Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Signs and Symptoms (summer)

The signs and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be subtle. Symptoms of a TBI may not appear until days or weeks following the injury or may even be missed as people may look fine even though they may act or feel differently.

If any of the following symptoms appear suddenly or worsen over time following a TBI, especially within the first 24 hours after the injury, people should see a medical professional on an emergency basis.

Common Signs and Symptoms of a TBI

People should seek immediate medical attention if they experience any of the following symptoms:

  • loss of or change in consciousness anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours
  • decreased level of consciousness, i.e., hard to awaken
  • convulsions or seizures
  • unequal dilation in the pupils of the eyes or double vision
  • clear fluids draining from the nose or ears
  • nausea and vomiting
  • new neurologic deficit, i.e., slurred speech; weakness of arms, legs, or face; loss of balance

Other common symptoms that should be monitored include:

  • Headache
  • Light-headedness, dizziness, vertigo, or loss of balance or coordination
  • Sensory problems:
    • blurred vision, seeing stars, or eyes that tire easily
    • ringing in ears
    • bad taste in mouth
    • loss of sense of smell or taste
  • Sensitivity to lights, sounds, or distractions;
  • Mood changes or swings. agitation (feeling sad or angry for no reason), combativeness, or other unuaual behavior
  • Feelings of depression or anxiety
  • Fatigue or drowsiness; a lack of energy or motivation
  • Changes in sleep patterns (sleeping a lot more or having a difficult time falling or staying awake), inability to wake up from sleep
  • Problems remembering, concentrating, or making decisions
  • Slowness in thinking, speaking, acting, or reading

Headache, dizziness, confusion, and fatigue tend to start immediately after an injury, but resolve over time. Emotional symptoms such as frustration and irritability tend to develop later on during the recovery period. Many of the signs and symptoms can be easily missed as people may appear healthy even though they act or feel different. Many of the symptoms overlap with other conditions, such as depression or sleep disorders.

In some cases, repeated blows to the head can cause chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) – a progressive neurological disorder associated with a variety of symptoms, including cognition and communication problems, motor disorders, problems with impulse control and depression, confusion, and irritability. CTE occurs in those with extraordinary exposure to multiple blows to the head and as a delayed consequence after many years. Studies of retired boxers have shown that repeated blows to the head can cause a number of issues, including memory problems, tremors, and lack of coordination and dementia. Recent studies have demonstrated rare cases of CTE in other sports with repetitive mild head impacts (e.g., soccer, wrestling, football, and rugby). A single, severe TBI also may lead to a disorder called post-traumatic dementia (PTD), which may be progressive and share some features with CTE. Studies assessing patterns among large populations of people with TBI indicate that moderate or severe TBI in early or mid-life may be associated with increased risk of dementia later in life.2

Children: TBI Signs and Symptoms

Children with a brain injury can have the same symptoms as adults, but it is often harder for them to let others know how they feel. Call your child's doctor if they have had a blow to the head and you notice any of these symptoms:

  • Changes in eating or nurseing habits
  • Persistent crying, irritability, or crankiness; inability to be consoled
  • Changes in ability to pay attention; lack of interest in a favorite toy or activity
  • Changes in the way the child plays
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Loss of skill, such as toilet training
  • Loss of balance or unsteady walking
  • Vomiting
  • Tiredness or listlessness
  • Changes in performance at school

Effects on Consciousness

A TBI can cause problems with arousal, consciousness, awareness, alertness, and responsiveness. Generally, there are four abnormal states that can result from a severe TBI:

  • Brain death
    The lack of measurable brain function and activity after an extended period of time is called brain death and may be confirmed by studies that show no blood flow to the brain.
  • Coma
    A person in a coma is totally unconscious, unaware, and unable to respond to external stimuli such as pain or light. Coma generally lasts a few days or weeks after which an individual may regain consciousness, die, or move into a vegetative state.
  • Vegetative state
    A result of widespread damage to the brain, people in a vegetative state are unconscious and unaware of their surroundings. However, they can have periods of unresponsive alertness and may groan, move, or show reflex responses. If this state lasts longer than a few weeks it is referred to as a persistent vegetative state.
  • Minimally conscious state
    People with severely altered consciousness who still display some evidence of self-awareness or awareness of one's environment (such as following simple commands, yes/no responses).2
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1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Facts about concussion and brain injury, 2017.
2. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health, 2015. Updated July 6, 2018.

