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Anosmia or Loss of Smell from Brain Injury

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Nathan Zasler, MD, FAAPM&R, FAADEP, DAAPM, CBIST, BrainLine

Anosmia or Loss of Smell from Brain Injury

My friend had a brain hemorrhage from a blow to the head 10 years ago and has completely lost his sense of smell. Apparently, the part of his brain that controls his sense of smell was permanently damaged.

Is it possible that even though the brain does not recognize or register any kind of smell, the effects of that smell still be experienced? For example, even though he can’t smell coffee or lavender, could he still get stimulating effects of the coffee aroma or the relaxation effects of the scent of lavender?


Smell loss following traumatic brain injury is often overlooked as doctors tend not bother to ask about or test for loss or change in smell — or taste for that matter. Many times, people with brain injury first report changes in taste when they lose or notice a change in their ability to smell. Typically, complete loss of smell — or what is called anosmia — will be quite noticeable to a person following a traumatic brain injury and may affect numerous aspects of their life. Unfortunately, there is no good treatment cure for post-traumatic anosmia. Typically, if a person doesn’t regain his ability to smell six months after the injury, the loss will likely be permanent.

Because of the complex mechanisms involved in olfaction — a person’s sense of smell — it’s difficult to determine the reason for the loss. Problems with smell loss can result from craniofacial trauma, specifically damage to nasal passage ways, shearing injury of the olfactory nerve, or injury to primary or secondary smell centers in the frontotemporal regions of the brain. There are also other non-traumatic causes for smell impairment including Alzheimer’s disease and smoking, to name just two. This is why it’s important for people with this type of problem to seek out appropriate evaluation by a doctor familiar with post-traumatic smell loss.

If your friend is truly anosmic, that is, he has totally lost his sense of smell, then he would probably not recognize or register any kind of smell since the olfactory nerve is responsible for scent recognition. Therefore, your friend would not benefit from smelling any substance. That said, we don’t have a lot of research on this. Some people have anecdotally described “blind smell” similar to blind sight (a phenomenon in which people who are perceptually blind in a certain area of their visual field demonstrate some response to visual stimuli), and it wouldn’t hurt for your friend to try and experiment with smells.


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Nathan D. Zasler, MD Nathan D. Zasler, MD, Nathan Zasler, MD is CEO and medical director for Concussion Care Centre of Virginia, Ltd. as well as CEO and medical director for Tree of Life Services, Inc.  He is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and fellowship trained in brain injury.

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Comments [151]

I was in a horse accident in 2008 that led to major brain injury and hospital time. I cracked the left side of my skull, with most of the internal brain injury on the right side of my brain. I had many side effects such as memory loss, inability to spell basic words correctly, awful headaches, anger, and loss of taste and smell. I remember that my taste and smell were nonexistent for a good 6 months, and the doctors told me that it would never return. A little after 6 months I started to regain some taste, but it wasn't correct from what I remembered. Anything tomato based tasted bitter and awful, artificial or actual fruit tasted rotten, pepsi tasted like bile. The list goes on. I remember thinking how cruel it was to get my taste back wrong, and no smell at all. I was so angry. But about a year after that I was hauling hay and got a wiff of it, and smelled the hay for the first time in over a year. Since then my taste and smell slowly returned to almost normal, with a few exceptions. My smell still goes away for brief periods of time, but has always returned. In the recent years though, I've realized that I get 1 specific phantom smell, which is so strange because I've only ever heard of phantom smells with complete loss of smell. And it's the worst! All I smell for at least a day is second hand cigarette smoke.
Anyways, all that aside, has anyone ever run into other issues that were caused during the same time as your brain injury that went undiagnosed? I recently went to a doctor for blood work and she mentioned that there is a part of the brain located near the parietal lobe that can be damaged at the same time, that effects things that present themselves like thyroid issues. Such as hair loss, fatigue, infertility, weight loss or gain. I can't remember what it was called though! Has anyone else experienced this??

Apr 25th, 2017 5:23pm

Hey all, 4 years after my TBI, my smelling is like 80% back more or less. Like most, hit my head very hard (April 2013) was in intense care, had to get the right side off my skull off for almost a month cuz of the brain swelling that was gonna take place). I wasn't able to smell coffee at all or perfume/deodorant or anything really. About a year+ i noticed i can KINDA smell some stuff, as time went by it kept improving. I asked one of the docs and she told me that there's these little connection in the head, that with the impact they can either tear off or get stretched/damaged. So if after a while u can KINDA smell, they might only be damaged and will come back with time :)

Apr 17th, 2017 6:07pm

I had a traumatic brain injury from falling 20ft onto my head in April 2009. That caused me to damage nerves in my brain. I lost my vision in my right eye and my smell and it caused me to have epilepsy. It took a while for me to get used to lose sight in my eye, but I have good vision in my left eye so it didn't bother me too much, I was more upset at losing my smell. I was told that my smell wouldn't come back if it hasn't come back within the first six months and it didn't so I just had to accept that and get used to it. I did still have some taste though so that was good, it was just a bit weaker. I'm saying was instead of is because my smell happened to come back seven years later in 2016. It was the best day of my life!!! My nose did pick and choose what it could and couldn't in the beginning, but after some time my sense of smell has become very good. It has made me appreciate smelling things so much. I am always smiling to myself when I can smell things, especially when I have smelt things for the first time that I haven't smelt since I lost it. So if anyone who is reading this has lost their smell from a head injury, then don't give up hope in ever getting it back completely, it could still come back after six months, it did for me anyway, so I'm sure it could for other people to.

Apr 7th, 2017 7:45am

Worst thing that happened to my life. 2 months till now since I hit my head and I can't smell a thing. It is a living hell to wake up everyday and can't smell a thing. I would rather die and not live like this the rest of my life. What an unhappy low quality life due to this stupid Anosmia.

Apr 1st, 2017 7:09am

About 3 1/2 months ago I apparently fainted while shopping, fell, cracked my skull/concussion and woke up in the hospital 12 hours later.  After they let me out of the hospital 3 days later I realized I had lost my sense of smell.  I can still taste OK but it's definitely "not the same" without the scent aspect.   

I've not really researched this until now because I've been waiting for this to get better over time.  Sometimes I can very faintly smell things, but I wonder if it's just an associated/remembered faux sense, instead of reality.   But I do know I did smell the very harsh chemicals I was using doing some cleaning in a somewhat closed space a few weeks ago.  But overall, I can't smell anything.  And that's not a totally bad thing, as a lot of smells bugged the heck out of me (tobacco smoke and strong perfume/cologne are the main ones) but I find myself wishing I could smell the herbs, spices, and peppers I put in/on the foods I eat. 

My hearing was also impacted by this injury, and that DID get better over time.  I was hoping the same for my nose... but reading some of the stories here I suspect I've lost it for good.  

Mar 31st, 2017 11:21pm

I completely lost my sense of smell 18 years ago due to brain damage. I m 47 now and I ve come to realize that despite our invisible disability, we can still move forward.. Take that extra shower if it makes you feel better.. We think we must smell bad but in reality we probably don t.. If you drink sugarless coffee try putting a spoonful in it.. you will notice the difference. Vice versa if you have a sweet tooth try doing without.. you may wince! Try loving foods for their texture not their taste. Mashed potato and squid work for me. Spicy foods we can feel so eat eat eat. They say they can embellish our serotonin levels and lord knows we need a bit of happiness. Please don t get too despondent. It s about adapting and reacting to our situation. It aint easy but it s possible to live with this. In solidarity Hilary xxx Stay strong

Mar 31st, 2017 8:13pm

After a brain injury through a motor bike accident, I lost my taste and smell 34 years ago. So there are sad things that go with that. I had a third child, I have never smelled him. I already had two daughters, who were 18 and 16 when my son was born, consequently they have given me grandchildren, also I haven't smelled them! but I could see them. At first I wouldn't have flowers in the house because I couldn't smell them. After several years I started to get them again to see the beauty of them. On the taste side of things, I can tell the difference between sweet and savory. I don't tend to eat things that I didn't use to like! I have to have sugar in my tea because it makes it smoother. The texture of food is also very important as is the presentation.

Mar 22nd, 2017 6:02pm

I cannot believe I am not the only one! So glad I found this site. Ok...my story...I fell from our pool ladder (about 6 feet or so?) 3 and a 1/2 years ago, hitting the back of my head on concrete. A few weeks after the fall, I noticed that my smell and taste were pretty much gone. At first, I thought it was because I'd had a bad case of the flu, but now, I believe it had something to do with the fall. I smell things, but they all smell the same...terrible, kind of like burning pine cones (for lack of anything else to describe it). My taste is gone also, or not really gone, but everything tastes the same, again terrible. Some things "taste" better than others. For instance, chocolate has a strong taste (not good) where something like green beans taste like everything else, but not strong, but yet the same "flavor," which is basically what I smell. Does that make sense?  It's weird and I don't know how else to describe it. As for eating, I am overweight and actually thought that the "no taste" thing would be a good thing in helping me with weight. It has not. I find that I eat almost anything just "hoping" that it will taste the way it used to. It's very frustrating! Also, cooking has become a problem.  My husband says that my cooking has become "bland." It is hard to cook when you can't taste what is missing! I miss smells also. I would love to be able to "smell" my newborn grandson. Smells make memories and that was so important to me. 

Sometimes I think I can taste or smell something briefly, but now I am beginning to think they are phantom smells and tastes and not real. 

My daughter saw a video on YouTube where someone had the same symptoms I have and they went to a Chiropractor. The doctor was able to help. I have never been to one and am anxious about trying it. Has anyone ever heard of a Chiropractor being able to help with this problem? 

It is very depressing! Is there nothing that can be done? I even had an MRI last summer to see if anything else was going on. According to the MRI, everything was normal.

Are there other groups for this?

Mar 19th, 2017 3:38pm

A month back I blacked out at my kitchen and fell down on the marble tile hitting my head and having a concussion where I stayed in the hospital for a week, I had 10 stitches at the back of my head, I have lost my sense of smell and taste since then, I can only taste basics in the tongue (sweet, sour, salt, spicy), this has been very depressing to me and doctors don't seem to know much about it here and all they say is wait few months, I would like to hear from others if it is possible to regain my sense of smell back ??

Mar 12th, 2017 9:03am

To: "I'm 16 and I recently got into a car accident with my mother..."

My mom had a car accident last November and was in coma for one week. She had multiple hematoma in her brain, her spine was broken in four different points and had to undergo a 5 hours operation to fix it. She is very lucky that she could recover very well, but her sense of smell is probably gone forever. All in all a small thing if you think about all the possible consequences she could have had. I'm telling you this just to say that things can always be worse, your mom is alive, healthy and she has a good son/daughter who cares for her. This is what really makes moms happy. Don't be too hard on yourself, everyone makes mistakes. Take care M

Mar 8th, 2017 11:56am

I was very physical, remodeled/restored houses, construction, landscaping, lots of volunteer work, etc. I had severe TBI due to passing out from flu and fracturing my occipital bone, subdural hematoma, subarchroid hematoma, temporal lobe tissue scarring, frontal lobe scarring, etc. Completely lost my ability to smell. I love to cook, love working outside, perfume, etc. It's greatly missed but I am thrilled to be alive since my chances of death were near. I have other issues with TBI, dizziness, room spins, headaches, balance, gait, weakness, chills, wheelchair bound I get to be with my husband and my 20 year old daughter. Always been an optimist and know I may never recover to my previous life. At least I am alive. Opportunity is what you make of it and I plan on still contributing somehow.

Feb 25th, 2017 12:40am

In response to the post made January 7th by the gal that got into the accident with her mom in the car.  Don't blame yourself for things.  Please remember that things could have been much worse.  Be joyful and happy that you have your mother to share your lives together.  And you can help her along the way.  I suffered a TBI in a motor vehicle accident 6 years ago and have no sense of smell/taste....but I am alive and I know it could have been worse.  I treasure each and every day, and hold on closely to friends and family.  Please don't beat yourself up, the outside world will try to do that.  Take pride in yourself and your mom.

Feb 21st, 2017 7:44pm

"I'm 16 and I recently got into a car accident with my mother. My mother hit the back of her head on the sidewalk and she hasn't been able to smell or taste since then. I was driving so this is all my fault."

