Anosmia or Loss of Smell from Brain Injury

Anosmia or Loss of Smell from Brain Injury

My friend had a brain hemorrhage from a blow to the head 10 years ago and has completely lost his sense of smell. Apparently, the part of his brain that controls his sense of smell was permanently damaged.

Is it possible that even though the brain does not recognize or register any kind of smell, the effects of that smell still be experienced? For example, even though he can’t smell coffee or lavender, could he still get stimulating effects of the coffee aroma or the relaxation effects of the scent of lavender?


Smell loss following traumatic brain injury is often overlooked as doctors tend not bother to ask about or test for loss or change in smell — or taste for that matter. Many times, people with brain injury first report changes in taste when they lose or notice a change in their ability to smell. Typically, complete loss of smell — or what is called anosmia — will be quite noticeable to a person following a traumatic brain injury and may affect numerous aspects of their life. Unfortunately, there is no good treatment cure for post-traumatic anosmia. Typically, if a person doesn’t regain his ability to smell six months after the injury, the loss will likely be permanent.

Because of the complex mechanisms involved in olfaction — a person’s sense of smell — it’s difficult to determine the reason for the loss. Problems with smell loss can result from craniofacial trauma, specifically damage to nasal passage ways, shearing injury of the olfactory nerve, or injury to primary or secondary smell centers in the frontotemporal regions of the brain. There are also other non-traumatic causes for smell impairment including Alzheimer’s disease and smoking, to name just two. This is why it’s important for people with this type of problem to seek out appropriate evaluation by a doctor familiar with post-traumatic smell loss.

If your friend is truly anosmic, that is, he has totally lost his sense of smell, then he would probably not recognize or register any kind of smell since the olfactory nerve is responsible for scent recognition. Therefore, your friend would not benefit from smelling any substance. That said, we don’t have a lot of research on this. Some people have anecdotally described “blind smell” similar to blind sight (a phenomenon in which people who are perceptually blind in a certain area of their visual field demonstrate some response to visual stimuli), and it wouldn’t hurt for your friend to try and experiment with smells.


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I had head trauma 14 years ago 3 weeks ago I started picking up on smells faintly off and on some days better than others. My neurologist wanted an eeg thinking seizures no (foul or odd smells) I'm starting to recognize smells I'm excited just wish it would stay. I do practice everyday had to learn from the internet. Can you believe an ENT specialist couldn't figure this out WOW

I’m very glad you’ve started to get your smell back. I was diagnosed with olefactory groove meningioma in 2022 which is removed now. They had to remove my smell nerves as well as the tumor was tied with those nerves. As the result I have lost my smell as well as any taste associated with smell. Some days it makes me cry that I can’t smell all the good memories, perfumes, places, food, etc. if I want to be positive, I tell myself loosing smell is better than losing my eyesight.
I wish there were some studies or experiments on people like me to help us our smell back.
Best of luck to all people going through this difficult situation.

I don't have a since of smell but my taste works fine and I figured out it was because I was hit by a car when I was nine yrs old my grandma never understood that because without one I shouldn't have the other

