Depression After Brain Injury

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I have suffered a brain injury 2 years ago which was caused by an accident in which there was a rapid deceleration and there was freezing waters so the body and brain suffered hypoxia. . There was someone who tried to revive me but I was not responding and was taken to hospital where they got the resuscitation team to help bring me back to life. I am now suffering from the eyes and ears not registering anything that I do to the brain. I have lost all my memories of my life and now cannot take in anything new. I would like some kind of Help With This But The Doctors Dont Seem To Listen In This Country Where As You Try And Seek HELP In Another Country And The Brain professor Understands You. Depression is not something that all GP's understand and they should not be in the profession if they don't. I feel let down by the GP'.

My son was on a motorbike in Thailand last November 2013 when he was attacked by eleven teenagers ages 13 to 19 on seven motorbikes.  They went after my son, knocked him off his motorbike and they proceeded to surround him and repeatedly kicked him and hit him with a beer bottle until they thought he was dead.  A witness called police and ambulance.  My son was unconscious and was transferred to a hospital and placed in ICU/in a coma/intubated and unable to breathe on his own, a collapsed lung, four broken ribs and many areas where the skin was sheared off of him all on the right side.  His main diagnosis DAI (diffuse axonal injury).  He went through hell and back after coming out of the coma and had to be vest restrained and wrist and ankle restraints for a long, long time.  I went to Thailand when he was first injured thinking it was to say that I loved him and to tell him goodbye but by the grace of God he did not die.  I had him placed in a US hospital where he was still in unstable condition and needed much therapy.  Now, it is July 2014 , eight months after the attack.  My son's mind and his thinking goes in ten different ways, he is depressed most of the time, has headaches, legs hurt, he feels helpless, becomes easily aggitated and now has no therapy, he is out of meds except his Depakote so being off medication and unable to see a neuro specialist and psychiatrist etc.makes life difficult for him and for me.  We are hoping he will be approved for disability so he can get the help he needs.  My son's depression has not gotten any better since he learned to walk so I am praying for him that he will get the help he needs.  It seems after reading BrainLine there are many many others suffering from depression and it would be truly great if many readers would write in and tell us what you did to help yourself to get better.

That is so hard. I'm sorry. I haven't found a solution yet either. If I ever do, I'll be sure to tell you. How is your son now? Has he gotten any better? Sending prayers your way.

TBI in 1994. CBT and medications. I honestly don't think it is treatable. It is not as debilitating as at first but still a struggle.

CBT is nothing new for depression of TBI survivors. Its been around for 20 plus years. I suffered my TBI in 1991 and recieved CBT treatment for a year and I still suffer from TBI related depression.
I am a TBI survivor with symptoms of depression. The NIH is currently studying the effectiveness of CBT as a treatment for TBI survivors with depression:

hello. i am a 22 year old from rural wisconsin and i have been suffering with anxiety and depression for almost 7 years now. i have tried not only psychotherapy but 17 different medicines and a combo of both and nothing has been seeming to work. its been about 9-10 months and ive been in one of the darkest places i have been in a long time and it is very hard to come out of. i dont get violent or angry, i just get so down that it never feels like coming up is ever going to happen. does anyone have any way of coping with his? like i said, its been pretty bad and meds nor therapy helps what so ever. i should also probably add when i was 16 i got into a pretty bad car accident that gave me a pretty bad concussion and i am also a 2nd degree black belt so i have done my fair share of fighting before. please help!

I have tried everything ect transcranial magnetic stimulation and ketamine and meds I don’t have any answers

My wife was knocked down when she was around 13 years old. She has a severe knock to the head amongst her injuries resulting in having a plate attached. I don’t know the specific details but i do know the scar on her head is from her the top of her forehead right round to the top of her head curling round to under her ear. Her parents say she was quite angry a lot of the time following the accident. Since we have been together her behaviour is erratic at times and she has a very short fuse which can set off a nasty physical and verbal attack on myself. This has gone on for years and I have received a bashing a few times. Around ten years ago after our third child she got worse. I put it down to post natal depression but she would not accept it and blames me resulting in me moving out for a few weeks. Her mum and dad stuck by her back then believing I was the issue. She then suddenly changed her mind and I moved back in after two weeks. It hasn’t been easy and I honestly thought maybe it was my fault on a few occasions but friends and my family pointed out a few things that they noticed and made me more confident that I was not doing anything wrong. Last year she fell out with her sister and took it badly. She became withdrawn, angry, sad all emotions as she believed she did nothing wrong to upset her sister. Since then her temper flares up but she seems to not only attack me but our fourteen year old son and 15 now 16 year old daughter. Things are getting worse. She did six months ago admit she felt depressed and we talked to her mum and dad. She did not seek medical help. Then we go into lockdown because of COVID-19. The mood swings were coming quicker and lasting longer. In front of our eldest two she tried to jump out of our bedroom window head first. She has taken a handful of tablets and recently driven off on her car whilst seriously over the drink drive limit. She blames me and our eldest son for all her troubles and her sister as well. Now she wants to leave me. Since we first told her mum and dad about depression I have emailed them all screenshots of texts my wife sends. She will send hundreds a week even when I am sat opposite her with verbal abuse. I have had numerous phone calls with them and we have discussed the past when I moved and they have now agreed BBCshe was in a bad way back then and maybe even before. They have also told me why her sister fell out. It is to do with a barrage of nasty text messages like what she sends me. Awful comments she says to her out of being jealous maybe I am not sure. Anyway o am at a loss now. My son gets hit I get hot and she will not now accept any issue with her and blames it all on us.