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The Words We Use

The Words We Use: Addressing Brain Injury & PTSD
Not everyone has experience communicating with people with disabilities. However, it should not be intimidating.

Drawing the Line

Drawing the Line

When to stay? When to go? When to get professional help? These are some of the hardest questions we will face in our post-TBI lives. These are gut-wrenching decisions to make. I know that not only from my own experience, but from the network of caregivers I communicate with everyday.

Every Little Thing You Do

There are no guarantees, but there are smart choices and strategies that can optimize recovery after TBI. The following is a list I compiled as my answer to the many people in the beginning stages of TBI who have asked about my success over the years. I hope it helps.

Find the Good and Praise it!

Like those of us who have been at this business of life after brain injury for a long time, I am aware of the stages that we go through. I know that I am experiencing "recurring grief." During these times it can be very hard to “find the good and praise it..."

A Survivor's Guide to Doctor's Visits

A Survivor’s Guide to Doctor’s Visits

Navigating the medical waters isn’t easy for anyone, but it can be particularly complicated and overwhelming for those of us who live with a brain injury. David Grant offers advice from his own experience.

Let There Be More

I’ve been fortunate to have a few personal encounters with people who are rocking the boat of brain injury awareness, and from them, I’ve gathered some valuable pearls of wisdom. Here they are...