Do I Have a Brain Injury? Symptom Discovery Quiz

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Thanks, I needed this.

Im 51 .. I've had nine concussions... I played hockey for 23 years and I can to this day still remember the last one as if it was yesterday.. Center Ice Collision
Which I ain't got blindsided
Unlike now back in the day very little was known about this disease
As well as another one at a pickup game where I literally was knocked out.. got up went to the bench and 3 hours later I was home but did not remember how I got home or anything
On top of this when I was 6 I was in the hospital for two months due to a fall from monkey bars at my elementary school hitting my head asphalt
I've dealt with several years of depression anger issues
now I'm to the point where I can't even remember where my keys are and I just set them down
I try to have conversations with people I forget their names though I've known them awhile.. I have trouble communicating words that are my head don't come out my mouth
With the depression.
I get in moods where I don't want to be around people now extreme anxiety.. stress at work tends to affect me more than it ever has
I was married and my wife couldn't deal with it so she took my kid and left
I have seen psychiatrist and therapist
Which for me was no help because all they wanted to do was put me on pills
I've been put on medications that make me feel like a zombie
The only thing that I do now is I use CBD.. it helps a lot with anxiety
Yes I felt that I've been going through this all alone
family doesn't understand it.. I'm kind of looked at as the family screw up
At an early age I turn to alcohol the kind of help me cope
Which in its own right cause me a bunch of more problems no driver's license loss of a good living wage
Thank God for this day I am sober
The best way I could put this at times it feels like someone else is driving a car that I'm in cuz I have no control
And that scares me to death
So for anybody who's out there you are not alone
I am lucky enough to have several good friends and a good woman in my life.. who is extremely patient and understands
If not for that I don't know where I would be

I had a brain aneurysm 34 years ago and still suffer from 90% of these problems. And I only 56 years old.

How the freaking heck am I supposed to sit here and read all that mess? I’d there like a short version I can take. I swear it be easier to cut out my brain and let u look at it!

I know the feeling it not nice to read them all , I had to stop as I dont no what I'm reading them for as there no points or something to click :(

Sorry I am damaged too

If you want to know if you are brain damaged then read it. Also I think being impatient is one of the symptoms and I got bored after a minute or so and so did you lol

i hit y head really hard and the docter said i have broken bones

This sounds just like me. I have never seen a doctor for it because I thought it was normal. I had meningitis and septaemia as a kid, as well as being abused, I was always really clumsy and hitting my head on the play ground or during PE (a softball and basketball, falling off a jungle gym and hitting me head and losing time, a teether ball, a fence, passing out in High school and hitting my head on the ground.). My family never took me to the doctors for anything after like 5 years old. Makes me wonder if I should get my head checked out.

Oh my god you all sound like me. I have either been knocked unconscious or had a massive bang dozens of tim

I’m 40 and I exhibit almost all of these behaviors and difficulties. I have had around 16 concussions and class 2 TBIs.

I am not the same person anymore, have regressed more and more and my symptoms become more and more severe. I am so impulsive angry and agitated always. I am aggressive and make bad decisions and cannot do basic things without help. I am more and more clumsy and have dementia and mania and psychotic episodes. I feel like someone else is driving the majority of the time. My personality has completely changed.

I have been placed on more and more and stronger medicine and nothing seems to work. I realize I don’t have much time and my faith in God has near eroded. I cannot maintain friendships or any relationships and feel like a burden on everyone and have no dignity left at all. I engage in dangerous behaviors and also can’t hold my bladder or bowels sometimes. I want to commit suicide but am scared to die bc I think God is angry with me. I don’t know how much more I can take.

Hey Jeremiah. I realize it is 9 months in the future, but thought maybe you still might get this message and read it. And if happen upon this, could you mind messaging me back or emailing me to let me know you're okay? Otherwise, I'll worry.
I have the same suicidal thoughts, often, so I know where you are and I hope I just wanted you to know that at least 1 person (probably thousands more) understands what you are talking about. My standard of life has been steadily dropping the past 6 or 7 years. I have several chronic illnesses, and severe chronic pain. And doctors keep lowering pain dosage while stopping to look into any research that might help me. I know it sucks, and I hope that you have one person in your life you can lean on and will support you unconditionally. As long as you have one, you'll be okay. I only have one' I've lost all my friends over the years, because I'm basically a recluse and gradually lost touch with all my friends. Which sucks, but that's life I get that life moves on, but it's hard. I hope you're doing better, now in 2020.

