Managing Your Money After a Brain Injury

Managing money is complicated, especially for people with a brain injury who may have trouble remembering what they spent or creating a budget. Adam shares some tips from online banking to keeping a spending journal.

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i wish i wouldve had someone to help me with my money,its like time i have no concept of it

HI, ADAM, I am a TBI thivror for 34 years and over them I've had used may different techniques to "manage" my money and the one that works for me I would like to discuss with you on an episode of my TBI Blog Talk Radio Show of which I am the Thursday night host .. My name is "Fantastic Frank" My show is live each Thursday night @ 10:00 PM EST .

If you would like to be my guest on and upcoming episode please let me know  and I will have my producer "CC: get in touch with you..

I know that many people out there could benefit from our talk (myself included) who does still have "impulse issues" LOVE FF

My tbi was on 4/14/02 and I've progressed to the point I'm in complete control of my finances! I live alone, pay all my bills online, buy food online and it's delivered to my home!