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The probable cause of pain on the right frontal lobe is simply a migraine headache. Take solace in the fact that the brain is incapable of producing pain.

I am experiencing constant debilitating pain on the right side of my frontal lobe, do you have any idea what the cause of this could be?

I definitely learned things that I did not know before!

-Parker Deal. (Mrs.Norris' Intro To Psych.)

Each brain injury is unique. The most important thing the community surrounding the brain injured could add to the great progress occurring is to stop the community of "normals" from accusing the concussed of all forms of manipulation, laziness and under achievement. This is real the recovery time is ongoing. Be encouraging do not act as a detractor. To all who have brain injuries believe in yourself and love every day.

I'm now 41 years old, 7 years ago I had a tbi, I fell off a roof landing on my head on the cement, this really has changed my life, I am a artist now and there is no way on eath I could draw a runni g stick man before I got hurt, Recovery is never easy what ever it is, but if you can somehow find the strengh to think positive, I should have a better recovery POSITIVE THINKING HAS SAVED MY LIFE


Awesome, awesome, awesome, 

I love this site. My 23 yr old son suffered a TBI 6 yrs ago. I read everything posted here. I learn something new everyday . I majored in nursing and psychology and thought I was prepared to deal with this. How wrong I was! His injury prompted his then 15 yr old sister to major in neuropsychology. She graduates this yr from Penn State. Her attitude changed from " I no longer have a brother" to learning to understand and accept her "new" brother...and wanting to help others like him. Everything happens for a reason!

This is my favorite place I love to visit. Jack from Mongolia.

I had a hemorrhagic stroke 5 yrs ago. Drs say I was lucky to survive. I have many residual effects..I'm now in a new state. Drs here say i did not have a stroKe. I'M very frustrated. I'm going to go to a neurological university in my prev state and get my follow-up

This is so depressing...on top of major depression. Just reinforces my feelings of inadequacy. And I'm a neuroscience RN. Haha... Well, I used to be, although I've kept my RN license current, just to make me feel like I'm worthwhile, although, I'm not.

And to top it off, in order to leave a comment, I have to try to decipher some weird code-garbled word, I've tried 3x, and I'm about to give up. I have a hard enough time just reading and comprehending normal typed words. Why do you make this so difficult? 

Thank you for putting up this web site. It's been very helpful to many of us. I had a tumor/cancer removed September 2012 in the frontal lobe . Please keep us getting better...

It cool it just gave me a answer about the brain

Wow! I love this page! Really useful

As someone with TLE and a brain tumor, I found this site informative. Thank you

It seems like the brain I'm left with after ruptured anuerism and stroke has at least one deficit from each part of the brain...

What a wonderful site and great service to the community. Thank you Brainline!!!

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It's a good website to learn about brain parts
Very nice and informative. a thru and headshot left me missing ONE THIRD OF MY BRAIN MISSING
it\'s good website and helpfull for us
this is a good website and I love it helps with home work on the brain and some of the injures on the brain