Headaches After Head Injuries — Post-Traumatic Headaches

Seymour Solomon, MD, Headache Unit, Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Headaches After Head Injuries — Post-Traumatic Headaches

Headache immediately following a head injury usually clears after minutes or days but sometimes headaches may persist for months or rarely years. The long-term headaches are called post-traumatic or post-concussion headaches.

One can understand why headaches may follow a moderate or severe injury to the brain such as a concussion (bruise) or laceration (tear). What has been more difficult to understand and has presented an ongoing controversy are chronic headaches following mild head injuries.

Mild injuries of the brain are characterized as a concussion (a brief disturbance of brain function causing loss of consciousness or transient difficulty in thought processes).

Because the neurological examination after mild head injury is normal and standard tests as well as imaging studies (such as MRI or CT of the head) similarly fail to reveal abnormalities, many thought that the symptoms following mild head injury were psychological.

But microscopic studies have shown disruption of the nerve fibers in the brain due to the stretching or shearing forces of the trauma. Other subtle changes have been noted in brain functioning.

The clinical features of post traumatic headache may vary from one individual to another. Most headaches would be now classified as chronic tension-type headache. These headaches are typically a steady ache affecting both sides of the head and occurring daily or almost everyday. They are of slight to moderate intensity but intermittently, upon this base of low grade headache bouts of severe or moderately severe headache may occur and these often are similar to, if not identical with migraine (one sided throbbing pain associated with nausea and sensitivity to light and noise).

Unfortunately, people who experience post traumatic headaches also experience other symptoms of the post-traumatic or post-concussion syndrome. There may be other neurological symptoms such as dizziness, ringing in the ears, vague blurring of vision, psychological symptoms occur such as depression, anxiety, personality change, disturbance in sleep, and impairment libido.

Finally, people with the post-concussion syndrome have changes in their mental functioning, primarily difficulty in concentration, inability to work efficiently and associated difficulty maintaining attention and retaining memory.

The treatment of post-traumatic headache, as well as other features of the post-traumatic syndrome is symptomatic. That is each symptom is treated individually because, unfortunately, there is no medication that will alter the underlying disturbance in the brain.

Most often treatment of the chronic tension-type headache consists of such medications as the tricyclic antidepressants (for example amitriptyline). These agents not only diminish depression but also decrease pain.

The periodic worsening of headaches, if they have characteristics of migraine, are treated with typical migraine medications (for example, sumatriptan for an acute attack).

Non-drug methods of therapy are also advisable. Healthy habits should be encouraged by elimination of nicotine and alcohol, by recommendations for regularity with regard to sleep and meal time and by exercise at least every other day. Relaxation techniques may be helpful. These can be learned by biofeedback techniques as well as by such methods as meditation.

Last but not least is attention to psychological factors. The family, friends, and employer or teacher should be educated so the fact that headaches are not purely psychological but have a basis related to the disturbed structure and chemical functions of the brain. A psychologist may be helpful in teaching pain coping techniques and in treating the psychological symptoms that are part of the post-traumatic syndrome.

Fortunately, most headaches following head injury gradually taper off within the first three to six months. Even those unfortunate individuals who experience symptoms much longer can be helped.


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Please remember, we are not able to give medical or legal advice. If you have medical concerns, please consult your doctor. All posted comments are the views and opinions of the poster only.

