Facts About Concussion and Brain Injury

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I fell from a building in 1989 while at work, and suffered a concussion and multiple broken bones. I had (and still have) very bad dizzy spells that came and went. I was sent to a neurologist who asked me which way the room spun when I felt dizzy. I didn't know what to say because it was more of a back and forth feeling so I just said to the right. He then asked me to stand and he pushed my shoulder a couple times. After that he said I was fine. Since then I have continued to suffer from dizzy spells, I get lost even in buildings, my hands shake, very badly at times, I have trouble concentrating, I withdraw from social situations, I can't remember doing things like eating or what I ate. I have trouble at times identifying what I am seeing in pictures, its like I think to myself, "why cant I tell what this is". My sense of taste and smell is way off or deminished. The list goes on. I have learned to just cope with these things by accepting that this is just how it is. I do realize that things are getting worse. I am now 52 and very concerned as to how bad this will get. I dont know what to do. Reading the comments of others made me realize that I am not alone.

I also sometimes cannot smell something after that accident I had a few years back and my mum scared me by saying I might have Alzheimer’s or something please tell me that isn’t true

Hi, My younger brother had problem with his friends and they hit his head than it has some blood between the brain and skull after the doctor had treated him by ิัsurgery, his right eyelid couldn't open anymore and his voice is very weakness and doctor just let him go home by that situation so how to train or treat for him?

Hi, I m glad to see the comments are replied, but cant find the answers.. Thank you for your great job with thie website.
My problem is similar to many others: 1.5y after a cuncussion I feel my head heavy, have diziness, I am tired and sleepy etc. The sydroms are permanent whether I m having rest for days or not. When I m busy they just get worse.
My doctor gave up on me: subscibing antidressants for painkilling was the only thing she could do. I have given up on those as I could not stand their side effects.
Any help/comment is highly appreciated.
I have visited 3 doctors so far.. nobody was able to help me
Thank you a lot!

Hello, I suffered a bad concussion back in 2015. So its been almost 5 years now and I still don't feel like the same person I was back in 2014. I function good and don't have sleep problems but its just something weird. I just don't feel like myself when im doing something, sometimes its like Im in 3rd person and watching my hands do the work but I don't feel it, its like it takes my brain little slower to realize this is me and im doing this. I don't know if its just an emotional thing from the Stress and anxiety attacks I had when I had the concussion because it was scary of having that feeling and I panicked. But thanks to god I am a lot better than I used to be. What really helped was reading and praying. Its the best meditation. The thing that becomes exhausting for people is the depression and the anxiety from the concussion. But you just have to look at yourself in the mirror and go one day at a time, tell yourself that you are alive and breathing and you will be strong and live. If you don't have any physical injuries or bad injuries in the brain, then its just emotional/ psychological and best cure for that is if your religious; read and pray, be social and do outdoors things, walks in the park, hiking or even go to the gym. It works.
If you want to talk about more or you have nay other concerns reply. I also have questions because I don't understand everything.

I had severe car accident I go to chiro weekly if I didn't I be in corner crying n rake cycolbezaphine to cope.no.straining neck makes head worse tons n tons of sleep heals don't push yourself n gravol for nausea good protein diet to heal.

I had scholarship for rugby. I was use to playing football, so I lead tackles with my head. I was a stubborn person so when I knew it felt injured I shrugged it off in fear of being called a wussy. I didn’t know I had a problem with my head. Christmas break came and I went home, I decided to go to the VCU hospital. They said I suffered 6-8 concussions within the past 4 months. No wonder my grades dropped. I had slowly become more violent and close
Minded. The doctor said take a 6 month break from school. Give your self time to heal. He also said that drinking a beer with a my friends would be 7 beers to my brain. My life down spiraled after I took a break from school. I got in arguments more often with my family(single mom). So I moved out and looked to selling drugs. Everybody had weed, so I looked to Xanax. It sold quicker than anything. But I also became dependent on it. It ruined my life. I ruined my life. I should have thought that it might affect me more than others. I fact 7 time more than others. My anger became unmanageable, I lost my gf, the only person I actually had a soft spot for. I started robbing ppl, and doing things I never thought I was capable of. I’m proud to say that I’m literally a complete different person. I’m now 20. I was 18 when all this began. I try to remember the periodical order of the events in the 2015-2017 era of my life. And I’m ashamed when I do remember it. In one word to sum those 2 years of being a loser, sleeping on couches, and being a scumbag, I would choose “suicidal”. I’m had the opportunity to leave that environment and live with my grandparents. I’m very thankful. Brain injury is not a joke. Don’t be stubborn, seek help. Don’t get lost in the moment. If anybody need help, I’m not sure if I can provide, but will sure as hell try. Reply to this and I’ll check once every month.

