Headaches After Head Injuries — Post-Traumatic Headaches

Seymour Solomon, MD, Headache Unit, Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Headaches After Head Injuries — Post-Traumatic Headaches

Headache immediately following a head injury usually clears after minutes or days but sometimes headaches may persist for months or rarely years. The long-term headaches are called post-traumatic or post-concussion headaches.

One can understand why headaches may follow a moderate or severe injury to the brain such as a concussion (bruise) or laceration (tear). What has been more difficult to understand and has presented an ongoing controversy are chronic headaches following mild head injuries.

Mild injuries of the brain are characterized as a concussion (a brief disturbance of brain function causing loss of consciousness or transient difficulty in thought processes).

Because the neurological examination after mild head injury is normal and standard tests as well as imaging studies (such as MRI or CT of the head) similarly fail to reveal abnormalities, many thought that the symptoms following mild head injury were psychological.

But microscopic studies have shown disruption of the nerve fibers in the brain due to the stretching or shearing forces of the trauma. Other subtle changes have been noted in brain functioning.

The clinical features of post traumatic headache may vary from one individual to another. Most headaches would be now classified as chronic tension-type headache. These headaches are typically a steady ache affecting both sides of the head and occurring daily or almost everyday. They are of slight to moderate intensity but intermittently, upon this base of low grade headache bouts of severe or moderately severe headache may occur and these often are similar to, if not identical with migraine (one sided throbbing pain associated with nausea and sensitivity to light and noise).

Unfortunately, people who experience post traumatic headaches also experience other symptoms of the post-traumatic or post-concussion syndrome. There may be other neurological symptoms such as dizziness, ringing in the ears, vague blurring of vision, psychological symptoms occur such as depression, anxiety, personality change, disturbance in sleep, and impairment libido.

Finally, people with the post-concussion syndrome have changes in their mental functioning, primarily difficulty in concentration, inability to work efficiently and associated difficulty maintaining attention and retaining memory.

The treatment of post-traumatic headache, as well as other features of the post-traumatic syndrome is symptomatic. That is each symptom is treated individually because, unfortunately, there is no medication that will alter the underlying disturbance in the brain.

Most often treatment of the chronic tension-type headache consists of such medications as the tricyclic antidepressants (for example amitriptyline). These agents not only diminish depression but also decrease pain.

The periodic worsening of headaches, if they have characteristics of migraine, are treated with typical migraine medications (for example, sumatriptan for an acute attack).

Non-drug methods of therapy are also advisable. Healthy habits should be encouraged by elimination of nicotine and alcohol, by recommendations for regularity with regard to sleep and meal time and by exercise at least every other day. Relaxation techniques may be helpful. These can be learned by biofeedback techniques as well as by such methods as meditation.

Last but not least is attention to psychological factors. The family, friends, and employer or teacher should be educated so the fact that headaches are not purely psychological but have a basis related to the disturbed structure and chemical functions of the brain. A psychologist may be helpful in teaching pain coping techniques and in treating the psychological symptoms that are part of the post-traumatic syndrome.

Fortunately, most headaches following head injury gradually taper off within the first three to six months. Even those unfortunate individuals who experience symptoms much longer can be helped.


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Dr. Seymour Solomon is a neurologist in Bronx, New York and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Burke Rehabilitation Hospital and Montefiore Medical Center. He received his medical degree from Medical College of Wisconsin and has been in practice for more than 20 years. He is one of 41 doctors at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital and one of 78 at Montefiore Medical Center who specialize in Neurology.

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Please remember, we are not able to give medical or legal advice. If you have medical concerns, please consult your doctor. All posted comments are the views and opinions of the poster only.

As a fellow head injury person struggling with various physical and psychological symptoms I can unequivocally state that trauma and damage to the substructure of the impact area is a reality even if it is yet undefined.

if u have this deal with it now, u know your body. i have had 4 hrs without head pain after several severe head injuries 29 years ago, and it continues to worsen. medication increases pain level. i don't see/talk to anyone so i can deal with this privately, its not a very fulfilling existence - good luck

I was beat in the head with a hammer nine times by an ex. It was horrible and that is only part of a nightmare that I still live with everyday. Anyway that was ten years ago and ever since then my migraines are horrible and they come with auras and nausea, dizziness and lightheadedness. I have had several tests but they never see anything. I'm like is it psychological because believe it or not my head is still rather tender even though it happened ten years ago. If I press it (it's a lot of scar tissue now) it feels really weird. Also I have spots where the hair will never grow back so thank God my hair is thick.

