Brain Injury Symptoms

TBI 101 Brain Injury Symptoms

Once someone receives a blow to the head, any number of signs can indicate a brain injury. It’s also possible that there may not be any obvious indication at first. But most brain injuries do reveal symptoms that help people diagnose and treat brain injury.

What are some signs and symptoms of brain injury?

A brain injury can affect a person physically and psychologically, and sometimes the symptoms don't appear immediately.

In milder injuries like concussions, the symptoms of brain injury may include:

A child may not be able to express their injury adequately, so brain injury symptoms of children might also include:

In the case of more significant injuries, symptoms may include the above, as well as:

Responding to brain injury symptoms

Unfortunately, it is often difficult to diagnose a mild brain injury since most times it’s “invisible.” Even well-educated healthcare professionals have a difficult time spotting the signs of a brain injury, which is why the most common advice always boils down to “get checked; better safe than sorry.” If there's a suspicion of a brain injury, it's best to report to the nearest emergency room.

Posted on BrainLine June 29, 2017.