful for headaches ? What is the age limit to use the CBD oil?

I would say if you have tried everything else, then CBD is an option. If your parents are reluctant to allow you to try it, then you need to educate them as to all aspects of it. Do some research and find out other similar situations where it has been used beneficially. They need to understand that CBD is an extracted oil and not a hallucinogen. I have numerous medical issues from TBI to PN, Agent Orange Dioxin exposure, etc., etc. I know that if you do decide to try CBD, there may be mild side effects which can vary from person to person. What I did was to try a small dose for several days to find out if my system could tolerate it. Assuming it does, then you need to start with a high dose for several days or a week until you find that your symptoms begin to moderate or disappear. After you reach this saturation point, then you can gradually decrease dosage until you start to see symptoms again. At that point, increase slightly until you reach a comfortable zone. This stuff sort of builds up within you so that when you find your proper zone, then you simply try to maintain that level within you, but you can always increase or decrease slightly to tweak it to perfection. Dr. Sanjay Gupta (sp?) spoke on this stuff a couple years ago and stated impressive results for TBI related injuries and recoveries. It is sometimes available at health food stores and such, but to me seems rather pricey but also well worth it if it can help one recover from such injuries.

At least you are seeing specialists who hopefully can steer you in the right directions. In my case, I lost or suppressed memories directly related to an anchor chain incident where I was hit in the head but only recently started to remember key info related to the injury, after 47 years. I asked the VA to do an MRI of my head and they found that I have a small piece of my brain missing likely due to a severe untreated concussion. I was 18 or 19 then and am now 67. No wonder I have numerous short term memory problems and continuous headaches. Oh, Well -- do the best you can while you can. Wish you the best with this. You seem intelligent enough to work your way through though -- Good Luck!

Someone hit my head so hard I feel so dizzy like I am going to die . Please give medical advice I feel scared .

I had blunt force trauma to the right front of my head. I still have severe headaches 9 yrs later. Sometimes headaches for days ..and into my eye.

I had an injury above my right ear about 12 years ago. I got staples. 4 years ago I started experiencing sort of phantom sharp aches near that area tha lasts for days. It can last for a few months and then its gone for months. they seem to get worse as time passes.

In May 2018 I hit my head on the corner of cabinet door. Hurt really bad but figured I would live. Got a nice dent in my head to go with it. I was in the middle of dealing with skin cancer & more concerned with how much of my nose was going to be removed. Headaches continued but then from surgery on nose & seasonal allergies got a sinus infection. Chalked headaches up to what turned into 3 sinius infections over the next 4 months. Now Im over the infections I still have headaches (only on right dide-which is side of head hit), blurred vision, nausea&vomiting, sleep maybe 2hrs at a time, neck pain, can't remember peoples names (I know them just can't find name immeadiately). Spoke to Dr about it this week. Going for CT next week. Ive missed a lot of work & not sure how much I can tell them. So now lets add some stress! Im really worried.

I have had 7 confirmed concussions from playing Lacrosse, Hockey and Rugby as well as boxing for 13 years. I have severe migraines that make me throw up quite often. I recently have started using marijuana and it works wonders. It has been over a month since I've had a migraine. As I've said 7 have been confirmed most likely have had more. I have severe depression and anxiety as well as memory loss where I will forgot what I'm talking about mid sentence. It's sad because I'm only 30. I will be donating my brain. Hopefully they will eventually will beable to confirm CTE without it being cut open.

Had a work place accident 03/29/2018 were fell 9’ off a bucket truck , landing on my head . I was unconscious for 20 minutes and received a large laceration to my head. I still have major headaches and sharp pains to were the impact was! Pain meds don’t help physical therapy helps a bit for a day but not more then a day. Still have not been able to return to work . There are days helpless, they keep telling me it will get better, but there are days I can’t get out of dark room because of the pain.

2 yrs ago I fell off my steps in the winter time . Landed in my drive way hitting the side of my head . Still get aweful headaches

My sister had a accident in which she had no bleeding ( outer) but when she combs her hair, somebody hits lightly, if her hairs are pulled lightly etc. her head starts paining. Can i get any idea how this pain is occurring plz

I had my accident at work. It happened on 8/7/18. I'm 51 yrs old
Where I was hit on my head, neck, shoulders. My hair still is sensitive to wash and comb. I have the same problem of if I pull my hair up it gives me extra pain in my head where it's pulled up. I have to pull it up due to hot flashes and where I have PT. I will pray for you.