Oh dear you are not alone, and suicide is not an option for you or me. I have had two TBI's and about 17 concussions, I am almost 60, my 2 TBI's was left frontal lobe and most of my concussions were to the top and back of my head, I am the one who is guilty of giving my self my may concussions, had another last week pretty bad, racked the top of my head and felt my neck accordion, I actually think I heard it, I just knew I had broken my neck, thank God I didn't. At this point my daughter has threatened to dis own me. Now I am really scared, I don't want to be homelessness. Something I fear the most.

I'm so sorry to hear that you are going through this. I know how you feel and I feel helpless because I can't do anything to make you feel better.
I will share with you a couple of things that help me make it through the day. I listen to classical music. I watch a TV show or movie that makes me laugh. And I play solitaire with actual cards. Not on the computer.
I think of a happy thought and write it down each day.
I try to help someone else with something every week.
The goal is to train your brain to be positive and keeping your focus on being productive by helping others.
It sounds so simple for others, but for people like you and I, it's not easy to reprogram your brain at our age.
Anything negative and hurtful to yourself and others is your brain lying to you. How does that feel that your brain is lying to you? Well, for makes me really ticked off. It made me so mad and I had nothing but to train myself to be happy and healthy with positive things in my life. One day at a time.
Praying for everyone who battles this everyday.

My friend...You and I are rowing the very same boat.
One day at a time and trust in Jehovah.

I agree Prayer and Torah are our Help. I trust God for deliverance and healing. Love to you all. I take a supplement, but can not always afford it, Grace to those with this 'issue'. Jesus is my helper and healer. I hope you find grace in your times of trouble.

yes, Jesus is our saviour and would do anything to help us so pray, only people who trust in God have the ability to pray in desperate times

If you are still kicking and screaming, I just want you to know...I believe you. I empathize with you. It is not easy! I will pray with/for you.

Don’t give up. You haven’t yet, and something tells me you know you can do this. Surround yourself with a supportive group of friends and family. It’s about realizing you’re not alone and you don’t owe anybody anything. Just breathe and simplify your thoughts. It sounds like you have a cascade of thoughts that are hard to control. Start there, thought control, seek help from the community. Get some hobbies that allow you to visualize something and then achieve it. I believe in you. I’m right there with you.

I hit the front side of my head 3 times as a kid. The last one was when riding a bike and fell on my head and landed on the pavement. I have difficulty concentrating and processing conversations.

yep, I have brain damage

I have hit head many times and I have trouble remembering things and sleeping I have many of this symptoms and now I am worried.

tell me about it

I have had several bad falls, where I hit my head at different times in my life.

When I was 16 I was showing off on my quad runner.I think it was a quad runner anyway. I was thrown off and landed on my head. No helmet. I believe I have frontal lobe damage but was never diagnosed. I am 46, been married 5 times, never able to hold down a job, slowly slipping more in to myself, Having weird delusions. I was a normal individual before this accident happened. I am quick to anger, I am not able to inhibit my thoughts when I get angry, all kinds of things. I cannot plan things very well and I get tired mentally VERY quickly and another personality emerged also.

It is a weird thing, the brain. and mine is messed up pretty good from that accident. I get my scan pretty soon to see exactly what is going on. I hope you are well.

I’ve just come to realize (I’m now 63) how much a couple of early accidents (complete with concussions) have affected me. As well, I think I’ve been in denial — I see so much of myself in the questions above, so many of my current and long-standing challenges, especially with executive-function related issues. I think, too, that aging is/will contribute to additional cognitive challenges for me.

It is hard not to despair.

I do have T.B.I.

