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BrainLine News — July 2014

Do You Believe in Miracles?

People often talk about miracles when it comes to recovery, especially those from traumatic brain injury. Maybe miracles do happen, or maybe they’re simply a combination of great hospital care, timing, love, and luck. But sometimes the universe leaves messages, whispers hints, and taps out fingers of light that convince at least a mother praying for her daughter’s life to believe in them. Read BrainLine’s original article “A Case of Miracles” about a mother, a daughter, a devastating car crash, and the “meaning of Sam.”

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Sports Legacy Institute’s 2014 Hit Count®Symposium

Advances in technology are allowing parents, medical professionals, and coaches to monitor the health and safety of athletes in new ways. A number of innovative companies have created sensor devices that can accurately monitor the acceleration of the head. Additionally, in 2014, the Sports Legacy Institute launched the Hit Count® Program to create a way to turn sensor data into actionable steps that will allow for sports to be played smarter and safer. Don’t miss this conference — to be held in Boston on Tuesday, July 15 for free via webcast — which will explore the current science on the effects of brain trauma, current research on brain trauma exposure in team sports at all ages, and more.

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Chicken Soup for the Soul: “The Broken Hat”

What does an old, furry trapper hat have to do with being the mom of a son with a TBI? Read “The Broken Hat,” one of the 101 essays from the new book Chicken Soup for the Soul: Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries. “Through Ryan, I have learned that brokenness is a matter of perception,” writes Kirsten Corrigan. “It is the amazing individual who can rise above his limitations and create a reality of completeness from that which would leave most of us permanently defeated. I am not saying that life with brain injury is easy. It is not, but we are passionate and deliberate in how we live it out. My son is anything but broken. He is as unique, beautiful, and as perfect as his hat.”

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