Research Updates

Scientists have learned more about the brain — how it works and how it heals — in the last decade or two than ever before. And, there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of research being done specifically on traumatic brain injury (TBI). BrainLine’s Research Update is an ongoing series of short synopses describing the recent research on TBI and links for further information. We created this series to help keep people with brain injuries, families, and other professionals up to date on the latest brain injury research.

Reassuring News About Football and Cognitive Decline? Not So Fast

It is increasingly recognized that moderate to severe traumatic brain injury increases the risk for dementia in older adulthood. Whether mild TBI is associated with increased risk of dementia is less clear, especially because fewer prospective studies have focused on mild TBI. This is an important gap in the field, especially because concussion is relatively common, among both the general population and certain groups such as athletes and military service members.