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September 2018 I banged my head into the metal piece of a locker room doorframe at my high school, and the nurse didn't realize I was concussed so she sent me back to my class. I was at an arts school for dancing and had an intense and fast-paced jazz class that day. I danced through my concussion for three hours and felt awful after, then proceeded to go to an extracurricular performance I had that evening and danced for another three hours. I went to the doctor the following Monday and found out it was a concussion. (The nurse felt awful and apologized profusely when she found out later.)

At the time it was classified as a mild one, but looking back now I can see just how severe it was. I was out of school for three weeks and only slept in dark rooms and forced down food. I couldn't read, couldn't think, I could barely open my eyes because even the smallest bit of light was agony. Even when I returned to school I was still recovering heavily, unable to participate in most of my classes and needing to lay down for a nap in the nurse's office at least once a day. I was miserable, had constant headaches and dizziness, and had no outlet to use as a distraction or form of expression.

It's been five years since the injury, and I still suffer the effects. My family told me that my personality changed, and I believe them because I lost a lot of friends in the following years when we couldn't connect anymore. I started having constant neck aches when it was cold or rainy outside, right along the nape of my neck where they had thought I fractured my skull. (They never found any cracks but I'm convinced it was just too small to see or something.) I am now trying to get diagnoses for the chronic pain and conditions like POTS and hEDS that only prominently showed after the injury. I had these issues before but this is to a whole new unbearable level. I have to take frequent breaks when the lights are too bright in my college classes, or when I sit in my desk chair for as little as ten minutes. I can't stand up too fast or I risk vertigo which is a big challenge when working as a teacher to four year olds.

This ended up being a huge rant, but what I'm trying to say is don't take head injuries lightly. Ever. I took mine lightly that first day, and I'm still suffering the consequences. Even if it hasn't all been bad, I would not wish my plight on my worst enemy.

I passed out about 5 weeks ago and the first thing that contacted the hardwood floor was my left frontal and a bit of the temporal region. I remember the impact as very painful. I had the bruising on the forehead and bled into my left eye causing the iris to raise. I did self neuro checks and all seemed negative except the cosmetic appearance and a crunching coming from my left ear. Here lately I’ve been nauseated, poor to no smell, poor taste. I’m thinking maybe I should get a CT scan.

I had a tragic car wreck in 2017 , hydroplane and hit a tree , they found me in the passenger floor . Was in a comma for a week and woke up not remembering anything really , over time memory came back , but sometimes I can be a little forgetful. And I get this cloud feeling in my head , just like wanting to know if I should never smoke weed daily since two weeks after my wreck .

Hi, I am a 65 year old male and I had a TBI in 2018. I fell 15 feet. I had a couple of brain bleeds and spent over 30 days in ICU and several months in a rehab facility. After the fall and while in rehab I was awake and talking but it was not me. I “woke up“one morning in rehab not knowing where I was and what had happened, anyway several weeks later the doctors said I could go home. Things were ok for awhile, I got some of my memory back and for to where I could drive again and things were doing as well as they could coinciding what I had been through. Anyway trying to keep this as short as possible I will get straight to the problem that I am having now. Before I fell I was being treated for bipolar disorder and I was a very heavy drinker. After I fell I stopped drinking but I also stopped my bipolar meds. I am having symptoms that started about 6 to 8 months ago and seem to be getting worse according to the ones that are around me. I still have not had a drink since I got home from rehab but I am having things happen that are making people think I may be. Mainly later in the afternoon I will slur my speech, have balance issues, I get very irritable and accounting to my wife I act just like I did when I use to drink. I have other symptoms like saying mainly swear words mostly under my breath, think goodness. This goes on throughout the day, there are other symptoms to but the one I wanted to see if I could get information on is why late in the evening do I get like I have been drinking and so mean to everyone. My wife dose not deserve being treating that way and I am afraid she is not going to be able to keep putting up with it. Is there anything I can do to help this? I don’t want to drive my family away. Is there a name for this other than just a TBI. Why dose it mainly show up at night? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Omega

9 roadside bomb attacks, one cracked the roots of my teeth on the right rear teeth. that was around 12 years ago. The VA said I have TBI no care plan - Today I feel worse than back then when it happened. Strange how the mind reacts

I have a friend that was in a car wreck years ago and keep have the back of his head swell with a reddish skin where he was cut. When this happens he has brain fog and forgetfulness. It only temporary. He had test done they note sure what it is any thoughts or case like this.