I also lost my sense of smell and taste six months ago, after I fractured my skull falling down a flight of stairs. I can honestly say that after a period of adjustment, it really isn't affecting my quality of life much at all and if your mother has forgiven you, there's no need to be so hard on yourself. Accidents happen, and I feel lucky that this was the worst that came of it. Of course I'd like regain the sense of smell and taste, and I will be seeing a ENT specialist in a few weeks to see if there is anything that can be done, but I've accepted it isn't likely and I'm okay with that. Also your mum isn't trying to make you feel bad when she gets you to taste or smell things during cooking, I do the same thing as I try to re-work out what is what with the very limited sense I still have, and if anything it's kind of fun, it turns every new meal into a new experience again. 

Feb 14th, 2017 2:44am

This has been with me for twelve years now, and IMO I think I still have gauze from my original bleeding following a motorcycle wreck. No helmet, at an estimated 70 mph based on the skid marks at the scene. I have amnesia about the entire ride. 

I was brushed off and sent out the door ASAP after I got to the hospital. I'm told I was out for about 3 days. There was a terrible looking scar across the back of the crown of my head. 38 staples. I could smell in the hospital. I could smell the burn cream I had to put on my road-rash. 

I started developing headaches and I had no recourse for physical therapy - two busted legs. I've crawled through the hell of recovery, but still a decade plus later I'm having phantom smells, sometimes bad tastes in my mouth, but rarely, once in a blue moon, I'll smell something real. 

The first time that happened was about ten years ago. Walked into a roommate's puff of smoke and could totally smell it. Of course, as I'm writing this, I also smell it. 

Anyway, it's nice to see how many other people are going through this with me. Here's hoping we all get our smell back again. 

Feb 7th, 2017 7:45pm

When I was 4 I hit my head and loss my smell. Since I was so young I do not remember the smell of anything. I taste just fine I think but I guess you never know if the taste would be a lot better if I could smell. For the parents worrying about their children who can not smell... They will be okay. It does suck that I can't smell gas or smoke/fire but there are gas detectors that can be put in and smoke detectors as well. I have gotten used to not smelling because it is all that I know. It does suck sometimes because I'D love to be able to smell flowers/perfume/food but it is also awesome to not smell the bad things in life. I have two kids and so changing their diapers was just fine for me lol :) We are alive so we should be thankful for that. For those of you who can not taste as well I am so sorry that must really suck :( I hope they can find a way to get it back for you so u can enjoy that simple pleasure. 

Feb 1st, 2017 10:34am

This is for the 16 yr old girl. I read your post and it breaks my heart that you feel it's your fault with what happened to your mom. It's not your fault. Trust me when I tell you this. If it's one thing that I have learned in my life is that there is a reason for things that happen to us. I have seen it in my life and others. We may not understand it now but in time you may. I fell on some black ice 2 wks ago. I have a fractured skull along with a brain bleed. I've lost my smell and taste which my neurosurgeon says will never come back along with horrible dizziness. At first I blam med myself and then questioned why me. I know now why. I have a special needs son with epilepsy, and an older son. They don't see each other much. My oldest never knew how hard its been for me. I've been praying for some time that they would get to know each other again because when i die his brother will have him. Since the fall they have been together getting along. My son has found out how stressful it is to care for his brother. It took the fall to have my prayers answered. I'm sorry for all of my story but I wanted to share this with you. There is a reason for everything really.

Jan 26th, 2017 3:06pm

To the person who told about the car accident he and his mother had. I am the person who lost her sense in July. I was on my bike, while pregnant, and someone made a terrible mistake in traffic. 

I also loved to cook. Don't feel guilty! It's terrible for your mother but mistakes are there all the time. Unfortunately in your mums and my case the human body in general isn't strong enough and the olfactory nerve fibres shear off. It's unfortunate that your mother has to adjust her life. And although I hate it too, I know I will be as happy as before just doing other stuff. There is soo much out there to enjoy.

Jan 23rd, 2017 2:42am

I had an accident in 2006 and lost the ability to smell completely. I took the medication for one year with no result. After stopping the medicines after one and half years I gradually regained my ability to smell. Now I can smell different things but perfumes are a big problem. I can't recognize them but I smell them. Another disaster is that I can smell the body odor of others very clearly. My concern over food has increased because most of the dishes I used to like are not favorable for me now. Now I like less spicy, less hot dishes but I enjoy them very much. One thing more, I can't smell cooking gas and I fear a lot about that. I wish someday I will get back what I lost.

Jan 10th, 2017 3:31pm

Oh my goodness, I have this horrible taste in my mouth because I smell a stronger phantom odor in my nose so potent that I feel sick all day. I so wish it would go away. Since my truck accident in 2013 DX TBI I can't smell. I think at one time, in therapy I could smell this awful camp fire wood burning smell very strong for weeks night and day, then it just went away. Now I get this perfume smell that comes and goes, makes me ill. Does anyone else get this? Boy this accident has messed me up. grr!

Jan 9th, 2017 4:20pm

I blacked out 6 days ago, falling backwards on to our ceramic tile floor. Fractured occipital skull and concussion. I have lost all smell and taste capabilities, and have bright light flashes to the left of my left eye. Hoping to see my neurologist this week, as he was NOT the attending that treated me in the E.D. when I fell. (He has been my spinal surgeon for 3 years, and also specializes in brain issues. I trust him.) I'm a retired Medic, and had never heard of anosmia or loss of taste, post head trauma. How long have you had it?

Jan 8th, 2017 1:01pm

I'm 16 and I recently got into a car accident with my mother. My mother hit the back of her head on the sidewalk and she hasn't been able to smell or taste since then. It's been 5 months and I'm scared it's permanent. I was driving so this is all my fault. I feel awful everyday as she brings up small things like "can you smell this or taste this for me". I ruined my mothers life. She only gets to live half of it now since she loved cooking and everything like that. I don't know why I wasn't injured at all. I deserve some sort of punishment! Maybe this is it, I watch my mom suffer for what I've done. I don't know how to cope with any of this as I'm the reason why she can't smell or taste. She forgives me but I can never forgive myself. If anyone has any advice or just wants to say something to help, please do. I check this everyday so I'll be patient.

Jan 7th, 2017 12:26am

I had a 15 minute seizure and fell from a standing position and hit concrete. Cracked my skull. major brain trauma to the cerebellum part of my brain. There was a 3 inch crack in my skull and the hospital should have put a plate in my skull but did not do it. Then a piece of my skull broke off and went into the frontal lobe of my brain and as a result I too lost my smell and taste. It has been 9 months and they said I would never get it back. People just understand how bad it is and how depressing it is to not be able to smell flowers or taste good food. I would love to be able to talk to someone else who is experiencing and going through the same thing that I am. God bless anyone else that is going through this. Like the old saying says, "you don't know what you got until it is gone."

Jan 4th, 2017 3:00pm

I slipped and fell hitting the back of my skull so hard that it broke the eye sockets! I spent 3 days in ICU. They wouldn't let me eat or drink for two days because I may have needed surgery. I remember saying to myself that the food had no taste. I got home and realized the food at home was bland too, so I called the nurse and she told me it was most likely anosmia. No treatment, no cure. I lost my will to eat! I would take a couple bites and get angry that I could not taste the food. While I can still "sense" spicy, sweet, salty, I can't smell. The up side is water and air smell and taste the same, and that I have lost 13 pounds in three weeks! Don't try it at home, I would grab a hammer and go to town if I could get my smell to return! My jokes about myself is the only way to cope, no offense offered.

Jan 3rd, 2017 11:52pm

Hi there, two years ago I was putting some stuff away under the sink in my bathroom I stood up and blacked out and fell backwards fracturing the back of my skull. I vaguely remember waking up at some point of time sweating profusely then passed out again. When I came to again I was in my bed in which I don't remember getting off the floor at all. I got out of bed walked around the corner to see a stranger sitting on the couch. She asked if I was okay and I replied who are you, where am I, who am I? I then passed out again. The stranger turned out to be my wife. She then got me to the emergency dept and I woke up five days later in intensive care from a drug induced coma. Days later I realised I didn't have smell or taste. I get the phantom smell every now and then so strong it makes me vomit. The smell is the smell of the smoke that comes off matches when you first strike it. I would like to know if anyone has this dilemma of always feeling hungry even when you have just eaten a huge meal. I was told because my brain doesn't register smell or taste it doesn't register eating therefore telling me I'm hungry. I was diagnosed with depression but have refused to take any antidepressants prescribed because I just don't want to go down that road. I always had a good memory but now I find large chunks of memories have been erased like my 21st birthday party. Its frustrating but life goes on. I'm alive and thankful for that. 😊

Dec 6th, 2016 9:41am

I lost my sense of smell (and taste) in an accident about four months ago (slightly fractured skull, heavy concussion and some bleeding). I was also 33 weeks pregnant. Everything healed and have a beautiful baby girl. But smell and taste....Occasionaly have some phantom smells. Apples give me a soapy taste in the mouth. Stuff with a lot of sugar give me metallic tastes in the mouth. I am still hoping for some recovery. Smells I don't really miss (perfume, cleaning detergent). But smells and tastes of food and drinks I do miss. I still enjoy food, but I am sad that the taste is so weak compared to when I could smell. I like fruits, yoghurt, cereal, spicy food, pizza and burgers. Smoked salmon. Tomatoes.Goat cheese. Sushi.  But I want to enjoy everything again! I am so happy to read stories of people who's sense came back after a year or ever longer...

Nov 30th, 2016 9:08am

I lost my sense of smell after falling off a horse at the age of 10. I had a concussion. I didn't know it at the time that my sense of smell was gone. It was in 1974. I remember telling my friends I couldn't smell after that. I had a MRI at the age of twenty that confirmed the injury to that part of my brain. I suffer from depression and have always had a hard time concentrating. Losing your sense of smell takes a lot of pleasant things away. Like all the good memories it could trigger. Also I don't get excited about a lot of things people with smell do. The smell of foods baking or flowers and perfumes. The good thing is I can maintain a good weight because I'm not tempted by the smells of certain foods. It has effected my sense of taste.

Nov 18th, 2016 8:17pm

Hi I'm Jake,

I haven't been able to smell since 1997 TBI Skateboard accident. Looking for solutions not sob stories. How do we fix it? How do we regenerate nerves?. 

Nov 5th, 2016 3:42pm

interesting to read the amount of people with anosmia.  I had elective surgery for cancer, which resulted in the removal of my olfactory nerves.  And with it my sense of smell.  Its been about a year, and every so often i have those phantom smells.  Pretty much always the same one.  I'm lucky in that its partially sweet in odor.  Really sucks not being able to smell, and you don't truly miss something until its gone for good.  I find that i can now cut onions at will, and i have no fears of using public restrooms.  But the loss in taste really isn't cool.  Though in some ways i'm rediscovering foods that i didn't like previously, since my taste has changed.  I also find that i fear left overs, maybe more so than fire.  with left overs, i never know if something is bad so i tend not to eat them ever.  Thank you for sharing your information, it was enlightening to see the different experiences of so many.  Best of luck to everyone as they learn to live with anosmia.

Nov 1st, 2016 5:30pm

I had a head injury in December 2015 it's now September 2016 and I lost my sense of smell and taste. Is there anything that I can do to regain my senses back?

Sep 2nd, 2016 9:51am

Hello. I suffered a fractured skull, concussion and subdural hematoma after having a seizure and falling off a fork lift and landing on a concrete floor at work. I was unconscious for a few hours and awoke in a hospital bed. The accident occurred on June 15 of this year. Two months later, I still have complete anosmia. I have noticed only a slight difference in my taste. I hope that it is not permanent but, I have accepted it and feel fortunate that the injuries were not worse!

Aug 17th, 2016 11:00pm

My bf was in a severe car accident in 2013 and luckily we both survived but he unfortunately suffered a tbi and has now fully recovered. He noticed very quickly during recovery that his taste and smell was not good and his taste did come back with time but smell did not. Sometimes he can tell an odor is strong like cleaning products, bleach, etc but if I held up lemons he couldn't tell me what the scent is. He used to be a police officer and wants to go back but it worries me they won't let him if they know, or is this discrimination? Out of all the doctors you all have seen has anyone said any kind of treatment? I am curious and as a nurse I don't really think there is since its nerve related but I'm just curious. Nice to see he isn't alone

Jun 27th, 2016 9:57pm

Hi, i wonder if anybody has got any advice for me, i haven't been able to taste or smell anything for 7 weeks, it all happened after a had an endoscopy the day after i came down with a really bad case of sinusitis followed by a chest infection, has anybody else had a similar experience, i know mine isn't due to an head injury but as u can imagine its quit stressful not been able to enjoy something so simple in life like the smell of flowers or your favorite chocolate bar, everything's so bland, the drs i've seen have treated me we antifungal medicine as they thought i had oral thrush which is no longer the case and has now after all these weeks referred me to see ent, which i haven't got an appointment for 6 weeks, i duno how else to cope its making me very anxious n depressed. Please if anybody has any advice its very welcome. Thanks

Jun 27th, 2016 3:17pm

I have this also! Through a sheared olfactory nerve from a bang on the head. Then i hear on the news olfactory nerves grow back and im like 'what!?' Makes no sense to me. Strange thing is no smell equals a very limited taste palette. Strangely i cant remember the sensation of smelling. Funnily though i sometimes do get a sensation up my nostrils 2 or 3 times a year that always seems to trigger a thought of a burnt match. Its all a very confusing malarkey!