Aloha all. In 2013, I was involved in a car accident in which the vehicle I was driving was rear ended. Diagnosis: whip lash, brain trauma, concussion depending on the doctor. After 6 weeks, I was still informing my doctor of this funny feeling behind my forehead: Nothing to compare this feeling with. I was sent in for an MRI: A brain tumor about the size of a cherry was found (schwanoma). So far, still considered benign. Was told that there was no relationship between that tumor and the accident. However, the funny feeling behind by forehead continued. Over the next 1-2 years, saw neurologists and neurosurgeons. This particular symptom persisted. In addition, I began having problems with concentration and thinking along with memory problems. Some doctors attributed this to the tumor. An EEG results indicated that my brain was like that of persons that has seizures when in between seizures. An attempt to treat with a popular anti seizure medication caused that funny feeling behind my forehead to increase to the point where I was unable to function. A doctor that recommended the tumor be removed also encouraged me to seek a second opinion at Stanford's Brain Tumor clinic. The diagnosis: Post Concussion Syndrome. Had history of previous concussions in youth (football-believe what they are saying and bicycle accident).Currently being treated by personal physician: Feeling like a guinea pig with medication experiments. Marginal improvements in the funny feeling however concentration and memory problems persist. As a law enforcement officer, I finally had to come clean with the employer: In lieu of being placed on sick leave, was assigned desk duties as the personnel department goes thru the 'reasonable accommodation' process. Fortunately (?), got enough years in if they decide they can't accommodate: I can retire and then initiate the SSDI process. CONCLUSION: A THING WE HUMANS, IN OUR INFINITE WISDOM, DON'T KNOW SQUAT: THE BRAIN.

Anyone that has not had a TBI just cannot grasp the pain and problems a person goes through.  People minimize because they can't see the injury.  I don't wish this on anyone.  10 months now and still with post concussion headaches and short term memory problems.  My life has changed dramatically!  I'm so sad.  I was assaulted and landed on my head and lost consciousness and developed a large hematoma immediately.  I have been in pain ever since.  I deal with balance problems when I close my eyes.  Some doctors do not take this seriously.   

I had a 'mild' concussion over 10 weeks ago. I went back to work part-time but had a dramatic increase in symptoms. I have been out of work for weeks now, waiting to feel better. I will be seeing a neurologist soon and hope to have some answers, take those tests you mentioned. I'm learning to put my health first, mostly because my body won't let me do otherwise. Try to take it slow is my advice. Acupuncture helps a little. Good luck!

Lee, I just finished up neuropsych testing, it took 2 days and 4 hours each day. Testing exercises include puzzles, math equations, memory testing, vocabulary, questions regarding common sense, speed testing, grip strength etc. It was very tiring for me, but nothing to worry about. Sabrina

I was knocked down by a student about 3 months ago and he fell on top of me. In addition to a torn rotator cuff, I got a nasty concussion. Since then, I've been diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome. I still have daily headaches, sensitivity to sound, dizziness, sleep problems, trouble concentrating, and anxiety. The headaches range from irritating and annoying to excruciating. I'm a 5th grade teacher. I've been back to work 3 weeks, but still have difficulty making it through the day. (I'm not full duty yet.) A quiet, dark room is my happy place. PT helps some. I have Neuro-psychological testing next month. Anyone had this? -Lee

Passed out due to narcolepsy brought on by severe sleep deprivation almost 2 weeks ago. I'm relieved to know these headaches are fairly normal.....but not a lot of people have mentioned having extreme pain at the injury site. It's almost 2 weeks later and if I merely touch the site it hurts so bad. It's a very irritating pain. Like someone is continuously bashing my head with a nail covered 2x4 ..... they said there was no fracture but a lot of bruising on the brain.....could that be the cause I wonder....I'm just concerned that it's still so painful. Laying down ... brushing my hair.... forget it. Doesn't happen right now. I can't even wash all of my hair as the water on my head sends me into tears. Anyways has anyone else experienced this ??? If so anything other than cold compresses that will give any form of relief.....I'm on methadone so I can't take narcotics so pain meds are pretty much out of the question.

My girlfriend had suffer a head injury about 4 yrs ago at work....doctors told her she had post traumatic concussion syndrome.... I feel bad because I can't help her...she's been through maybe 30/different pills and like 8 different doctors no one can help her...they're even trying botox shots to see if it helps....if any one has the same problem and can help US get out of this hell pit it will be very appreciated thank you...

Can a tension headache bring back pcs sympoms? 10 months after injury... 6 months after pcs symptoms disappeared?