I had a AVM done because on MRI I requested, in left side of my brain, I had a malformation/tangle of my nerves and arteries. It wasn't caught on 1st MRI, I looked up my symptoms because doctors thought I was traumatized due to choking on food. It turned out I was right, there was a small leak, which would account for the migraines I would get and the reason why my swallowing stopped working, why I was choking when I was eating. Doctor said he couldn't fix the problem with my brain because it was in an area where if he touched it, I would die. Somehow the AVM done relieved the headaches and all of symptoms to zero. Later every time I would have head injury, my concussions would be longer and all the symptoms would get worse. Last head injury I had was when I was pushed back by my face backwards and hit my head on bed or wall, I woke up on floor. I felt nausea immediately, I felt like I was out of body, in cloud, felt feeling of sickness I can't explain- between pressure and almost head cold. I then got a bad migraine headache. I felt like this for a little over a month. In second month I still kept getting headaches, mild to severe but constant. It was getting better but still different because I was shuddering, I had problems concentrating, I would loose track of thought, my problem swallowing got worse, my vision was blurred at times, I would hear a concentrating being spoken to me but then like someone wiped the board and I didn't remember what was said except I do remember that I was being talked to, I know they said something just didn't know what. I was having difficulty speaking at times, as if I had a short circuit. The word was in my brain but my tongue would not get message to talk. Its been about 4 yrs and my symptoms that got worse varied from going back to bad and worse. When I get sick or have headache, all my symptoms get worse. Doctors are still looking into this and I'm feeling helpless and hopeless. I fear at times of death and get really worried. I especially fear to get hit on head or for my head to juggle. This is when I get a concussion and all the symptoms get worse. I'm afraid my normal way of being or close to normal will not come back.

When I was 16 I fell off my horse busted my head open had 16 stitches and a concussion with a large knot on my neck. Now I am 59 and I have had migraines ever since then. Been to a neurologist and they did a cat scan which showed I had 5 white spots where I busted my head open. He gave me migraine meds which I stopped taking because it did not help. I don't know if I need to go back and see if anything has changed since then. I just can't stand theses headaches anymore. I don't have them all the time but enough to say they hinder me sometimes. Any advice?

I hope you are able to find the help you need to improve your symptoms and give you the will to live. Bless you, and remember, even when you may not feel it, someone loves and cares for you and will grieve if you lost your battle. xoxo

I was born in 1962 in 1964 I was placed on a tricycle on a patio in front of a set of steps with a concrete slab at the bottom to this day the blood stain is still in that concrete. 300 stitches to the head and a full concussion out for days ( I don't even know how long) many other small head trama during child hood shook and slapped and knocked even knocked out. 3 major auto accidents as an adult with head neck and spine injury twice. A blow to the head by a pounding fist of nasty ex husband. Knocks on the head due to accidents later as an adult a suitcase fell in an airplane hit the side of my head. I have walked into doors . Fell and hit my head 3 times when I was dehydrated due to illness. Now I wake every night same time and can not get back to sleep nasty head ache light and sound bother me more every year and my family tells me my personality is impossible to live with now (although I would say many of the family are way worse than I am) Acupunture seems to be the solution overall that works for just about everyone so I will try that when I get the money to pay for it. I take too many pills and liver is going because of it. But depression and losing the will to live is all part of this as well so sometimes that feels like so what this is no life to live. You can not participate in almost anything without getting so sick that your down for days. 

I recently had an injury at work boxes hit me in the head (glass containers) so bad that I go in and out of memory loss and thoughts smh..finally had a chance of getting my own research done and reading this article to understand my current troubles of depression anxiety and definitely not being able to sleep. It's hard to cope but I hope for better days and progress as I'm at the 2 month mark smh

I had a very bad head injury last year an I had two brain bleeds an a skull fracture and now I'm having headaches everyday but they are barley noticeable

I was hit in the head 10 weeks ago from 15-20 boxes unloading a truck at work didn't lose consciousness and finished out the day. I'm 50 year old male and since then I've suffered constant headache and ringing in my ears off balance double vision some days. Had MRI, cat scan and a bunch of other test. Seen neurologist who prescribed galaptin and other medications, all tests show normal. Meds do nothing for relief seem to be getting worse instead of better. Feeling frustrated and won't pain to go away. anyone know how long this lasts?

My son was thrown from a vehicle September of last year. He suffered a broken back and sever head trauma. He was unconscious several times and he still deal with some memory loss. He is having sever headaches much worse than a migraine. I'm calling doctor tomorrow because I as mom feel there is more wrong. Has anyone else had this?

Try asking this on Quora.com - you can get some good anecdotal information and have a wide range of resources from the Q community. I wish you relief and success.