Jun 21st, 2016 8:48pm

Lost my sense of smell and taste due to slipping in bathtub.

Hit the right side of my head. That was a year ago this month. Doc said may come back, may not. I'm betting it won't. Just have to learn to live with it.

Jun 15th, 2016 6:55pm

Hey My son had an accident he was 3 nearly 4, may 2014, he had a depressed skull fracture, Bassline skull fracture, nose and orbit roof fractured, and frontal lobe damage. We noticed his sense of smell had gone august 2014, he can't smell a thing. He can taste but not smell, I'm so sad for him that I know it will never come back, how do you guys go about day to day with out sense of smell? I'm worrying for when he's older about him living on his own! I know it's a fair way off xx

Jun 9th, 2016 6:56am

I'm so glad I'm not alone. I was in a vehicle collision two months ago and had whiplash, a concussion, and other injuries. (5th whiplash in 5 years, 2nd concussion in 3 years. Eight not-at fault vehicle collisions in 5 years.) As the weeks went on after this most recent collision, I realized I couldn't smell my vanilla body spray, coffee, or the smell of bacon cooking. And then I realized I couldn't smell anything at all. There was one exception--a pizza delivery guy was walking past me with a huge bag of hot pizza, and all I could smell was the faint scent of dry dog food. Disgusting. As far as taste goes, I can only tell if something is sour, sweet, or spicy, but I can't tell what kind of food it is since there is no flavour. When I eat jalapeños, I feel a sting in my mouth but no flavour. When I brush my teeth, I feel a tingle in my mouth but no taste. Drinking coffee is like drinking hot water. I hate it. I'm trying to compensate by using fresh herbs and colourful veggies, and just generally trying to make food look a bit like art so that I can get at least some enjoyment out of it. The other day, I had to ask my maintenance man if the raw meat I had sitting in my freezer for a while was still good since I couldn't smell it. I feel awkward if I'm a guest at someone's house for dinner. I don't know what to say because I can't say the food tastes great, because I really can't taste it at all. Can anyone who has had whiplash or a concussion relate? As much as I would like to fix this, I don't know how. I am going to be grateful that since food is no longer interesting, I will be dropping some extra weight. I will finally be able to quit drinking coffee. I will buy meat and cook it while it is fresh then freeze it in single servings so I won't have to worry about it going bad. I will only buy exactly the food I need for a week and use it up right away. I will skip going out to eat and save money, since there's no more attraction to do that if I can't taste the food anyway. Since the concussion, I never leave home without ear plugs and sunglasses, a notepad and a day planner. I wish there was a how-to formula on how to fix these things or a time frame for how long it takes to recover from a concussion. If anyone can direct me to a "helpful things that you can do or tools to get to compensate for a brain that is not working properly" forum or website, I would be so grateful. Thank you!

May 25th, 2016 7:59pm

Crazy!!!! I have the same problem I was in induced coma for 30 days, thanks to God and my mother in heaven and prayer chains in my honor I'm alive. But I owned a restaurant at the time and I would walk in the kitchen, one of my cooks put a sauce in front of my face.. He then asked me "does this smell bad " I replied naww I don't smell anything.. Then my brother walked in, I mentioned to him. I don't think I smell anything. He replies.. " oh yea I forgot they said you would loose your sense of smell or taste.. 💣 ... It's been since 2008 ... I get this feelings I can smell stuff randomly as well!!!!' What's really bad is sometimes they've left the burner knob turned on our stove and I can't tell or a bad gas leak on my vehicle.. Those are my fears... "Everyone who finds out .... First stupid question is always" (if I fart you won't know)

May 14th, 2016 12:00pm

To the woman who posted in 2015 that she feels like she smells random odors even though she has anosmia, I have the same thing.

I lost my sense of smell about 15 years ago from a blow to the back of the head and I was concussed.  I didn't realize it until a few months later when I was clipping lilacs and couldn't smell them.  My MRI showed that my olfactory nerve was fried and the doc said if my smell didn't come back in a couple months then it probably wouldn't ever.

Well, I have those random 'smells' too and have for years.  I call them 'hallucini-sniffs' because most of them don't have a localized cause so I think my brain is just randomly throwing smell memories at me.

I'm wondering if anyone on here has other cognitive issues post-trauma?  I've started to notice some odd things like saying random words that aren't related to the conversation I'm having and not having any recollection of it, almost like turrets and I wonder if there is a correlation from the head trauma.

May 7th, 2016 11:01pm

I fell down a flight of stairs and had bleeding on the brain and had to have emergency surgery. As soon as I woke up from the accident and the surgery was complete I had no sense of taste or smell. The accident happened in August of 2015. After a few months I started to have weird sensation of tastes and smells. Everything is starting to taste like something now, but not what it is supposed to taste like. It's very hard to explain but I hope that is a sign of the nerves repairing themselves. Has anyone experienced this? So hard to find someone to talk to about this. Thanks for your help!!

May 5th, 2016 11:14am

I had brain surgery February 29 I loss my sense of smell can't smell anything. Loss my taste of food but I have one smell in my nose on and off more on than off smells like a chemical drives me crazy and makes me feel dizzy I have to breath though my mouth to get a break from it weird how can I smell something if I can't smell noting confused

May 2nd, 2016 11:40pm

Like another poster below, I lost my sense of smell from a horse accident, in 1981.

I too, can taste things just fine but smell absolutely *nothing*.

My "neurologist" was furious when I told him I could taste food just fine.

My family blew it off and often makes thoughtless comments lke "Oh, skunk! You're lucky you can't smell!"

In the years that have passed, I have acquired crippling phobias, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and my life is a living hell.

Since I can not tell if something I'm near is 'dangerous' to me, I have come to assume ~everything~ is.

Life is so far beyond miserable, I have no words to describe it.

I cannot take care of myself.

I need someone to always check and recheck whatever I eat, drink, get near, etc.

Their efforts to comfort me no longer work.

I always think that just because a smell/chemical/etc won't hurt *them*, it might somehow still hurt me.

This anosmia has utterly devastated my life.

I was a very smart young woman, talented and expected to do big things.

Instead, I am a housewife, trapped in my own prison, terrified every time I go outside.

I do not work, due to fear of coming into contact with those "dangerous things" I can no longer smell.

I am a worthless creature, contributing nothing, cringing in fear, instead.

*Everything* is visually examined to the point that it takes me forever just to eat or drink anything.

If I see something "off", I freak out.

It has given me a bizarre form of "bulimia", kind of.

No, I don't eat and throw up; I throw up on an empty stomach if I even *think* I may have breathed in anything 'scary', got too near something toxic or accidentally swallowed something 'bad'.

~That~ side-effect is killing me.

I cannot help it.

The fear of swallowing anything toxic is crippling.

God, I would give anything to be able to smell again.

It has destroyed me.

All of your stories break my heart.

I know how you suffer.


Apr 18th, 2016 7:00am

I lost my sense of smell after being thrown off the front of a truck backwards and hitting the back of my head on the ground. It was gone for a solid 5 years and then I noticed that it started to come back and now, 10 years later, it's I'd say at 90% depending on the weather

Apr 17th, 2016 11:46am

I have a traumatic brain injury from a motorcycle accident in 2012 and I've basically lost my sense of smell but it seems to be a multiple level issue. Sometimes I can smell usually it comes at around 3am when I have to go to the bathroom and I am able to smell the bathroom. And on occasion I can kinda smell other stuff though most of the time I can't smell anything

Apr 15th, 2016 1:39pm

i fell off a 4 wheeler 3 weeks ago, hit the back of my head  hard on the pavement lost  consciousness and was in the hospital two days, after i couldnt smell and my taste was at 20%, i can taste sweet, sour, but greatly diminished, i tried the home remedy of warm castor oil in the nostrils with head hanging from bed and i was able to smell bengay ointment slightly today, it is working! i will keep you posted but will also try  the chiropractor methods and acupuncture  as soon as i can, def recommend the castor oil remedy,

Apr 13th, 2016 12:13pm

August 19, 2009... Haven't smelled a thing since. My taste is fine although for the first month or so after the injury it was gone too. It's sad, I miss it but I've accepted that it's never coming back so what the hell, hey? C'est la vie

Apr 4th, 2016 11:28pm

I'm coming up on 1 year since I hit my head. Haven't been able to smell or taste since. I hit the back left side of my head. I've had an MRI and everything is fine except that I can't smell or taste, and it looks like it will never come back. I do actually smell one scent and it never changes and when something has a strong smell, that ONE scent becomes stronger, and I can't describe what that one scent is, but at least it's not a bad scent. Like others I can recognize sweet,sour,salty, and bitter and I think I have smelled things for a split second, like a cigarette once, and 2 times I think I tasted Dr. Pepper for a split second. It's actually pretty scary, but theres nothing I can do about it, so I deal with it. I'm just thankful that I lost the 2 least important of the 5 senses. I still have my sight, hearing, and touch.

Mar 27th, 2016 11:58pm

I fell backward during a tennis game, fracture my  scalp and bled. Was in hospital for 10 days. My taste was fine while in the hospital, I can taste stinky pureed fish, caramel pudding, beef barley soup. But after I come home, I lost my sense of smell and taste. Can't even smell garlic. Can one lost the sense of taste and smell later 2 weeks after the brain injury?

Feb 25th, 2016 10:27pm

I've suffered 3 rear-end collisions in the last 5 years, due to drivers texting or talking on their cell phones. My sense of smell was affected by all three accidents. After the second accident, I couldn't smell very well, only smells that are very strong. After each accident, I smell things that are not present; burnt taco shell smell after first accident and a musky smell after the third accident, especially when I am stressed. Doctors would merely shrug their shoulders when I complained about my inability to smell after the accidents. The insurance company with whom I'm trying to settle has humiliated me; opposing counsel's attorney insinuates that I am not injured (her client was traveling 55 mph when they hit me). I'm 56 years old and never filed an insurance claim for an injury, before the first rear-end accident when I was 50--if I was some low-life, trying to collect insurance money, I think I would have started this practice years ago. I truly feel sad for folks who suffer with the debilitating affects of an inability to smell and to constantly smell something that isn't present.

Feb 20th, 2016 11:51am

I lost my sense of smell when I was 16 (hit by car) 28 years ago. it can be frustrating but as in my case it has never returned and it will not now. You do get used to it over time, the worse part eventually is friends and family asking you to smell things, forgetting you can't. It seriously impairs your taste and you find yourself giving compliments on the food your eating (even though it tastes bland) I will say I saw some healers on TV once, healing people with the same condition and claimed to bring it back! I say it's best to just accept it.

Feb 4th, 2016 1:38am

I lost my smell 31 years ago after falling off of a horse.The back left side of my head hit the ground and I ended up in the hospital for 8 days. The doctors do not seem to believe me that I can taste but not smell. It has been very frustrating because I consider smell as important as sight . I fear fire a lot and have had nightmares of the house being on fire because of it.

There seems to be some hope. I can smell coffee from time to time, and I smell the cat poop for the first time since age 15. Other than that I have had to do without for some time  Hopefully the medical field will give us more attention.

Jan 20th, 2016 11:31pm

I had lost my sense of smell from a skull fracture when I was 5.  Two years ago (when I was 42) I was swooped by a nesting bird and it hit me behind my right ear and it really hurt.  It was only when I started mowing the lawn that afternoon that I realised I could smell the cut grass!  It has been nice to smell things that remind me of my childhood as it had been a really long time.  Kim B, Townsville,  Australia

Jan 13th, 2016 11:26pm

8 years ago I had a head injury which resulted in the loss of smell, occasionally I do sense rather that smell strong odours such as burning or acrid smells.  I am sad that it now appears the loss is permanent I do miss the perfumes in my garden I still wear scent which previously gave me great pleasure. But have become resigned to the loss.