I met with bike accident 12 days back, Got hit in jaw. I remember the hit, But i don't remember how I fell and i got back when i woke up myself up. Next day i was clinically assessed and said not worry and it could be a event amnesia. But i feel dizziness and anxeity and it's symptoms feel ear fullness and head pressure. I was asked to take nootropil. I am still worried. Do i need a CT?

Hi my name is Reed I was kicked in the head by a horse when I was seven or eight don't remember if it was right before or right after my birthday I have all of the symptoms and I have never been treated for any brain injury they stitched me up and sent me home I am 57 I have no clue what to do

I was tripped on and my head slammed down onto grass. I felt like I was about to pass out honestly it was very very scary because it also made me have a headache
So I hope I’ll be ok!

I’ve had 6 severe head injuries where I’ve lost consciousness. Two incidents metal fell on my head hard knocked me right out. Others were sports and fighting. I’ve had migraines regular headaches, insomnia I suffer, anxiety, mood issues. I fear the first trauma I experienced was when I was 8 or so and it was so severe I remember wishing I had been dead. I cried for hours maybe days. I couldn’t eat and I wasn’t taken into the hospital my mom just took me to Pizza Hut and begged me to eat I couldn’t I just layer in her lap. But I went to get an mri image of my brain after I got out the military and they said there was no physical damage. But how am I having these symptoms and so many head injuries but not show on imaging? It’s frustrating for me.

This is my story I'm 36 now still have ringing in the ears, headaches pretty regular, no more migraines since I've been off every med that I was on from the beginning for so so long... But it's life I don't blame anyone. Things happen for a reason & I see that everyday not only in my life but others. I don't see me getting any better but I've never had insurance until recently and idk never really came forward about the way I felt to a doctor about the way I am??? I know that sounds weird but ever since I was 18, I kinda thought this was just the way I was born... Or like before I was 18 I had a teenager life I guess you could put it, I mean mom n dad fought and we moved away from dad alot and always came back but like I guess it was a typical Island life I had.
I've always seem black dots even without strenuous activity and I've done construction my entire life, have had 2 groin hernia, motorcycle wreck, been through 10 surgeries and still having problems with my previous pelvis break. It's good though I'm here I believe that wreck also caused something cause I did not have a helmet on going 45 someone pulled out in front of me.. No time to do anything at red light, their fault. Oh don't ask me to schedule anything cause I'm no good at it. I'm actually terrible, lost so many jobs from it but I'm on the spot guy which sometimes benefits me but wears me out. Sorry for carrying on, there is always another plan whether we are here or not.

My mother had a major stroke in 2019. After that, she started recovering. But, this year, in January 21, she had a lot of scissor attacks. Doctor gave her anti scissor injections multiple times at the hospital, she was unconscious for more than a week. Now she can not speak. She understands what we say, she doesnt have memory issue. But she cant speak. She gets frustrated. She cries. Only 10% of her words we can understand.
Why this is happening? What can we do? Will she ever be able to talk like a normal person does?

I'm wondering if an accident I had 45 years ago could be contributing to my episodes of complex migraines (feeling pushed over vertigo, aura zig zag, memory loss & inability to communicate the latest, other visual waves which pulsates with my pulse, now sudden hearing loss 3 months ago; aside from multiple HLA-B27 diseases I have thought many of these symptoms are just related to infusions & Rx) - I fell from a vehicle entering freeway 35 mph? landing on back of head towards top. My skull was all mushy, lost clumps my hair but no open cuts. I don't remember anything for days; first night slept, second night in hospital but have no record from that long ago as my parents took me. Could something like that cause long term signs? I've been trying to research, I've just believed if it had been actually "something" significant some specialist would have went, "ah HA!" a long time ago. I've had 3 brain MRI's due to assumed TIA/migraine without any mention other than gray matter indicating historical high blood pressure. Appreciate any comments. Can't find "mushy skull" results!

