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Can Meditation Help After Brain Injury?

Can Meditation Help After Brain Injury?

Meditation may hold some benefits for those with TBI, but currently there is not enough research on the ability of those affected by TBI to meditate or the impact of meditation on those with TBI, and the few published studies report different results, so its effectiveness remains to be proven.

Musical Healing for TBI and PTSD

Musical healing for TBI and PTSD

Music therapy is an evidence-based therapeutic application for the treatment of brain and psychological injuries such as TBI and PTSD. Substantial scientific evidence supports how and why music therapy works, but it also can be understood intuitively.

Art Therapy for TBI

Art Therapy Memorial Box for TBI

Watch how art therapy can provide a non-verbal opportunity to process things that may be uncomfortable to put into words.

The Mysteries of CTE

Dr Jim Kelly: The Mysteries of CTE

Dr. Jim Kelly on what we know and don't know about chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).