I fell on ice in January of 2015. I thought it was just my right side at first. Then within twenty minutes I recall feeling confused and unable to answer questions. It was so weird. My coworker and supervisor drove me home. My son took me immediately to the hospital. I'm told I was incoherent and did not know my birthday. I have very little recall of the hospital visit. I remember people talking to me but not sure what was asked, said, or done. One year and some months later, I can't keep dates straight, miss appointments, concentration sucks big time, unsure of memories. All the doctors do is treat the super severe migraines and sent me to therapy for depression. I didn't realize this is a real thing this post-traumatic concussion syndrome. I've lost my job because of this thing that had no name. I seen many many doctors. Why didn't they explain this? I will have to add this to the disability application. Thanks for the information. 😱Nique

I was tboned the 4th of Jan and have had a headache of varying degrees since then. I am waiting to see a neurologist. Tylenol 3 and a muscle relaxant ease the pain but I cannot drive or work and am high when I take these pills. I wish there was a better fix than waiting for it to go away.

This could be a case for medical malpractice. Save all of your documentation and talk to your lawyer about this.

I had 2 severe concussions 6 months apart from each other in 2015. I still suffer PCS but a clean diet, long walks (restores cerebral blood flow), and high grade fish oil have brought me close to recovery .

I was hit in the temple last june. Since then I have had a constant headache and a pain around my right eye. It is especially bad while standing up and after exercise. My vision has been slightly blurred and I think im suffering from memory loss. I now have a lack of concentration and not much motivation to do anything due to the on going headaches. Please help as I don't want this to (in a sense) control my life.

I would go to the ER & get an X-Ray that is not normal & you could have bleeding on the brain. (A small bleed which is worse)

I find comfort in reading everyone's posts.  I too suffered a TBI  in July 2015. I was dropped on my head on  the concrete after drinking with friends.  I slept 7 hours with a fractured skull and brain hemorrhage.  It has been 8 months.  I experienced moderate to severe headaches and emotional issues the first few months that were intense.  I went from working 2 jobs, being constantly busy, and motivated to feeling very limited, in pain, worried for my health, and irritable.  I began nursing school that fall. I stayed busy and went back to work both jobs.  I experienced dizziness and blood pressure issues, extreme fatigue, and a serious sense that I was being pulled backwards. As soon as I would get busy or overworked I would feel sick and have pressure in my head and really, still do. I laid off of my busy schedule and worked on being less stressed.  Symptoms faded but never fully went away.  Recently I have experienced pain in the left side of my head (where I sustained my injury), tingling in the left side of my body sometimes accompanied by sharp sudden pains that go away almost as soon as they come.  Occasionally I get the feeling of dizziness and a sense that I'm being pulled backwards again.  The tingling and slight pressure has continued daily for 2 weeks.  I was cooking supper this evening when I experienced a loud ringing (tinnitus) in my left ear that lasted about 20 seconds and went away.  I have terrible anxiety so immediately worried something is wrong.   I feel like I'm frowned at for constantly worrying if there are complications resulting from my TBI 8 months prior.  Honestly, just want to feel relief and comfort that there are no further issues. Reading everyone's stories at least gives comfort that I am not alone.  Thanks All. I hope you find answers and relief.

I feel from the moving bus, whole horizontal as if in a sleeping position. Hip pain got well soon, but the back portion of my head was severely hurt in it. Pains. That subsided after some days. But now, even after 20 days, I can't tuck any clutcher or tight pins in hair at that portion. It pains. Is it normal? Should I get an x-ray done of it or just a normal physician checkup is OK?

HELP?? I'm on Drill Team, 4th in the Nation for solo. Not dance Drill, military style spinning 9 pound rifles. I hit around my left eye. It was bruised badly, eye was beyond swollen, not really any headaches till now. Almost a year later it hits hard, I get really bad headaches on my right eye. ( not the side i hit) I also get sharp 30 sec shocks that causes my eye to close. What is this?

Its been 4 years now since my accident. I was 24 at the time I'm now almost 29. I was working on a drilling rig and got hit by a 3 ft pipe wrench that was on the drill string and my driller slipped and turned it on and spun that wrench right into my head. It put me in a 5 day coma, I broke just about every bone on the right side of my face and had a small fracture on the back of my head.three weeks before that I was in a snowmobile accident that knocked me out 15 minutes or so so they weren't far apart. Almost the day I left the hospital I started getting these terrible headache in the back of my head and behind my eyes, sometimes they are so bad I can't even get out of my room except to vomit cause I'm so nauseous. I've seen between 15-20 doctors for it, work comp apparently won't allow me to deal with just a few doctors instead. I have so many aide effects depression, anxiety, really bad memory problems some long term but mostly short term and everyone tells me I'm a different person than I was the day it happened. I've tried all medications out there for migraines, seizure meds and I can't even think of all the others. It seems to me most people think I'm just making it up and I felt like I was the only one having problems like this. Its nice to see there other people having the same problems, not nice but hopefully you all know what I mean. Hopefully someday there will be a way to get rid of these problems. If anyone has any suggestions of something that worked for you or any in general please let me know. Thanks for reading and good luck.