On Sunday June 12th I was rear ended at about 75 mph causing my car to spin and jump over median coming to stop nose of car pointing south in north bound lane with on coming traffic. Within 24 hour started feeling mussel issues upper back, neck and major headache that does not allow me to get a full night sleep. I just want to drill hole in head a let pressure out. The entire left side of body is best up. But headache been making me a miserable person to the people I love. Have no desire for sex or motivation. I was taken out of work and now have to wait to get better to get my pay what is up with that..I have been seeing  chiropractor But no progress with headache . Going to have MRI this week can't live like this.

My daughter suffered from a severe concussion when she was 17 (she's now 25).  She was not able to control her body from shaking, and she could not walk - we put her in a wheelchair for months.  Brain scan was normal!  The wonderful (sarcasm) doctor told us it was psychological and that there was nothing wrong with her.  She started getting migraine headaches and started fainting - where she would hit her head and get another concussion!  I took her to a psychologist, neurologist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, cardiologist, chiropractor - any dr who I thought would have an answer.  The chiropractor (cranial/sacral)  actually did a lot of good.  Then I tried acupuncture.  This was amazing!  After treatment (I can't remember how many, but I think less than 10), she was back to normal.  No more headaches, no more fainting, and she could stand on one foot!!  If conventional medicine does not work - try alternatives.

I'm an automotive instructor at High School in Ontario, Canada. On October 22nd, 2015 a jack stand under a vehicle failed and as a result a pick up truck fell roughly 5" on the top of my skull. My head bled profusely but eventually stopped. I was the only person under the truck as my students were watching the demonstration. Long story short is that I required stitches, new prescription glasses because it changed my vision, and to this day, June 19th, 2016, I still have headaches everyday, for the past 3 nights they've be waking me up between 3-4 am and I can't sleep. The Tylenol 3s have no effect on me anymore. My favorite place to hang out is in my basement in total darkness. Any quick movement of the head causes  a dizzy spell, in January I passed out from turning my head too quickly and landed on the concrete floor. I've been working 1/2 days for months now and there's no signs of relief. I'm 58 years old, 1 year from retirement and I'm living the life of a mushroom??? Rob

I’m sorry to hear of your accident. In Feb/2017 I was hit in the front and top of my head by our steel plate front door as It was opened by our son and I was leaning toward it to pick up groceries. I am also at a point where daily migraine headaches are unbearable, I take as few Tylenol 3s as I can just to make it through the constant daily migraines, and I feel best in total dark.

My whole forehead is swollen daily into a raised tortoiseshell shape. Is your head visibly swollen? I had a big discovery this weekend. I do gardening every day and am constantly looking down at the ground in a low crouched position then raising my head to stand up. I realized this movement is causing blood to rush to my head, the swelling, and the migraines. I also realized wearing a ball cap that shelters the middle of my head but lets light into the sides is adding to the migraines. I do better with a wide brimmed hat that lets equal sunlight in from all angles. Given the nature of your job I wonder if the sudden change of direction movements might be causing your migraines. If you go about your actions slower, avoiding sudden left to right and up and up and down movements of your head do your migraines improve?

Hello All,

Former Military. Had multiple physical concussions. The brain needs certain rest. I didn't read or play video games 6 following months after incident. exercise proper nutrition and sleep hygiene. The Ketogenic diet is a proven and healthy diet for those with epilepsy or seizures/brain trauma. Healthy fats protect the brain and heart. I stay away from high fructose corn syrup, soda, caffeine, etc. I have consistent results. Not the worst headaches and manageable. This is a discipline.

Take care, all.

I am at a loss about my head injury which happened at a concert a couple of months ago. As we were leaving the venue my sandal became stuck and i feel back and busted my head open on the brick concrete grounds and they wanted to take me to the ER but my husband drove me there since we live down the street from our hospital. Anyway 8 staples in my head and a couple of months later ..I am having so much pain in my head and my back ...my general practitioners have ordered another cat scan and other tests to rule out a hemmorage of the brain since they found it in my inner ear canal. Thank God maybe i will find out what the hell is going on! I had no idea that it takes sometime to see whats really going on. Incredible!

