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Brain Injury X-Posed: The Survivor's View Laura Lorenz, Barbara Webster and eight members of the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts Framingham Support Group

Maybe there will be a good view
It's a muddy, rutty, hands-and-knees crawl up to the first rung of the ladder that begins to make some semblance of sense—and then you get to begin to really struggle. The climb does not and will not end. There is no final healed bone or mended tear of the skin to get over. Sometimes weekly, and sometimes daily there is a new step to attempt to get to your "new self". You can't even ever hope to get back to your "old self". Oh well! Maybe there will be a good view on this journey that I hadn't expected.........

(click on the above photo to view Brain Injury X-Posed: The Survivor's View)
Brain Injury X-Posed: The Survivor’s View

What does it feel like to live with a brain injury? What are the issues and concerns of survivors? How do they cope? Where do they find comfort, support, and hope?

Brain Injury X-Posed: The Survivor’s View is a photographic exhibit created by eight members of the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts Framingham support group. Each participant in the project took photographs and wrote personal narratives that reflect their experience living with brain injury. The exhibit was on display during March 2009 at the Massachusetts State House in Boston.

“Taking photos and talking about them helped to peel away the layers of issues and emotions like the layers of an onion,” says Barbara Webster, facilitator of the Framingham group, who also sustained a TBI.

The project was intended to provide an opportunity for support group members to: 

  • reflect on living with brain injury, their progress in dealing with this major life change, and moving on; 
  • use their brain in new ways and employ a variety of cognitive skills;
  • raise awareness about brain injury; and
  • help health providers understand ways to support healing from brain injury.

For the exhibit, participants grouped their photographs into nine themes:

The Journey

Lost Dreams




My Advocacy Story

Comfort and Support


Hope for the Future

Please click on any of the above themes to start viewing the exhibit.

"The exhibit is a moving glimpse of how individuals with brain injury deal with this major change and move on with life," said Laura Lorenz, Ph.D., Brandeis University, who brought this "PhotoVoice" project to the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts.

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Brain Injury X-Posed: The Survivor’s View

Photovoice Project Co-Facilitators
Laura Lorenz, PhD, MEd, Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University
Barbara Webster, Co-Founder, ‘Amazing’ Brain Injury Survivor Support Group, Framingham, MA
Laura Foley, Participant, Pilot Study ‘Facilitators and Barriers to Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury: Through the Lens of Photovoice’

Photovoice Project Participants included Chris R., Dave G., David S, Judy S., Kathleen D., Kathy D., Peggi R., and Scott D.

Brain Injury X-Posed: The Survivor’s View is a traveling exhibit to increase awareness and understanding of brain injury survivors’ challenges and strengths. Learn more by phoning the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts at 800-242-0030 or visit their website at

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