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BrainLine News — April 2014

Letter to My Child's Teachers and Administrators

"Please help him feel good about the child he is today, even if you remember who he was yesterday. At the end of the day, please remember that he is just a nine-year-old boy who has come through more than many of us can truly understand." Karen T.'s son, Timothy, has recently returned to school after sustaining a brain injury. She wrote this letter to the staff at Timothy's school and generously shared the letter with BrainLine to help other parents.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

There is a topic "so complicated and controversial that caregivers hesitate to talk about it in public….the decision-making process involved in reshaping the relationship with a partner or spouse who has been permanently changed by brain injury." Psychiatric nurse Janet Cromer writes about this challenging issue in the most recent issue of Brain Injury Journey magazine — in an article available on BrainLine.org.

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VIDEO: Lessons Learned as Parents of a College-Aged Son with TBI

Jonathan Duncan was a cheerleader and nursing student at Marquette University when he sustained a concussion. Jon's father, Bob, spoke to BrainLine about his son's injury and the lessons the entire Duncan family learned during Jon's treatment and recovery. "It's something you have to take very seriously," Bob said. "And I have to admit, we didn't. And now, looking back, I wish we had."

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