Very Insightful. Thank you.

well.. I got 36 stitches in my head at age 1.... I'm  now 30. I was dealing with migraines on a monthly basis, good fun. Had trouble concentrating, never lived a day without anxiety so it actually took me a long time to realize I had it. Had to teach myself everything to get by in school because I lacked the attention span and focus to hear the teachers out without my brain going off into its own tangent. If life was a video game, then I've been playing on hard whilst everyone else got to play on normal. Every day was tough but I forced myself through it and eventually wound working as network engineer after graduating school/college.  At this point I honestly didn't think anything was wrong with me, I had never not felt this way and I assumed its how everyone was. I never really gave my head injury much thought when I was younger and how it might of made me a different self to what I was meant to be, theres just no point dwelling on something I couldn't change and did not want my parents to feel guilty again over what happened, they been through enough as it is. I was still getting by in life and doing well in school/work so why bother digging....until I hit my mid twenties....The evil beast known as depression grabbed his pal Anxiety and proceeded to give me a 24/7 mental ass whooping I will never forget. It was like my brain was locked in solitary and depression had paid off the warden so it could deliver me my daily shanking. It was horrible and I wouldn't even wish it on anyone, not even Hitler.

2 years ago the depression and anxiety got the better of me. A lifetime of fighting/tolerating it made me have a complete breakdown. I became super flaky at work and would use any excuse to stay home. My stress went through the roof, which in turn made the anxiety and depression even worse. I couldn't sleep, sometimes for up to five days at at time. I was sick of being tired but not being able to sleep, then sleeping forever and waking up even more tired than before. Its amazing how anxiety can make you shit more whilst eating less...Mentally I was circling the drain, It had all just gotten on top of me and I felt like I was drowning .So I quit my job and did some soul searching. I studied every piece of literature I could find regarding all the different personality disorders and how they interact with different personality types when treated with various medications. Came to the conclusion that my symptoms pretty much mimic someone who suffers ADHD with underlying anxiety and depression.

I sort out a specialist in the field (not a gp) laid out my case and he agreed to treat me. Now on Dexamphetamines and life has never been better. I can pay attention and listen without my brain doing its own thing. Im interacting with others with ease where as before it use to be a soul draining chore that would spike my anxiety making me quick to anger and short fused with people (never violent, just think grumpy dwarf) My anxiety is almost completely gone whilst medicated. To put it into perspective if you imagine my anxiety was like swimming against a tidal its now just a very gentle ripple. After 28 years of swimming against mental tsunamis a small ripple is child play, its just background noise I no longer notice. Im pulling out of my lifelong depression and stress levels have never been lower. The drugs them selves don't really have any noticeable side effects other than a little bit of a headache if you don't adequately hydrate and eat whilst on them, unlike most anti depressants that just turn me into an emotionless constipated zombie with no libido.

As a result of all this my migraines have stopped being monthly visitors to maybe once in a blue moon. Being able to sleep properly again without a stomach full of worry and self loathing has released a lot of tension  and I feel somewhat normal for the first time in my life. The last two years have been the best I have ever lived. Even though im rebuilding from the ashes my former self left behind, I now have the confidence tools to do it.

So anyone reading this who has suffered a TBI and are experiencing similar symptoms, go see a psych and make your case for some dexies. They have completely turned my life around, might do the same for you.

Has he tried acupuncture? There are also herbal formulas that could be helpful.

