Concussion Symptoms: What You Need to Know

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My son suffered a head concussion a year a ago and his memory is not well yet, and is muddy. How long can it last.?

My mother 78 was I a car accident an suffered a serous concussion. The accident was 4 months ago and she still is tired all the time and feels like she has all foggy things in her brain how long does a concussion usually last especially in an elderly person she's had two CT scans both are clear what can we do to help her with this foggy feeling that she has.

How many concussions can a person get before permanent brain damage sets in?

I got hit in the head 2 days ago. I have a a headache neck pain, sensitive to loud noises, and always sleepy. What should I do?

I was snowboarding while wearing a helmet and landed on my neck and hit my head, I don't have ringing in my ears or nausea but my eyes are feeling very tired. I am not sure what it could be

When I go to sleep, I I have to prop myself up with pillows. When I lay straight down my head would be spinning. Is that part of concussion?

I also like to say that it is very important to talk to your doctor ASAP to ask for advice and give you directions to what you are at risk for. I now know things like being in a nursing home not once but multiple times at man in the 40s this is a hard time. i am home now but please let your friends and family members know what you think and know also many states have laws on head injury and tbi and driving. it also important that you know that once you have head injury it increases the risk of developing more problems . It like my dr said you loose 4 points per head injury but gain 2 points .

Hello my name is VeronicaRenee Bondoc & I have had to live with having T.B.I. since March 19, 2006.