For what it's worth:
Yes severe head injury can zap your sense of smell for good.
I always remember this, humorous if you were me- being there, and to remember it how it went.
Was 2 or 3 years after a severe head injury I had, was at a Doctors Office.
The Doctor happened to ask me how my sense of smell was, and I replied I can not smell at all.
Again he asked in a not so questioning way again, but instead there was like doubt in his tone of voice, in relation to what I had just said. With the Doctor then saying something to me like, "you can't smell."
The Doctor then went into a metal structure of cabinets. Which in it I could see with cabinet door open, that there were like different Medicines, substances, or whatever the proper term was for the different Medical bottles, boxes, etc., that were there.
The Doctor selected, and brought two bottles out, setting them before me.
The Doctor took a cue tip dipped it into the one bottle, then held it up right under my nose , and told me to inhale deep.
For which I did. With the Doctor asking me if I smelled anything? I said no.
He then took the other bottle, and did the same thing with a cue tip, telling me to inhale deep.
For which it was nothing for me, no smell, nothing.
Then the Doctor said right after the second time where I just inhaled deep, not saying anything.
Though the Doctor then said, "yes you have no sense of smell." (how it all went of course is not exactly word for word, but in another way it is pretty much exactly how it did go/happened. especially how much he did stress the point, that whatever the second bottle had in it, assured the Doctor that I can not smell, and that I can not smell anything- there was humor to it)
(41+ years since the wham that ended the world of smell, that was 31 days later when I was first conscious of existing in hospital bed, and for which I still greatly miss the smell of Coffee, even though I can not remember at all now- what Coffee smelled like)
Here's something I am curious about.
How long was it, for people who did lose their sense of smell, that you had moments/flashes like- where you would remember something you like the smell of (or was it even more than a flash for you- for how you remembered- or even still remember a certain smell? Which for me was like moments/flashes, where I would have a flash like memory of like the smell of coffee, but it was only real quick- and though I was not able to hold on to it, it would just be there in a flash- and then gone! For which after like 3 or 4 years it no longer happened, even those flash memories were then gone. Where try as much as I could about thinking about like the smell of Coffee (as I liked a lot the smell of Coffee [ wow, even beyond Coffee, I can not even remember something else I liked the smell of it has been so long ]- as it has been a long time now for anything to do with smelling something), yes at a certain point in time- being too long in time- that even the flash memory of Coffee was gone. That of smelling gone, never had dreams of smelling, as I do not dream well/much- like first years there was no dreaming, just go to bed- and it was all blank- sleep, then wake up (though even sleep is another story too) (try not to have a head injury if you haven't, as not good at all in many ways).
I do hate it though, how I have to wash shirts worn one day- as I have no idea if it smells dirty, or does not. Of course if home alone I do not care, but to go out- I like/prefer to have just washed shirt.
Also the many pots I have burned (how I never started a fire, from Above must be watching me for it), as no sense of smell, with a bad short term memory- both from the head injury- are a dangerous combination, drive you up a wall too.
Like the time I was down on the floor, head down doing something like reading (whatever it was), I was there for awhile not looking up paying attention to anything other than what I was into. Being alone, and being not my house. Where I then looked up, and the house was completely filled with smoke, a lot of smoke (amazing what two pieces of bread will do burned to charcoal.
Yes I was freaking out thinking there was a fire. I ran around the house looking for flames, and could not see where the smoke was coming from- as the house was completely filled with smoke!
Of course I had no memory whatsoever of the toast I had put into the toaster. That had burned to two small black chunks of charcoal, that the Fire Department reminded me of, as like I said- I did not know/remember till long too late after what I then did- which was very- Embarrassing!!!!
As I was then thinking after running through the house, seeing no fire, that there must be an electrical fire under the house- there was no cellar- only small crawl space, and I assumed an electrical fire (there was something else about the electric system that also led me to think such, and I can't remember exactly what it was- but I can remember there was something (I know- go figure, crazy).
Then I am thinking not my house, it could burn to the ground due to possibly me (thankfully only toast, though a toaster is deadly for fires), so I thought I better call the Fire department. Which I did.
Which I must have looked pretty dumb.
But when you have no sense of smell, and the short term memory problem- that things can be gone in seconds not to be remembered at all, things like such can happen.
There were some other incidents of mine on the doozy scale also. But this is too long already what I typed (I also did not write like this, or able to write for a while (decades), if someone is wondering about the connection there to severe head injury; that I also did not just type this out- took time; also being one of the few things able to work at greatly, the most, started 2.5 decades down the road.
If you can smell, next time you are near Coffee, Please go smell that great smelling Coffee for me. Thank You!

I was involved in a car accident in which the car rolled 4 times and I didn't have my seat belt on so I was ejected from the car. I had a severe brain injury, intense bleeding in the brain, and severe swelling. I also broke every bone in my face including both jaws, nose, and my left cheek into the eye socket. Plus other injuries to my body. When I could FINALLY breathe through my nose I realized I had lost my sense of smell. My jaws were wired for 3 months and when I was able to eat solid food again EVERYTHING was spicy! I mean pancakes felt like jalapeños lol! That only lasted a few weeks and my taste is almost normal except for the fact that I am SUUUUUPER sensitive to ANYTHING spicy. I never liked spicy foods, to begin with, but now I can't even eat pepperoni. My lack of smell is very strange... I can't smell ANYTHING sweet. I could be baking cookies/brownies and not smell a thing. I can smell SOME smells if there is A LOT of it. Unfortunately, it's only bad smells like the dump or an excessive amount of bleach. And the best part is I very randomly will smell something that you wouldn't find in the area I am in. For example, at my dad's car workshop I randomly smell syrup that you would use on waffles. I hate it honestly, but that's literally the LEAST of my long-lasting symptoms from the TBI unfortunately.