My son was in a car accident 14 yrs ago. His head and neck went through the front windshield and he was thrown back into the car. He has a scar about 4 inches on his forehead. A CT scan was done upon arrival to the hospital and they said their was a minuet fracture on the forehead and instead of transferring him to a trauma center hospital the doctor numbed his open laceration and stitched him up. They quit counting stitches when they got to three hundred. The Dr did not admit him into the hospital and instead kept him in the ER room for 9.5 hours. When we took our son home we have always said we took home a different young man than we knew. His personality changed to a complete opposite. The Dr's treated him with Tylenol from then on. 7 years later he was attacked by three men who hit him in the head in the same spot as the first injury against a steel pool and beat his face up leaving him with a broken cheek bone in the upper orbital area. A CT scan was not done. Same hospital as the last. Two yrs ago he was drinking and got out of hand at a football game and was asked to leave. He fought with the officers who took him down and slammed his head into the cement flooring. He had a concussion, a CT was done again but at a different hospital two days later (he was in jail). It showed a concussion with a small area of bleeding. He has suffered almost daily headaches since the first accident. He has not worked and has been denied SSI because of his drinking and marijuana use. Marijuana does not get rid of the headaches, it makes him not care because he is "high". Dr's have tried all kinds of medications on him. He has been waiting for his State insurance to approve Botox injections which has not yet happened. He was in alcohol and addiction rehab for 60 days voluntarily and got out less than 20 days ago. The headaches are still there after getting off of drugs and alcohol and caffeine. Any suggestions would be appreciated. He is ready to start using marijuana again. Has anyone tried a pain control doctor or a headache specialist?

I hit my head hard in a quad accident November 13th. I was unconscious for 15 to 20 minutes. Since then I have had several problems. Headaches pretty much all the time range in severity. Highest being migraine and nausea otherwise mild. Never seems to completely go away. I've become extremely sensitive and emotional. Depressed. At times I have trouble speaking and thinking. This has nearly destroyed my marriage. Im going to mention this medication to my doctor

I had a "mild" concussion 3 years ago. I still suffer from PCS. Found that I became depressed early on due to not being able to honour my responsibilities, and didn't eat much which seems to have not helped my brain heal as quickly. The constant naps have died off and I'm finally able to walk more than 15 minutes without getting a headache and being symptomatic for a week straight. I find that melatonin helps me get a better rest at night and increases my threshold and allows me to get headaches less often. The more stressed, the higher blood pressure, the more headaches. Everything in moderation. I'm only 25 years old and very fatigued due to my brain being so tired but it does get better! Mark your improvements on a calendar and watch the changes and improvements unfold.

I had a concussion July 6th 2015 and still have the headaches and at times having difficultly dealing with things in general. I guess depending on others for rides, in new York an unknown loss of consciousness 6 months no driving is very depressing but almost over

I have the exact same thing but has been for 3 weeks, headaches every day after hit in the nose

After receiving a direct blow to my nose and the bridge between my eyebrows, I began to suffer daily headache. Mild to moderate severity with intermittent and variable location. Intensity variable . Xray showed broken nasal bones but no facial, orbit fractures. Still receiving some sharp zingers that seem to run from temple to temple. Also there is an underlying mild dull tension type ache on rt. Temple most of the day. Sometimes naproxen helps ,, apap not helpful. Sleep OK but its common to wake up and begin the day with headache. I'm noticing I'm more forgetful lately. e.g. walk to office to get phone charger and when I arrive, it takes a moment to recall what I came to retrieve. Also hypertension patient. My assault happened 30 days ago. Sometimes dizzy from sitting to standing position.

About four years ago, I slipped in the bathroom and hit my head. Usually, when I hit my head I have a moment of paralysis. Yeah that happens. But this slip was different. For about a year, I have no headaches, whatsoever. They started appearing a year after, when I was very much stressed, angry and depressed. I noticed that the pain was ONLY on the formerly hit area. After that incident, I started to become more forgetful, I get sharp, pulsating headaches on the hit area, tingling sensations in my body, especially hands, and nausea. I haven't got my head checked, so I think I might have had a concussion that time. Also, the headaches appear and last for a long period time over the day, and then it spreads through the lower back of my head.

Last week I was at a dead stop when a Tahoe rammed me. I know now that I lost consciousness, and the top of my head felt like it would explode. Pain subsided but was in shock. Went to ER and had CT scan and nothing wrong.My head didn't hit the wheel so I was surprised I had a concussion. Today on the news they were talking about concussions and how the brain is surrounded my liquid which then is surrounded by bone. Thus when I was hit, my brain actually connected full force with the head bone. This suddenly made sense. Now to deal with all the symptoms. Your comments have all helped me see that what I am experiencing is normal.

I've started seeing a chiropractor who is treating the vertebra at the top of my neck, underneath the base of my skull. X-rays showed multiple whiplash, first injury was 15 years ago, second about 10 years ago and the final straw 3 months ago. I'm hoping a program of gentle manipulation will stop the tinnitus and headaches eventually. Anyone else had success with this treatment?

