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My husband left one afternoon for a workout on his bike ... and then everything changed.

My name is Rosemary Rawlins, and as caregivers for loved ones with TBI, we share a unique bond. Each of us lived through that defining moment when our lives flipped upside down. Along the way, we’ve struggled to help our loved ones heal, sometimes at the expense of our own physical and emotional health, sometimes feeling lost and alone.

Here, in this space, focusing on caregiver concerns, I’ll share insights garnered through my own experiences along with insights from other caregivers and family members. I hope to encourage you – the caregiver – to appreciate the significance of the work you do, to find meaning in the loving nature of your work, and to explore ways to take care of yourself. Because, after all, caregiving is the most important profession on earth!

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Read an excerpt from Rosemary’s book, Learning by Accident.

Watch “Relationships After TBI,” a video that focuses on what keeps some families together after a brain injury while others split apart. Produced by BrainLine and funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research through the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center, the video features Rosemary and her family as well as Dr. Jeffrey Kreutzer and Dr. Emilie Godwin who have been studying ways that families survive and grow stronger after a brain injury.

Learn more about Rosemary’s book and her Kindle single “Beneath the Armor: A Caregiver’s Story,” which is comprised of excerpts from Learning by Accident.

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Irritable Gratitude Syndrome

May 16, 2016

Irritable Gratitude Syndrome

If you are caregiving for a loved one with TBI are you tired of hearing, “Isn’t it a miracle he’s here? Think of all the blessings you have in your life!”

The Growing Season

April 18, 2016

The Growing Season

Caregiving can be an isolating and lonely job, and it seems to feel all the more lonely in the darkness and cold of winter. Stepping outside into the sunshine is a mood booster for everyone, caregivers and TBI survivors alike. The sun recharges us.

Words That Make a Difference

March 21, 2016

Words That Make a Difference

Why do some people keep striving while others give up and stop trying?


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