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Resetting Priorities — What's Really Important?

Resetting Priorities

Recovery from a brain injury is not an event; it is a lifelong process. Sometimes the truth will be easily digestible, while at other times, self-awareness is painful. But this is all part of the process.

How Transparent is Too Transparent?

How Transparent Is Too Transparent?

I feel like I have mastered the face-to-face challenges I used to confront when asked about my health. But it’s my written work that still often causes me angst. Like a human-sized pendulum, I swing back and forth about how much I should share. How transparent is too transparent?

Transitioning from Combat to the Civilian World: It's Easy to Overreact

Transitioning from Combat to the Civilian World Its Easy to Overreact

Do you feel your anger start to hyper-escalate when someone steals your parking spot or cuts you in line at the grocery store? That is not uncommon for service members trying to transition back into civilian life. Adam suggests talking to someone who's been there, who understands.