I was in a car accident when I was 18, I'm 45 now. I hit the windshield and had stitches on the bridge of my nose, on my cheek, lip and ear on the right side of my face as I was a passenger in the car. It was an old car, before seatbelts, so we were not wearing restraints. I have had headaches/migraines for many years. Been thru hormone therapy, diet classes, many medications, the side effects of all of those, alcohol abuse to self medicate, problems at work that goes with all of this. People who don't have these types of issues don't get it. I am sober now, on a good balance of medication, will always have to deal with the paranoia, confusion, ringing ears and pain. I have the scars on my face. I understand what all of you are going thru.

My daughter had a post-concussive migraine for an entire year. No medicines helped. Finally tried acupuncture. Pain was 90% gone in 1 hour. She had weekly appointments for a while, then decreased the frequency as she healed. But she was able to re-enter her life in this way. Everyone heals differently, but if you are in pain you should really consider acupuncture.

Today, I got hit in the head with a slinky and want to know if it's normal to have a small headache afterwards.

Post-concussion symptoms are very frustrating. You need to talk to someone to work through these frustrations. DO NOT hurt yourself, as there are many options for making life better. Please contact the Suicide Hotline 1800-273-TALK.

Thank you all for sharing your stories. I was in a car accident in 2013 and like many of you, I suffer from a constant state of trying to accept that this is my new norm. I sleep a lot. Suffer from confusion, forgetfulness irritability anger depression and the list goes on. I experience what I have dubbed as "involuntary napping" where i could be sitting somewhere reading something or watching tv and the next thing I know I'm waking up. I no longer drive at night or go very far from home. I feel like I do not even know who I am anymore and cannot trust what is in my mind at times. I feel like i get lost in my own mind sometimes searching for the words to speak or to respond to a question. The hardest part of all of this is others think you are the same as you were before the accident. Famous line "well you look fine". I want to scream. I can only hope that I have more good days than bad at this point. On my good days I run myself ragged because I have so many days where I am incapable of doing anything. Reading all these comments I finally don't feel crazy and I find comfort in knowing I am not alone. I'm SO SORRY you all suffer as I do... I would never wish this on anyone!

I fell on my 6 feet double deck bed. I dont know where i bump into coz i pass out for about 2 hours and walk up into the hospital with my blood unto my shirt, hands and especially on my head. I got 13 stitches then suffer from vomiting, head aches, nausea. Its been 8 months. Since then.

I'm experiencing the same things you are. But my insurance company has said I'm fine to go back to a normal life.. disbelieving I am having chronic headaches..

It has been over 5 years since I had a biking accident without wearing a helmet and ended up with my head hitting the cement which caused a severe head injury along with a broken collar bone, and separated shoulder.  Afterwards, I blacked out for a couple of minutes.  For two days I had extreme vertigo and couldn't keep anything down.  A wonderful physical therapist did some therapy to help realign the crystals in my inner ear.  For me, this was a cure for that issue.  I also had many chiropractic visits after my collar bone and shoulder had healed.  Along with that I have had extensive cranial work done.  I don't know where I would be without the cranial therapy that I have had done by a very caring therapist. For some reason now though I am getting headaches daily.  I have a full time job that is pretty stressful - I am hoping that is just the issue.  There are a lot of wonderful things we can do to help heal the body and mind after a head injury.  Unfortunately, like mentioned by others, since this is not seen on the outside, many have no idea what we go through.  But I hope we can all just listen to our bodies, love them, and be patient with ourselves through each of our personal journeys.  

I got in a bicycle accident too. Landed right on the top of my head EXCEPT I had my helmet on. Thank god i was wearing one and I don't weigh too much. Fractured sternum which is pretty hard to do. 3 months after accident I am getting severe headaches that last almost all day and worst of all nausea and vomiting.

