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Traumatic Brain Injury: A Lifetime of Recovery

Traumatic Brain Injury – A Lifetime of Recovery

I am a very average “TBI Guy.” I have ongoing memory challenges. Word-finding challenges and aphasia are my constant companions. Add a splash of vertigo and half a cup of tinnitus and you have the perfect recipe for a pretty average post-concussive life. And amazingly, today I am okay with that...

Tips for Better Communication After Brain Injury

Tips for Better Communication After Brain Injury

Like other veterans with TBI, Adam finds talking on a cellphone stressful and uncomfortable. He prefers talking face-to-face with people — that way he can hear better and also see the person's body language.

Living with an Invisible Disability

David Grant Living with an Invisible Disability
None of these challenges is blatant to the naked eye, but spend a bit of time with me, and you’ll learn soon enough that I’m not as normal as I look. Such is the nature of being invisibly disabled.

My Seven-Year Nap

My Seven Year Nap: Life After a TBI
There are times when it feels like things cannot get any more surreal, and then they do. Such is the unexpected life that unfolds for so many of us after brain injury.

Life After Brain Injury – Changing the Inner Narrative

David Grant, March 2018: Life After Brain Injury – Changing the Inner Narrative

We've all got it, that inner voice that constantly narrates our lives. It is simply part of being human. But as many of us know, brain injury can complicate things. Gone can be the ability to know intuitively when and how to handle things. Without warning, our inner narrator takes on a new power.

The New Pace of Life

The New Pace of Life David Grant

Things take longer than they used to. I have slowed down. Sure, some of it can be attributed to getting older, but most of the new, slower pace that life has taken on is injury related. I’ve found that in that slower pace, life has become rewarding in very unexpected ways