Can Symptoms of TBI Show Up a Few Years After an Injury?

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I had a hit on the head 25+ years ago & have been treated for migraines most of this time. One of my triggers is barometric pressure change. We had a year with weather that was mostly stormy and during this period I lost my abilities in math, my short term memory & other things. It was not until then that I found I had PCS. it was explained that under normal circumstance when I had a 'head ache' I had time to for my brain to rest but with a constant trigger I did not. It was a great relief to find what all of the 'odd ball' symptoms I had over the years actually had a name. I am being treated now and I have seen a lot of improvement in my cognitive abilities, however, I think more research needs to be done for the 1 - 4 % of us that dont ever fully recover.
I am a psychologist. I have a very intelligent 30 year old patient with some significant problems with math. At age 4 she was hit by a car resulting in loss of consciousness and several skulls fractures and she lost her teeth. Would an MRI all these years later show if she suffered permanent brain damage?