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Her Son Lived His Life as If His Hair Were on Fire

a caregiver's personal story

“I’d walk through the glass doors every day when Mark was in the ICU; well, I’d burst through like one of Charlie’s Angels. I’d sort of strut, breathing in the power of knowing that I was there to do my job, to do anything to help Mark get better.” 

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Infographic: New National TBI Numbers

updated stats from the CDC

Perhaps heightened awareness about traumatic brain injury is changing the numbers

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Understanding Acceptance and Attachment on a Yoga Mat

the latest from blogger Abby Maslin

"Grief is a multilayerd, complicated process, but there is such beauty in the exhalation of letting go."

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TBI & PTSD Information & Resources

For more information about TBI, please come visit us at BrainLine.org.

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