Do I Have a Brain Injury? Symptom Discovery Quiz

Gail Denton, PhD, Demos Medical Publishing
BrainLash: Questionnaire

This questionnaire will help focus your symptom discovery for brain injury. When answering these questions, do so in light of how you are presently functioning.

  • Have you been in an accident recently, say, within the last year?
  • Did you hit your head? Were you shaken, or did you experience a physical impact?
  • Were you taken to the hospital?
  • What was your diagnosis?
  • What doctors are you currently seeing?
  • Were x-rays, MRI, or CT scan taken? SPECT scan?
  • What medications are you currently taking? Were you given a prescription for this event?

Please read this list and indicate any problems you may be having. Remember to distinguish and notice if you had the problem or condition before the accident when evaluating if you have the condition presently. Note if it made a pre-existing issue worse.

Rate your problems on the following scale: Never, Occasionally, Sometimes, Frequently, or Always.


  • Do you have more headaches since your injury? Pain in the temples or forehead?
  • Do you have pain in the back of your head? Does it move forward? Are there moments of very sharp or stabbing pain that lasts for a few moments?
  • Do you tire more easily, either mentally or physically? Does fatigue worsen with pressured thinking or emotional situations?
  • Are your neck and shoulders beginning to hurt? Tingling down your arms? Overall aching feeling? Overall pain upon waking in the morning?
  • Are you overly sensitive to light, sound, motion, or intense environments? Do you have dark spots before you eyes or blurred vision? Does it get worse with fatigue?


  • Do you lose or misplace items?
  • Do you forget what people tell you? Or what you have said to others?
  • Do you forget where you parked your car? Or your current driving destination?
  • Do you forget what you’ve read? Or the last TV or radio topic?
  • Are you having difficulty remembering life details from the past?

Attention and Concentration

  • Are you having trouble concentrating? Holding a thought?
  • Do you have difficulty concentrating in noisy or strongly lit environments?
  • Do you have difficulty concentrating on more than one topic or task at a time?
  • Do you have difficulty focusing your attention while reading or watching TV?
  • Are you having difficulty staying focused when you are driving?
  • Do you have difficulty making decisions? Or remembering what you decided?
  • Do you drift off in conversation, unable to recall what has been said?
  • Is it stressful to read and answer this questionnaire?
  • Are you easily distracted? When interrupted, do you struggle to find your place again or return to your task?
  • Have you become impulsive, making decisions or remarks without thinking them through? Unintentionally hurting someone’s feelings? Impulse shopping?

Language and Communication

  • Do you have difficulty following a conversation?
  • Do you have difficulty thinking of the exact word or words you want to use?
  • Do you have problems expressing yourself in writing?
  • Is it difficult conversing with others or staying in a conversation?
  • Are you struggling to spell words? Do you reverse the letters?
  • Are you pronouncing words correctly? Is your tongue twisting words around or relocating words inaccurately in a sentence?

Visual Perception

  • Do you have increased sensitivity to light, sound, shopping, party, or large meeting environments?
  • Do objects seem closer or farther away than they actually are?
  • When reading, do printed letters appear to change their shape or position on the page? Are you experiencing eye strain or headaches when reading?
  • Do you have difficulty focusing your eyes on objects?
  • Do you feel dizzy or nauseous? Are you bumping into objects more than usual? Whacking your elbows, hitting your head, or stubbing your toes frequently?
  • Do your eyes struggle to track written text or follow moving objects?

Executive Function

  • Do you have difficulty following through with planning for work or leisure activities? Do you accurately gauge the time a task will take?
  • Do you have problems setting goals and priorities and keeping to your plan?
  • Do you have difficulty starting new tasks? Does a new task trigger depression, hopelessness or fatigue? Do you struggle to get in the mood to begin?
  • Do you have difficulty monitoring and correcting your errors?
  • Do you have difficulty changing from one task to another?
  • Are you able to anticipate the consequences of your actions? Can you foresee outcomes or project the future of a task.
  • Are you checking and rechecking your work? Does the slightest disruption in your routine derail you?
  • Are you unintentionally repeating yourself in conversation?