Jan 2nd, 2016 10:20am

yes i lost my smell august of 2014 and I smell a phantom smell but it smells like burning or something burnt when it does happen

Dec 30th, 2015 8:32pm

I had a fluke fainting episode in November of 2013. I feel backwards and struck the back of my head on the tile floor. I woke up not knowing what had happened and was in severe pain. I went in the next day to the ER and found out I had suffered a skull fracture and concussion. No bleeding or hemorrhage was found but I was in severe pain for weeks. I remember the first day I was able to think clearly that I not only could not taste anything but also that I could not smell anything. I started researching it immediately realizing it had to be due to my head injury. Doctors that I ask have no idea and almost seem perplexed when I ask about it and if it will come back. They almost act as though it's very rare and never heard of it. It's been 2 years and a month ( to the day) and I can taste mildly but have zero sense of smell. It is so frustrating. I used to love smelling everything from my perfume to lavender, fires at the cabin, fresh rain, baking cookies, my girls hair, my husband, everything that I loved to smell! It's very sad but I also can feel very thankful that I have my memory, health,mobility and life. That is a lot to be grateful for and I am still hopeful for my sense of smell to heal and return.

Dec 29th, 2015 11:10pm

I am so sorry for those of us that have lost our sense of smell. The only thing that my neurologist can tell me is that when my head impacted the asphalt, the thousands of nerves between my brain and nasal passage have been severed. This part of the brain will not heal, from what I am told. It has been a month and the irritability and short tempered attitude are beginning to reveal themselves. The depression is starting to kick in. I miss the smell of my wife's perfume, hair and several things throughout my life. All I sense is this constant phantom smell of an unfamiliar odor. Never had smelled this before, so not sure what it is, it's very hard to describe other than 'organic fleshy'. Anyone else?

Dec 17th, 2015 9:32pm

i wrote on this blog a few months back & had a very small sense of recovery. i injured myself in the summer of 2014 due to a golf cart accident. I instantly lost my sense of smell and could not smell anything at all. Not even garlic. It was been over a year ( which doctors say after a year you have no hope) but.... the other day i smelled vanilla. today I put Irish cream coffee creamer in my coffee and i smelled it. And two days ago i was able to taste sourdough bread. I am just writing to let you all know that recovery is still possible after a year. I did entirely was to much reading about anosmia. The brain cells do regenrate. We just have to be patient. i dont know if any of the fallowing we actually a part of why i am improving, but ill going to share anyway incase it is.... if you want to try....

i take zinc whenever i can

i take vitamin b12 when i can

and when i work out, my senses are stronger.

Dec 17th, 2015 1:11pm

To the journeyman iron worker, I lost my sense of smell in 2000 at the age of 17. I developed a terrible temper, I was impulsive, and I had to work hard to reprogram myself. I honestly woke up from a coma a completely different person. It has been just over 15 years and many people I know have never seen me angry, to the point of being made fun of at work because I never get mad. Keep your head up, I am a metal fabricator and when you feel your leg getting warm it means you're on fire! Having no sense of smell sucks, but on the other hand, I am still breathing, that's alot to say after falling out of a pickup truck!

Dec 7th, 2015 9:51pm

This July I had an accident while longboarding with my boyfriend. I don't remember anything of that day before waking up in the hospital. I suffered a coup contra coup, essentially my brain pinballing against the inside of my skull when my head struck the pavement. They had me in the stroke ward for ten days. I realized about five days in I couldn't smell anything, but could still taste. After a two or so months, I would catch some scents,and joke that my nose is operating at 20% or such. Then I started getting phantom smells, not pleasant, but vaguely rotting and chemical. They've gotten worse in the past month or so, to the point where I'm unable to eat, as its effecting my taste now too. I'm almost wishing I had just stayed at smelling nothing. I've been told that this is perhaps my smell returning to normal as my brain heals, and I hope that's the case. It comes and goes, but seems to come more and more often. I'm terrified I'll end up in the hospital again.

Dec 1st, 2015 8:36pm

I feel your pain guy. I stepped out of a car going 45+ mph and woke up in a ditch for a whole thirty second with my short term memory just shot. No idea how I got there but I knew it was bad and I was fucked up despite feeling no pain. Couple days under an induced coma. Cracked jaw skull and a lil road rash. Subdural hemotoma and bruised brain. Taste buds and smell were gone but toast came back. It's dull but smell is different and usually not there. At first I smelled nothing but phantom smells on occasion. Like some kind of burning metal. Faint but annoying. Pretty sure it might have just been in my head, a phantom smell. After a year I started picking up a few smells but sometimes distorted. All chemical things like aerosols, body spray, household cleaners all had the same smell. Just kinda like some chemical all the same. Then I smelled coffee after year and a half it blew my mind lol. I started kinda forcing it a little bit and more things come but it's threes years later now and I can kinda smell but it's so weak I rarely do.

Nov 24th, 2015 10:01pm

I was in a bad car wreck dec 2012, fractured my skull on the mid to right back side of my skull. I was in a coma and life support for two days. I didn't realize I lost my smell til I was at my drs office days out of the hospital and he asked me if I could smell. I could smell nothing but I can still taste, only a little dulled.

Every now and then I would have a smell "stuck in my nose" is the only way to put it. I would not know what, when or where I smelled whatever the smell was but it would be there for minutes, to hours. Sometimes it would be so strong that everything tasted like it. One time it smelled like a smoking firecracker was shoved up my nose, and grass freshly pulled up from the ground. They would go fewer and further between. Sometimes I think its my perfume I can smell because it is always the same smell and I walk through my sprays. I would try plugging my nose to try to stop it, but it really does nothing. 

This could happen every couple months but recently when it happens it is for a long time and becomes almost debilitating. I have sometimes been able to pin point the smells. For instance, this lady smokes cigarettes in the stairwell and I will pass her sometimes. Yesterday I could smell cigarettes and the longer the smell lasted the stronger it got. It smelled as though a campfire was burning in my nose at one point, an hour into the smell. Then it gradually turned back into a cigarette. I read that using nose spray helps "block" your sense of smell. I tried but it didn't really work that time (had previously). 

I think I may try to find a good specialist to see if there are any remedies when these situations arise. It looks like my sense it trying to work but is very very confused and generally only regaining bad smells. It is a curse and a blessing and different for everyone, at least were all alive!

Nov 15th, 2015 12:40pm

I had a concussion after hitting our tile floor after passing out. I had loss of smell and taste. After approx. 9 months or so I went to a chiropractor on a unrelated reason (migraines) and got an adjustment for the first time in my life. I left and IMMEDIATELY was able to start smelling things again and my sense of taste also improved. While it's still not 100%, it has continually gotten better as I go to my chiropractor once a month. I'm not sure if these results are typical, but I certainly recommend it as something to try! It blew my mind when I left and smelled something for the first time in so long! Good luck!

Nov 11th, 2015 1:23pm

It's been 7 years since my accident and I lost my sense of taste only for the first month after and I also lost my sense of smell and the doctor told me that if it doesn't come back after 6 months it will never be back but you know what I never lost hope and I proved them wrong 3 years after the accident I had my second child and at that time I smelt his dirty nappy and I said to myself if he has done something that means my smell is back...... I don't think I've ever been so happy to see that he had done something cause it meant just by having faith and hope that no doctor could ever tell me that you would never regain the sense of smell again.

Nov 9th, 2015 3:56am

I never thought diesel exhaust would smell so good. That is what it has come to for me. Now I treat eating like it's a job. The faster I eat the less depressed I feel. I've become more irritable than depressed. I'm glad someone else knows exactly how bad this affects someone. The doctors sure and the hell don't.

Oct 28th, 2015 11:00pm

I can only smell very strong odors like diesel exhaust, my body spray, etc. But I only get a few seconds of smell. I can taste sweets, salts, and sour. Except for today, I am able to smell my body spray and my car air fresheners since this morning. Hopefully I won't loose it when I wake up. It's been 4 years since I lost my smell & taste and it's really depressing.

Oct 28th, 2015 10:41pm

On September 19th 2015 I was assaulted I was hit from behind. As I fell my head hit a car bumper and then smacked the pavement. My brain was bleeding from two different parts and I was minutes from dieing two weeks later I saw a neurologist and I have been told it might take up to 1 year and half to two years for my smell and taste to come back if they don't come back by then they never will I am a 26 years male I wake up every morning dizzy head pounding no smell no taste. It really does suck I really hope someone can either find a cure for this or know how two fix this I really do miss smelling coffee the fresh air my girls perfume I miss tasting food now I don't know what analyzing taste like someone please try and help us

Oct 24th, 2015 10:31am

Had a TBI injury with prefrontal and left temporal hematomas as well as inner crannial bleeding. Noticed my total loss of smell while at rehab at Craig hospital. Was told that with my injuries that it was likely that the nerves to brain were sheared off. It has been 20 months since the injury and I notice the loss daily. However it was not until today when somebody was talking about the memories of the smell of beer at an A.A. meeting I was at today that I realized that I can not even pull up the memory of a smell. Is this unusual?

Oct 15th, 2015 9:21pm

My mom suffered a TBI and cannot smell and barely can taste. I remembered that there is a chiropractor in our town who specializes in Subluxation Therapy. He has helped two of my friends who were victims of whiplash, so I was wondering if any of you have tried this before and what the results were.

Sep 23rd, 2015 1:18am

I lost my sense of smell (and 80% of my taste) 9 days ago after a minor concussion. I’ve hit the back of my head pretty hard on a concrete floor. I’m keeping hope that this is only temporary. Otherwise, I’m feeling fine. I'm interested to hear what other people with the same injury and consequence and the recovery they had. Thanks for sharing. 

Sep 11th, 2015 9:21am

My husband lost his sense od smell and taste after a head injury 2 years ago. But last week he said he has a constant bad taste in his mouth. Metallic. Does this mean it might be improving?

Sep 10th, 2015 4:40pm

I lost my sense of smell in 1999 after a head injury. Can tell spicy, salty, sweet, sour but nothing else. It sucks. I believe there is a way to fix it. I not willing to accept it cannot be reversed.

Aug 21st, 2015 2:04am

While walking across the street I was hit by a car in 1995 and suffered a minor brain injury and a minor skull fracture. Immediately, though, I realize that something was wrong with my smell and taste sensations. A couple of days after the wreck, when I was out of the hospital, I bit into an apple and the taste was like I had bitten into gasoline. I recovered from all the injuries, and in the 20 years since I seem to have some measurable sense of taste, but for 20 years I've smelled nothing. I don't dwell on it, but I do miss what others mention: the smell of grass, the smell of my children, my own smell, the smell of my wife's perfume. On very rare occasions - once while walking down the street - I had a sudden tremendous smell of perfume, but it dissipated in seconds and when I tried to smell something purposefully, there was no sensation. Trying to explain what my taste level is is awkward. The best example I've come up with to answer people is to ask them "Tell me what green is". Think about it. Green is varying, from deep to bright, from yellowish to bluish. It's hard to put green into words. That's the way it is with how I can taste something; I taste pizza but do I taste it on a 10% level of how I did 25 years ago? I can't say. how much of my tasting skills have I retained? I don't know. I've grown accustomed to not being able to smell, and I tried to think it hasn't changed me. But perhaps it has changed how I interact, or perhaps I have underlying anger over it. It's just hard to say. But I could have died in the wreck, so I'm thankful. I came out of it with only a few scars to brag about, and the loss of one sense. I could easily have died at age 33 in that wreck. I didn't, and the sense of smell is a minor sacrifice when considered in those terms.

Aug 15th, 2015 11:18pm

Sept 2, 2010 I had an accident where I fractured my skull in 6 places and had a brain bleed. Since then I lost all sense of smell and can only taste things that are sweet or salty. I can only tell the difference between sweet and unsweet tea. Sometimes I think I can taste certain foods but I think it's just because I remember how they are supposed to taste and then it's gone. Buy I can stick my head in a bleach bottle and couldn't tell it from water.

Aug 10th, 2015 7:54am

I previously wrote on April 27th, 2015 about my fall on January 6th and how I lost my sense of smell and partial taste. I also had this noxious smell and taste appear. I wanted to let everyone know that it does get better. Though I still have a peculiar smell it keeps changing and is much milder. I do get a whiff of certain odors at times. But they come and go. I went to an ENT doctor who told me that my olfactory nerves are going haywire. I asked why I can smell my husband's cologne (sweet smell) but not a flower and he said "certain nerves smell certain things". He said some nerves might be stretched so it's possible some will come back. He also said that where I am a year from January is where I probably will remain. It has been 7 months so I still have hope that I will still see more improvement. I do miss the smell of fresh air and flowers but there are a lot of people out there suffering with much more serious afflictions. Be hopeful!!

