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“When bad things happen, we all dream of rewinding the tape. Every one of us would go back to the minute before the car skidded off the road, would make the appointment for the colonoscopy a year earlier, would stop ourselves from turning our backs for a second as our child was swimming or when the ladder holding Dad started to wobble. But we can’t, and so we do the only thing we can: we take those bad things and turn them into situations we can learn from,” writes Lee Woodruff, whose news anchor husband was severely injured in Iraq.

Causes of TBI
As Lee writes, if we had the power to prevent something like a brain injury, every one of us would do so in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, not all traumatic brain injuries are preventable, but there are many ways to reduce the possibility of sustaining one. Although many cases of TBI, especially mild cases, go unreported, the following numbers reflect the primary causes of TBI in the United States:

The necessary measures to prevent brain injury are often very simple. Here are some of the top ways to reduce the chances of TBI:

Just do it
It only takes a moment to click on a seat belt or snap on a bike helmet. That moment can make all the difference.

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