Emotional Function

  • Have you noticed frequent mood swings or emotional outbursts?
  • Do you have difficulty handling your anger?
  • Do you feel depressed? Are you fearful? Have you lost hope? Are you tired of fighting for recovery? Just want your life back the way it was?
  • Do you have feelings of anxiety, jumpiness, or nervousness?
  • Do family and friends comment on changes in your behavior? Are people living around you on the outskirts of you?
  • Trouble sleeping? Poor appetite or binge eating? Craving stimulant foods?
  • Do you feel hopeless, although you can identify things that are hopeful or positive? Does hope feel just out of your reach?
  • Have you become gullible? Easily distractible or unintentionally naïve? Can you tell when you are being teased, and do you respond with humor?
  • Are you easily startled, agitated, or irritated? Do you respond with aggression? Feel tense or wound up all the time? Overly sensitive to your environment?

Finances and Measurements

  • Do you have difficulty easily performing simple addition and subtraction?
  • Can you easily make change at the store?
  • Do you struggle to balance your checkbook as accurately as before?
  • Do you remember to open your mail, sort it, and pay your bills on time?
  • Can you follow a recipe easily, or comprehend and follow instructions to assemble or operate something? Can you easily follow a map or directions to a location?

Organization and Sequencing

  • Do you have difficulty following the steps of a recipe?
  • Do you attend to your mail on a regular basis? Can you accurately sort the junk mail and focus on mail worthy of your time and energy?
  • Do you struggle with performing, initiating, or keeping up with normal, routine household chores?
  • Do you have difficulty performing more than one household task at a time?
  • Can you effectively manage your time? Do you lose track of time?
  • Do you set priorities and fulfill your obligations?
  • Do you follow through on a project to the end, or do you set it aside with good intentions, yet ultimately abandon it?


  • Do you forget to turn off the iron, stove, tea pot, or other household appliances?
  • Do you forget where you are going when driving your car?
  • Do you forget to lock your doors at home? Do you lock your car doors? Garage door?
  • Do you forget important appointments (e.g., picking up the kids, going to your doctor’s appointment, banking your paycheck)?
  • Do you feel like your safety awareness levels are less than they should be?
  • Has your tolerance for alcohol, caffeine, or drugs decreased?


Other quick questions you may relate to include: (Answering: Never, Occasionally, Sometimes, Frequently, and Always)

  • Remembering where your keys, glasses, purse, wallet are?
  • Remembering to brush your teeth, eat breakfast, and shower?
  • Remembering how to do all the parts of your job?
  • Do you lose track of time? Forget to eat? Forget who you just dialed on the phone?
  • Are you sleeping well? Are you easily fatigued?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, or unable to cope?
  • Are you intolerant of noise? Even traffic noise? Even the dishwasher?
  • To have a successful conversation, must you turn off the radio or TV first?
  • Are you restless? Do you worry more? Lack patience?
  • Are you overwhelmed by simple pleasures, or by people you used to enjoy?
  • Do you feel like you are “losing it?” Out of control? Going crazy?
  • Do you hopelessly search for the word you want?
  • Is your speech slurred or jumbled? Are you inventing words that get jammed into each other?
  • Is your body’s temperature in control? Your appetite?
  • Are there changes in your sex drive or sexual response? Is orgasm a struggle?
  • Are there changes to your menses? Your sleep cycle? Digestive rhythm?

Likely, you see yourself in these questions. Somehow, your brain and emotional functions are different than they were before your incident. You need to know that you are not alone, and you are not crazy. There are actions you can take to enhance your mending process and to maximize your brain’s opportunity to recover and function to its highest potential.

Posted on BrainLine June 19, 2009.

From BrainLash: Maximize Your Recovery from Mild Brain Injury, Third Edition by Gail L. Denton, PhD. Demos Medical Publishing, 2008. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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I can relate to all the quiz questions, I grew up with a abusive alcoholic father and my whole life up to 18 years old my father was abusive, always getting hit in my head ,whatever he had in his hands at the time, one of the worst was when living on a farm there was always work to be done, I was helping my father dig a ditch and I didn't have enough dirt on my shovel and he hit me across the head with the shovel because my shovel was not full...many stories I have like that, now at 57 years old I really do feel like I'm losing my mind.


I have been having grand mal sezuize's for 10+years now have had severe headaches pressure in head like my brain going to pop out of my skull 7yrs ago found cyst in brain never followed up has gotten so bad I bang my head severely during sezuize's or in manic States pain is un real

Wow, scary. But I can't go to doctor, I run out of patience. I have had hundreds of head injuries in my life and I never been given any kind of scan, doctors get paid whether they fix you or not and it's cheaper to not. I have been struggling for 30yrs which is ironic because I'm 38 and I feel in my head that I am only 8.

