Animated Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Learn more about the signs and symptoms of mild TBI, the causes, and treatments.

Posted on BrainLine December 15, 2017.

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It's amazing that the people that have commented, are likely suffering with sleeping issues. I noticed that the times are either early in the morning or later at night. Anyway, the medical field likely knows about MILD TBI's and so do insurance companies but the insurers want to ignore it. My accident was in 2011 and it hasn't completely settled yet.
Word of advice, fire your lawyer if you feel he or she is not fighting for you.

Brainline is amazing . It's nice to find all of this information in one place and to know I'm not alone.

Where Oh where was this info when I needed it!

At least you knew you needed it. I wasn't informed, EVER. And I wasn't, and am not alone even now. People aren't informed even by neurologists in hospital ERs. Sad world.

This should be made available to all patients while in the hospital instead of the TV junk.

I found myself standing in the doorway staring at my neighbors who came to visit knowing that I should do something such as invite them in. It took a while for me to realize that as an action. I will have to talk to them about this and what I've learned here and see what they say.