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Waves of Grief

I cannot remember the first time I recognized grief for what it was following our son’s traumatic brain injury, but it has come to feel like a familiar acquaintance. These are some coping strategies that have helped me get through to the other side of my own grief.

You’re a Survivor Too

If I could make one sweeping statement about the many caregivers I’ve met, it would be this: we are too hard on ourselves.

Racing Against the Past

I married an athlete, and this is part of who he is. I am trying to come to grips with my fear of repeating the past because I never want to go through anything like his TBI again. I’m not sure I could handle it. Does anyone have any words of wisdom?


First word, first step…you remember! Our plan included helping our sons through their “normal” firsts: high school, college, career, marriage, and children. Nowhere on our “normal” firsts list was finding ourselves sitting by our son’s hospital bed praying that he would live.

The Lingering Effects of Brain Injury

David Grant: The Lingering Effects of Brain Injury
I can’t believe that I’m coming up on seven years out. As time continues to pass, my perspectives change, and my insight deepens. Sometimes I forget that those close to me still hurt. In the reflection of their inner pain, I see my injury for what it really is.