I was suffocated in a physical abuse two and a half years ago for 1 minute, and because of that i have a very uncomfortable feeling of my larynx rubbing in my trachea every time i swallow and iam not taking my full breath, afterwards serval consequences occured: ( depression, anxiety, aggression, memory loss, poor concentration, bad headaches, dizziness, fatigue, lightheadness, acidity, hoarseness, abnormal movement of the larynx, short slow breathing, difficulty swallowing, can't burp nor yaw, cold pale skin, low blood pressure, numbness with coldness in brain and limbs, bending back as a result of my neck moving forward with time as a desperate breathing attempt ), I went to see a doctor three days after what happened and gave all the information but still didn't get dealt with and until now i didn't, so i started to underestimate too considering my parent's ignorance of how i am fine, my brain wasn't affected and that the reason i started to fail exams is that iam a disappointment.

Have had serve head injury banging head on walls floors ext without knowing memory loss serve headaches pressure in head

Wow I’m so sorry you experienced this. Definitely go get checked out and get to the bottom of it.

I get horrible headaches every day, I sometimes feel lightheaded, my head really hurts to move around, my eyes hurt too, I have gotten a lot of bloody noses, I get earaches every few hours. DO I HAVE BRAIN DAMAGE?

sometimes feel lightheaded

Yesterday I was roughing around with a buddy of mine and his elbow hit the back of my head, not too hard, but enough to make me grab the back of my head. The pain went away but, around 30 min later I got a small bloody nose and didn’t think anything of it bc it was hot and dry inside. But today I was reminded constantly of what had happened last night with the back of my head throbbing, though out the day I got more tired, I had like 4 bloody noses, and felt confused and haven’t been able to focus. I’m no stranger to head injuries, I’ve played football for almost 5 years and have had many hard blows to the head but only one minor concussion. The more research I do the more worried I get. The best way to describe what my head feels like is similar to when you are laying down for a long time and get up really fast and get light headed and dizzy, that’s what it feels like, but it’s like small aches for like 30 seconds at a time. The main thing I’m worried about is the mental part, a few hours ago I started feeling not like myself and couldn’t think. Like literally just blanking and staring at the wall and having no thoughts going through my mind. It’s frightening because I’m only 16 and I wouldn’t be in shambles if this was something severe. I haven’t vomited, been depressed, had anxiety, I mean this is only the second night after the incident but I’ve never had anything happen to me like this before and I’m quite concerned. I would extremely appreciate if some sort of doctor of expert would respond and give me some information or if anybody has a similar problem let me know too.


This sounds ominous - playing high school sports can obviously expose you to being hit many times which could have an impact on brain health. I’ve been reading a lot about it lately because my son is having difficulties with executive functions . But I urge you to ask your parents to get you to a Dr who should order some tests and an assessment. Also, it would probably be a good idea to forego any more football. Go read about CTE and the percentage of football players who end up with it - it’s just not worth it IMHO.

I have also have the dizziness and random aches, I also got that mental thing bro. I'm only 14 but I got hit in the back of the head but it wasnt a hard blow. It happened 2 months ago and I am also worried about it being a brain bleed.

I have brain damage
Preston too

I am here if you want to talk.

