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Audrey Daisley, DClinPsych, CPsych BrainLine

Audrey Daisley, DClinPsych, CPsych
Audrey Daisley, DClinPsych, CPsych

Dr. Audrey Daisley is a consultant clinical neuropsychologist at the Oxford Centre for Enablement (an NHS post-acute brain injury rehabilitation service) which is part of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. She is the lead clinical psychologist for the unit’s family support service and is committed to supporting and improving outcomes for those affected by brain injury and their families.

Dr. Daisley has a particular interest in the issues facing children who have a relative with brain injury and in 1995 established the first NHS service to specifically support child relatives. As well as working clinically, Dr Daisley is actively involved in family focused research and regularly teaches and supervises a wide range of rehabilitation professionals in family related issues.

She is a member of the British Psychological Society and a full practitioner member of its Division of Neuropsychology. She is also a chartered clinical psychologist and a member of the UK Health Professions Council.

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