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The Nuances of Self-Awareness Post-TBI

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Research Update: The Nuances of Self-Awareness Post-TBI

A brief summary of current research.

A longitudinal study of awareness of deficits after moderate to severe traumatic brain injury

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, Vol 19, Issue 2 April 2009, pp 161-176.

How aware a person is of his difficulties after brain injury is important because it can affect how much he is able to benefit from rehabilitation. This study examined improvement in self-awareness of deficits by comparing self-ratings by people with TBI with their family ratings, both at 45 days after injury and one year later. Self-awareness did improve at one year; however, people with TBI continued to rate themselves as higher functioning than their relatives did.

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It seems this study was done on those who immediately received help; therefore, there's some form of supporting recognition around the injured that will help them at least see that others acknowledge something different. I would be interested to see a study be done on one who went several years with no awareness of anything other than the fact that they do in fact have a brain injury.

Jan 10th, 2016 6:16pm

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