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A Case of Miracles
A Case of Miracles Libby Beemer talks about her daughter’s recovery from a devastating car wreck and the “meaning of Sam.”
The Broken Hat
The Broken Hat What does an old, furry trapper hat have to do with being the mom of a son with a TBI?
The Way I Walk
The Way I Walk As a young Cub Scout, the "Broken Arrow Boy" fell and an arrow in his hand punctured his brain. More than 50 surgeries later, Adam Moore lives a spiritual and artistic life.
Retired Soccer Stary Briana Scurry :
Retired Soccer Stary Briana Scurry : "My Brain Was Broken" Retired soccer star Briana Scurry talks about how all her successes started with her mind and her ability to overcome obstacles. After her injury, she felt lost, broken.

Sometimes the best way to learn or to feel understood is to hear from other people in similar situations. That’s why we have put together this collection of personal stories. Whether you are someone who has sustained a TBI, a fulltime caregiver, or a friend of a friend who is just learning about TBI for the first time, these stories can shed light on the complexities of brain injury … and the resiliency of the human spirit.

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