I am so unbelievably sorry

I had an abnormal childhood, at 14 I had to basically chase off people in the surrounding deep woods and disregarded our hilltop 20 acres, fenced, with no neighbors. I had to get into tree to tree gunfights to chase thugs off, once having a bullet skip off the back of my skull. I vaguely recall a dead partial tree top fall and hit me on the head, knocking me out. Wanting to know how to survive anything like my teens again, I joined the Marines, then Navy SpecOps then the Army until I got a medical during that time. I have a left leg knee to foot mostly titanium inside and numb. I lost my left testicle and a blown left eardrum and a TBI. I later had a deer/car accident where the seatbelt failed and I broke my face-TBI #2 to my memory. I worked 2 prisons and 2 jails, at least one other TBI, ultimately leading to my first 2 week long migraine, driving my regular great BP to 200/190 and I spurted blood out my nose and mouth and had all the symptoms of a stroke for 3 months until I recovered by will power. I became a Government Security Contractor and then Google patrol security. One night a large truck rear ended me explosively at 85+mph 18 September 2009 at 0015 hrs. I instantly had ringing ears, head pain and broke my eye socket and temple bone and sinus as my face repeatedly bounced off the steering wheel. I have had scores of tests and deep needles, trigeminal nerve damage, and, according to my fifth neurologist I have ''every type migraine and headache known to man.'' I have these NONSTOP! Even at present with morphine er 60mg 3x daily, oxycodone, Lyrica, antidepressants x2, muscle relaxants, valium, ointment of ketamine, lidocaine and gabapentin for my damaged neck vertebrae and side trigeminal nerves that are like chewed up dog toys now! I have to daily find a reason to continue. At best I get to a 7/10 pain, and I am sliding downward. I hope to at least get my morphine upped to 75mg-(60+15mg), every 6 hours or the new dilaudid injectables my pharmacist told me about. I actually even have migraines AND Cluster headaches simultaneously lately! Dilaudid IVs are the only things that have ever stopped the pain for a day, with a willing ER, but now a days they treat you like a junkie from behind their dumpsters outside! I have only one doc, an hour away, with enough integrity to medicate me, knowing that with the new ridiculous guidelines I still remain in pain. This is sad, because near Charleston, South Carolina I am surrounded by hospitals and doctors! South Carolina has no true pain center treatment centers except the ''drive thru shot clinics!'' When I eventually wear down, or maybe get CTE, I imagine nothing will change. The DEA is the new Gestapo. Peace. Mike

Oh my God bro peace be with you brother. I'll be praying for you.

I went through a lot of child abuse trama- my dad once tripped me and I hit the back of my head on the dining room table- and my mother threw me into walls and I remember always hitting my head- one on the wall- then the dog crate and then the floor. But I have most if not all of these symptoms- it’s hard for me to read

I'm so sorry my friend, iv had alot of bad things done to me in my life by doing things to my head and I cant remember what but I have to take high dosage of depression tablets as I have really bad anxiety and depression / remember things.
Do your best not to think of them bad things as like me we cant remember and it will just make you so sad and unwell :(.

could i have a head injury and not know?? like could my family keep it from me ?

Maybe my friend , have you had yours looked at yet?

Hi I was hit by a car when was 7 years old and Ave a metal plate in my head on the right side at the front and wa last scanned when was 9.i am now 38.but I'm getting alot of headaches. In forgetting alot of things ever day.wers my plate is it some times feels like bloods running in my doctor wont take on what I'm telling him

What I would do ask them to send you to Hospital so the hospital can do a check up as it been very long time from when you had it done.

I WAS HIT BY A CAR AS WELL IN 1990. USED TO HAVE REALLY REALLY BAD headaches. Went and saw a brain doctor. He put me on antidepressants which helped headaches get less. The surgeon told my mum THAT ID HAVE HEADACHES FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE ON AND OFF. BUT ITS MADE A DIFFERENCE. CHANGE YOUR DOCTOR AS WELL

This questionnaire is way too long for anyone but definitely someone with head injury!!???

Agree .. I’ve had lots of head traumas .. even hit by a boat .. BUT … we’ll over half I said yes too

I agree it's very hard to answer a lot of questions and not reasonable to spect me to have enough insight to recognize and address my symptoms but I am flattered by your confidentiality in me. I try very hard to be a proper respectable human. I wake up early cuz if I don't people will think I'm lazy.


I’ve done some self inflicted harm by hitting my head hard on a solid surface. I’ve done it a couple of time and I’m starting to worry as I’ve noticed a decline in my cognitive function :(( what should I do??

Me too. Lots of cognitive decline. Help!

Make that three!!

i cant remember anything

I was in a car accident last year but after I thought I was healed and now it been almost a year and i have been progressively getting worse I have pretty much all of those on that list of questions should I seek medical help

My dad stomped on the head when I was I think 12 -11 and ever sense then I've kinda had these symptoms and by kinda I mean it´s a fact of life now

WHY am I being refused treatment after 10 or more untreated t.b.i.'s???