Hurt my head by fallen off ladder painting my bthrm, busted back of my head & lost lot of blood, put staples in & I stayed dizzy & seeing things for 2 was later now going on 3 yrs later my can’t hear to good out of my ears & stay so tired andhave lots of headaches & don’t want to be around people wake up most mornings with top & back of head feeling sore & mushy most of the time it goes away about noon what can I do it bothers me so bad done had mri & cat scans

I got run over by truck going 90k 5 years ago and since I randomly collapse. as time goes on it happens more and more to the point of it more than once a day and can happen daily. when I do I just drop. no sign of it. nothing

Yes 27 years ago I experienced a traumatic brain injury. Where a3 inch hinge from Walgreens went th thru my head, almost to the center of my head. Thankfully myl life was saved but just a tad more it would have been to the center Today I suffer from all issues disçussed by Today I need help from this TBI. Very hard to deal with life and what it has to offer me. Tamara Turner

I have been through this, waking up not aware of where I am properly. Scared. Panic Attacks. Discharged myself from hospital. PTSD. Am slowly getting it together. Anyone find themselves in the same situation. Ask for me at Geelong hospital I will hold your hand and be there for you.❤️

i still have some symptoms 14 years later. tthose being lip twitching, night terrors and spasticity in shoulders and neck...i wish i knew why they still exist while others are gone

I was in a 17 year very abusive relationship very physical and mental I’ve had many concussions cracks in my skull more broken Facial bones including nose that I can count. I have now left escaped my abuser he is running the streets free the police did nothing for me I have anxiety depression confusion my memory loss hard time concentrating it’s affecting me working it’s not going away it’s been three years since I have escaped at 17 years of severe abuse has really caught up with me and I’m only 41 years old I feel like I’m 80 I’m sorry if this is discouraging to you but it doesn’t get any better for some of us. I am at a loss I’ve been through therapy I’ve tried medications. So you’re not alone I’m going to my own private hell. I hope you the best and in recovery you can deal with. I’m very sorry for hot what is happened to you and how you feel.

I’m sorry it will get better

The other day I messing around and jumped at full force into by pull-up bar, ever since I've been having a lot of these symptoms and some short term memory loss too

Hi I fell off a ladder hit my head above the ear on concrete. It was 3 days ago. I have had not other symptoms just small bruising top of ear and just a little pain not terrible. I have a huge fear is hospitals so I don’t wanna go. But I’m curious if I should even go to the dr with no symptoms?

you sound REALLY lucky and I am glad. Head injury symptoms suck. But go to doctor. Believe me i hate going too but you have to. Better safe than very, very sorry. That's not to scare you. I just want you to Never have any issues and small ones can be squashed early just in case. So go please.

Okay so I fell and hit my ear area I have bruising on my ear but it’s purple and green. This was 2 days ago and it doesn’t go all the way down my ear just the top. I have no other symptoms beside just a little pain no headaches nothing. I’m terrified of drs like ligit panic attacks thinking about going. My question is if I have no other symptoms could I still be in danger it’s been 3 days since it happened

If a person obtained a knot(big as a fist) on their left browbone,&it took 4 weeks to subside,what part of the brain could be affected? Decision making? Ones demeanor?Or is their not anything but bone there?Thank you.looking forward to your Intel.

Hi need immediate help I have been terrible problems and nobody wants to help me other than mess my head shakes when I move forward.. behind my ear I have a shooting pain for more than 6 month all the way to my hips and legs cannot move my arms higher than my chest or my head start shaking.. cannot twist my body arms head .. head shakes lift legs up my head shakes etc .. high blood pressure even doe I have High blood pressure 50 mg but still high like 145/ 110 cannot not lift anything .. that happened since I heimlich a old man because he was choking on food .. I am worried. Head MRI was ok .. doctor said

Please see a neuro surgeon. Your symptoms are what they address. Things like compression fractures in spine etc. Many people see neuro and think brain, but they address the spine.

No-one here can help you - you need to keep in touch with your doctor and let him know you still have these symptoms.

I have just returned from the ER (UK) having fallen on black ice last night, my feet went from under me and I literally landed on the back of my head. This morning I awoke with two black eyes and bruising at the backs of my ears. Also a severe headache and muffled hearing. I have had a CT scan and been told I have a basal fracture of the skull. I have been sent home with a booklet of signs to look out for such as fluid from the nose and ears, seizures and confusion. Since I got home however I have realised that my sense of smell and taste has completely gone. It is unfortunate that we are in the time of Covid, for which these are known symptoms but I am 100 percent convinced I do not have Covid and loss of smell and taste is due to my head injury. Can any one tell me if these will return?