Marijauna helps a lot. I was almost beaten to Death on Dec 12, 1994. I was seeing 3 and possible 4xs vision. I had to put my hands over my eyes to keep them in my sockets. I was reinjured at better-built lumber where they would not give me my workman's comp papers to sign. It took about six months to see a neurologist. Took a CAT scan and MRI and results came up negative. Bullshit, as the MRI itself made me dizzy as hell. I had to sit for a while.

Lights affect me. Even the pilot light on stove effects me. Everything I read about T.B.I fits me to a T.

I  love my coffee, but I seem to worsen when I sleep. I have to be super conscious because if I sleep on my right side I wake up very concussed and the day is already wrecked. I take my vitamin E which helps. Recently my neurologist was transferred. My personal doctor is no better.

My life has literary been turned UPSIDE DOWN. Nobody wants to help me and being honest I can't believe I'm going through this bs. I'm trying to collect SS Disability and my lawyer after a year and a half dropped me as a client. I recently worked as a pizza delivery man, and the heat of the oven was killing me. I'm seven months behind in my rent. What an ugly nightmare.

I didn't miss a question. Everyone thinks that I have a drug problem. The ringing in my ears is so loud that i worry about other people hearing it. I have been seeing myself from a distance it seems, it's like I don't remember me. I asked my ex wife when did my memory get so bad and she said after the injury. I feel like i have an explanation but no way to stop it. I miss myself and i am not able to get help. Where does someone like me go to get help? I know that I am getting worse. I have no problem with being an experiment if someone could benefit from it. There was a time when i was a good person and helped a lot of people, i have beautiful children who are great. I have to keep my self away so i don't let them see this. At least i have been honest, I know that i have something wrong in my head.

Tim, first it seems like the biggest issue for those of us with MTBI (Mild Traumatic Brain Injury) is finding help. At least that is what I have found. To start you might try the Resource Directory at the top right of this page to see if there is help in your area. Also I found a couple books that really helped me understand what is going on. Both were written by people who have first hand experienced with brain injuries. The first is "Mild Traumatic Brain Injury : the Guidebook" by Mary Lou Acimovic. lt is a great place to start because it helps with understanding what is going on . And to me that was huge. The second is "Coping with Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury" by Diane Roberts Stoler. It is good because it is full of information but is written in more of a text book format. It also defines the difference between Mild, Moderate and Severe TBI. This is also helpful to know when you are looking for help. I found both on Amazon and am very glad that I did. I also use the website Lumosity to help me retrain my brain and found that it has helped. It may seem like doing the exercises there is not doing anything but I found with repetition and time the brain does improve. The second book is good because it gives you an insight to the many options for treatments. That is helpful in deciding what to do. Which is not easy when the brain isn't cooperating. Anyway I hope somehow this helps and never forget that good person that you were/are. One step at a time brother one step at a time.

That is a beautiful perspective to have Tim. I am sure you will find what you are looking for if you don't give up. I myself underwent a brain injury and one of the number one things that has helped me is the mentality of: If I don't seek answers or help, I will never find either of those things. The saying "ask and you shall receive" only works if you do the asking. I take this one step further and have the personal saying of "seek and you shall find" but like with the previous saying you have to seek or ask to find or get answers. Keep on looking because each question asked is one closer to the answers that will help you.

Also, thank you so much for your comment Wes! The books you mentioned sound VERY helpful! A book that personally helped me was the Brain's Way of Healing by Norman Doidge! It is written by a highly accredited psychiatrist and talks about different cases of people who were deemed medically hopeless and how through something called neuroplasticity were able to recover! The writer of the book has a very relatable and lighthearted approach to the cases at hand. It has really helped me to realize that there is hope for either extreme improvement or even recovery. I highly recommend! Thank you again for the tips! One step at a time indeed! :)

Ty , I ordered both

Hi Krissy were those books helpful?

I have a broken skull that keeps swelling apart, having intense migraines that make me just wanna curl up into a ball. I get tunnel vision when this happens and my ears ring, I get to where I can't complete sentences and have trouble understanding common conversations with people. I have a horrible time with my short term memory as well.

I want to know if this can be fixed!?