Aug 4th, 2015 9:17am

I lost all sense of smell in March this year after suffering a fractured skull and bled to the brain . Although it doesn't affect my day to day life, I've really missed it .. I wasn't given any advice by the doctors as to whether it will ever return , as I don't think they know .. Certain foods taste strange now also .

Jul 29th, 2015 10:50am

I wish I can smell. My sense of smell left in late December early January. I was visiting my brother for the holidays, A terrible flu/cold was going around my nieces had severely bad colds which I caught. It's now the end of July, my sense of smell hasn't return as of yet..... Hoping/Praying it returns, I know God's timing. I miss the smell of food of course but Perfume, people natural scents, outdoors, bar bee que.... List go on & on....

Jul 20th, 2015 11:42am

I suffered a brain injury back in 99 lost my taste and smell, before my smell went completely away I could only smell a sweet blood scent. One year later my taste came back, but not like before. I need salt on my food to really be able to taste. As for my smell it's completely gone. Sometimes I can sense scents in the air by taste, but that rarely happens.

Jul 14th, 2015 11:00am

I fell on ice and had bleeding at the front and rear of my brain over 6 years ago. Concussion for sure with strong headache and nausea for a week.  Found out by accident a week later after headache gone that I couldn't smell most things - didn't realize it because my sense of taste was still present.  I can smell many things - savory cooking, coffee brewing, chemical smells, a skunk, however, they don't smell like they used to.  One strange thing, sometimes a certain smell will seem to linger, sometimes for days.  Currently, a musty smell I was exposed to for over an hour in a basement yesterday is still staying with me.  I know it's not present because my wife has a strong sense of smell.  I don't miss most poop odors - human and dog. I can also barely detect decomposition, as in a dead animal in the woods, etc. 

Jun 30th, 2015 11:12pm

I fell out of a car and hit my head. Apparently, this caused bleeding at or near my olfactory nerve. Was given steroids. I had no sense of smell or taste, everything tasted the same..not good.. an M&M tasted just like, well... anything else. I tried eating the hottest chicken wings to see if it made any difference, no problem eating them. However, my stomach disagreed, I wound up vomiting... and it tasted the same. Sigh! Over the years I think I regained some taste back.... i prefer extreme spice.. hot or sweet, milder seasonings do nothing. On the brighter side... offensive odors don't bother me... I sure don't stink. (c;{ 

May 31st, 2015 11:05am

I lost my smell after head surgery, a few weeks ago, March 2015. I had a tumor removed from my meninges, very near to where the olfactory system is. My doctor said he hadn't touched the olfactory while operating, but I'm not so sure. I can't smell anything, not even the strong smells of coffee or ammonia. I miss smelling the scents of nature, like freshly mown grass, the salty sea, the trees and flowers, a summer breeze... it seems like I am walking inside a movie... What I do have is a constant sweet soapy/powdery smell and taste, which spoils even the faint basic tastes when I am eating something. I have this same taste/smell all day long and am growing sick of it... :((

I know I have to be grateful that the operation has only affected my sense of smell and not my hearing, touch or eyesight, and I am thankful. But I'm also very sad about not being able to smell anything.

I notice that people don't really understand the impact it has on my life... even my husband occasionally remarks "Why, you must be able to smell thís!" 

I hope and pray it will eventually be restored, although this might take months or even years... 

Hang in there, everyone! Glad to have found this post! <3

May 13th, 2015 9:44am

I lost my sense of smell 14 years ago after a head injury!! I struggle from time to time because of the fact I can't smell my kids and my pet and the fresh morning smell!! What is real concerning is that I can't smell toxic fumes at work and god forbid a fire when I'm home alone!! Live in a rural area right on a canyon !! I wish there is something I can do !!! Help !!

May 7th, 2015 11:57pm

I came off my bike in January this year and was hospitalised for 2 weeks with a fractured skull, internal bleeding and bruising at the front of my brain. Aside from a few concentration issues and headaches, I have recovered really well - youth being on my side. Initially, I completely lost my smell and taste. Only after 8 weeks or so did I start to develop a constant sweet burning smell. I'm hoping it's the cells healing and signs my smell is returning. I find this constant smell sickening and I'm scared that I will be like this for the rest of my life. The response I seem to get is "you're lucky it wasn't your sight or hearing" which really isn't helpful! People don't understand the effect it has on you. I miss little comforts, like how my boyfriend smells or curling up in clean bed sheets after a long day or freshly mown grass. I recently celebrated my 21st birthday and it was sad to not be able to taste my cake or have a glass of champagne. I'm really struggling to deal with it so it's really comforting to hear that other people are in the same position and that things do get better. I wish you all the best with your recovery!

Apr 29th, 2015 9:59am

On January 6th I slipped on the ice and fell backwards cracking the back of my head on macadam in the driveway. I suffered a subdural hematoma and subarachnoid hemmorage and was in ICU for 10 days. I didn’t realize that I had lost my sense of smell and some taste until 3 weeks after the fall. I couldn't smell anything. Then I noticed I could smell only a couple of things like oregano, cloves and garlic, but only slightly. Then a very unpleasant noxious smell and taste appeared which is sickening at times. For some reason, some days can be worse than others. The only time I can escape this smell and taste is when I am sleeping and worry that I may have to live with this for the rest of my life. I am lucky to not have suffered other disabilities but it doesn't make this any easier to deal with. I can see that I am not alone but I wish there were more people who said that it eventually got better. Doctors just say that it is a waiting game.

Apr 27th, 2015 1:19pm

I lost my sense of smell in 2000.  I did not have a head injury , i had viral pneumonia.  It took me a while to realize this. it wasn't until a month later when I experienced a phantom smell of flowers and no one else could smell them, that i began to realize it was gone. Totally!! Having a brain scan confirmed this. It seems a virus can attack the brain also .  My sense of taste took about 5 plus years to go.  Now here is what I am tryng to figure out , It seems my nose is closing in, as though not needed anymore so close it in,  Is this normal, ,  I  now sleep with my mouth open, have trouble singing ( as though my vocal cords are drying out..  etc etc etc.   . maybe some readers have experienced the same,   thank you. marisol laux

Apr 21st, 2015 9:11am

To the last person to comment, just a couple of days ago,

Please stay strong. I've been where you are. I had a brain injury last October. I have anosmia now because of it. For weeks I was scared, depressed, anxios and angry. This coupled with my already existing anxiety and depression. Slowly I got better. It takes different lengths of time. Unfortunately doctors can't give us reasonable time frames on these injuries as they can other injuries. But you will get better. Research calming techniques and have belief you will get better. You will. Concentrate on that first then deal with anosmia. Stay strong and reach out to loved ones. 

Apr 18th, 2015 2:48pm

I suffered a traumatic brain injury 2-1/2 weeks ago and as many of you, lost my sense of taste and smell. I am in pain, I am dizzy, my head is heavy and sore, my ear, neck and shoulders as well.  I cannot concentrate, I am forgetful, I am fearful of noises and of falling.  I pray to God that I will be myself again after this frightening accident and that I will be able to taste and smell life again.  Dear God, please help.  Sincerely.

Apr 16th, 2015 12:22am

I fell down some concrete stairs 3 months ago and split the back of my head open.  I had an MRI and they said I had a slight concussion.  I was off work for 6 weeks and still on a gradual return to work plan.  I am grateful I have all my parts and accessories, and I can eat, stand, steep, and walk, but I too have no sense of smell whatsoever.  I can taste sweet, salty, bitter, and sour but not too much flavour.  Sometimes I think its just the memory or texture that brings pleasure in eating some things.  I try to follow my previous routines on hygiene and cleaning as I have no idea if anything smells bad, and am careful now that I don't eat anything that might have gone bad or expired. Of all the medical professionals I saw, not one mentioned or asked about the sense of smell or taste (family doctor, concussion clinic occupational therapist, neurologist).  I had to bring it up each time.  It is a loss and it does suck, but it could be worse, and I thank God for everything else that I have going for me.  It is comforting to know others are going through the same issues, and I am just thankful its not something worse.  God bless

Apr 14th, 2015 4:00pm

December 19th.,  2014, I slipped and fell backwards hitting my head on the ice while I was curling. I suffered a severe brain trauma. 3 months later I still have no sense of taste or smell, but all else is just fine. I am lucky to be alive and with no complications. This could have been a lot worse, I have moved on, I suggest that a loss of sense and smell is not the end of the world.

Apr 13th, 2015 9:08am

Why hasn't there been research to find a cure for Ansomia? I have had the condition for 7 years at have learned to cope but sometimes I just get so depressed. Why can't I smell and taste dammitt! Why do I have to arm myself with extra fire alarms and extinguishers to make sure that my mother with dementia is safe. Sometimes just get so sad at what my life once was

Mar 26th, 2015 1:09am

Oh wow.... despite the depressing reality of our situations, I'm glad to have stumbled upon you all while researching my problem. Comfort in numbers I suppose.

I injured my brain 7 months ago during an epileptic seizure. Slammed the back of my head repeatedly against a concrete floor. For the first 2 months I had completely diminished sense of taste and smell. First a very small ability to taste returned. It was tiny, but a victory, and yes I'm aware this goes against the common knowledge that you can't taste without the ability to smell. It wasn't the same as before though. Then smell returned,lightly. The problem is for the most part, it is the same sickening smell and taste I've grown to hate. Almost everything tastes and smells the same. From my shampoo to burgers to fruit, etc....it's almost impossible to describe. A very distinct flavor/odor, and it's ever present. Even the air smells like it. 

My condition has "evolved" over the months, giving me hope for further improvement.There are a very select few things I consume that taste normal. Maple syrup, peanut butter, Dr. Pepper soda pop (no other soda tho..), and a couple other items I relish in eating now. I don't know why certain few items never changed, while everything else tastes/smells terrible. Every perfume smells identical and disgusting.

I know my window for healing is closing.I see everyone saying we have 6 months to a year to heal or be stuck forever with this. Nobody understands how mad I am. It's very frustrating. I've always enjoyed cooking for others. That enjoyment is gone as I cannot gauge flavors and smells. terrible affliction

Mar 24th, 2015 5:53pm

I am so glad to have come upon this site.  A little over four weeks ago I fell slamming my head on the outside edge of a shower stall.  I have no memory of the accident, not even getting up and getting dressed!  I spent two days in the hospital and the first day I noticed I had no sense of taste.  My smell is gone also.  I did walk by two women smoking and could faintly smell the smoke.  Also rode a bus and could smell diesel.  Hoping that is a good sign.  I do feel depressed at times.  I want to smell my clean laundry, fresh air, and know whether or not I smell!  And to taste food again...that would be wonderful.  I can sense salt, sour, sweet, and minty gum.  I find myself eating for texture and making myself eat - though sometimes I feel very hungry.  I don't understand why physicians take this issue so lightly. It can be very serious...  I pray we all get at least some smell/taste back.  Best of luck to all. 

Mar 14th, 2015 6:36pm

I was in a accident 7 years ago where I fractured my skull and had a bleed to the brain, I stayed in hospital for a few weeks and experienced a change in my behaviour, my eye turned inwards for a month or two, and I lost my ability to taste and smell. At this time I was 14 years old and found this hard to deal with I suffered with depression for a long time and lost all of my confidence I found it so frustrating as to why this had happened to me and no one understood how I was feeling. I gave now accepted that I will never be able to taste and smell again and am trying to move on with my life however I do still suffer with very painful headaches down the left side of my face :( I used to think I was the only person in the world this happened to it is comforting to here all of your stories. One thing I have learned is that you have to stay patient and take each day as it comes as there is no cure must stay positive x

Mar 11th, 2015 7:30pm

I was in a motorcycle accident back in April of 2013, I fractured my skull in 3 places due to the fact that I was intoxicated and had no helmet on (SC has no helmet law).  My family was told that I would not live, then told I would not walk and other things but I'm fine now.  I have the report with several different medical terms of "brain damage" but I have absolutely no sense of smell what so ever, my temper is extremely out of control at times also.  I had lost my sense of taste for a few months but it has returned.  My question is, (and I hope its not true) will this put me at a disability or disadvantage to working, I'm a journeyman Ironworker but I dont want to have to be a pencil pusher.

Mar 2nd, 2015 10:50pm

I found this blog very interesting. My husband was in a four wheeler accident in 2009 and has completely lost his sense of smell and taste. I met him in 2011 and its heart breaking that he has never smelled me or able to enjoy the flavor of the food I cook for him. He has a great outlook on it and says things could have been worse but I am still hopeful for a cure in the future. He is only 27 years old and I want him to be able to have these senses back. It's nice to know we are not alone when it comes to his condition.