I lost my sense of smell completely over 3 months ago. I don’t remember it, but apparently I tripped and fell backwards, hitting my head on concrete steps. I then hit the front of my head and had bumps on my forehead, a really bad black eye, and bruising on my cheek. For some reason nobody sent me to the hospital, even a policeman who happened to pass by!? I was throwing up and spinning for over 10 days before I slowly started recovering. I don’t have health insurance that would cover a CAT scan, I still get dizzy often.
Thankfully I can still taste, but it’s been diminished greatly as smell and taste are intertwined. The other day I badly burned a bag of popcorn to the point where the whole kitchen was smoky. There was smoke coming out of the bag and I put my nose to it and smelled smoke for a couple seconds, which was oddly thrilling! But it was painful and it felt like the smoke went to my skull. I don’t know if it’s promising that I smelled the smoke or not.
I miss the smell of soap and shampoo and lotions. I hardly bathe anymore because what’s the point. I worry that my house reeks, and if a fire or gas leak were to happen is a scary thought. It’s very sad and a loss that’s hard to come to terms with. I already have two lifelong illnesses, so here’s another one to add to the list....:(
Even though chances aren’t good that I or many on this board regain our sense of smell, I truly hope we all do. What a loss of life, of the small pleasures, not being able to smell the air after a rainfall. Good luck all.

I lost my sense of smell afta traumatic brain injury. I don’t remember anything that happened for 2 weeks, not even being in the hospital. My family had to tell me. My taste of food is not the same. It is heartbreaking.

December 28 2021 I was blindsided by another truck, my truck rolled 3 times and I was ejected out of my passenger truck window thrown 27 foot into the road way suffered a Traumatic brain injury 2 brain bleeds and skull fracture didn’t break a bone don’t remember the wreck or the hospital don’t remember 2weeks after getting out of the hospital lost all abilities to smell and taste some foods been over a year now short term memory is horrible ringing in the right ear still can’t get certain words out correctly it’s been a tuff road now learning how to live with these new disability’s

I had a head injury 22 years ago resulting in a Fractured skull, brain bleed and swollen brain.
I have lived with Anosmia for all these years. Mostly I accept it but today is one of those days where I would give anything for stem cell treatment.

I suffered a TBI mid-September of 2020 and I've had both anosmia and phantosmia for the five months since then. The intensity of the phantom smell has varied over that time period, but it has recently changed so that I could swear that I now *taste* the phantom smell - but only with some foods (very sweet things, hot wings) and tooth paste. So bizarre.

My doctor at one point prescribed an SSRI that seemed to lessen the severity, but I gave it up due to side effects. I saw an earlier post on the Gabapentin, which coincidentally I was taking shortly after the accident (with no apparent relief, at least at that dosage). I'm reluctant to go on any medication, especially at high doses, but I'm not sure I'm keen on dealing with this for the rest of my life.

I suffered from TBI last October 2019. I fell backwards and the back of my head hit concrete before I had time to put my hands out (as I was walking down a concrete slippery ramp). Then I felt the concussion as the brain hit the inside of my head. After this I could no longer taste or smell. After much research it appears a hit to the back of the head can injure or shave off the nerves to the olfactory bulb as the brain hits the inside of the front of one's head. Soon after my nose became really clear. I used to suffer from hay fever. I figured it is the smell that makes the reaction to the brain to cause the allergic reaction, experientially the reason is that I no longer smell the pollen, so that signal is not sent to my brain to make an allergic reaction and now I don't have air borne allergies anymore. That was the only bright side. Now I can taste sweetness, saltyness, tartness etc, but I can't discern the flavours. That is I can't tell if I'm sucking a raspberry flavoured lolly to a lemon flavoured lolly, it's just a sweet taste. The only think I can discern a very slight taste to is coriander. I'm still hoping my taste and smell will come back. I still enjoy my meals but I think it is because I'm hungry and enjoy the texture of the food.

Hello, it might be worth looking into that lack of smell and or taste is due to zinc deficiency.
Also tinnitus is to do with the brain and not the ears. It is a sign of problems in the brain that can lead to memory loss.

