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Brain Injury and Depression

Brandon Blake: Depression and TBI
Brandon Blake and Michelle Kauffman share how they worked to address challenges they faced with depression after experiencing a brain injury.

Hits, Not Concussions, Cause CTE

Hits Not Concussions Cause CTE
Researchers have identified evidence of early CTE brain pathology after head impact, even in the absence of signs of concussion.

Spin Cycle

If I am busy with every little thing, then I don’t have time to be sad, angry, feel hopeless or miss our lives and the son I knew before. I can diminish the magnitude of Taylor’s injury. It just won’t hurt as much, until it hurts like hell and can’t be ignored. So here is what I learned in my own version of spin class.

My Seven-Year Nap

My Seven Year Nap: Life After a TBI
There are times when it feels like things cannot get any more surreal, and then they do. Such is the unexpected life that unfolds for so many of us after brain injury.

Keep It Real

Abby Maslin: Keep It Real: Life & Caregiving After Brain Injury

What do readers in the brain injury world want? I can only guess that like me; they want it all: practical solutions, resources & references, a place to vent, a place to grieve, a place to interact with people who "get it."