I got a concussion about a year and a half ago. It healed in two months. Two months later, I got another.Ever since, I've had constant pain and ringing in my ears. I'm lucky, though. I don't have memory or working problems, and the initial dizziness has sort of faded away. Still, I'm wondering what else I can do for the pain. I see a neurologist and take anti depressants. I changed my diet to be organic and more healthy. I got my ears, nose, and throat checked, and even though my ears always ring, my hearing is perfect. I've done cognitive tests that concluded that my current brain is faster and has a better memory than most humans my age. I've been to an allergy doctor who determined that allergies aren't the source of my pain. I've taken and MRI and they said everything was fine. I've done yoga and meditation. None of this works and no one knows what's wrong with me. Some people are even convinced that I'm faking the pain because they can't actually see any physical damage. It sucks.

I don't know if it's in my head or its just be but ever since I was in an accident about two years ago my head has been recently hurting and since then I haven't checked my head for a CT scan. It was a bad car accident, both of my parents passed away including my uncle and my 16 year old cousin I survived including my little brother, my nephew and two of my other cousins. But my head has been hurting and I'm just nervous if I do have something but I haven't gone to check myself.

Hey I understand that not everyone is the same but I have been dealing with headaches constantly for 13 years and every time the weather wants to act up I can feel it and tell you that it's coming before the weather man knows it's coming. So my question is when does my headaches stop or decrease in the amount I have a day? Can anyone answer that I am so ready for this pain to go away or at least ease up.

My husband has been dealing with these headaches for almost 6 years now.  Some days they're tolerable and other times he won't even come out of the bedroom he hurts so bad.  He suffered a TBI after a big rig accident he was in.  He was cut off by a Mercedes in upstate New York and he hit the brakes on a wet, icy road and the truck rolled three full revolutions before landing on the drivers side.  His head hit every square inch of the cab and he hasn't been right since.  Even doctors at UMass haven't been able to help.  Amitryptilline hasn't helped him at all.  I wish doctors would spend more time researching this for those of you and your loved ones who are suffering with this.

Has anyone on here had an anoxic brain injury? I have headache due to that. Looking for anoxic hypoxia injury advise. I don't see a lot of those. Thank you in advance

Please look into nuerofeedback and also cranial sacral massage therapy

You are not alone I had a head injury 9 monthes ago and the pain has been so bad that I can hardly stand it. Nobody can understand unless you go thru it I am on strong pain medicine that helps very little and people just look at me like i am overreacting or that I am just crazy.what I am saying is don't give up you are not alone I pray that God will help us and others that are in our situation.God bless. help

to the last comment--- please Call Dr Mark Gordon at Millenium Health Care in Orange County California. He treats from a distance as well. Its Very common to have a hormonal imbalance which sounds like what you have, after TBI and he does specific testing and treatment. Can turn your life around! I'm currently starting there

I been suffering from my concussion for 2 years now and nothing helps or works and the pain is getting more and more severe. I been on medical marijuana for about 5 months now and nothing really has changed, doctor even increased the THC level and still no changes. Now I'm fighting for disability and was denied because I don't have physical characteristics no mental impairment but u have tried committing suicide 3 times since the injury back in August 2014. I am desperate for answers and help is there way too prove what I'm suffering from even though there's no physical characteristics? Please anyone if anyone can help shoot me an email iamLegacyy7@gmail.com

I am 4 weeks removed from a fall where I hit my head. Didn't black out, thought I was okay at the time. Next day vomiting, dizzy and realized I had a concussion. CT scan was clean and doctors kept telling me I would be better in a few days with dizziness being my main symptom. Now I get daily headaches and definitely have reached the point of frustration where there seems to be no end in sight. Wasn't more than a very occasional pot smoker prior but now I find marijuana to be the thing that helps me the most with the headaches. Anyone else medicating with marijuana?

I got a severe concussion about 3-4 weeks it ago. What I mean by severe for two days I had to stay in the complete dark and not do anything but lay in bed because my eyes hurt so bad. I've been having chronic headaches, blurry vision/watery eyes, and ringing in the ears. I got and MRI and everything was clear. I'm only 14 and I want to be able to do the physical things I normally did which was cheerleading. tumbling and stunting is a big issue because I can't flip because it makes me dizzy,and it's scary to stunt because that's how I got the concussion in the first place. AHH THE STRUGGLE

Our four year old granddaughter has a linear skull fracture. We've gone through a few days of hospital treatment, and she seems to be recovering normally. The thing we can't find info on is the fact that she wakes periodically from headaches in her sleep. Any suggestions on where to look to research this would be greatly appreciated.

is anyone doing research on this?    what can be done....