I am wondering if anyone else has a constant throbbing on top of their heads too. The only thing that helps me is an ice pack. If I try to lay down it increases extremely. I can only sleep propped up.

I can sympathise with you. I had an accident in 2013 similar to yours and still have problems with my head pain. I have to be very careful washing my hair not to rub my scalp as the nerves get overstimulated and cause me pain plus putting my hair up causes terrible headaches which even after taken down persist. I also struggle laying on a pillow at night. It causes discomfort so lay facing down on stomach with my dead slightly to the side with a very soft fluffy cushion supporting side of head. I tend to play mindfulness music to aid drifting to sleep. Hope this helps. Stress limitation is also very important. My thoughts are with you

I have also been dealing with a post traumatic concussion. While researching, I came across an article that talked about finding the right vestibular therapist or neurologist who can identify where your headaches are actually originating from. Honestly, for both of you who are experiencing such top of the head sensitivity, I think it would be wise to ask you doctor about getting an MRI to rule out a hematoma. But, some of the people who were experiencing long lasting headaches, benefitted from having their pain pathway diagnosed. You may want to look at occipital nerve pathways and see if this pathway correlates to where you are experiencing your head/scalp pain. Good luck to both of you!

I got my 3rd concussion on may 29th 2018. For me it was headaches memory issues, cognitive issues, neck pain, eye pain and moodiness. Nothing was seeming to work. The chiropractor seemed to be the best in the begining. I found some research on hyberbaric oxygen therapy and decided to give it a shot. I dont know if its a placebo or if it actually works but my brain fog lifted and i started to feel halfway normal again. Insurance does not cover this of course so it can get quite pricey but it seems to have helped me. Im 5 months into this and finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Im just hoping my memory comes back now.

I am 2.5 years out from my concussion. It sucks so many different pains in my head daily. I refuse meds instead I'm trying to eat paleo style and try to start walking more also gonna try cbc oil I've heard good things. Already tried chiropractors, nucca doctors, , vitamins, massage, sacral cranial therapy, accupuncture, physical therapy started to feel doomed :(

Please don't feel doomed. Our daughter is over 3 years out from her concussion. She has lived with an intractable migraine ever since. Our fight for her recovery is ongoing. She has tried all the items you listed and many, many more. Medications have been completely ineffective so far. If you don't have one already, please find a good doctor. One who is willing to keep trying even if the ideas are out of the box. Get a therapist who specializes in chronic pain. Seek out a support group. Going through this alone is not good. We do not have a cure or an answer for our daughter but we will not give up trying and I so hope you don't give up either.

Ideas to try if you haven’t already...functional neurologist chiropractor, hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy, botox injections, see an endocrinologist familiar with pituitary issues from head trauma. Have them check for hypopituitary issues. Very common to get post concussion. Google it. Hang in there!!

I suffered a concussion in 2017, service elevator door came down on my head. its now a year later and still suffering. Head pain everyday, still have balance issues and memory. I have been going to therapy and now doing a series of tests. It is very hard to work for a full shift as I get tired quickly. I do take multi vitamins but not sure if they are doing anything. Rest helps but then affects my back. I feel every ones pain and understand completely, its hard to relay that to some one who has not suffered the same type of injury. I persevere and hope one day my pain will go away.

I was wandering if it was possible to get a concussion from a car door hitting your
head and causing a 2 inch laceration.

Thank you

Yes, it is definitely possible

My brain swelled after iI cracked my head in three places on the pavement. I had a subdural hematoma. I was on life support and had tubes draining my brain. I still have no cover where the skull was removed. I was 39 min or so till death. I’m lucky. However 20 years later my headaches are back harder than ever. Why?