I'm wondering how you are, two months on. You should have got tested for Covid, but the loss of taste and smell are more likely from your head injury. I hope they came back by now.

when i was about 10 playing softball i was hit by a fly ball in the face had imediate reconstructive surgery my nose cartilidge all plastic I dont remember any of my schooling teachers friends i met my now exhusband who was very abusive my head his favorite target finally 23 yrs later ending 2005 when he shot me in the head at point blank range with sawed off shot gun that was 16yrs during our marriage he shattered my eye sockets slammed my head repeatedly into a steamer trunk until i passed out i have been hit with the back of a toilet knocking me unconcious strangled till i lost conciousness too many times to count ago in 2017 i started having severe issues i was working for a small mom & pop store my boss municipal judge i was the manager did all payroll ordering billing ect one day i went into wqrk and had no idea what to do there my reading skills are horrific i can write but my words dont come when i speak i cant even remember the birth of my children I have been told i have severe ptsd i have counseling once a week and they are going to start emdr i have no insurance so i am dealing with clinic health care will i ever have any of myself back?

yes, if you STOP hurting your head Now and For good. No one has a right to hurt you. Don't always assume a symptom is ptsd. Too many doctors do because they don't understand brain injury well. Get a few doc's opinions because there are meds that coud make you more comfortable. i am sorry about the health insurance. Get as much govt aid as you can. God bless

Ok i dont know if i relate to this but i need to know when i was about 6 i had injured my head it wasnt bad at least i dont think it was bad i had needed to get stitches right smack in the middle of my head and years later when i was about 14 the doctors had done a x-ray on me for a different reason and found that i had had a bleeding brain cell or vain exactly where i had my stitches now then i realized could i have had that trauma and became "well" dumb i was doing good in kindergarten bet when we had moved 1st grade to all the way up i was failing in school so i need to know can anyone help me is there anything i can do to help this "trauma" if it even is.

Hello, my friend had an accident when he was 15 years doing grade 10 now he can't read nor write, but he speaks,think and decides well.

Hi I have a 24 year old son who was in an accident when he was 11. Recently he's been having these lumps coming up around his ears. Is this connected to the contusion?what are the long term implications with regards to this?

Hi there, I had a severe concussion after being bottled over the head with a full bottle of beer and I think was hit again then all around the body. I was told it was a severe concussion and would go in 3 months but over 12 months later still had severe post concussion migraines . The first 6 weeks I was like a zombie then crying non stop the suicidal then angry in my own world. I still have neuropathathic pain in the neck which radiates to the brain as well I have hypercusis which could be manieres disease . I had parathesia in hands and feet with severe weakness in my legs and vertigo. Eventually they put me on endep which helps with the neuropathic pain tinititus sensitive to sounds. I have PTSD WHICH ISNT as bad due to seeing an EDMR phycologist. It’s been over 2 years then my disc collapsed in my back so sciatica. I was misdiagnosed twice and feel that medical staff did not know what was wrong and just wanted to get rid of me even after asking for more testing. If I do for example any boxing training it seems to twitch the neck then then neuropathic pain starts and my brain feels like it’s in a vice. Anyway would love some feedback? Regards Ramesh from Australia.

Hi hon my son going thru so much too. Feel for you. I can't tell you to be calm etc. Just this your family love you its hard for all of us. Just try to explain i know its so easy to Just be angry i am too. The person who did this to my son yawned at his big bro when he went past his we feel for you let your family know. My son usually gets angry a few days before then has a seizure its a work in progress just remember your loved ones are trying hard for you. I wish you health and happiness many blessings the Aussie mum xxxx

hi so my name is carly. i’m 18 and when i was 9 i ran full force into a cement wall and knocked my self out for several hours along with breaking my nose in several places and a possible bone fracture but i can’t be sure because my parents wouldn’t take me to the doctor. i wasn’t able to feel pain from it once waking up for about 15-20 min and i was bleeding a lot from my nose for about an hour. since then i’ve been having daily headaches, i developed depression, anxiety, eating disorders, insomnia, and ptsd shortly after when i was about 10. i also developed tremors in my hands, constant irritability, aggressiveness, intense mood swings, loss of appetite, trouble hearing in my left ear, constant muscle pains and involuntary jerks in my legs and arms. my back hurts when i stand up for more than 30 min and i can’t focus. i started failing school because i lost all interest in everything and could no longer concentrate or organize my thoughts. my vision blurs when i blink sometimes and then just goes away. my eyes are sensitive to light since then as well. i would spend most days crying or feeling like i was in pain with no apparent reason. i developed terrible eyesight almost immediately after. i’ve been to the doctor multiple times and nobody has been able to tell me anything. all of these symptoms have persisted for about 8 years. i don’t know if any of these things are connected or not but if anyone has any idea please let me know.