I am 41 currently. When I was five I was bit in the head by a dog and had migrines as well as light/sound sensitivity. Over the years they have tapered off in frequency but I'm still prone to them when stressed. Earlier this month I recieved a head laceration at one of the spots where I had been bit and I've been having low grade throbbing still (2wks). Given my long standing migrine problems from the dog bite I would have thought it would have stopped already but I've really just been reminded that my head had felt this way all the time. I just learned to deal with it because I had no referance of not having to. It was either succumb to the pain and sensitivity or work with it. This new injury is 16 days old. Im unsure if I can take months of feeling like I have a constant sledgehammer in my head and I have never been good with pill taking or pleased when I have to resort to it. Its at least an inch long on my left side and as I said along the scarring of the old wounds. I'm wondering if after reading your article if its going to be worse being in the same location as the old?

A helpful hint if you are looking into a brain scan . An MRI will serve you better than a CT scan. It is deeper and you will get better results.

I've had about three concussions two of those within 7 months of each other. Two are from volleyball: colliding with another players knee, then having my shirt stick to the floor which immediately stopped me and caused me to smack my forehead. I get severe headaches everyday. Mostly on one side of my head only but occasionally it's both sides. I think that concussions are a serious problem with young athletes and they are definitely not a "made up" injury.

Hello my names Ralph, I'm a 21 year old male, around July 2015 I was at work and fell back words which led to me hitting the back of my head on the pavement. At the time I didn't report it, after a few hours it went away and after 2 days I started to receive headaches at work, i called my boss an told him about it, an we went to the clinic i was see by a Dr who told me i should be ok, but they didn't have a Mri or x-ray machines there so they might have missed something. After 1 month I felt cured. Then 2 days ago (2 mouths after the accident) the headaches and neck pain came back. I've started to notice a pattern now for my headaches. I get them every time I'm doing unhealthy or something bad to my body, like not getting enough water or enough sleep or drinking caffeine or any kind of soda or not getting enough exercise, or whenever i miss a meal. Anyways I'm a see my Dr and tell him about it. Thank you all that comment it feels great knowing I'm not alone, sorry for all of us that are here right now, one day the head aches will leave for good, I'll comment back when that day comes.Love you all.

I had a car accident two months ago and my headache keeps getting worse.and my car hit the back of another car in front of me and the airbag came out  and i hit my head on the airbag and my head went all the way back on the seat's headrest. At that time I didnt go to emerg but went after few hours they did not do any ct scans and i kept asking my doctor for a ct scan for a whole month they all say its a minor concussion but my head still hurts like crazy feels liek something is contracting inside and radiating too sometimes. I have been telling the doctor for a CT scan but they dont agree to it and its been two months now and i am in university currently and all the workk i used to do fastly i am only able to do a little and then doze off to sleep and then do a little so its affecting my studies too and its nursing degree and im scared im gonna end up failing or something. And this is also affecting my personal relationships as I keep getting panic attacks still but I am able to calm myself but my whole body is just in such a bad state that sometimes i feel like i have no control on my own thoughts and feelings and I just end up doing stuff I normally wouldn't do and I always feel like killing myself or just going somewhere and getting drunk like crazy. I am going through depression and anxiety and panic attacks but I have my moments when I feel really normal like nothing ever happened and those are the times i am still scared to get back in my negative thoughts and panic attacks.So I dont know if I should talk to university head department and talk to my teachers and tell them about my situation and also that I am feeling like it is going to affect my studies so should i ask them for help in some way or the other. Also I dont know anymore if I should ask for MRI or CT scan referral from my family doctor or just go to emerg and just get one done already. I really need to know if I should just take it all in and not talk about this with anyone and give my body all the time it needs to heal  and not tell all the teachers about this or should I let my teachers know and tell them that I will be taking things slowly and ask them for techniques to motivate me for studying? 