8 months after being rear-ended at full speed. Daily headaches...... nothing helps...

The most helpful thing for me is chiropractic adjustment which includes cranials.  If you have not been referred to a chiropractor, just know that everyone with a brain injury should be examined and evaluated by a chiropractor, usually an Applied kinesiologist), because they can help you without drugs. You will never be 100% the way you were because brain cells have died.  You can, at least, get closer to the 100% with spinal and cranial adjustments.  In my case, the pseudo-bulbar affect is almost gone, I don't hardly ever scream at the top of my lungs anymore.  I certainly walk better.  I still use a cane for feeling where the ground is, but my balance is much better and my gait patterns are more steady.  My eyesight is still problematic, however, I no longer have saccades and I can read music and play the piano at about 75% of my expertise prior to my TBI injury.  Head pain is less often, thinking thoughts is easier and less confused.  Hope to continue improving is in my heart.  Chiropractic care is what helps me.  Medical drugs gave me terrible side effects including suicide tendencies which are not in my nature.  So, no drugs for me.  Chiropractic care is giving me back my life.  I highly recommend it for every person with brain injury of every age.  It is certainly worth a try.

I sustained a concussion at work about 6 weeks ago, the result of having pieces of wood and other objects fall off a shelf and strike me in the front and side of the head (got a pretty good cut above my eyebrow). My memory and speech was affected within 20 minutes of the incident. Since then I've had very wild mood swings, severe headaches, memory loss, sensitive to light and sound, a change in appetite, and difficulties sleeping. The worst part to date are the headaches and my difficulties thinking, speaking, and even writing. I had to withdraw from my final semester of college and haven't been able to return to work since the accident. As a teacher and a college student having my cognitive functions affected this severely has been a nightmare. It's amazing what a blow to the head to do.

As a fellow head injury person struggling with various physical and psychological symptoms I can unequivocally state that trauma and damage to the substructure of the impact area is a reality even if it is yet undefined.

if u have this deal with it now, u know your body. i have had 4 hrs without head pain after several severe head injuries 29 years ago, and it continues to worsen. medication increases pain level. i don't see/talk to anyone so i can deal with this privately, its not a very fulfilling existence - good luck

I was beat in the head with a hammer nine times by an ex. It was horrible and that is only part of a nightmare that I still live with everyday. Anyway that was ten years ago and ever since then my migraines are horrible and they come with auras and nausea, dizziness and lightheadedness. I have had several tests but they never see anything. I'm like is it psychological because believe it or not my head is still rather tender even though it happened ten years ago. If I press it (it's a lot of scar tissue now) it feels really weird. Also I have spots where the hair will never grow back so thank God my hair is thick.

Hi I seen ur post I am in the same boat as you I was hit in the head the Temple area buy a hammer on accident by my father-in-law this was 14 years ago and this year I have been having more problems out of the area the area feels really weird like what you're talking about a spot where I was hit kind of swollen and a pressure in it now and I do get headaches everyday it's been freaking me out not knowing what's going on with it and I don't really want to go to the hospital right now because of the virus going on do you have pressure as well is it normal or should I go to the doctor it's no pain just pressure and kind of numbing feeling around it so sorry you have to deal with this I know it's aggravating thank you for your time

