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Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Expectations Versus Recommendations After a Brain Injury
December 16, 2013

People with TBI often had higher expectations for work and social life than their post-acute program staff recommended, a discrepancy partially attributed to TBI-related cognitive disorders.

Why People with TBI Tend to Return Home More Frequently than Those with Other Types of Brain Injury
August 12, 2013

Learn what factors like age, gender, cause of injury after TBI can help predict functional and cognitive recovery.

What Is Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy and How Can It Help Children with TBI?
January 7, 2013

Constraining an unaffected limb while intensely using an affected limb can help children regain upper limb movement after a brain injury.

The Ability to Drive Safely After a Severe Brain Injury Is Frequently Compromised
October 30, 2012

Driving takes a great deal of concentration and coordination. Rehab for this complex activity should be a main goal of certain reintegration programs.

Online Calendar More Popular than Traditional Paper Calendars Post-Brain Injury
March 5, 2012

This study showed that online calendars help with memory — as a tool and as a therapy.

Effective Strategies for Occupational Therapy Post-Brain Injury
December 19, 2011

Goal-directed OT can help people after brain injury.

Culturally Sensitive Approaches for People with Brain Injury
September 26, 2011

If misunderstood, small cultural differences can hinder a good treatment plan for someone with a brain injury.

Recommendations for Cognitive Rehabilitation for People with TBI
June 13, 2011

Studies support the effectiveness of cognitive rehab after a brain injury.

What Determines Rehab Length of Stay After Brain Injury?
February 11, 2011

Statistical model can help rehab teams work best with people with TBI.

Can Cognitive Therapy on the Internet Help with Depression After Brain Injury?
July 1, 2010

A study shows internet-based cognition therapy helps, but with caveats.

Landmarks Help Orientation After Brain Injury
April 1, 2010

Helping people follow directions after brain injury.

Comparing Traumatic Brain Injury and Anoxic Brain Injury in Rehabilitation
March 1, 2010

Are there differences in recovery rates?

Long-Term Disability After TBI
December 31, 2009

How many people are affected?

TBI Case Management and Video Teleconferencing
September 16, 2009

A way to keep client and case coordinator in close communication.

The Nuances of Self-Awareness Post-TBI
April 1, 2009

A person's level of self-awareness after a brain injury can impact rehab.

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