Hi Brandon,

Thank you so much for your post. I had a concussion in Dec 2016. I never got it checked. I fell on my face and when I woke up the next day I could feel my brain hitting the skull. I went back to sleep and when I woke up it was fine. I continued the habit of drinking every day for the next three months. I was too stupid to realise the effects a concussion might have had. But then I stopped drinking completely for the next four months. I have had tinnitus for 5 years. But post concussion I felt that my tinnitus is increasing and now I am in a position where my tinnitus is over the roof. I joined the MBA program in August but I am not able to focus at all. I started drinking again. I feel that I have post concussion syndrome. WHo do you think I should seek help from?
I appreciate your concern for others. Hoping to hear from you soon.

I had a very serious brain injury from a fall 2 yrs. ago, I am now 80 yrs. old. Why do I still have much dizziness daily? My doctors do not know what to do for me to stop the dizziness. Thank you.

I hit my head hard two days ago on a metal weight bar. I had several symptoms of a concussion but they went away, and are now back. I took two ibuprofen and it hasn't helped. Should I see my doctor?

I was in a car accident back in July 2017 which spun my car into a concrete barrier. I remember feeling my brain "spin" and hit my skull and thinking "oh wow, I'm really hurt." But I had a hard time describing it to the doctor and he just said I was over-exaggerating. I didn't even think to look up concussion symptoms, because I thought to get one, you had to become unconscious. Now, after loads of research, I know better.

I had a 2-week long summer class that started literally two days after the accident and I honestly don't remember half of it. I'm struggling with short term memory now, specifically processing new information is hard for me, and my emotions feel like they've been kicked into overdrive. I used to have no trouble remembering things--and now I'll be in the middle of talking and I'll forget the word I want to use even though I know I know it! I still even occasionally feel the ache from where my brain hit my skull, and I've had trouble sleeping--though stress hasn't helped at all. I haven't gone to get a CT or MRI because I feel like nothing will show up on the scan and I don't want to waste money.

It's been a hard road, and I keep thinking things will improve in the next month, but it's been almost 5 months and it's been hard getting used to the "new" me. I'm not my old bubbly optimistic self, and I miss that most. I think the hardest part about having a concussion is that it's an invisible illness--you forget about it until it impacts your life in some way. Anyway, thanks to everyone who has contributed with their own stories--it's been really helpful to read and relate to. Here's hoping this month and next sees me one step closer to being the old me. Or at least accepting where I'm at.

Pen- I was in a car accident about 2 years ago now. I know how you feel exactly. I forget so many important things like it never was a part of my life. Appointments I miss, scheduling appointments at the same time and not realizing it, forgetting what I was talking or thinking about, losing words that I know and have used all my life, tremors and shaky movements that come and go, etc... I feel like I am crazy now, and people have asked me if I am drunk when I don't drink alcohol. I progressed a long ways, as I stuttered and suffered amplified versions of my symptoms before, where now I seem to have settled into a semi/functional state that can be glossed over based on how I look. I confuse the intentions and actions/words of others in interactions- sometimes very blunt and rudely. I know better than to dis-respect others, so I isolate myself to prevent outbursts that I cannot control, and to avoid interacting in ways that others don't deserve. I feel like a different person completely, and it is something I try not to think about. I finally have some resolution financially to try and address my body, but I worry it's just a money pit in waiting that will produce minimal results. It's been 2 years, and I treated with therapy for as long as insurance allowed before the money was used. You are not alone, and I hope you know that our heart's can still guide your ways matter how broken, even if we find ourselves acting out on a whim. I know I feel bad afterwards, and I wish that I hadn't went ballistic out of nowhere, but it's just a part of whatever went wrong in our brains. Someday there will be better treatments and care, but until that day comes all we can do is try to be the best we can be, especially towards others. That is my take on a hard truth that I face, and I hope you see that it's not your fault.