My mother was in an rear-end automobile accident when my twin brother and I were both at the age of three or so, give or take a year or two. The both of us are about to turn seventeen years of age within two months and still she has severe migraines. How anyone can live with headaches like that for such a long time is mind-blowing to me. In some ways I despise my mom for how she acts at times, most likely due to such horrible headaches and being human of course. I respect her for her strength but we both know she has no strength left. My mother is tired and in incredible pain. She's gone to countless neurologists and other doctors of that sort to try to help her. They're all the same. They act as though they know exactly what the problem is, regardless of how adamant she is that the last doctor tried the same thing and nothing worked. Nothing ever works. I'm not sure what kind of medication she's on but it's definitely very strong. My mother has also broken her neck a few years ago and has had surgery for it as well, the severe headaches still existed before it happened but doctors still try to blame it for the pain. There was also a benign tumor in her brain as well. It wasn't huge or anything in my opinion, but anything in the body that isn't where it's supposed to be is pretty huge. She's had brain surgery as recent as a year and something ago, maybe two years at this point, because of the tumor. It was removed and she admitted that headache pain lessened, barely, but it did lessen at least. She wakes up everyday with headaches and they persist through the day. They never stop. Ever. No human being should have to go through this. After her brain surgery she's not quite the same woman that she once was. We expected there to be changes though. I don't think she realizes the problems themselves. She would never hurt my brother or myself purposely but the problem is that she doesn't seem to realize that she occasionally puts us in danger. She nods off at times and one of her eyes seems to want to stay out of focus sometimes too. Her medicine makes her a bit loopy and so she tries to take as little as possible. She takes less than even her doctor prescribes because she's afraid she'll act strangely. After the surgery, whenever she seems to be tired it's as though she's doped up on medication. She was once on medication so strong that she actually peed on my brother's floor, but in her defense, she thought it was the bathroom. Both my brother and I think her license should be revoked for her own safety and others. She would never hurt anyone or herself purposely but she's becoming a danger to others. We're afraid that if we talk to her doctor about this that he'll revoke her medication and she'll have no relief whatsoever. The problem is that medication doesn't cut it. It only ever dulls the pain to be remotely bearable. Bearable? How could any of this be bearable? My mother wants to go be taken off of her medication and no longer drive, after much convincing by the rest of the family. She only wants relief. It's not her fault that she does these things. There has to be some kind of cure. She's willing to try anything. She's given up to be honest, but I haven't. I refuse to let my mother live like this. Please help me. There has to be something to help. Endless medications are not the answer but that seems to be the only option as of right now. I'm afraid of what she might do if she has to continue living in pain like this. I've never thought of my mother attempting to kill herself, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't try it. A cure would be fantastic. It really would, but I stopped believing in fairytales a long time ago. I'm not really sure what I'm asking exactly. I just want my mother to be better. Are multiple medications the only thing that can help? I feel like that's the answer in the article but I don't want to believe it. There has to be something else that can help or at least work better than what she's using now. I know I'm ranting and I'm sorry. I don't know all of her medical history and am probably wasting everyone's time but I need answers. If not answers than at least something to go on. I'm no genius neurologist but that doesn't mean I can't try to do something. I'm not asking for medical advice because I know this isn't the place for it but I needed to rant to someone. Thank you to those that read this.

Hang in there Lucy . Got hit in the head by a co worker and I am experiencing the same thing. I am trying oral form of gabapentin . Find that it helps

I have PC headaches since Lamictal was discontinued. What now?! My HA are like a yr ago when I had my fall & concussion. Have to wear sunglasses even inside! Any help with meds & pains that work? Lucy

I'm getting headaches from an auto accident In July 2014 had bleeding and swelling on the brain. will it ever to away

My car accident rear ended Nov 2014 seat belted in was hit while at rest going 35mph she never braked. I lost memories, asked for my deceased father, had to relive his death like it had just happened. I have word finding, memory, ringing in ears, blue streaks seen in eyes, motion sickness can't handle cognitive therapy, tapping, EMDR, all make me sick, any rapid eye movement makes me sick. I get a strong pain left side of skull. Only goes away w sleep. Yesterday I felt off, I have vertigo now as well. I was at a store w my husband an overhead light wasn't working right it was flashing, my head went nuts, I had to put on my sunglasses and go sit outside, not the 1st time it's happened but I fail to notice things as much. I stupidly put my hand in boiling water not thinking to use a spoon to ck pasta. I can't do mental math. I forget things. But this pain in my head frightens me. I think this post makes sense. If I didn't have auto spell on my phone I wouldn't be able to write this. I was supposed to be going to law school. I don't know now. I can't retain info. I make lists then forget. I feel dumb and I dislike it. I've never been emotional now all I do is fall apart. I was diagnosed with TBI, PTSD, POST CONCUSSION SYNDROME, TITINITUS? I'm scared if I wasn't already taking a med for anxiety I'd be having seizures. Thank you for this article. I'm in touch with my Dr's I have a great team. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

I am nowhere near as bad as the person suffering from an IED blast overseas. My heart goes out to that soldier and I will pray for that person.

hi all, i was in an ied attack in iraq in july 2013 and i got home in 2014. after coming home and my high level of  adrenaline finally receded after four months i had migraines and anxiety attacks and dizziness and balance problems. now after 11 years and several neurologists, ear nose and throat specialists, pain doctors and many different procedures and medications-i have TBI and the migraines are caused by the damage to my brain. nothing physical affects them at all. i have had shots in a series of three into my spine multiple times which did nothing. i have had the "magic shot" in the base of the brain stem and it did nothing. i ended up two days in the hospital after that on an I.V. drip. i am so glad i have a very high threshold of pain otherwise i would not be able to deal with this everyday. then there is the weather...i feel every weather front and change in warm weather and cold weather. too hot, too cold, start moving, bend down, mow the lawn, work on the car...simple things and i am in even more pain. my left eye was injured by having a blood vessel rupture and i have scar tissue there. it looks like i am in this for the long haul.