I loss my smell in1992 for no apparent reason. I had no injury or virus that stands out, however I did work in a factory and it happened during that time. All these years I’ve been able to taste my food up until allergies has taken that away. I wish there was something that can be done.

has anybody tried stem cell therapy for anosmia, i think it is in still under development? i
have unilateral anosmia since 2014 after mild tbi.

there is also platlet rich plasma therapy , has somebody tried this for anosmia after tbi?

thanks all

has someone tried the stem cell therapy I think it is still in development stage. I have unilateral anosmia since last 6 years when i had suffered mild concussion while coming from office. also there is platelet rich plasma treatment has this anybody tried?

Wow, I'm so "glad" to see so many other people in my situation. I was hit in a crosswalk in June 2019, had the brain bleed and surgery, and now my beloved coffee smells like dead fish and the sense of taste is a little strange, fresh spinach now reminds me of motor oil. Hearing that its probably permanent isn't great, but I am grateful to be alive!

On December 30th I got hit by car and I was rushed to the hospital and I had a brain bleed. After 2 days I was released and they had me on anti seizure medication and I went through all my proper tests like ct scans, mri’s eeg/emg. And now I lost my sense of smell at the end of January and I’m afraid it’s going to be permanent is there anything I can do or is there hope for me.

I was hit by a car while walking in a crosswalk 4 years ago. I’ve suffered a severe TBI in the right frontal/temporal lobes and can no longer smell. I can taste find for the most part, however I can’t taste the difference between brown sodas and some days my taste is off, everything is bland. I get whiffs of various smells randomly and sometimes feel I’m convincing myself i can smell, like it’s in my memory. Does anyone else experience this?

Hi! I can taste most things but do not have sense of smell. I had a TBI on December 15 2019 and still hoping to get my sense of smell back. I have sensations of smell: strong hospital smell, weak hospital smell and on the fifth month a sweeter hospital smell...I made a smell box with 6 doterra oils: Clove, rose, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, and breath blend. I can sense menthol feelings in my nose. I think that is great you get whiffs of smell and I am hoping that happens to me. Thanks for your information.

Interstingly enough, I too was hit by a car while crossing the street 4 years ago, suffered a TBI, and now have anosmia, and have completely lost my sense of smell. We have had some of the exact same reactions in that random smells with pop up without them actually being there. For example, occasionally I may smell burnt popcorn, or a strong smell of rubber, or even a floral fragrance, etc. of some kind without any of these items actually being present no where near me. I've also had the days where some food tastes bland, and other days where I am unable to eat a meal due to the overwhelming taste of salt or spices, however I am thankful to still have my sense of taste. It's definitely been a learning process, but you take each day as it comes.

July of 2019 my husband fell and hit his head on the concrete crack the skull fractures in four different places cannot smell taste feel heat to a skin it is taking us 6 months to get into a traumatic brain injury doctor our whole lives have changed in a matter of minutes he's 49 years old he's depressed stressed can't taste his food he says he keeps smelling a chemical smell and it's driving me nuts we see the doctor on Thursday I'm just wondering if there's any therapy or anything that will help him get his taste and smell back I think this is going to affect him for the rest of his life

May of 2010, I had a rollover car accident, airlifted to emergency. I was 47 at that time. I was in a coma for two weeks. Had a severe TBI. Didn't realize until six months later, I didn't have sense of smell, and no sense of taste. In a weeks time, it will be 2021, and I still have not gotten my sense of taste and smell back. I have accepted it will be permanent. I know the University of Penn. in Philadelphia does some work in this area, though they can't help me. Just wanted to say your not alone, although it feels that way at times. Remember it could have been worse, be thankful. Look for the good in life. Good luck.

Did he ever get it vk..his senses?

I'd like to note one positive aspect of my recent brain injury. I've been an alcoholic for well over a decade now but since my motorcycle accident (Yep. Related.) 4 and a half months ago I've drank less than what I would've drunk in a week's time prior to my accident. The craving is still there but it's difficult to enjoy a bottle of Jack when it smells exactly the same as my deodorant, soap, air freshener, cologne and about 90% of everything else I use on a daily basis.
Some foods are kinda yuck now but that's a small price to pay to have my life back in order.