I am also suffering from this problem

Hey I can relate very well. When I was around that age I tried to hang of a 7 foot basketball rim and I slipped upon momentum change and I dove head first(right side of forehead): i have been noticing similar feelings, lightheadedness, physical tension on left side of body, vision, muscle spasm, tiredness, maladaptive daydreaming and so on.

Been almost 2 weeks since I had a brain tumor removed still have headaches and dizzy and blurred vision feel frustrated at times and forget things any suggestions

Look up EWOT. and HBOT. ,then brain state technologies -neuro feedback....take lecithin, omega oils. Same for person above .

Lastly look up piracetam & choline

I was in a car that was hit from the side and rolled our car over and over,I seemed unhurt at the time, until a couple of days later my voice went completely I was unable to speak for around 3 months every time I tried to speak nothing came out ,I was 4 years old at the time. It was an emotional upset that caused my voice to return and I was able to speak, It was great having a voice again and a noise when I coughed. I did not see this symptom on the list so thought I would mention it .

I was beaten in the head by a group of guys when I was a teen. I was unconscious for over 8 hours. My head and face were swollen to unrecognizable. I never told anyone. I have severe social anxiety, depression and ptsd. No one has ever connected the two so I am wondering if my lack of control and these other issues could be caused by damage to my brain from this beating?

I also had that happen and yes all of the symptoms too
About 8 bullies 4 years older than me, when I was only 12

OMG you poor sweet baby!! No one was able to connect the two? Then you are seeing the wrong doctors! I truly hope that you are able to find someone close to your area that can help and that you can figure out how to do that!
Best of luck to you!

Most definitely!!! Research TBI as much as you can!

My name is Sarah. I am 44. I am new to this and I'm hoping somebody can point me to the right direction or specialists', doctors,etc. or what I need to have done as far as CTS or MRIs etc. I sustained a traumatic head injury (so far, only 1 MRI was done {on the night of the incident} in June 2014) from a tree snapping in half from straight line winds (about 70 to 80 miles an hour)... I was outside watching the weather (my dad has always taught us about the weather since we were able to walk) and I noticed that the winds (bushes across the road) we're NOT going clockwise OR counterclockwise: they were doing both @ the same time in the bushes . There were power lines that caught it. I was rushed (and I mean rushed) to the closest hospital: the E.R. Dr. Stated that I "only" had broken ribs and blood in my lungs. This was 5 years ago {06-06-2014 (Jonesboro, Ar)} ... 5 Years ago and I've had strokes, major headaches, they've pronounced me dead once at my house this past August, i NEVER forget things but I have very short term memory, I have syncope {blackouts}, my blood pressure is high but it bottoms out & I pass out, etc. Can someone, any advice, comments, please.... help me, maybe point me in the right direction. they're not (avoiding) answering my questions of any or IF I "could" have some (either major OR minor) sort of brain injury/trauma. I've had SO many opinions, all conflict the other. Oh, please, anyone. I'm asking for help, or comments, or even questions.!????

I've recently been in an auto accident and have 3 crushed vertebrae in my thoracic spine and a grade 3 concussion.
A neuropsychologist helps with concussion symptoms (short-term memory loss, word recall, headaches, balance, mood swings, etc) and a neuro Surgeon helps with spine issues (numbness and tingling in limbs). I'm currently seeing both plus a pain management clinic. I'm also working with the MindEye Institute in Chicago which provides free consultations for symptoms such as yours. Hope this helps!

As some have said on here, I too have fallen down my stairs and hit my head severely. I’m 300 lbs and I slammed my right temporal lobe into a 2x6 at the bottom of the stairs.

It was a year ago in March and I feel like I’ve finally been getting myself back. Well 2 days ago I got into the back seat of my sedan not realizing that the roof was lower that it is in the front (or the seats higher?) and I smacked my temple. Same one I’ve hit. I’ve also had concussions on the same side. Now it’s painful and sore (I didn’t hit it hard enough to warrant a new injury) it feels like the old injury is flared up.

Has anyone had this happen? I’m now terrified that if I ever hit my head again it will be deadly.

Is this my life sentence?
TBI sucks.
Positive energy to everyone