10 years ago I suffered a broken body due to a car accident . Apparently I am suffering from an undiagnosed abi as I suffer from almost everything listed. I am glad to know I am not crazy though that is a relief . But I wish the few people left in my life would stop calling me that once I am triggered . It feels like I share my mind with a maniac and I live in fear of him coming out . I have had to set rules to prevent his appearance but its never enough because people cant see my brains broken . I am tired of crying for death because there isnt a moment where my body or a misunderstanding is causing some sort of anquish . My biggest fear is loosing my licence over it if I do seek help. Or things progressing and I no longer can live on my own . As I have no one to be able to get myself around . I feel so lost and dont know where to turn for support . I am so tired of overwhelming any one I let in because I need so much help and there are so many rules to follow to prevent any madness from slipping out . The other side is I am tired of loosing my life always searching for the things I need or crying over why people cause extra difficulties instead of be compassionate patient and just help .

I played football growing up and through college. 13 years total and had so many concussions I could not even guess the number. "Coach I saw stars. Shake it offf kid and go back in. Got it coach....." "Lead with the head" is what I was told. Im scared shitless because I literally have every symptom. Wife doesn't believe in CTE says I have mental issues. Older I get the worse I am. Don't like social situations. Anger explosive at times but don't act. Addiction switch all the time is now on. Thankfully realize alcohol is my kryptonite and haven't drunk in 8 years but anxiety, depression, forgetting where I put anything gets worse every day. Daily thoughts that I want to die but to chicken shit to do it. Noone knows what it is like in my skull and the more I try to talk about it it seems people shy away. I honestly hate my life and do not know what to do. I cannot live like this much longer. Already listed for donating my brain post-death. Zero ambition. Zero drive. I am a mental shell of a person and what I used to be. 52 years old and I want to take a bridge abutment doing 80. already made decision someone pulls in front of me, crosses over in my lane, I am not stopping. Hopefully head on so it goes quick.....

I have a hypoxic brain injury. The anger is unfortunately Common. As well as so many other problems. Sorry to hear your in such a bad place! Somehow I’ve had to learn how to work around or just accept problems and be glad I don’t suffer from a more miserable condition

im a 20 year old male that got into an atv accident and i was a perfectly healthy kid always shy but also outgoing and as the years have passed in the last 4 years of the accident i can feel my mental health is out of check from what it use to be i am on the brink of letting it all go. i find a drive than i give up on it the next day like a constant 50\50 in my brain i want to do good things but i cant because i cant let myself anymore its almost easier to let my brain fry. i have been having small seizures when drinking too much and im the exact same way as you are feeling so just so you know you are not alone in this were all people here on this page that want to do good and just need help. i dont know if any of this made any sense at all but im here too man so maybe just try to live for now. this life is all that we all have nobody is any diffrent so take care of youself or at least try on the days that you feel like you can. thats what im trying to do. definitly still going to a doctor. stay safe Frank were all here

Frank, Oh no. Don't give up on your life! It sounds like you should get a complete medical exam and next get a professional to talk to. Sometimes the people closest to us are in denial and want to be there. They cannot deal with the person they love most not being as healthy as they want them to be. DAMN youth Football!! I have had 5 total concussions myself. Some in childhood and 2 where I lost consciousness. I used to be the best speller in the universe, now I look things up. I can't remember what I said or did not say to people. I know I am repeating conversations. I have really no motivation and I need to have it. I forget where things are, where I put them, etc. My dad, grandmother, and both aunts had Dementia/Altzheimer's. I just trurned 64 and it is scary. I am professionally employed and do well in my job but I forget things sometimes from minute to minute. Please take care of you!! I am not an expert at all but I feel for you and hope you will find the strength to seek out what you most need. God bless you!