I fell on a night out in 2002 and struck my head on a curb. I fractured my skull and suffered an extra dural haematoma. I underwent emergency life saving surgery, and since then have zero sense of smell. I still taste sweet and sour foods, and still enjoy eating. Spicy food is obviously still spicy and still burns!!

I don’t often think about it anymore, but if it were possible, I’d love to undergo some treatment to try and get my sense of smell back.

I cannot smell due to traumatic brain Injury 9 months ago. What can I do to get my ability to smell again.

I had a TBI 3-4years ago and doctor said nose was fine but because if TBI I would never smell again.Thanksgiving Day I was out to my twin brothers and I regained my FULL SENSE OF SMELL . This event put me in tears and it,s still bringing tears to my eyes cause the world without smell is artificial and I had lost any love I had for it.I prayed to GOD that as long as I could smell my woman again that I'd be happy. That day I had been planning on leaving her because I couldn't ever smell her again.GOD obviously has better plans for my life.I'll pray for you all that you all have the same blessing that I was granted. GOD BLESS you all and do keep your heads up.

Hi Gary, I had a motocross accident in 1989 and had swelling on my brain and a memory loss for a couple months. I also lost my sence of smell and have been praying for a healing over the years. You give me hope in our lord and savior, please pray for me as I increase my prayers. Thanks

I have neck tissue damage so I just started working with acupuncture. I didn’t realize the taste and smell issues were apparent until end of third year.

I also loss my sense of smell on May.14 2019 after being struck my a vehicle and since then have not regained the sense of smell back..I hope it will come back

I was informed to try stem cell treatment I wonder will that help me plus I have been reading up on stem cells research and willing to give this a try to c if it will work.

Yes brother, likewise

Hi myself megha... Three months ago my friend had A brain injury... And he can't able to smell and taste anything... Can u suggest me what should I do to make him well... Regarding his taste and smell... Plz
Need ur help

jus gotta wait and see, mate. I had brain bleed from a concussion and my smell gone by 99%... all specialists and internet says the same thing... if it doesnt come back in a year... it’s goneskies mate. if it doesnt come back by 6 months, then it’s highly likely it will not come back in a year.....quite hard to handle they say - u dont know what u got til its gone...

Never believe that your sense of smell can't return after TBI. Mine only started coming back after 5 years! Still can't smell natural gas or cinnamon or my beloved lilacs but everything else is pretty close. The brain will never give up trying to make new connections, so it takes much longer than the doctors say to notice an improvement in the very delicate olfactory system.

My mother has not been able to smell anything for almost 15 years. Is there still a way to regain her sense of smell?

In 1998 I had a car accident, The air bag hit me at 254 mph. I remember the impact, the EMT's. And the fact that they messed with my neck. I remember coming to at the hospital, family there, don't remember all the tests. Just remember that I got a ticket for inattentive driving during an ice storm. Was half a mile from home as well as work. Air bag in car was set at 257 mph. If not for head rest, I would not be here. I had enough sense about me after impact to open car door. The car was totally destroyed. Went over embankment then nose dived into railroad tracks. After exams, I was sent home. Piss! Poor help!! Not only for car insurance but from job, as well as health. I don't, still can't remember alot from it. But do remember that after it was over a few days later, could remember lots of Dr. Appointment's, lost my job, sense of smell, taste, hearing! After 6 years got marriage ended. So just dealing with lost of taste and now with a Extremely sensitive sense of smell which gets to the point it can make me physically sick. Air freshner, perfume, deodorant, I have to wear a mask to go shopping. I can't stand the smell of food cooking!! I don't eat much because I can't taste it, it's a waste of time. I eat because I have to. Most of the time it stays down.

My brain tumor was undiagnosed (after 2 surgeries) my local small my hospital missed it for 4 Yeare.
Hard to cook or walk around with nausea and no smell. Who wants to cook when your grossed out by looking wheyerlrss touching the food makes me sick. Hoping to hear your improved?

Approximately 2.5 months ago I started suffering EXTREME allergies, I can't taste or smell. I also got a bump on my forehead.
On the rare occasion I can smell something, however, I can't taste anything.
I am wanting to eat anything that has texture to give me mouth feel, even though I can't taste it. At first I was losing weight, now I am trying to replace the taste of food with the texture of food. Now I am gaining weight. I want to cook foods that I would Love to eat. Today I made Spaetzle and Schnitzel. The issue is, my husband is vegetarian and I can't gauge the odour of what I am cooking.
This is a huge issue!
I can't tell if milk is bad, or my house is burning down!!