U sound alot like my sister

I just wanted you to know that I feel so much for your injury and it took a lot for me to read your story out load to my husband because if I didn’t know better this is like looking in the mirror. My accident involves a guy running a red light back in Jan of 2013 wow I can’t believe it’s coming up on five years. The side airbag hit my left side of my head so hard that I just remember everything going white . I actually told a priest 2 weeks ago that I feel I died that day! Because the person I was isn’t the person I am now. It’s hard to explain to someone that at 36 years old you feel like what you believe people with Alzheimer’s feel like ! You have your good days which in our eyes are days when your loved ones aren’t mad at you because you can’t remember what they said five minutes ago or maybe you remember where that item was and you accused your teenager of taking something out of your room without asking. The really bad days are the laying in bed at night because no one can see a physical injury so you lay there at bed time cus your tired of feeling like a burden and that you know your smarter then your physical body is letting you be ! My first year of my accident was the hardest for my life my husband constantly fought with me wasn’t understanding at all . I’m just luck I married a man who took our vows seriously! Don’t get me wrong we def still have our fights and he tends to forget I’m not like I used to be and this is the new me is what tell him. I went to see a speech Therepist who worked with me for three months if I remember right or a month i can’t remember. But she told me you could possibly get better in a year or ten years but I will never be the same it’s my new normal whatever that is ! But like I said your story touched my heart and I couldn’t read it without bawling . Hang in there it’s our “new new “ our new normal!

thank you for the info i am doing a project on concussions and this helped me a lot

About 2 years ago I got hit on my left side of my temple, it hurt unlike anything else when it first happened, but I just thought it was like any other time I hit my head so I didn't go see a doctor or worry much about it... Now 2 years have passed and I am having really bad aching pain on that exact spot, when I touch that spot it hurts so bad, and it feels different compared to the other side of my temple, also my left eye starts hurting randomly or when I blink, the left side of my forehead is also very sensitive. I recently got ringing in my ears and blurred vision at work a few weeks back, too. I am so scared because I don't know what to do or what it is. I don't want to not wake up one day, either. If anyone knows what this could be please let me know.

When you look up symptoms for concussions, blurred vision, headaches, ringing ears, are all things that you mentioned.

Mine is not quite the same but see ent to go to audiologist

I had an accident where Right side of my head hit with a stone......now my 3 fingers of left hand experience numbness It's been 3 months nd there's no improvement in my fingers....

This sounds exactly what I'm going through. I didn't see the doctor, either. Neither did I report it or press charges against my ex boyfriend for punching me in the head.
When the swelling went down, I thought I was okay. Then I started having problems in that area, migraines, extreme mood swings, and increased depression. I didn't know that I got a concussion. As I never got it checked. When I went to the hospital today, they told me that it was coincidence that it hurts in the same spot I got punched. They prescribed me pain meds and referred me to see a psychologist. It seems the doctors won't take me seriously because I didn't get it checked at the time. I made a mistake that they have no right to judge and blame me for. I need help, so do you, so do we all. I see that your post was made last year. I hope you go the help you need.

I hit my head hard on a door frame 9 days ago and saw my Dr. 3 days later as it was hurting so bad. As I'm on blood thinners, he said I needed to go to hospital for a CT scan immediately. The results came back clear and I was sent home, but the pain has gotten worse. I phoned the Dr. and was told to take Tylenol which doesn't work for me, he just doesn't seem concerned.