As a teenager I was involved in a bike accident with a car and I was knocked out
For 40 minutes after suffering a serious concussion (TBI). I woke up in a
Hospital bed.
I feel that I am susceptible to a headache more having suffered a serious
Concussion. I don’t know if other people with a TBI have this, but
Sometimes I feel as if I have been hit over the head with a sharp
Hammer and feel a sharp intense pain that lasts only a short time. Then
Im ok again a minute or so later.
Some days it would be just a dull blunt headache that may last
A while and require medication.
At the hospital after the accident they did scans and x-rays and said i
Had not fractured my skull and had had a nasty bang on my head.
Now just the occasional headache but those short, sharp hammer blow
Headaches occasionally occur. Very strange.

I had blunt force trauma to my head 9 yrs ago I get sharp shooting pain and severe headaches to this day I take no meds for it.

Brenda I sympathize with your headaches. I have lots of pain relief medication for any potential headaches at home and always carry a packet of tablets with me all the time at work and when I go out.
The other thing is I avoid exposure to bright lights, especially sunlight, which can bring on a headache and so wear permanent transition lenses that block sunlight effectively by darkening like sunglasses.
There really good and have been helpful enormously. They go clear again at night of course. I also avoid noisy places which can give me a headache. You have to do what best suits you. All the best

I was diagnosed with a concussion Mar. 25, 2017 after I accidentally walked into a glass door. A neurologist put me on Topiramate and increased the dosage, but it still did not work. It was very hard on my stomach and I refused to take any more. Tried acupuncture and that did not work either. Then I received Botox injections, and it turned out I was allergic to Botox and suffered from swelling of the throat and choking. Couldn't eat solid food for 2 weeks. Still partly numb in my throat after 5 months. Botox decreased the frequency of the headaches for a while, but now after 5 months, I have headaches 3-5 days a week. Terrible pressure on my forehead. Not even 2 extra-strength Excedrin will dull it and is not worth the side effects. I think I'll try a chiropractor next.

Try a functional neurologist chiropractor. They specialize in fixing brain injury. Also see an endocrinologist who can test you for pituitary issues as a result of your head injury. Very common .

Mine took 16 years remembering the traumatic injury. And I forgot every hallucinations I have had throughout childhood and adolescents.. The headaches were straight agony when they happened. Like a monkey wrench thrown into a a running engine. Throwing everything inside in disruption. Forgetting yesterday for years. Not being able to concentrate in school. I got so fixiated on music and what the theological twist inside cause I forgot my yesterday for years.

Wow, it's sad that there are so many people suffering as I do. It's been over a year now since my fall/accident on the job. I've shared here earlier this year. But going to Church I found a real doctor that showed me that CBD's really work, this is not advice, just a suggestion. I will share that this type of treatment for my headache/migraines has helped more than pharmaceutical medication. God bless

My concussion/TBI happened at work too. Almost 6 months horrible pain still.Do u think u get treated dif. At the doctor because of work comp?

Pick your own doctor

I use ice pack on my head and found that is helpful for my head ache. I also take omega 3,6 and 9 capsule.

Wow, it's sad that there's so many people suffering as I do. It's been over a year now since my fall/accident on the job. I've shared here earlier this year. But going to Church (CCLA) I found a real Doctor that showed me that CBD's really work, this' not advice, jst a suggestion. I will share that this type of treatment for my headache/mI grains has helped more than pharmaceutical medication. God bless

guys, it is sad to see so many people in pain. I had a mild concussion during kickboxing more than a year ago. Dizziness, headaches, ringing in the ear have not stopped ever since, with some weeks better and worse. I try to avoid strong medication smoking CBD, but it sometimes is not enough. The only route I think seems to make sense after having my ears, eyes, neck, brain etc checked is actually my dentist who said it seems that my jaws got slightly displaced with the blow. Together with grinding my teeth at night that would cause CMD (cmd craniomandibular disorder) which can cause EXACTLY the same symptoms as PCS. I`ll give it a try with a mix craniosacral therapy and neurokinesiotherapy. You might want to look into that.

Heavy head feeling most time and a throb sometimes in arm and neck is this normal

I got a wicked concussion in October when I slipped and fell on a tiled floor. Knocked myself out for about 15 seconds. I was getting better and back to work full time when I bumped my head on the freezer door. I bent down to pick something up that fell when I opened the freezer door and when I got up the door had swung closed a little and I banged my head. It wasn't a hard hit but I felt a sudden searing pain in my head that lasted a few seconds (I think) and after that I feel like I've taken several steps back. My head hurts, it feels like it's full of fiberglass, my ears are ringing, I'm clumsy and off balance and I'm living in a fog.

