Infographic: If You Hit Your Head...

The Crash Reel / LoveYourBrain Campaign
Infographic: If You Hit Your Head...
Posted on BrainLine July 11, 2014.
Used with permission from  The Crash Reel — "the dramatic story of one unforgettable athlete, Kevin Pearce; one eye-popping sport, snowboarding; and one explosive issue, traumatic brain injury ...a comeback story with a difference" — and the LoveYourBrain Campaign.

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I hit my head a while back a few days ago I was picking something up that was very very heavy which put pressure in my head the spot where my head was hit gave me severe pains after a while now my head feels numb right side of my head should I be concerned

What about if you usually feel down or sad? Should you be worried if you do so after hitting your head?

I was in a severe auto accident a month ago and my head hit the window more than once. As I sat in my smashed up car immediately after the accident my whole head was throbbing. I almost refused treatment but the paramedics convinced me to go to the hospital by saying that a head injury should always be checked out. I was diagnosed with a concussion. I didn't have vomiting or double vision but at the scene of the accident I was very confused thinking I would have to walk someplace to,get home and not remembering any info about my insurance or getting help. Now that a month has passed I no longer have pain but loud noises are painful, I have memory problems, miss appointments, and a lot of confusion often forgetting how to get to a familiar place. I hope these symptoms heal and disappear soon. 

I was hit in the head by a person just above my eye.  It was a domestic dispute the police were involved.  The officer wanted to call an ambulance.  I refused because of the high energy during this incident I did not even realize I was not ok.  I drove my car 48 kilometers to town and it was dark.  The lights from oncoming traffic and the moonlight off the lake was just too much.  I reached town and managed to park my car and my friend took me to the hospital.  I never would have guessed how injured I was until the doctor examined me and told me I had a concussion.  It has been 3 days I am still having trouble.  Upset stomach and driving is still way harder than normal.  Noise is bothering me.  I guess what I would say is don't assume you got a hard head just because you are stubborn.  I realize now I endangered myself and others by driving wish I would have had the ambulance.  I think we all need to be sure about our health before operating a vehicle.  Thanks for hearing me and just a note not to assume you are ok when maybe you are not.

I had a bicycle accident and impacted my skull and face on the ground. I went to the emergency department of my local hospital. All they did was stitch-up my chin that I had split open from hitting the ground. I know i have skull and facial fractures but i cannot get any medical professional to listen and undertake the appropriate tests. 14 years on and still suffering daily, all off the four groups of symptoms mentioned in this article. I don't know how much more i can take of being rejected by the health system, to the point that euthanasia may be my only solution. What should i do?