Feb 25th, 2015 9:01pm

These comments are so interesting, especially the more recent ones. I was assaulted by my ex boyfriend who picked me up and threw me into the floor of our apartment. I had a fractured skull, and a concussion. I noticed my loss of smell in the hospital while eating fruit. This was December 4, 2014, and today I still cannot smell most things. However, I do have this really odd smell lately. It gives me a headache sometimes, and is not pleasant, mostly with sweets or yogurt. I'm optimistic, and glad that it's SOMETHING, even if it's not the greatest smell in the world. I haven't lost any weight, I eat a lot of the same things. I miss my sense of smell mostly because I loved horchata, sour cream, and coffee. It's almost been 3 months and I'm just hoping I get some sort of smell back, even if it's not as well as it used to be.

Feb 23rd, 2015 4:36pm

Interesting to see so many challenged by the loss of smell, which I know eventually leads to the loss of taste. My anosmia came on gradually after a severe whiplash in a car accident that occured December 26, 2005. I first realized my loss of smell when I could not smell toast burning or something I left in the oven or on the stove burning. The loss of smell of organic smells like garbage, coffee brewing, etc. was the first to go. I could smell high smells like vinegar and bleach still. Within 6 months I could no longer smell any of those too. When I told my doctor he sent me to an ENT, who confirmed there were no ENT injury and my loss was put down to do with my age. Really, I was only 50 not 90!!! stupid eh? Any how, I did not know it could be linked back to the traumatic brain injury of the accident until going for surgery on my shoulder, which was also caused by the accident 1-1/2 years later, I mentioned my loss of smell to the anesthesiologist and he asked me if I had sustained a whiplash injury. Finally, I have an answer to my loss. Im sure my fellow anosmians can agree, we get tired of the jokes about bad smells, and explaining when someone asks to smell their perfume, flowers, etc. :-) I just pretend. Everything smells great to me.  I carry a timer on me when I cook, invested in more fire sensors for the house and ensure the gas barbeque is lit. On the positive side I was able to lose 70 lbs because I was not lured to the smells of popcorn etc. however, I do miss the homey smells of thanksgiving and Christmas. Has anyone lost their sense of taste for peppermint and garlic?

Lets focus on what senses we still have, touch, sound and sight and I hope someday, researchers will find a way to restore what we all have lost. KC

Feb 21st, 2015 1:00pm

I lost my sense of taste and smell 6 years ago. I fell backwards and smacked my head pretty good. I was told by the neurologist if it didnt come back in 6 months it probably never will. The first few years were hard. I missed not smelling perfume, the rain, food. I had always had an excellent sniffer so the downside was all the rotten smells were magnified. I dont miss smelling rotten breath and B.O. lol. Seriously though its hard for people to understand. They truly dont get it. I like the comment someone made about this being a super power. I work in a nursing home and not being able to smell is a blessing. I try to remember my accident could have been much worse.

Feb 20th, 2015 8:41pm

Beware of the MRI following head injuries. I had a head injury and healed from it then a month later had a follow-up MRI that toasted my smell and taste permanently! Guessing that 20% of those who have lost taste and smell after a head injury lost it from the MRI and don't even know it - unless they had a burger on the way to the hospital and one immediately after the MRI.

Feb 10th, 2015 9:25pm

Hello out there to whomever is reading this. On January 17th I experienced my first head injury and ended up with a fractured skull and internal bleeding. I have completely lost my sense of smell and taste. Tonight I celebrated my Birthday and ate some flavorless birthday cake for the first time in my life. No one truly knows how it feels unless they've been in these tasteless/scentless shoes. I felt alone until I stumbled onto these comments and I feel grateful for all of these stories. I have honestly been feeling sad about the inability to enjoy food and it's good to hear others feeling the same. Here is to gaining some good positivity that this will return soon. I wish all of you the same!!

Feb 8th, 2015 4:19am

Fell and fractured my skull three months ago. I lost my sense of smell and taste. a month or so ago I was able to smell coffee and taste it a bit. I was also able to completely taste an orange jelly candy. I have not given up and it helps to ready other's stories.

Jan 30th, 2015 3:20pm

To all my fellow TBI friends...i fractured the back of my skull and had bleeding on my brain etc..mid November. I'm still suffering with dizziness...it feels like I'm on a fairground waltzer a lot of the time. But!!...my sense of smell and taste is non-existent. I joked about it at first with my family, laughing about it but now I don't want to actually admit how much it is affecting me. I ate yesterday for the first time in four days. I'm finding myself getting a phobia about food, I can't taste or smell it so I don't want it. The only thing I can really eat is jacket potatoes..it's the only texture I can really handle. I'm also washing myself lots in a day because I'm constantly paranoid that I may stink...haha. My neurologist has told me it's possible my senses will come back within two yrs...but chances are they won't ever. I know everybody here who's stories I've read are going through near enough the same thing as me, I've been starting to get really down about it. I'm making any excuse to not leave my house etc....but I don't want my nearest and dearest to know how much it is affecting me, I keep saying to myself that I'm just making a big deal out of it all...it's s**t what has happened to us all but with all my love I hope each and everyone of us gets to smell a roast beef dinner and a fish and chip supper again :) take care everybody, I don't feel alone anymore xxx

Jan 27th, 2015 11:53pm

I'm so glad I found this post.  No longer feel so alone with this.  I too suffered trauma to brain after a fall about 2 months ago.  Unless it is something you are experiencing, others just don't comprehend the impact that not being able to smell has on a person.... My doctors were even somewhat "casual" on the subject.  Offering no counsel other than "maybe it will return"....  In the last few weeks I too have been noticing a strange smell, or "sense" of smell, more predominately in late afternoon and evening.  It is pretty constant.  The smell has nothing to do with surroundings or what item I may actually be trying to smell.   It isn't a pleasant smell, but can't really describe it.  Maybe somewhat like a metal smell described by others in the post.  I'm hoping it's a start to some regenerating in the olfactory areas of the brain.  I am going to keep positive as the brain has extraordinary healing capabilities, but it can take some time....  I'd hate to think I'll never recover my sense of smell.  There are so many memories, etc associated with smell.....  Also, to all please remember to have working fire alarms in your home and be sure to open windows when using cleaning agents.  I've even heard it suggested to not have gas and use electric stoves, etc.  It makes sense as there are dangers associated with lack of smell... Let's stay positive and support one another...  :-)...

Jan 24th, 2015 4:10pm

I lost my sense of smell from crashing a quad and hitting the back of my head. To those of you who say they have a weird burning, metallic smell every time you breathe in through your nose don't worry it will go away eventually. I have know idea what it was or why it was happening. It was nauseating and there was nothing I could do about. It went away within a year. I don't remember exactly how long because I tried my hardest to ignore it. It's been almost 5 1/2 years since my accident. The only things I can smell are fresh bark mulch, even though it smells like maneur it's still amazing lol, sharpies, peanut butter when I'm rinsing off the knife under hot water and mint leaves. I've noticed when watching tv and an ad comes on for food I get a sense of what it smells like, which is weird because when I try to think of what something smells like I can't remember. I'm interested to hear what other people with the same injury smell if anything at all. Good luck and hang in there. You're not alone!

Jan 20th, 2015 2:19am

I am a newbie.  I fell on January 11, 2015 on the back of my head crossing a creek, so it has only been 8 days.  From what I can tell the jarring and the swelling are what impede the olfactory nerves in rear-skull injury cases.  I probably have not offered my head enough rest to heal faster.  Apparently brain swelling can take a very long time to subside.  I smelled a cigar yesterday and I knew what it was...no strange phantom odor.  I live in a remote location and rely upon all of my senses so I was keenly aware of the loss soon after the accident.  My sense of taste is diminished, but I think it is making me eat more, not less...I keep having just one more bit hoping I can savor it.  Thank you all for sharing - thank goodness for the internet...I'm not even sure what site I am on but I feel better informed, and not so alone.

Jan 19th, 2015 5:40pm

I had a brain injury nearly 3 years now from a violent attack being in the wrong place at the wrong time by 3 of them I still cant smell anything and part of my taste has gone to which I had front lobal damage my mood swings often change to I learn to cope with it now been on tablets for brain injury since 2012 still on them and sleeping tablets to I've been told by consultants that I will never get it back now still smell the burning and taste the burning to

Jan 16th, 2015 12:45pm

Having lost my sense of smell due to syncope and falling backwards onto my head I've come to understand were the myth of the "third eye" originates. It's our sense of smell. It's located in the olfactory bulb/epithelium nerves between the eyes. It provided me with years of subtle and profound insights. Though "etheric " in relation to other senses, smell is one of our most refined senses, imagine blindness with smell. Imagine blindness without smell.

Everything is on loan so my reasoned response to my condition is gratitude for the years of smelling I possessed. 

Jan 8th, 2015 9:30pm

I am a T.B.I. accident March 2013 . I lost my smell , but have a horrible burning SMELL . Can anyone tell me why ?

Jan 7th, 2015 2:55pm

since I lost my taste and smell 6 months ago after a truly bad cold in my head, the only smell I get is this awful, indescribable constant smell in my nose - especially when I am confronted with toast, coffee, any kind of meat (including and especially my cat's food) and I can't smell anything that I am cooking. I made carrot and coriander (cilantro) soup today and all I could smell was that same sour metallic smell that I get all the time. I am desperate.

Nov 19th, 2014 7:30pm

I lost my smell from my tbi. I didn't even know it til after a couple months after. I so want to smell anything, I miss it so much. Even bad smells. It's been 5 years since my tbi. I wish it could be fixed but it can't. I get the aweful tastes and smells as well, always something different. I so want to even smell people. It's weird not to smell perfume. Cologne. Sweat with people.

Nov 18th, 2014 7:41pm


Nov 14th, 2014 1:37pm

I fainted while in a pizza restaurant, came to on the ground looking up. Since then my sense of smell has diminished and been altered. I didn't even hit my head that hard. There was no welt, only a minor abrasion on the back of my head. This was about 4 months ago. I don't know what to do until I get medical insurance so that I can go see a doctor. Some things I can smell much better than others, like fruits and vegetables, cilantro is a winner. This is all still very stressful.

Nov 2nd, 2014 5:35pm

Don't give up hope. several years ago, I hit the back of my head skiing and lost my sense of smell 100%. It was very depressing. Very hard to explain to other people the overwhelming sense of loss the I felt. You don't realize, until it's gone, how much emotion and memory is linked with the sense of smell. It was almost as if someone close to me had died and I was mourning their loss. Anyway, after my accident the doctor I saw told me if it didn't come back in a week or two, that it likely never would. For the next couple years I resigned to thinking that it was gone forever. It wasn't until a friend of a friend visited, who was a neurosurgeon in Miami, that I had a little hope. He said, "don't give up hope. Nerve damage is very, very slow to heal. Your smell may still come back." Sure enough, after about three years, I started to pick up on some smells. The first things I could smell were bad things. Like rotting fish and garbage. But honestly, it was good to smell anything! Over the course of the next year or two, I regained almost all of my ability to smell. Now it's back in full. Maybe not 100%, but very close. You are correct that there is very little info available. At least now there is much more available on the Internet. My accident was in 2000, so there wasn't much of any resources. Hang in there. You are not alone. Eat well. Get lots of sleep. And perhaps look into getting some cranio sacrel therapy. That is something that could help expedite your recovery.

Oct 29th, 2014 11:30pm

I had my head injury mid September 2014, fell and hit back of my head on pavement and have lost sense of smell and with it taste. The medical world do not appear to have any interest in this area, with 0 follow up or advice on the issue.  It's very depressing, although I have only suffered for a short time I guess going by what I have read you get to use to it.  I'm in hope that the nerve cells will eventually connect back.  It's interesting to see that the medical  world are using the ability of these cells ( near the olfactory nerve) to regenerate can be use to plant new nerves for spinal cord injuries helping people to walk again, let's hope they starting researching on how to help those of us who have anosmia , I guess the cells can re-grow but in a lot of cases the pathway is blocked due to the head trauma.

Just came across this whilst writing, looks promising for people who have this condition in the UK: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-19786773

​One taste I do come across now and then is some meat or fried products taste like what I think car oil would taste like - weird - puts me right off, mostly in processed foods too! 

