Learn Why Aggression, Irritability, and Depression Are Common After Brain Injury

Individuals showing aggressive or irritable behavior is also very common after brain injury--of various severities, whether it's mild, moderate, or severe. And some individuals just will become verbally aggressive and lash out, but some people will also become physically aggressive. We know that depression is certainly a risk factor for aggressive behavior, so it occurs more commonly when people are depressed, but it also is stemming from some of the areas of the brain that are injured. So, if you have injury to the front part, the prefontal cortex, the result of that is disinhibiting other areas of the brain. So you have disinhibition of other impulses. So, things that people may think about and not do without a brain injury, they will do without thinking after a brain injury.

Changes in or damage to the brain make emotional and behavioral issues common after a TBI.

Posted on BrainLine June 9, 2011

Produced by Vicky Youcha and Ashley Gilleland, BrainLine.

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