Lost & Found: What Brain Injury Survivors Want You to Know

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Thank you, Thank you! Everyone expects my 20 year old to get on with her life. I am printing this up to show the next person who pushes her beyond what she is capable of at this point of her rehabilation.
wow, amazing! my 20 yr old has a brain injury, thank you for posting this, i will post on his site. thank you and blessings.
I am printing this to give to my 12 year old sons school/teacher. What wonderful advise for all of us dealing with a loved one following a brain injury!
These are amazing things you have said. Every one applies to my daughter who has TBI. I agree they should be in a packet somewhere!
ive wanted to say all this for so long!!!!!!!!
OMG, this is awesome. I wish this could be part of any discharge packet for families of TBI survivors!!! Way to go. Steff- Severe TBI survivor 24 yrs and Board Member for Brain Injury Association Michigan.