Oct 28th, 2014 9:57pm

I haven't looked into my loss of smell for a couple decades but after reading the bbc tonight about helping someone walk again using olfactory nerve sheaths I thought id check in to see where technology is for my broken sniffer. I had a car accident 20 years ago while driving an old 1963 toyota land cruiser. It only had lap belts because I was saving up for a full seat belt harness (I was only 19 and it came with nine) anyway it flipped and I smashed my forehead on the broken off steering column and gashed my head 7cm. Other than a crushed hand and amputated index finger I came out alright until I realised I had liar my sense of smell. Honestly it didn't bother me too much. In part because I was only 20 and also because I had such a traumatic hand injury that took precidence. My MRI showed a little bean-sized bit of damaged brain tissue that no doubt cut of the circuitry to my nose. The doctor said it would probably come back in a year or so. I continued on to study psychology in university and learnt that the olfactory nerves grow very slowly back trough the mylean sheath. It can take upto 2-3 years. In many head injuries when the brain shifts inside the skull the nerves are cut above the palette where they run. (Or something close to that if I can remember). In my case regeneration was not a likely outcome because the pathways were actually impeded with an isolated are of brain damage specific to my olfactory function in my frontal lobe. It hasn't bothered me a whole lot . Always have to remember most smells are bad... Usually for survival reasons. That being said, I still remember one day at home alone shortly after my accident I burnt three pizza lunches in the oven one after the other. I realised then that it could get dangerous. I don't get hungry until I'm ravenous because no smells trigger my sense. I have not lost any weight and still love to eat. As others mentioned, there is a whole new world of discovery in the fine balances of sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Yes 80% of my taste is gone and whe I first had coffee after my crash it tasted like an ashtray. A few phantom smells and dreams of smells, but those have mostly faded as time has passed. I too love Mexican food, it's the perfect balance of texture and spiciness for a senseless eater. Beer does not all taste the same. American lagers still taste aweful. I've grown to love West Coasr Pale Ales and many IPAs. Bitterness is the key. Sweet or mildly sweet beers are disgusting. Light beers need to be dry like Asahi. Lime in Corona is also still good. The other thing you can expect over time is a sharpened acuteness of your other senses. Although I often don't know dinner is almost ready or that it's raining because of the smell of wet asphalt, I often hear the rain first or see smoke before anyone else. That has come with time. One scary instance happened in our home. It's a small cabin and I must have bumped the gas stove knob with my child's foot while carrying him. He left with mum and I took the dogs for a 45 min walk. When I got back I walked into the cabin and went over to the stove. I could hear a breeze... Although it wasn't. It was the gas running out full bore. I quickly shit it off luckily not setting off the igniter clicker. I ran outside and opened up all the windows. the scary thing is it happened again 4 months later. That time it was on for hours. I wired the house for an electric stove... Lastly I too being into twenties, going out a lot etc was panamoid of being smelly. If have friends tell me if a shirt smelled or asked them to sample deodorants. I'd just tell them or girlfriends that they'd have to be my nose. I never was that stinky anyway and now I worry a lot less about that. Keep showered, a little pit stick once and a while and drink a pint of IPA with a spicy burrito and you're good as new...

Oct 21st, 2014 1:39am

30 years ago, I hit the back of my head when I slipped on rocks in a river. The only smells that get through are garlic, onion, Indian spices, and some chemical cleansers. I guess that if you are to lose a sense, smell isn't the worst. I can taste, but I do not think it is as strong as it should be.

Oct 17th, 2014 1:40am

I recently fell three stories and cracked my front plate and back plate in my skull and got a concussion. Ever since my sense of smell has been almost non existent

Oct 12th, 2014 8:04pm

had tbi 3 1/2 yrs ago from motorcycle accident. total loss of smell and taste is about 25 percent. i keep hoping it may come back some but nope. every once in awhile i smell something, i get exited but cannot tell you what i smell? weird

i try not to put to much salt on food but thats what i can taste

i do miss smelling, food, rain, the air, cut grass ect  i keep optimistic

Sep 18th, 2014 8:42am

I've lost my sense of smell and taste for a year now from my brain being damage, all thanks to a driver in his vehicle. He decided to randomly stop full force on a 70km road, I believe 50mph in the US, to take a left turn not looking at his rear view mirror to see a motorcycle behind him. My father took action right away to stop, but stopping full force on so sudden with a bike is not easy. I flew 6-10feet off the back seat of the bike and landed face first on the opposite lane. Long story short, that accident cause me a lot of suffering, not just senses gone, but having traumatic brain injury, numbness on the left side of the body, problems picking up items from time to time and epilepsy along with losing senses for the rest of my life. It is just difficult. I was very lucky to make it alive, but now I suffer at a young age of 21 thanks to a 19 year old's careless driving. I try to smell but nothing happens. As for taste, only things that I can barely taste, as in 5% out of 100% taste of food that has lots of salt, sugar, and spice in its recipe, which from what I read up, is a natural common thing for lost of taste. Losing these senses ended up to ruin my diet after dropping 40 pounds before the accident. It's difficult to accept the loss of your senses after you relied on it for many years, and coping to your diet. I wish that I could meet with a dietitian who is skilled in the fields of helping a person contain to their diet properly knowing the loss of their sense of smell and taste. These senses do in fact, take an impact. Cause depression, and difficult in the foods you eat. There is a method though suggested by herb specialists, for those who lost their smell, apparently peppermint liquid/oil helps regain the smell back for you. I have not yet tried the method even though I've been given a sample of it, only because this method takes months before you'll start to notice a difference. Not only that, but I am afraid to take a step forward in taking this action to try it out. I've been pretty much scarred you could say. 

Sep 18th, 2014 2:44am

Thanks everyone for your comments and stories. It's heartening to have the confirmation that I'm not alone in having lost sense of taste and smell after TBI 17 months ago, and it's good for me to be reminded that other people sustained their TBI in horrendous circumstances, unlike me. Sympathy to those who suffered massive psychological trauma as well as physical injuries. My specialist says there's nothing else he can do (he didn't do much except peer into my nose, eyes and mouth, and test my hearing) and recommends positive thinking (!!).My sense of taste is almost nil (special treat of potato crisps for texture and salty taste doesn't even yield the salty part now), but smell (previously totally absent) seems to be doing something, though things don't always smell and don't smell as they should - coffee = slightly burnt toast, for example - not a good trade! Was feeling a bit down, so pleased to read about people experiencing improvement well beyond the 12 month mark my specialist gave me. Positive thinking - even when I can detect bad smells they don't smell bad, negative side - it's usually my turn to empty the compost bucket!

Sep 17th, 2014 9:48am

I got a concussion, and also lost my taste and lost my sense of smell. I happen to go to a chiropractor for my headaches, and immediately following my first adjustment, I began to smell again and taste some food. As I have continued, to go it has gotten better. I'm not sure how common this is to fix the problem, but it's worth a shot. Hope this helps!

Aug 15th, 2014 4:03pm

HI had my TBI years ago in a MVA where stearing columb penatrated centre fronatal lobe, total removal of olfactory buds the result, damage to hyperthalmus .

For a while i could remember tast, sufficiently that i enjoyed food whilst from the look of occasional freinds it was less than pleasant.

As the years have passed i have lost all sense of food bar texture ..

as a result appetite has gone and i have serious weight loss ... Any advice most appresciated


Jul 28th, 2014 6:26am

I have a family member who was constantly smelling something bad, like they had a sinus infection or something. They also had some other weird aches and pains. the doctors couldn't find anything and finally told her to go to a psychiatrist because it was all in her head. After a cat scan or an MRI they found that she had built up water around her pituitary gland and they had to put in a shunt to drain the water.  Afterwards all the weird symptoms went away. the water was reaching into different parts of her brain and causing weird symptoms. 

Jul 23rd, 2014 10:16pm

Lost my sense of smell after falling backwards (TBI). I was able to smell after 3 1/2 years!!!!!!!

Jul 10th, 2014 6:04pm

Had my TBI nine months ago, when I fell backwards and hip my head on the floor.  I fractured my skull and ended up staying overnight in hospital.  No smell the next day.  and for another good few months, however a few months go, I was able to smell powdery fragrant smells, and I have days when I think my smell is almost back up to 50%!!!  It is still hit and miss, but I'm optimistic about the changes over time.

Jun 20th, 2014 1:47am

Ok...I am TBI from 1 year ago. I loss my sense of smell and taste. This year, I just started smelling only like a burnt smell. I still dont taste. I think I am going crazy! I only "smell" what I think is burnt wires!  I know I am not really.....but is this the start of something coming back?  I so miss taste and smell.....mostly smell. I hate this!  I hear that accupuncture may help? Any suggestions?

Jun 15th, 2014 10:55am

I fell off 3rd story balcony in 2008. I was in a coma for about 5 days and hospitalized for 3 weeks. Walked away with TBI, broken arm and fractured skull. My thinking is clearer than ever, i've regained feeling emotions, but unfortunately my sense of smell is still 0%. I can't even smell ammonia or gas with strong wiffs. I smoke medical marijuana in California to help my appetite and food cravings which has been incredible to help me enjoy food. Still hopeful and liked the previous comment about training the brain to smell again. 

Jun 10th, 2014 1:38pm

I had a TBI 3 months ago. I fell backwards on concrete floor hitting the back of my head. I spent 10 days in hospital, cognitively I was okay, but partial hearing loss in left ear (outer ear nerve?), no sense of smell and paralysis of left side of face. My face is back to normal but still no smell and minimal gains in hearing.

I am fortunate to have taste however flavor is 80% smell. I am starting to focus on and appreciate the taste of foods. Tomato juice is the only thing that actually has a better flavor than before. Bananas were a disappointment at first but now I am starting to appreciate their subtle taste as delicious.

For those with no smell, breathe in warmed vinegar. I can detect it in my nose and back of throat. It is not a "smell" but still its nice to discover a different sense and pretend to smell something. 


May 28th, 2014 7:00am

I fell through my attic, about 27 feet 5.5 months ago and fractured all my left side and stayed in in the ICU for about 5 days unconscious for the first 24 hours. I noticed a week later that I don't smell anything at all. I was extremely frustrated  but i was focused on not becoming paralyzed and was into rehab aggressively and I recovered pretty fast as I had at least 19 fractures and my left side was almost replaced with metal but the reward was that I was able to go back to work in 3 months and walk with a very minimal limb and slight pain. I suddenly started to have one silly smell for everything, It was alike a mix between nutmeg and ash. Everything smells and even taste like that but with varying intensity. I do cry once in a while when I remember the smell of the grass in the spring, the smell of the sea or ocean, my perfume collection or even my wife's perfumes. That is beside loosing my taste of course. I can not tell the difference between Mango ice cream and strawberry ice cream for instance and I only eat to satisfy my hunger. I really miss my coffee and the flavors I used to blend in the hookah. I became paranoid with my hygiene and very anxious when some says " What is that smell?!" . I have not done much about and did not seek much help from doctor because as a doctor myself I know that there is not much that can be done. You never truly appreciate your blessings until you loose them. However I am always appreciative to God that I am still walking and working as I have seen those who had less traumas than the one I had and ended with paralysis. If any have regained his sense of smell after doing something different or underwent new therapy please do share with us your story, this is a very under explored territory of medicine.

Apr 29th, 2014 2:51am

I had head injury on 23rd Jan 2012 and I lost of my smelling sense. Still I am waiting to come it back. I feel so bad when everyone talks about smell. but still i am waiting.

Apr 9th, 2014 5:13am

I fell backwards down one step and fractured my skull about eighteen months ago.  There is no return of being able to smell, although taste (a much less sophisticated sense) gives me 'sweet, salty, bitter' sensations.  My eyes water when I peel onions, so there's some reflex activity there.

I miss everything; red and white wine taste the same, as do tea and coffee; all flavours and spices are simply bland to me now - everything tastes like oatmeal.  But it's much more than food and drink; I can't smell my children, my dog, burnt food, the scent of the plants, the woods, gasoline, perfume, bleach, vomit, smoke.  Older people often lose the sense of smell, especially those who go on to develop dementia, but there is relatively little understood about the effect of this type of loss.  Obviously, it is not as devastating a loss as hearing or vision would be, but it is sad and life-changing all the same.  I cannot believe that I would be fortunate enough to be amongst the few who do regain it eventually, but I am considering acupuncture, as one article suggests.  You do acclimatize to the new reality over time, but it's a little like seeing in black and white, when you know there are colours everywhere.