continued/// so i am now on permanently disability with the possibility of never being able to return to gainful employment. Doctor told me today that my brain will never go back to how it was before, i will always have cognitive issues, memory issues, mood disorders and need to stay on my medications. This is what i had already figured but i needed to hear it from him i guess. He first needed me to calm as my anxiety was threw the roof because of what has happened to me over last 3 years along w the fall. so i sit in room no lights or sound with ice on top of my head, it is worse when it is cloudy out or when barometric pressure raises, so winter hear in northeast is bad for me, and so far this summer is as well. I have been walking and learning which type of headaches/migraines i get as some are due to stress, my back, the weather, anxiety, or vascular, and when i get migraines, my entire legs hurt as well, they are heavy and very sore. so from head to toe i got pretty messed up, but it could be worse and i am grateful to be here so i dont complain too much anymore. but have to have a social life around my headaches so cant plan too much til last minute. I am hoping to see some friends at a local tuesday concert and hope that i can deal with it, going to bring meds with me and just have to accept that this is part of me now. I am going on 40, and this isnt the only head trauma i have had, just the only one i have had checked. so the head can only take so many blows to it. i try to walk, read, and do things like i use to to see if i got better, in last year i have come a long way, but i still have a ways to go. even if i can just get into a part time job someday. it would be nice just to get out of house, although i am still afraid to leave it on some days cause of my symptoms. so i really dont get out much, and i even push men away that i meet cause i dont want them to have to be with someone like me, i need to find someone who is going to be patient understanding and sensitive...otherwise it wont work....but i am truly blessed to have had my daughter when i did, she will be 16 and helps me a lot even though she has an attitude and i still have my mother here as well, she just turned 74 but is like 60. I really dont think many people realize what this PCS is like and recovering from a concussion, it takes more then realized. I dont know how the football players are able to go back and play weeks later. They are the lucky ones, unless they just deal with it as well, cause any activity i do gives me a headache/migraine as well. so i have to learn my limits with both my back and my head. I wish you all the very best,,,,and may god bless!

Apply for medical assistance and/or Obama Care.

I had a fall summer of 2012, fell down my three steps to concrete in basement. My butt hit it and my lower back middle back hit the two steps and my head hit the top step being the landing. I iced my back a little that night and went to work the next day. I didn’t feel a thing. I was going through a divorce at the time and had a lot going on and financially i was paying for lawyers etc. Exactly a year later i took a week vacation as my legs were hurting and i thought i needed my knee shots again. I went back to work that Monday and i couldn’t hold anything or do much with my hands at all. my entire body was numb. So I first went to a orthopedic who told me i have fractures of my transverse processes in my lumbar back but there was nothing he could do as they were already healed. And that i should see a neurologist. So i went to see one, they sent me for mri of the head as i was complaining about headaches. So first to treat me I started going for Mg infusions. That didnt help. so then for a straight year almost i was getting nerve block shots and even tried botox. That didnt help me either. There was white matter found in my periventricular area of my brain, and being that i have fibromyalgia as well they first ruled out ms. My first primary doctor said i was fixated on the fall, when i knew i wasnt that was when i was on my short term disability with my job. So i changed my primary doctors and am so happy i did! He is amazing and specializes in chronic diseases. I have been dealing with constant headaches since they year I went to get checked out. The reason my primary doc now thinks i didnt feel anything for that year was cause i had so much going on and everything caught up to me. So now i get treated for my back. And for my head I get SPG procedures which do help some, with people with regular migraines every 3 months, i go every 3-4 weeks. continued////

I have had headaches every since I banged my head 2 years ago and I have noticed since then I have mood swings and it's hurting the left side of my face where I banged my head this has been going on for a year I haven't been to the doctor because I didn't worry and now I am worrying

Following a minor head injury and subsequent concussion 5 weeks ago, I have experienced constant headaches, which worsen towards the end of the day. Unfortunately I am unable to take regular pain relief for any length of time, because of unpleasant side effects. The most effective treatment I have had so far has been cranial osteopathy. The treatment is very subtle, but with an experienced, professional practitioner can be very effective. I would recommend it to anyone who has on-going symptoms.