TBI & My Longest Ride: A documentary film

A film by Cheryl Green.

This film does not have Audio Description. The described version can be found at Audio Described TBI & My Longest Ride: A documentary film​.

Please note, this film contains graphic imagery of Karl in a coma. Karl Kajomo Moritz faced the ultimate life change when he was bicycle commuting home from work in 2010 and was hit head on by a car and spent five weeks in a coma. Kajomo developed a healing plan with healthy eating, acupuncture, speech therapy, neurofeedback, and high cardio velodrome track riding. He embarked on what he calls spinning for neurogenesis: improving cognition and overall brain bandwidth and reconnecting with his sons and his community.

Posted on BrainLine April 19, 2021.

Funded by a generous grant from Regional Arts & Culture Council. For questions, please contact Karl at tbi.my.longest.ride@gmail.com

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Cool story. Others would put up with that long of recovery. That guy is STRONG!

Thank You!

As the individual whom approach to have this Doc produced, CoVid 19 messed up my film plans as I (Kajomo) wanted to have my guests Natralpathic Doctors speak and demonstrate about Neurofeedback, Acupuncture, Health Nervous System Herbs and Speech Language Pathology as part of my plan. C19 made it not possible to film in the office spaces.
I feel this is important to share this, as your Standard care Dr won't inform you on these for brain trauma. I have a s-TBI, D.A.I. Aphasia, 13 Titanium screws in my fractured hip, and Still spin for Neurogenesis 10 miles daily - Fixed gear.

Peace < Kajomo

This is an awesome inspiration Period Kajomo I take your heart to heart - your commitment to neurogenesis.
Spread This far and wide many many many will benefit.

Thank you Had my Meditation instructor!

Thank You, I've posted in several sites but most Hospital removed my comments about Neurofeedback, Acupuncture & Health Nervous system herbs, I'll keep sharing.
Be safe ~ be strong!