I am feeling your pain brother, I HATE MYSELF so much!!! And argue with EVERYONE and am just miserable. Why am I still alive??? I also feel your weakness about wanting to end our lives but just rather not make a mess, and kinda rather stick around and ride this storm of a life out. I too have had many self inflicted head injuries from football to martial arts to snowboarding accidents to combat exposure and now this is what I'm left with, JUST PURE MISERY!!! I don't wish this emotional and mental pain on my worst enemy. My ONLY advice that soothes my brain is reading and digesting the Bible. I've tried to indulge myself with other faiths and beliefs like hinduism, budda, islam, and other spiritual uplifting methods but NOTHING has captivated MY attention like the King James version Bible. I've tried to read other versions but KJV captivates my FULL attention and understanding for WHY I AM HERE STILL. I do not encourage organized religion in ANYWAY but so far the Bible is keeping me alive. Luke 4:18. I also encourage going out to the wilderness and YELLING at the top of your lungs and just letting out the RAGE. I pulled muscles and think I broke some ribs recently from me yelling, chanting and crying so hard for God to leave me alone and stop encouraging me to live and showing me his love and compassion. I've tried pretty much most and every medication and or controlled mind altering substance to help with this condition and NOTHING has stuck to help me be comfortable and alleviate the pain. Last night I did some more research and I just found a website linking Ketamin treatment and I filled out a consultation and waiting to talk to someone. I'm looking forward to feel anything except how I've been feeling for the past 20 years. I did electroconvulsive therapy for a few weeks in 2017 and I felt great but I think it was more the trip on anaesthesia and waking up feeling so rejuvenated. So pretty much all I can say is DON'T GIVE UP, there is a reason YOU and I and EVERYONE, all 8 billion of US are on this earth. WE ALL have a purpose, NO MATTER what we believe. We are made of stardust and formed out of clay but by the hands of God. :))

Frank, You are my twin! Played college ball also. Fullback in high school and lead with the head for 3 years. I am to the point where I can’t go on like this. My wife is leaving because she can’t put up with me anymore. I just feel brain dead.

So I'm 19 now, and sometimes it's just hard for me to function as a human being sometimes. I suffer from a lot of this stuff, i.e. anxiety, impulsive anger, speech problems, decision making, etc. and it just sucks. I was abused when I was younger, and I feel like I've had more than one untreated concussion in my life. I got into a fight with my brother a year or two ago and I'm sure I suffered one then, since I had my face kicked into the carpet lmao. I had ONE confirmed concussion at school, since I was hit square in the face with a volleyball and started to stutter like Drew Lynch. After the ER trip was when I realized that I've had things like this happen to me before, but not on that scale of severity. I felt like my brain was punishing me because I'm an idiot. I can't remember anything for sh*t and I get bashed all the time because of it. All my life I thought that I was just stupid, even though I tried so hard to focus and just do good in general.

Childhood trauma, repetitive head injuries, strangled unconscious, head fracture, and drowning attempt.

After major hypoxic brain when died and resuscitated dead 20 mins according to the paramedic remet during asthma. injury Recently remembered during roller-coaster switching migraines (Blackout and confusional between 5 hours and two days.) Unable to spell or handwrite sence. Text only way. Talking is manic babbling usually. Or dissociate slurring, falling talking rubbish as if drunk. Trouble function. Time blackouts. Worse since and chronic confusional migraine and fatigue.

Not well, everything worse since can't access treatment from NHS as I have a diagnosis of conversion disorder and cptsd. Switching personality during black outs now aware, not living with ghosts hiding moving stuff. Hearing voices talk is did personalities not God, sprits or demons. Think brain anoxic injury worsened previous symptoms of Brain injury and mental health. Mood stabilizers cause dementia-like symptoms, stop existing. Worse than dead.

Hi...erm, I literally have every single symptom in this list, I am now freaking out, but I don't think the UK health system will take me seriously, but its getting worse, I feel like I'm days away from some sort of breaking point physically

Me too but in oz

Should I be worried if I can't find the right word to put in my sentence when writing after getting hit in the head by a volleyball (no symptoms rn)?

Hi me too volleyball hurt very much
Cant think straight and fell into a lake

Okay hi so I also have nearly every symptom and I think there are things my parents haven’t told me about my childhood because they were pretty neglectful at times and I remember my dad telling me once he caught the last glimpse of me slipping in between an in ground pool and the seasonal pool cover when I was only 3 so I was close to drowning and was lucky to be spotted... that along with a very rough and physically aggressive group of siblings (and parents who left us unattended ) I think I may possibly have some minor brain damage without ever really knowing but still knowing there was something wrong with me (I’m 25 now and for the longest time I have just been thinking I have high functioning autism ) but yeah I check off on almost everything here and I wish I knew what was wrong with me bc I have been rather isolated, confused, aggressive, moody, forgetful and impulsive my entire life despite me being charismatic and bright in some ways too but I’m coming to the point in my life where I’m becoming more affected by my possible unknown injuries:( anyone else not sure if something more happened to them to cause such injuries as a kid without your caretakers telling you fully? Help :(