I feel your pain. I stood up got light headed, last thing I remembered TBI, 7 staples in the back of my head. My ears ring loudly and constantly so sleep is fun and I can’t smell anything at all. People do not realize what it’s like. I keep milk 5 days before I throw out. I keep mints in my pocket because I can’t tell if my breath stinks. Food is only something that is necessary. I use a lot of hot sauce. Lost 20 lbs so far. I have a few more months and I’ll be at the 6 month point or the point of no return of smell. I’ll take the ringing ears but please let me smell again. It is very dangerous. I’ll have to try the texture food thing to. The sad part is The doctor knew I was having issues with my blood pressure bottoming out and waited till my accident to lower my blood pressure medication. Now I don’t pass out anymore b

Loss my sense of smell 3 or 4 years ago from scull fracture on the back of my head and TBI. Dr. said nose was fine but I'd never smell again because of injury to my brain. I Regained my FULL SENCE OF SMELL on Thanksgiving Day of this year.I'm still finding it hard to believe or actually just realize.

I had a massive head injury in 2001 and all I had was a metal taste and smell.. Now last December I was taking neurotins and I regained my taste and smell. I was able after so many yrs to know the difference of sour sweet but couldn't distinguish the actual flavor. I wasn't sure how I got my sense back until I read about the gabapentin. I'm so grateful for this web site... thank u..

pls confirm the did u prescribed by doctor for same or have tried by ur self.

I have no sense of smell, close to 5 years now. Last good smell was a scrambled egg sandwich, but before Losing my smeller, I smelled something like a death smell, I can not express how awful it was. My husband just put an ammonia strip under my nose, I did not smell it but it felt like it burned all the way up my right nostril to my brain. Didn’t like that feeling at all, my left nostril didn’t do a thing. I do cry sometimes because I can’t smell anymore.

I also lost my sense of smell due to a brain injury 4 years ago. Sometimes I wish I could still smell as well, but then I think of the senses that I still have. If you had to lose one, which would you choose ya know? Between smell, sight, taste, and hearing, I think smell is the least important haha

On July 5th 2019 I suffer a brutal assault, I woke up at the hospital after being in a coma for one day, I spend a whole week in the hospital getting CAT scan twice a day, to check on my swelling and bleeding of the brain. When I got released from the hospital I noticed I was having a hard time smelling and tasting. At this time I started to investigate, I talked to the doctor, and they told me that it was very common for people who suffer brain injuries To louse their sense of smell, it has been life changing for me so I understand how you feel. I get really sad and depressed, thinking that I'm going to go the rest of my life not being able to enjoy smelling anything. And tasting food.

Suffered a brain hemmorage almost 11 years ago from a car accident. I remember the first month after the accident always smelling something like Pinesol. A week later that smell was gone and have never been able to smell again. On a rare occasion though I do get a sweet smell that last a few seconds.

I was involved in a serious accident 2 yrs ago and have anosmia now. It is devastating in ways I can’t describe.
But like you .. i have just recently been getting these faint but sweet, floral smells for a second, and then gone. It is the only thing that I’ve smelled. It has brought me hope that smell May return (!!!)..... but based on what you are describing, maybe it’s just a pleasant “side effect” and not a sign of improvement. Have you had any more smells or other improvements or updates from ur Docs?

Hi, I’ve got a brain tumour that’s growing on top of the nasal nerves. I have similar symptoms to the head trauma posts. Phantom smells. Taste change which can be extreme. Had these symptoms for 2 or more years. They are intimitent. It can return to a kind of normal or a new normal. It was diagnosed 3 weeks ago and I’m having the tumour removed in 3 days. The doctor I spoke with today suggested that the removal process will completely damage what’s left of the nerves linked to smell. Is there anyone out there who has experienced this procedure and lived with the damage to smell and taste?

I have had 2 brain sugeries(not near my smell regions) and was ok for a few yrs, my local hospital radiologist missed growth for Yrs!! Knowing I had brain cancer?! I only knew when lost my smell & cle clinic said it regrew in 2016& it was 2019! Go to specialist!! It may come back, keep praying for that. Keep me updated on progress. God be with you on surgery day. Love a survivor . Now I have to do chemo & radiation for yrs