Aloha all. In 2013, I was involved in a car accident in which the vehicle I was driving was rear ended. Diagnosis: whip lash, brain trauma, concussion depending on the doctor. After 6 weeks, I was still informing my doctor of this funny feeling behind my forehead: Nothing to compare this feeling with. I was sent in for an MRI: A brain tumor about the size of a cherry was found (schwanoma). So far, still considered benign. Was told that there was no relationship between that tumor and the accident. However, the funny feeling behind by forehead continued. Over the next 1-2 years, saw neurologists and neurosurgeons. This particular symptom persisted. In addition, I began having problems with concentration and thinking along with memory problems. Some doctors attributed this to the tumor. An EEG results indicated that my brain was like that of persons that has seizures when in between seizures. An attempt to treat with a popular anti seizure medication caused that funny feeling behind my forehead to increase to the point where I was unable to function. A doctor that recommended the tumor be removed also encouraged me to seek a second opinion at Stanford's Brain Tumor clinic. The diagnosis: Post Concussion Syndrome. Had history of previous concussions in youth (football-believe what they are saying and bicycle accident).Currently being treated by personal physician: Feeling like a guinea pig with medication experiments. Marginal improvements in the funny feeling however concentration and memory problems persist. As a law enforcement officer, I finally had to come clean with the employer: In lieu of being placed on sick leave, was assigned desk duties as the personnel department goes thru the 'reasonable accommodation' process. Fortunately (?), got enough years in if they decide they can't accommodate: I can retire and then initiate the SSDI process. CONCLUSION: A THING WE HUMANS, IN OUR INFINITE WISDOM, DON'T KNOW SQUAT: THE BRAIN.

Anyone that has not had a TBI just cannot grasp the pain and problems a person goes through.  People minimize because they can't see the injury.  I don't wish this on anyone.  10 months now and still with post concussion headaches and short term memory problems.  My life has changed dramatically!  I'm so sad.  I was assaulted and landed on my head and lost consciousness and developed a large hematoma immediately.  I have been in pain ever since.  I deal with balance problems when I close my eyes.  Some doctors do not take this seriously.   

I had a 'mild' concussion over 10 weeks ago. I went back to work part-time but had a dramatic increase in symptoms. I have been out of work for weeks now, waiting to feel better. I will be seeing a neurologist soon and hope to have some answers, take those tests you mentioned. I'm learning to put my health first, mostly because my body won't let me do otherwise. Try to take it slow is my advice. Acupuncture helps a little. Good luck!

Lee, I just finished up neuropsych testing, it took 2 days and 4 hours each day. Testing exercises include puzzles, math equations, memory testing, vocabulary, questions regarding common sense, speed testing, grip strength etc. It was very tiring for me, but nothing to worry about. Sabrina

I was knocked down by a student about 3 months ago and he fell on top of me. In addition to a torn rotator cuff, I got a nasty concussion. Since then, I've been diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome. I still have daily headaches, sensitivity to sound, dizziness, sleep problems, trouble concentrating, and anxiety. The headaches range from irritating and annoying to excruciating. I'm a 5th grade teacher. I've been back to work 3 weeks, but still have difficulty making it through the day. (I'm not full duty yet.) A quiet, dark room is my happy place. PT helps some. I have Neuro-psychological testing next month. Anyone had this? -Lee

Passed out due to narcolepsy brought on by severe sleep deprivation almost 2 weeks ago. I'm relieved to know these headaches are fairly normal.....but not a lot of people have mentioned having extreme pain at the injury site. It's almost 2 weeks later and if I merely touch the site it hurts so bad. It's a very irritating pain. Like someone is continuously bashing my head with a nail covered 2x4 ..... they said there was no fracture but a lot of bruising on the brain.....could that be the cause I wonder....I'm just concerned that it's still so painful. Laying down ... brushing my hair.... forget it. Doesn't happen right now. I can't even wash all of my hair as the water on my head sends me into tears. Anyways has anyone else experienced this ??? If so anything other than cold compresses that will give any form of relief.....I'm on methadone so I can't take narcotics so pain meds are pretty much out of the question.

My girlfriend had suffer a head injury about 4 yrs ago at work....doctors told her she had post traumatic concussion syndrome.... I feel bad because I can't help her...she's been through maybe 30/different pills and like 8 different doctors no one can help her...they're even trying botox shots to see if it helps....if any one has the same problem and can help US get out of this hell pit it will be very appreciated thank you...