You need to see a neurologist. Do some research as neurologist specialize in certain aspects of the brain. (strokes, headaches, seizures etc) You may also want to look at some alternative healing like MCKS Pranic Healing (Check it out before you judge) Eat foods that are good for the brain and avoid all that isn't healthy for the brain. ( also excerdin for migraines helps some as well as the combination of taking with aspirin - get your doctors permission before you do this)

I have a 30 year old who is severe TBI from an auto accident 28 years most of her brain is dead but she walks talks runs remembers names high observant and understands more than people realize. My other child is 23 and has suffered 7 concussions and this one is having major brain issues and has little short term memory major head pain that does not seem to stop. We are dealing with those issues now.

I was in a car with friends at the age of 16 we got hit head on by a drunk driver it broke my left arm in half n it put me in a coma for 3months n a half when i came out of my coma i had to relearn how to speak n walk n do everything all over again i did n if God had not had his hands on me i would not be here today i'm 50years old now i still have some problems but i make it through life with Gods help every day!

I think that you have a concussion and that you need to go to the doctor again.

Did your doctor ask you to fill out a form called a concussion protocol, or an Acute Concussion Evaluation? This will result in a total symptom score, which can then advise your doctor as to the seriousness of your symptoms. Be an advocate and ask for a different type of test (MRI?? not sure). Good luck. I have also recently suffered from a concussion....it's been a rocky road for sure!!

About a month ago I got hit in the side of my head with a plastic drink that was unopened thrown from about 90 feet in the air estimated going about 50mph when it hit my head.

I am still having some issues that are alarming me. Still getting dizzy when I stand up or walk around, still have numbness on the side of my head, still have sharp pains and a constant headache, I can’t get my words out that I am wanting to say and still having blurry vision when trying to read anything
How long do these symptoms go on ??? When do you know if it is long term nerve damage?
I’m seeing a Neurologist and I have had several CT Scans and an MRI and tomorrow I get an EEG.
The scans so far show a severe concussion with some damage to nerves on the side of my head but they don’t give me a time frame for healing. Just keep telling me to be patient and relax. Don’t work... don’t do anything that uses my brain but how do I do that when I am the bread winner for my whole family of 6 and we don’t have money saved for me to take off work for months at a time?????

Got hit on the right side of my face near ear temple with a book on the job. Had all your symptoms and more was out of work four months. Best treatment vestibular treatment some symptoms get better but it takes time resting sleeping is the best thing to help your brain heal you will not be the same again. Understand being the bread winner part too try getting a lot off sleep when you are off work. People don’t believe when you are telling them your symptoms they can’t see it. but some symptoms get better with time it’s a year and a months since my injury still having problems the vestibular therapy help me cope Gods blessings it gets better with time.

I got a concussion back in August and I was diagnose PCS I haven’t been able to work bc of the dizziness, migraines and loss of memory, but my sleeping has been getting worse I can’t fall asleep I maybe fall asleep between 6 am-11 am and sleep a few hours. Has anyone had issues with sleep getting worse?

Hello Wow sounds like the same exact problem as I am having

I was diagnosed with the same condition 18 mos again and still have issues with staying asleep at night. My neurologist placed me on Amitriptyline, 10mg. This med help me to stay asleep for a long time at night. When I don't take this med, I will surely have trouble staying asleep.

Fell and hit the back of my head in a parking lot a few months ago, knocked me out for an unknown amount of time... Woke/came to with extreme spinning, dizziness, loss of hearing in the left ear with loud ringing, loss of smell and taste, unable to walk without a cane (and I'm not even 30 yet!) Severe nausea and headaches, hort term memory loss, etc etc the list goes on... Went to the hospital the next day, an MRI showed no fractures so they basically kicked me out. I have no insurance and it's been almost three months and nothing has changed... I'm terrified.. is this normal? Should I be worried and seek advice from a specialist ​or just stop being a baby and wait it out? I can't function and none of my research is helping!

Same hear it sucks Im 29

Sorry for this info... but symptoms will kind of get to where they will stop at the point of 6 1/2 to 7 years. I am post January 19, 2009. Injured at work... no workers compensation he will pay to me. I have a new concussion.