Not happy about this.

I have had moderate to severe migraines 12-15 days a month for 39 years. They have interrupted every aspect of my life.

Diagnosed common with no aura, BUT....I have always told Neurologists no head trauma because I believed this to be true. My medical records from the service were not made available to me, and when I finally received them, I found out I had a TBI. I was involved in an accident on base at the age of 18 and ER report says I hit my head on the roof of the vehicle. I had tremors, dizziness etc. I had a x-ray, and was released for duty. No follow up care.

Now, this article explains why I wake up with migraines and head pain often, wearing a baseball cap too long will trigger one as well, along with other issues.

I am detoxing off Topamax which I have been on for prophylactic treatment for 15 years because of research this med is not healthy for your brain. I’m refuse to damage my brain with chemicals, also anti-depressants, they are very damaging and cause imbalance. I came off 20 years of those, 6 months ago.

I do not remember the accident at all. I reportedly went back to the ER three days later, arms shaking and dizzy. This was a travesty, and the VA is dealing with this mistake. But, this was an awakening article as to why I wake up in pain for years.

I also often get them anytime through the day, sometimes at noon. I cannot sleep on a pillow. I have tried every position possible, to no avail. Trigger points, Botox, everything. Very very temporary relief. It’s a shame these migraine meds affect our blood vessels the way they do. I hate that I have had to inject and ingest 39 years worth of these. I know the risk is stroke whether you have an aura or not. These meds constrict vessels. Come on! Shame. I don’t drink, little caffeine, no food triggers, quit smoking. It’s brain trauma. And, to boot, depression on and off. I also have PTSD from severe trauma, so oh boy. My faith in God has seen me thru everything. I sure wish there was an answer other than medications. I worked in tissue recover in the medical field for donation before disability ( migraines) so I am not a chiropractor fan. I have seen too many deaths from “ accidents” from those. I will not go to a chiropractor. I take great supplements and eat very healthy, and walk over 30 miles a month. I do all I can, but, I am doomed. Great article.

30 miles a month isn't that much exercise at all. I walk 5-6 miles a day, not that it helps my headaches at all but it keeps me fit and healthy.

I’ve had headaches everyday for 5years now, sometimes I’ll go a month without them but their back as soon as they stopped.
Sometimes they get so bad that half of my face will go completely numb, a couple times even swelling up. And they almost always come with dizziness, loss of vision, or nausea.
They started when I got my first concussion and I’ve had a couple more concussions since that.
I don’t know if this is just normal or if something is actually wrong....

Sounds like migraines...

I recently had a MVA and after the airbags blew, the drivers one has such a force it pushed my head against the drivers window and I smashed it, I passed out for I honestly cant remember, woke up to someone yelling miss are you of.
My mom passed away 4 years after a blow to her head, she had a concussion then she slowly starting losing her mind. I cant remember small things right now, I repeat myself and have severe put me out of commission headaches, I've been off work for coming 3 weeks, super nervous about going back, but maybe it will keep my mind going . I am 53 and about to start a 2 year school apprenticeship , this is done while working and schooling at night. I have read that we lose a part of your brain function for each hit? is this true?

I’ve been dealing with my post concussion headaches for 10 months now I thought I was getting better than bam a week straight of intense headaches but I need to be strong for myself and my family reading many of these comments make the fight to get better a bit easier knowing that I’m not alone there’s many of us trying to survive and get through this no matter how bad I just give thanks to god that it wasn’t a tumor or worse and I can and will get better as I hope the same for everyone else here suffering from this keep up the good fight.

I'm on my second concussion in 3 years, this past hit on my head was the worst. Headaches everyday, head, skull, neck, shoulders, everything hurts, so tired of the daily pain. I'm going to try acupuncture soon.

Thank you for sharing.

I’m 5 years and 4 months post injury. These headaches have been debilitating at times. But they are usually a reminder that I have been doing too much and need to slow down and rest more.

You are definitely not alone. You’ve got this; but listen to your body.