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Missouri Rehabilitation Center


At Missouri Rehabilitation Center (MRC), patients with brain injuries are treated through one or more of eight separate treatment programs: Intensive Care Unit, Special Brain Injury Unit, Inpatient Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program, Assistive Technology Assessment Center, and Vocational Rehab Program. The post-intensive care treatments provide a variety of rehabilitation services:

Special Brain Injury Unit
The Special Brain Injury Unit offers help for patients who are experiencing behavioral problems as a result of a brain injury. The program serves those whose behavior disorders are severe enough to interfere with their rehabilitation.

Inpatient Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program
Patients admitted to the Inpatient Brain Injury Rehabilitation floor of MRC receive medical and nursing care from a team of specialists.

Assistive Technology Assessment Center
Patients may receive services from the Assistive Technology Assessment Center if they have communication disorders, motor or physical disabilities or work related injuries. An Assistive Technology team of specialists will provide assessments, evaluations and recommendations for adaptive and alternative hardware and software.

Vocational Rehabilitation Program
The Vocational Rehabilitation Program offers a variety of services designed to assist individuals with employment-related concerns. Professional staff members may provide participants with vocational evaluation, career counseling and exploration, job search preparation and assistance as well as placement referrals.


600 North Main Street
Mount Vernon, MO 65712
Toll Free

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