Being positive is hard but holding onto anger makes healing much worse... you have Traumatic Brain Injury. Time is on your side... you could spend thousands of dollars and not get any better ... only time will help. God bless you.

You may wonder, "what can I do?" The answer is: simply be present. Show up to the fight. Reach out to your old Veteran buddies, let them know that you are there if they need it. Let them know that you will answer the phone, day or night, rainstorm or snowstorm, close or far away. You don’t know what to say…that’s fine.

Anytime you are knocked out you have had a concussion.  A neurologist is who you need to see.  Research them as they specialize - strokes, seizures, headaches, etc.  Make sure to get your medical records from the hospital visit.   Note that tests on the brain do not show all the issues -such as defusion- also when you fell your brain bounced around and that can take time to heal.   

Most doctors charge less for cash payments when paid in full at the time of the visit.  Many hospitals have grants that with a proof of low income will write off testing.

It can take a year or more for your symptoms to subside or they may never. The first five years after a brain injury is when you see the most gains.

You may also some alternative healing such as MCKS Pranic Healing  (don't knock it till you try it   - its a non touch modality and has had proven results in many aspects of healing)

Eating for the brain is very important especially when you are healing.  Rest and de stress, rest heals the brain.

I fell 3yrs ago hit the back of my head. Have concussion still dealing with symptoms had swelling like for 2yrs memory problems cognitive and fears and emotional brain I have done without any meds for it and eating lots of protien hope to still heal but to tell you the truth it is a long heal and your patience are challenged every day a terrible injury to be honest just never give up and have hope work on the healing every day

Things really changed for me when I saw a D.O. (osteopath). It was SO worth the money. Take care ~

I had a very bad car accident last week and had concussion. my eyes are still very sensitive on lights, i get dizzy whenever I walk and i'm always tired. I hope it's nothing serious!

Don't wait another day my experiences in these is why sometimes injures Don't show up right away also make sure you're insurance covers all treatment now and in future I had to find out the hard way only go to drs and specialist who are experts in their field asap

last Sunday I got knocked over playing kickball and slammed my head against the ground. This same thing happened about 4 years ago and I had a fractured skull and concussion from that incident. This time did not seem as bad but it has now been over a week and I am still having constant headaches, even after taking tylenol or ibuprofen. I also am not sleeping well and I notice every little sound. I have also noticed in the last few days that food does not taste good. Its almost like it tastes old or bland to me. I went to the dr last week and he said I most likely have a concussion but I do not know if I need to go back b/c of the headaches and lack of taste or if I just need rest.

i feel the same, my accident happened 11 dys ago but my headaches started occuring over a week ago, my headache although isnt gettinf worst, is always constant midly still, did yours end up improving ?

I fell and hit forehead on cement sidewalk 4 months ago, CT showed all OK, but definite concussion with extreme vomiting, etc.
Went thru PT for balance/dizzy issues 10 weeks; much better. Still struggling with exhaustion half the time; have 2-3 normal days, but I then crash (sleep 9-10 hours 2-3 nights). I've always been active and this is a little depressing and discouraging. I've heard it can take a year for full recovery for us older (70) gals. ????