Mar 27th, 2014 8:00pm

Two months ago, I woke up and got out of bed to notice that my pillow had about a 6 inch circle of blood on it.  I remember getting drunk; but I don't remember hitting the back of my head.  I must have fell backwards on a hard surface.  I noticed that my smell was absent and my taste was diminished.  I can slightly smell things like cigarette smoke, and a faint smell of vinegar  while putting my nose over the opening of a plastic, one gallon jug.  My taste is about 75 percent absent.  I still crave crave fryed foods and hamburgers.  I now have a weird smell that is always there.  That smell can closely be related to an electrical short or an overloaded electrical circuit.  I do hope my smell comes back.  I am a recovering alcoholic and this might be my wake-up call.  I have not seeked medical attention for my anosmia, nor did I seek medical attention after my head injury.  I have been able to function in every other way.  After doing a small amount of research, I am fine without being evaluated for this condition.  Things could be worse and I am thankful that I am sober again.  I thank God for all the many pleasures that I can still enjoy.

Mar 19th, 2014 11:34am

Besides describing terrible accidents (reading all these concrete- and motorcycle-stories leaves me bewildered and clueless) can anyone here recommend a certain therapy, institution or a specialist? Where did you have a good experience? 
I'm trying to get an overview of different approaches.
I would be specifically interested in surgical treatments and their success-rate.
Thank you and all fingers crossed for your recovery!

Mar 11th, 2014 8:46pm

In 1993, I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. An 18 year old "man" was obsessed with my 13 year old little sister. He broke into my house in the middle of the night. He brutally murdered my Mom, my brother and tried to kill me. I was shot in the head 3 times. I was the only one out of us three who made it. I was rushed to the hospital via Air Ambulance. When I woke up, I realized a month had passed. I was unable to taste or smell most things. What I could taste or smell was awful. My doctor told me it would come back. It has been well over 20 years and still nothing. I have learned to deal with it. I found this 'disability' to be very frustrating with cooking/eating (not being able to smell or taste turns a person off food), raising 3 children (who are now 20, 16, 12) - especially when they were babies, not being able to smell the beautiful things in life. I have done it so I focus on what I can do. I have tried to remember what things smell and taste like. It has given me the ability to almost taste or smell things. Don't give up - make it work another way.

Feb 25th, 2014 12:05pm

having damaged my brain after a bicycle accident 12 months ago  at the age of 53 in perth oz .i,m recovering slowly after  the injury the loss of  my smell taste and partial hearing has very slightly improved which gives one hope .            being a  skilled chef and having a very highly sensitive sense of smell n taste (especially with my  huge conk). the experience of aromas/smells and odours i now have are never good nor bad just weird from blends of burnt drilled wood to coriander to tiger balm .after analysis and speaking to many neuro's these mental injuries we all have,  it seems/ i think we all have unique and complex injuries to our brains and we all recover differently such like an individuals personality.    obviously after 12 months  i,m more looking at the optimistic and positive side now like losing weight, eating lots of food still, i just have ommitted all the food i used to love but were no good for my body (choc sugars pastrys +), being for some reason more cheerful the bang has shaken up all my neuro endorphins, remembering all those(and not missing) shitty bad smells, cigarette smoke/toilet smells holding my breath  when i was in a  new delhi bog . no more.. no offense mean't ..   good recovery and best of health try to keep smiling to everyone..                        

Jan 2nd, 2014 11:58pm

I lost my sense of smell 10 years ago after falling backwards on ice and bashing the back of my head. I was so concussed I never even thought to see the Dr! I lived alone. 2 weeks later I cricked my neck and saw my osteopath who asked how I had got concussion and whiplash. It later dawned on me I hadn't no sense of smell. Since then my taste has also all but gone. Eventually I had an MRI scan to see if there was any other damage and the Dr confirmed my nerve olfactory nerves were severed and I would never get my smell back. Pretty dismal. - I never smelt my baby. I figure though that there are far worse senses to lose. I enjoy chocolate and texture foods and I think much of what I taste is my memory knowing what to expect - and so it is getting worse as I get older. It's useful at times, working with teenagers! 

Nov 28th, 2013 5:50pm

I was in a abusive marriage, my ex husband hit me with his car and I hit the concrete floor pretty hard. I woke up in the hospital with lost of taste and smell, this all happened January 22,2012 and I will be going on 2 years now still not being able to taste or smell. It's frustrating but I pray for it to come back. I am 25 years old, female. I understand when you say it's hurtful when people say 'oh it smells good, smell it' I feel hurt not being able to smell roses. I love roses! Or 'you have to taste this, it taste so good' I am still standing strong! I have hope it will all come back.

Nov 26th, 2013 8:48pm

Don't give up! I had TBI 3 years ago. First year I couldn't smell or taste anything. Then, slowly it started coming back. It is still not as before TBI and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't... but I know it will come back...

Oct 12th, 2013 12:32pm

I'd like to update my comment of 5/31. The "bad smell" seems to be diminishing, as the background smell is much less noticeable now. Coffee and chocolate are still intolerable. I am still adjusting and have lost about 20-25 lbs since my sense of smell was lost. I needed to lose some but really don't want to get much thinner. I used to love bread, but now it is just taseless mush, so I have given it up. Alcohol has absolutely no allure for me now, and besides, there is no flavor to it. I have drunk the occasional beer to be social, but a Bud Light tastes the same as a craft beer--just cold and wet. I used to be in a wine club, but I dropped out as it makes no sense. I like things I can taste with my tongue--sweet, sour, salty. Most fruits are really delightful--cherries, honeydew, peaches, blueberries--but strawberries suck. All in all, I am still adjusting and still hope for improvement as there seems to be some evolution of the problem. I am encouraged by the rare stories of late improvement, but I don't hold out a great deal of hope. And if things don't change, I don't really see it as a tragedy. The funny thing is, as much as I loved coffee, chocolate and the occasional cocktail, I really don't miss them. The desire is simply not there.

Sep 22nd, 2013 1:46pm

I too, since third concussion have minimal sense of smell and taste, thank God it's not completely gone. I am scheduled for an MRI to see if I have completely snapped the thing that's responsible for sense of smell and taste. I have a lot more questions. It's been over a year since the last head injury. I'm having other issues too, it knocked the period out of me and put me into early menopause;-( so I recently had a biopsy due to thickened lining of my uterus. Gyne is saying I will have to have Dand C to fix lining. So lots of problems as a result of head injury, ....

Sep 1st, 2013 12:41am

This March I suffered head trauma from hitting the back of my head very hard. I spent 4 days in the hospital and a few weeks after I was released I noticed I couldn't smell anything. It has been almost six months since the accident and I'm starting to notice scents but almost everything smells the same. The weird part is I can taste everything. What should I do or be doing.

Aug 30th, 2013 3:12am

my father also had an motorcycle accident last month July 2013 and now he suffering in taste and sense of smell,,hope you can help me,,,absent of sense of smell and taste is the problem of my father

Aug 23rd, 2013 11:34am

I fractured my skull and had a brain haemorrhage in 2006 and I realised I had lost my sense of smell:( but my taste has always been A OK (touch wood lol) I have been smoking pretty much since the accident but I have recently over the past year or two been getting strong wiffs:) the more I think about smells (if you don't use it you loose it! even for those who are lucky enough not to have had a severe head trauma!) the more I seem to be getting it back:D ever so slightly mind but hey ho:D the best things are worth waiting for:D:D due to this I am stopping smoking:D and here are a few things that I am going to give a go:D hopefully they can help me and everyone to:) I am going to eat and smell as much of these goodies as I can:D peppermint and cinnamon improve concentration, and decrease irritability, lemon and coffee promote clear thinking! and height concentration in general. NO DAIRY!!:( it will be hard but worth a try as it cause excess mucus! coconut milk I am going to try in my porridge:D good for serotonin levels to:)eating foods high in zinc; oysters, lentils, sunflower seeds, pecans:) (have to be whole nuts and seeds!!) get zinc supplement at least 7mg a day:) smell is heightened after exercise:D clears your tubes out:D and stay away from things that smell bad:S they are hard to know what but i have noticed especially that when i come back to the city it has a bad smell - country air does you good:) carry vanilla and lemon, short and shallow sniffs of the food your body id craving when you go to the market:D what your body craves will smell more yummy:)

Jul 29th, 2013 8:29pm

My father had head injury 2 and half months ago. He recovered well from injury except that he can\'t taste and smell things. Doctors said he may or may not get taste and smell back. He is still not aware of the fact that he may not get taste and smell at all. Is there any medication which can help him to get his taste and smell back? I wish he gets these at the earliest.

Jul 22nd, 2013 2:10pm

I lost my sense of smell completely 12 years ago after a concussion caused by hitting the back of my head on a concrete floor. The hardest part was in the first year when I was trying to understand what had happened and what I could do about it. It was terribly frustrating not being able to smell when I still had the associations. At some point I realised that there was nothing I could do and I had to accept it. From that point, it became much easier to live with. I rationalised that as my only health complaint, it's really not that bad. I think that although my sense of smell is still completely absent, perhaps my taste buds have become more sensitised. I have since heard of someone whose sense of smell returned after 20 years. So perhaps there is hope after all...

Jul 1st, 2013 5:30pm

2.5 years after suffering a TBI from a no-helmet motorcycle wreck, I'm starting to get my sense of smell back!! Don't give up hope. I can smell very strong unique scents like coffee and garlic and onions sauteeing. I do use waaay more hot sauce on my food since the wreck tho, Sriracha on everything. I still can't smell stinky smells yet, so I guess I'm lucky.

Jun 12th, 2013 5:59pm

I had a concussion 4 months ago. At 2 weeks I realized my sense of smell was greatly diminished. Three weeks after that I started to get the "bad smell." That's what I call the burnt or somewhat chemical smell that I have all the time. It is worsened by many normally pleasant odors.I can still smell vinegar and an alcohol swab, but that's about it. MRI and CT both normal. I had 8 acupunture treatments without any change. Many formerly pleasant foods are now intolerable--chocolate, coffee, peanut butter, mayonaise, ketchup and many more. I am still adjusting, eating bland foods--tortillas, turkey, provolone. Tomatoes and many fruits are good. The fall (hitting the back of my head) was truly life-changing. I haven't completely given up hope that I will recover, but there has been no change for 2 months. It sounds like I shouldn't waste any more time or money seeing more docs.

May 31st, 2013 4:57pm

Hello fellow brain damaged I fell from a 4 story window and am back to normal besides the psysical part . I have some \"plasebo\" blinks of smell in some situations and is enjoying life to the fullest including eating and drinking things. I can taste the basics such as salt,sweet,sour aso. Therefore there is no problem because there are such much food within those parameters incl. texture, fill. You just have to try everything. My favorites are mexican food, liqerise, high presentage beer, gingerbeer soda, icecream, sweet wine and halapeno peppers.

May 24th, 2013 7:49pm

I had a fall 9 weeks ago and first hit my head forward and then went backwards and hit on a concrete floor. I have no recollection of any of the accident. I was in ICU for 5 days, and although I am getting along a lot better, I still have no taste or sense of smell. I have no appetite and just eat to keep up my strength. I had all the tests, CT, MRI, EEG. My EEG came back as a small abnormality and the Dr. will give me the details when I go back to him next month. I have balance issues and headaches. I am getting along a lot better, but just wish I could enjoy food again.

May 23rd, 2013 9:58am

Had an motorcycle accident on 12 March had no CT scan on the day have no taste or sense of smell ,really scared, not to be able to taste food or smell the perfume of a women scares me, Life is very dull. I feel trapped in a bubble along with others injuries broken bones etc. But as my doctor said still alive, but without my smell and taste i may as well be dead....

Apr 11th, 2013 6:01pm

My main issue 4 years later is the zero function in my smell and my taste is awkward at best. Basically my taste buds are effective but nothing else concerned with smell so too many flavours in one pallete cause me to to taste nothing, so with spicy foods all i get is "Hot" unless it is mild. Main issue though is my complete loss of people skills. I used to be a people person who could naturally chat to anyone anywhere anytime but now i get all nervous when i'm chatting to people i don't know or havent seen in ages or am talking to for purposes etc. It really is an understated condition that hospitals/doctors should prioritise better.

Sep 29th, 2012 5:11pm

thanks for your information, I am from Halabja-Iraq, and my small brother suffered from head injury because of motor accident about 4 months ago,and he have not smell sense now,I wish and I ask God to regive him the grace of smell, Thanks

Sep 3rd, 2012 2:56pm

Having Anosmia seems to be related to sense of taste also. I am 14 years post injury and my sense of smell is not totally gone, but it is picky. For example, I can smell vanilla, and most other smells, but they have to be very strong. My sense of taste is also dulled.

Jan 31st, 2011 11:05am

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