Who sent you to pt Dr? What was diagnosis

I fell nearly a year ago, tripped in a pothole and fell face down on the cement in a grocery store parking lot and broke my nose, hit my for forehead so hard I had an acute concussion and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. The ER was so full, they put me in a wheelchair and made me wait for 5 hours before I was finally seen by a doctor and given xrays and a CT Scan. I was sent home that evening with pain medicine and ice packs, but not advised very well about my concussion. I went to a neurologist on my own 2 months later because I kept having sleep issues, dizzy, balance problems, and nausea. My vision has been blurry at times, and so noticeable lately, that I just associated the changes in my vision with my fall. I didn't realize head injury could effect vision. I was driving today, and had to position my eye glasses at a different angle to read the road signs. I forgot to tell my optometrist about my fall when I went 5 months ago. It's embarrassing to tell people why I've had memory and concentration problems. Friends seem to care for a little while, but no one understands unless they've been there. Concussion is very disruptive to your life, and it's easy to minimize it, or dismiss how much it does change your life and daily functioning because it's an invisible disorder. Friends who see the pictures of my face after my fall, are blown away at how awful my blue and purple swollen eyes and red lump above my eye looks, but they tell me how good I look now, and I want to cry, because I still have pain and tenderness where my head hit the pavement, and I know my personality feels different to me. I've had to rely on my self to recover and pace my self. It's an ongoing process. Be patient with your self, and realize,it takes time for the brain to heal. My neurologist said it might be a couple of years. It has been frustrating, but I did feel somewhat better reading every one else's experiences. I do think age plays a big part in recovery, I am going to be 60, so I do think being older may require longer for my concussion to heal. It could have been so much worse, the ER doc said I was lucky I didn't crack my skull open, but it did bruise the bone. It is amazing how resilient the human brain really is though, and I am thankful to still be here! Prayers to everyone for a fast and full recovery!

I believe that one of the most debilitating things dealing with concussions are the lack of knowledge of the basic concussion symptoms. A person may just overlook a concussion symptom as a ordinary feeling that may just go away in time such a common cold not knowing that these symptoms need to be reported and treated medically by an medical professional.

I hit the back of my head on a wall after a chair I was sitting in my officer broke. I didn't have any issues expect pain at the beginning which became ok after 10 minutes. I slept that night fine. Then the next day I started having headaches, which I still have 5 days after the injury. The headache is not severe but sometimes is bad. Even though at night I sleep well and when I sleep I don't feel any headache.

Aside from the headache I also started having nausea and I don't feel like eating. I do have acid reflux so I am not sure if that is causing it.

I went to see a doctor and he said there was no issues, that I was fine and i should only take anti-pain medicine.

So what I am asking is that, is it ok to feel this way after head injury?

Don't settle for that I learned the hard way over and over sometimes damage doesn't show up for months years get help right away

I recieved a severe head injury in my home. I don't know how or when but I had so many other injuries my head injury seemed not important. After calling an ambulance and arriving at the hospital I was basically taken by the EMT's to the waiting room and dumped into a wheelchair. I was totally treated so badly after arriving at the hospital I tried to leave. After waiting 3.5 hrs I finally saw a Dr. After he ordered some test the Dr came back to tell me I had brain cancer and a broken wrist. I was very confused but not so much that I believed I had braincancer. I was admitted to the Hospital and was told I needed to call my family. My daughter wasn't speaking to me very much and I called her and she didn't seem to care. The nurse cam back and asked if I had gotten to call my daughter. I had but it was clear she wasn't coming and I felt so embarrassed that the hospital had to call her again. I guess she convinced her to come then all my family came in. I was heart broken that I was told I had brain cancer and my only child didn't care enough to show up. I was taken to surgery and after the surgery I was told it was a brainbleed and they had stopped the bleeding. I went home after 3 days in the hospital. I was alone and scared because I was having a hard time doing everything. I learned very quickly who my friends were and how much I was loved. The most important thing I learned is you can't depend on anyone but yourself. I know no matter what happens you have to get back up and believe in yourself. It has been 1 1/2 years and I am able to do everything I did before except use my hands without watching them. I never realized how many things I used to do without watching myself. I am more lucky than many.

hi just read yr journey so felt for you am thinking of you hope it is better, so glad you went to the hospital we can be surrounded by friends and still be alone remember where all alone chasing the dragon but God loves you and me, you are special look inside you theres only one of you, i used to care for mature people over 70 so loved them they where my friends and i was 35 they gave me more then what i gave my self, takecare sandra

Now over 5 months and still head spinning and ringing in my left ears but doctor's don't give medicine what should I do?
3 DAYS ago my head was busted open by a metal pole falling the hospital did a cat scan and I was told I did not have a concussion but was given 6 staples in my head. However my vision is still blurry and I get dizzy very easily if I move to fast. Should I go back to the hospital?